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Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Welcome To The Forgotten Street

Patriotism. Love of country. In God We Trust. Traditional values. Our American heritage. September 11, 2001. Are they all forgotten?

Not here on The Forgotten Street -- Main Street USA. In the face of challenging political times and the dangerous world in which we live, we want to reclaim the heart of America, to rekindle the common thread of patriotism that should bind all Americans on such major issues as fiscal responsibility, national security, traditional values and energy independence.

We provide you with hard-hitting commentary that cuts through the half-truths, obfuscation and outright lies propagated by the elite media. The Forgotten Street is your source for the real story behind the headlines.

The Buzz About Town . . .

Walking down Main Street, this is what folks are talking about in towns across the U.S.A.   Good Americans, who have been betrayed by the Uniparty and Deep State in Washington D.C., have a lot on their minds and are crying out for new leadership. Their cries were heard and answered with the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016.  The Deep State contnues doing all it can to crush him.

January 13, 2022

Democrats Working Overtime to Make Citizenship Worthless

A common theme around the world is how freedom-loving people dream of coming to the United States and legally becoming citizens. How many heartwarming times have we seen scenes from citizenship ceremonies and the pure joy on the faces of those receiving it?

Now, at the behest of The Deep State, Democrats are doing all they can to destroy that dream and remove any benefit of citizenship for those born with it or those who earn it.

We everyday folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who’ve grown up loving our country and cherishing our citizenship are thoroughly disgusted at the treasonous actions underway by communists in the Biden Administration and Congress to remove any value from being an American citizen.

They all want us to be “citizens of the world” who no longer pledge allegiance to the American flag.  This all started under the rogue regime of Barack Obama, whose disdain for the flag, our heritage and our civic traditions was palpable.

From Day One of his administration, Joe Biden has carried out the worst assault on our nation’s security and identity by allowing the southern border of the United States to become flooded with illegal migrants.

Many hundreds of thousands have poured in.  With the assistance of the Biden regime, they’ve been transported and deposited throughout the country, with no real means of tracking them or knowing their medical and criminal histories.

Now, it’s readily apparent Democrats in Congress want to push their phony “voting rights” bill so these individuals can be registered to vote in future elections.  

The people who’ve crossed our border illegally are criminals. Period. They’ve shown no respect for our laws and now Democrats want them to have the same rights you do or even more than you.

The Democrat drive to do away with voter ID, allow mail-in-voting without meaningful verification, and promote ballot harvesting is a direct slap against all American citizens.

In Democrat run cities, we’ve witnessed the push to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.  Newly elected New York Mayor Eric Adams opened that Pandora’s box with the help of the communist City Council.  I wonder how that that will go over with long-time New Yorkers whose families came there as immigrants a generation or two ago and became American citizens.

It’s just another nail in the New York City coffin as the Big Apple further descends into becoming an irretrievable hellhole.

This action is the ultimate Deep State ploy to eradicate our nation state and destroy our national identity as Americans. Cheering them on are The Elite Traitor Media (ETM).

Biden’s remarks in Atlanta pushing his legislation to institutionalize voter fraud and election thievery demonstrates he’s the perfect stooge to be manipulated by the powers behind the scenes.

His divisive and deceptive speech shows how blatantly he lied in his inaugural address about bringing the country together.  He’s doing all he can to drive us apart. He refers to those who oppose his totalitarian whims as “domestic enemies.”  In that respect, he’s worse than Obama, which is saying one hell of a lot.

Republicans and independents banking on the midterm elections later this year to rein in Biden’s lawlessness shouldn’t count their chickens.  There’s absolutely no guarantee the November election actually will be held.

The Deep State no doubt is cooking up another “national emergency” or what some are calling the “Midterm Variant” to give the Biden Administration an excuse to postpone the vote.  After all, the China Virus facilitated the “steal” in November 2020.

We’re seeing an update on the Operation Northwoods playbook that was assembled in the early 1960’s to create a pretext to invade Cuba.  This scheme involved creating false flag terrorist events on American soil to sway public opinion in favor of an invasion.

President Kennedy saw the plan for the sheer lunacy it represented and admonished his military advisers for presenting it to him.  More about this pivotal episode in American history can be learned in J.C. Hawkins’ revealing book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  JFK’s opposition to this madness played a key role in his murder.

An updated Operation Northwoods was likely behind the January 6 “insurrection” false flag at the Capitol designed to undermine President Trump and stigmatize his supporters.  Expect more false flags to come in the months ahead.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued orders people must carry IDs and vaccination cards to walk the streets and enter businesses, including restaurants.

According to the U.S. Census, 45% of Washington residents are black, which according to Democrat dogma would make Bowser an absolute racist to require IDs.  But no worries.  DC citizens don’t need an ID to vote.

America’s complete breakdown into Mass Psychosis Formation continues unimpeded as Joe Biden’s brain damage becomes more apparent. The Forgotten Street revealed on October 7, 2020, that Biden is likely suffering from encephalomalacia, a common after-effect of brain surgery.  We were the only independent news source to raise that issue.  Few if any have the guts to follow up on that lead even now.

Thanks for reading! The Supreme Court ruled today that the Biden/OSHA vaccine mandate was unconstitutional, showing there remain a few sane people in Washington D.C.

So far it looks like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will prevent Democrat efforts to kill the filibuster, and thus, stall the ill-conceived voter fraud bill. They clearly have the foresight to see how the change could work against their party in the future.

In two small ways, The Deep State took it on the chin today.  But they remain a growing force for more evil.  That’s nothing new. Learn more in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking books. VolumeOne is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Writing and research for Book Three are bearing more fruitful revelations for our loyal readers.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their support.  We can’t thank you enough. 2022 is shaping up as a pivotal year for our country’s future.

These histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of our books is deeply appreciated. It underwrites our ongoing efforts. TFS is now in its 16th year.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.  ISAIAH 43:2

January 10, 2022

Did Mother Nature Just Kill Off the Electric Car?

We all know it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.  She’s provided mankind with a virtually limitless supply of energy through vast reserves of oil and natural gas, as well as the sun and wind to supply so-called renewable energy.

For some seemingly unknown reason, today’s elites are doing all they can to abandon the internal combustion engine using gasoline and diesel fuel. They’re going all in on electric vehicles that rely on rechargeable battery power.

This is one of the stupidest ideas ever imagined. Given the severe limitations of batteries that must consistently be recharged to travel a modest distance, it makes no sense.  That’s not to mention the absolute environmental and humanitarian havoc involved in mining the minerals needed for the batteries. On top of that is the monumental problem of how to dispose of used vehicle batteries in an environmentally responsible manner.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know the real reason behind The Deep State push for electric vehicles. We’re witnessing part of the Great Money Heist that will further enrich elites while impoverishing the Middle Class and greatly reducing individual freedom to travel wherever we wish.

Thank God, Mother Nature has come to our rescue.  When she dumped more than a foot of snow on Interstate 95 in Virginia on January 3, she gave us a taste of what an electric vehicle future could be.

The traffic snarl of thousands of vehicles stuck in the storm for almost two days would have killed many people if those cars and trucks had been battery-powered.  At least with gas-powered cars, emergency vehicles could bring gas to help refuel those stranded and thus, unlock the traffic jam.

There’s simply no way those vehicles could have been recharged if the traffic was all electric.  The infrastructure to do so simply doesn’t exist.  As a result, it could take weeks to clear up that kind of mess in an all-electric future.

Some observers have written about this scenario, and speculated about what could take place in Miami if a category 5 hurricane is headed that way and an evacuation order is put into effect.  God, it would be like a grade A horror movie.

As the big auto makers announce more plans to move to all electric vehicles, it’s clear they’re relying on the federal government to continue incentives to underwrite some of the funding for purchasers who will be coerced to buy them. That’s not to mention building a charging station infrastructure to support it.  

Ostensibly, this shift is being done in the name of saving the planet from the supposed threat of Climate Change.  Only the truly mentally challenged and the Climate Change Kook Cult can believe that nonsense.  The decades-long propaganda campaign to label carbon dioxide a “pollutant” by The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) simply doesn’t pass the smell test.  

How can a gas that represents a mere trace amount of the atmosphere be causing the calamity being painted by the ETM?  The notion that atmospheric CO2 poses an existential threat to humans is patently absurd.

The zealots seeking a “Zero Carbon” future are really calling for the destruction of Planet Earth and the death of all who inhabit it.

Carbon dioxide is vital for all plant life, which it turn helps produce the oxygen needed for human life.  That basic science has been the foundation for mankind’s existence.  Eliminating CO2 will simply eradicate our food supply.

Of course, the Deep State and ETM will keep pushing their unhinged narrative to help promote abolition of nation states and create a One-World Government run by financial elites.  Taking away our internal combustion cars and trucks will be one way to limit our movement and force us into more urban environments where we can be easily controlled.

That’s just one reason behind the Biden Administration’s war on the suburbs and single-family housing.

We recently returned from a car trip going from St. Augustine to just north of the Florida Keys on a single tank of gas.  Along I-95 and the Florida Turnpike were plenty of gas stations if we needed them.

To get to the memorial service in Key Largo for a family member (who also was a greatly loved friend) we drove down Route 1 from Homestead. That two-lane stretch with no real shoulder is very desolate and challenging enough should your car break down.  It’s simply not feasible for an electric vehicle.

Joining us were people who’d driven from Maryland, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, and other parts of Florida, not to mention those who flew in from California and New Jersey.

Our freedom to travel to and live in a state that values personal liberty is something we will never take for granted. God bless Governor Ron DeSantis!

Thanks for reading!  The Supreme Court has heard arguments regarding the validity of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates.  During the discussion Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed herself to be either sadly ill-informed, painfully stupid, or just a pathological liar.  

Her outrageous and unfounded statements about the number of children severely affected by the China Virus illuminates the danger of using the High Court for affirmative action placements.

The Deep State keeps pushing to create an unbridgeable divide in America.  The Democrats single-minded mania regarding the January 6 disturbance at the Capitol in 2021 shows how intent they are in crushing those with different viewpoints.

That’s nothing new. Learn more in J.C. Hawkins’ revealing books. Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Writing and research for Book Three continue as content on more recent developments is planned.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their support.  We can’t thank you enough. 2022 is shaping up as a pivotal year in history.

These histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of our books is deeply appreciated. It underwrites our ongoing efforts. TFS is now in its 16th year.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline. 2 TIMOTHY 1:7

January 6, 2022

Comparing January 6 to December 7 and September 11 is a Thoroughly Disgusting Outrage

Kamala Harris comparing the January 6, 2021, disturbance at the Capitol to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center that killed many thousands is beyond outrageous.  If she actually believes what she said, she is either incredibly stupid or the most crass and cynical liar alive.

The Deep State, Democrats and The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) keep promoting their filthy lies about the January 6 “insurrection,” which serves the purpose of letting the American public know just how much contempt and disdain they have for our intelligence.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, see that unholy trio as the True Axis of Evil hellbent on destroying the constitutional republic we know and love.  There is no hoax or deception low enough for them to stoop to in order to create a communist one world government.

December 30, 2021

The D.C. Gulag for January 6 Prisoners Destroys the Insurrection Myth

As we approach the one-year anniversary of what I call the “disturbance” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the fact that more than 40 American protesters remain held in a fascist Gulag in the D.C. jail in full denial of their constitutional rights is beyond an outrage.

It should frighten the hell out of every law-abiding American.

The Deep State is sending a chilling message to all of us.  “If you try to exercise your right of assembly to air grievances, and we don’t like it, this is what you can expect.”

Nonetheless, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) keep pumping out the false narrative that the events at the Capitol on January 6 were an “insurrection, siege, attack, assault, riot, yada, yada, yada.”

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, see the disturbance for what it really was:  a government initiated false flag operation straight out of the “Operation Northwoods” playbook.

Many of the prisoners in the D.C. hellhole that passes for a jail were outside the Capitol and didn’t enter the building.  Yet, because they were able to be identified from videos shot that day, they were subjected to FBI Gestapo-style raids at their homes and arrested.

Meanwhile, the real facts are surfacing.  The initial break-in at the building was carried out by heavily disguised individuals that some of the protesters tried to stop.  These people have not been hunted down or arrested, leaving some to suspect they were simply FBI-instigated provocateurs.

The only serious violence occurring that day was perpetrated by the Capitol Police, who murdered two unarmed women in cold blood, beat many more, fired flash bang grenades into the peaceful crowd outside, and pepper sprayed many gathered inside and outside the building.  Video exists that shows this happening.

Here’s the real horror story:  those arrested and incarcerated in the D.C. Gulag are being detained without court dates, denied bail, have no family visits, and are purposely abused by prison guards.

Among the charges against them are: trespass; assault on a police officer; and obstruction of official proceedings. Not one single charge of “insurrection” has been filed against any of them or previous detainees who’ve pled guilty to various charges.

Given that many of the prisoners are first-time offenders and some are veterans, there’s no excuse for them to be treated worse than murderers or drug dealers.

Those detainees who’ve been able to make phone calls to the outside world describe being denied their critical medications, not getting proper food, forbidden from any religious services, unable to get mail, and being placed in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours at a time.

These are gross violations of due process and constitutional rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, not to mention international human rights law.  Indefinite detention is an absolute abomination under American law.

Somewhere, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are beaming with pride at how the Democrats in charge of the District of Columbia and the Department of Justice are handling the situation.

Allegedly there are approximately 1,400 hours of closed-circuit video footage shot by cameras in the Capitol complex on January 6.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to make the videos public, despite Republican and media requests.

Those tapes will conclusively show exactly what happened. If in fact any intruders into the Capitol were carrying weapons with the intent of seizing control of the building or threatening elected officials and staff, we’d surely see them. Yet, they remain suppressed.

Videos have surfaced showing Capitol Police removing barricades and opening doors to admit protesters to the building.  Perhaps the intent was to de-escalate the situation, or it could have been to entrap some of the protesters and identify them so they could be arrested.

Frankly, most of the video I’ve seen resembles a senior citizen bus tour guided willingly by police, instead of an “insurrection.”

The January 6 Select Committee appointed by Pelosi to investigate the “insurrection” has all the appearance of a Soviet-style star chamber proceeding to punish political enemies.  She’s aided and abetted by token Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom showed their true colors long ago. Those colors aren’t red, white and blue.

If there was in fact an “insurrection,” it was the worst planned in history since 99% of the protesters appeared completely unarmed.  How do you overthrow a government with no weapons?

The ETM clown show narrative regarding January 6 completely falls apart with the fact that President Donald Trump and his Department of Defense team tried repeatedly to get Speaker Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to accept the assistance of the National Guard to secure the Capitol complex prior to January 6.

They steadfastly refused.  Why? Most likely, they were in on the planned false flag that was designed to discredit President Trump and his supporters.

January 6 was just one of a number of false flags planned in an updated Operation Northwoods playbook to be used against Republicans, particularly Trump supporters.  No doubt more are on the horizon.

This time the intended target was not Fidel Castro and Cuba.  It remains law-abiding Americans that the globalist Deep State calls “deplorables.” Moms attending school board meetings should be wary.

Meanwhile, the detainees languish in the DC Gulag.  With the exception of a handful of House representatives, Congress is turning a blind eye to this grotesque violation of human rights.  The GOP leadership is totally useless. It’s making no attempt to help American citizens being treated so miserably, or to assist their families who are suffering immeasurably.

The United States government has lost all moral authority to speak up for human rights globally when conditions in its capital city rival the worst of the worst anywhere.

Thanks for reading!  Speaking of human rights, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently passed away.  A widely admired figure for his fight to end the apartheid against black South Africans, Tutu was not without a few blemishes.

As he aged, he became an outspoken, hateful anti-Semite.  During his battle with the South African government, Tutu traveled to the United States to drum up support for his cause.  On December 7, 1984, he met with President Ronald Reagan in the White House.

After the meeting, senior staff asked Reagan how the meeting went with Tutu.  In typical Reaganesque fashion, he quipped, “So-so.”

As the ETM keeps trying to ramp up the Omicron panic, the CDC admits that the PCR China Virus test is crap, and Biden waves the white flag, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that they’ve been played by The Deep State.

That’s nothing new. The Deep State has been playing us our entire lifetimes. Learn more in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking books. Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three has unearthed more on the origins of the Deep State’s evil machinations and those responsible.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their support.  We can’t thank you enough. We pray 2022 will bring better news and more happiness for all of you.

These histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of our books is deeply appreciated. It underwrites our ongoing efforts. TFS is now in its 16th year.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  JOSHUA 1:9

December 23, 2021

The Democrat Descent into Division, Fear and Tyranny Accelerates

Senator Joe Manchin’s principled stance on Joe Biden’s mammoth spending bill reveals the true political and philosophical split underway in America.

Manchin is one of the few Democrats who actually believes in a representative republic as our Founding Fathers envisioned.  He recognizes his job is to look out for the interests of his West Virginia constituents, not the globalists in The Deep State who are trying to transform the United States into a vassal for wealthy elitists currently out to destroy representative government worldwide.

We ordinary folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, recognize treachery when we see it.  The Corporate Medical Complex tyranny being advanced by the illegitimate Biden Administration and its Bastard President is hellbent on turning us into obedient peasants who will do what they’re told, no matter how insane it is.

Aiding and abetting this treason is The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) that’s wholly owned by The Deep State and Big Pharma, whose outsized advertising dollars make the ETM dance to whatever tune is played. 

No doubt there are other Democrats who silently applaud Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema for their courage in bucking the party line. Those who are too fearful to join them include the many heading for the exits before a possible Democrat catastrophe in November 2022.

All that will be left of the Democrat party are the lunatic fringe who’ve been sucked in by all the globalist Deep State lies.

This debacle has been a long time coming, as revealed in J.C. Hawkins’ 2020 book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.(more info below on how to get it)

As the federal and state governments contemplate even more shutdowns, tighter medical tyranny, and severe demonization of unvaccinated individuals in response to the over-hyped Omicron variant of the China Virus, it’s clear the Biden Administration hopes to draw out the fake hysteria as long as it can to impact the 2022 election. It worked in 2020 with the mail-in ballot scam.

Reports from South Africa, where the Omicron virus supposedly first appeared, indicate that it’s highly transmissible but about as lethal as the common cold.

All this fuss is simply more of the power grab that’s been going on since World War II.  No doubt inspired by the totalitarian regimes in Germany and the Soviet Union, globalists saw a One World Government and New World Order as the way forward without the hard work of competing in a representative republic.  Leading the way is the elitist World Economic Forum (WEF) led by crypto-fascist Klaus Schwab.

The ever-brilliant Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas summed up our current dilemma accurately in a concurring opinion in Dept. of Transportation vs. Assn. of American Railroads on March 9, 2015:

“We have overseen and sanctioned the growth of an administrative system that concentrates the power to make laws and the power to enforce them in the hands of a vast and unaccountable administrative apparatus that finds no comfortable home in our constitutional structure.  The end result may be trains run on time (although I doubt it), but the cost is to our Constitution and the individual liberty it protects.”

What a perfect summation of the unholy mess we find ourselves in right now with the China Virus insanity completely out of control!

Biden keeps attacking the unvaccinated for prolonging the China Virus pandemic, a claim without one shred of scientific evidence but with a mountain of fearmongering and divisiveness.

Christmas is meant to be a season of “comfort and joy,” with goodwill toward all.  Biden’s pathetic remarks regarding the current state of the pandemic put Ebenezer Scrooge and The Grinch to shame.

His talk of the unvaccinated facing a winter of “severe illness and death” is so shockingly irresponsible and ridiculous that he’s rendered himself irrelevant to the discussion.

What an uplifting way for Biden to address a concerned nation days before Christmas!  Apparently, his message was inspired by Satan, not by Jesus Christ.

The communistic “one size fits all” approach to vaccination espoused by psychopath Anthony Fauci and the stooges at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention flies in the face of Americans’ constitutional rights to manage their own healthcare in consultation with their physicians.

It also insults the American people with its blatant hypocrisy and disdain shown for everyday Americans.  Demonizing the unvaccinated while allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to enter the country and not be subject to the same medical tyranny is the height of arrogance and disregard for our laws.

I’ve not been inoculated because I have two health conditions that put me at grave risk from shots that have been proven to cause blood clots in certain individuals with my situations.

My primary doctor, cardiologist, neurologist, and oncologist haven’t advised me to be vaccinated, or to undergo testing for the Omicron variant.

I don’t give a damn what the federal or even a state government will tell me I “have to do” if my physicians haven’t legally ordered me to do so.  They’re the only medical authorities familiar with my health history.  So, they are the only people with the appropriate knowledge needed to justify those experimental medical procedures.

In the past two years, I’ve been tested for the virus twice as ordered by my doctors, with both results being negative. I also believe I had the virus in January 2020.  I was sick for about 10 days with what seemed like a case of the flu or a heavy cold.  I treated it as a I generally do with bed rest, plenty of fluids, and over-the-counter medications.  If it was the China Virus, then I should have natural immunity.

I know my rights under the United States Constitution, and the Nuremberg Code that forbids undergoing experimental medical procedures without informed consent.

Why on earth would I allow someone who’s not the appropriate licensed medical professional, who’s never examined me, or knows my health history, force me to do something against my will?

When will this insanity at the highest levels of our government and globally end?  It will end when We The People on The Forgotten Street let our alleged representatives (and the bureaucrats whose salaries and budgets we pay) know we will resist their dictates vehemently. Enough of their lies and bullshit!

Fortunately, those of us who live in Free Florida are governed by individuals who understand they are our elected representatives, and they govern only with our consent.

With the lowest per capita cases of the China Virus in the country, Florida provides the template for how to get the pandemic under control while preserving a climate for economic growth and individual liberty.

Thanks for reading! Predictably, Joseph Stolen has proclaimed it’s our “patriotic duty” to get the jab. A typical totalitarian promoting the “common good” over individual God-given rights.  He’s joined in his arrogance by his comrade, il Duce Antonio Benito Fauci.

Meanwhile, Pfizer has miraculously come up with a pill to treat The China Virus.  Why didn’t those bandits start work on this project in January 2020?  It’s most likely a rip-off of the FDA-approved, perfectly safe Ivermectin that real doctors have been successfully prescribing to treat patients in early stages of the illness.

Governments in India, Japan and Africa are giving it out as a preventive measure and have seen their China Virus cases drop significantly.

Like Ivermectin, Pfizer’s Paxlovid is a protease inhibitor.  But it’s only been approved under an Early Use Authorization (EUA) like Pfizer’s supposed vaccine.  Like the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine that’s been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the pill isn’t readily available and won’t be for some time.  So, Americans will be stuck literally and figuratively with the EUA clot shot.

Those of you with Amazon Prime might still be able to get J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking books in time for Christmas and certainly for New Year’s. Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three keeps expanding the scope of the Deep State’s treachery and unveiling its principal actors.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their support.  We can’t thank you all enough. We wish you a very Happy and Blessed Christmas.

These histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of our books is deeply appreciated. It underwrites our ongoing efforts.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

Advent Message of the Day:  Consider him who endured such hostility against himself from sinners, so that you may not grow weary or lose heart.  HEBREWS 12:3

December 14, 2021

The Motivating Ideology of the Biden Administration is “Sheer Insanity”

Political pundits love to put labels on politicians and parties, like liberal, conservative, right-wing, left-wing, progressive, socialist, fascist, communist, etc.

When it comes to the Biden Administration and how to characterize its public policies, only one phrase applies:  Sheer Insanity!

How else can you accurately describe what’s happening with the Southern Border, government spending, managing The China Virus, energy policy, social issues like abortion and transgenderism, transportation, and climate change?

Every approach Joe Biden and his incompetent minions take defies common sense, rationality, patriotism, accepted scientific norms, and prudent financial management.  His governing philosophy is an unadulterated mess.

The unfolding debacle on the Mexican border is one of the greatest acts of treason ever committed in our history.  The uninhibited flow of illegal migrants, rampant disease, and lethal drugs is a direct attack on America’s middle class who live on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.  It’s killing more Americans than the China Virus.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” budget-busting legislation will condemn future generations to a lifetime of poverty and deprivation.  However, the wealthy elite who’ve gotten richer during the phony pandemic will keep getting richer as The Deep State consolidates its globalist power and eradicates our constitutional freedoms.

The China Virus was a manufactured pandemic, created in a Red Chinese army lab with American taxpayer dollars provided by unhinged psychopath Anthony Fauci.  The entire response that involved shutting down the economy and society in general was all designed to undermine the Trump Administration, stop the populist agenda it promoted, and prevent Donald Trump’s re-election.

By putting 100% of the emphasis on developing vaccines instead of inventing or repurposing approved therapeutics resulted in the needless death of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions worldwide.  It never should have happened.  But The Corporate Medical Complex and Big Pharma raked in billions from it while murdering innocents and destroying people’s lives.

The Vaccine Money Heist continues as Biden and other demented Democrats push vaccine and mask mandates to keep the public fearful and obedient.  Tell me, what is the logic behind making people get booster shots made from the same vaccines that didn’t work in the first place?  What’s the science behind that?  “Oh, the first two shots didn’t work, but you need a new shot that’s a slightly smaller dose of the first shots.”

In the meantime, because of the mandated shots many thousands of American healthcare workers, military, police and first responders have lost their jobs because they refused to comply.  As a result, healthcare facilities are woefully under-staffed and crime is rampant in major cities. Our military strength has been dangerously sapped.

How to explain that?  Easy.  Sheer Insanity!

America’s new-found energy independence, and the USA’s ascendancy to becoming the number one energy power in the world, were immediately attacked and reversed by Joe Biden, resulting in runaway gasoline, natural gas and electricity prices while Russia and OPEC gain new power and stature globally.

Despite the relative moderation of the American people on social issues, the Biden team is pushing unrestricted abortion right up until birth and letting transgenderism upset public education and destroy women’s sports.  What public good does this madness serve?  It’s simply beyond sick and twisted.

The advent of the automobile in the early 1900s provided Americans and people worldwide with a new freedom of movement and the ability to earn a meaningful living.

That freedom is now under assault with the crazed push to outlaw the internal combustion engine and make all vehicles electric.  We currently have a nationwide energy distribution system that allows Americans to drive their cars and business trucks from coast to coast unimpeded.  The next gas and diesel station is only miles away.

What will happen to those stations, related convenience stores, and the people who own and operate them?  Who will build the electric charging stations needed and how will they receive the electricity necessary to operate?  Has anyone through this through?

Dimwitted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg counsels people concerned about rising gas prices to get an electric car.  Sure, I can just run out and spend $40,000 on a new vehicle while I have two perfectly good cars in my driveway.

The dirty secrets the Biden Administration is hiding about electric vehicles are these:  first, you can’t plug the electric car into your basic wall socket to charge it.  You will need to hire a really good electrician to rewire your house to install the proper equipment.  We haven’t been told what that might cost.

Plus, will you be able to have the car sit idle for 10-12 hours while it charges?  Do you have any idea as to the cost of the electricity to do that? For laughs, go sit in your garage and watch the electric meter dial spin out of control.

In addition, can anyone give us an idea as to what you will pay a public charging station for a recharge?  Will you have the time to stand around while it charges?  Or are you willing to wait your turn at the limited number of chargers currently available?  Some of us have to work for a living.

Finally, where will the electricity for a nation of electric vehicles come from?  Will wind and solar power provide it?  Hell, no!  Are you nuts?  Sometimes, the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.  Electricity can’t be stored. It must be used as it’s generated.

We still will need very large natural gas, coal and nuclear power stations to generate the electricity needed.  Few people discuss or know the environmental havoc created in countries where the rare earth minerals needed for batteries are mined.  And the Climate Change Kooksdon’t want to talk about the serious environmental issue of disposing of old electric vehicle batteries.  Do you want them in your municipal landfill?

The Biden Administration’s pie-in-the-sky bullshit about electric vehicles shows just how goofy their policies are.  Even worse, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) who promote this nonsense are even more irresponsible.

The recent devastating tornadoes that hit five U.S. states gave Biden the opportunity to show just how brain damaged he is.  He ghoulishly trotted out the Climate Change Hoax as the reason for the weather disturbance.  The body count continues to grow while he callously uses the tragedy to promote his crazy Green Agenda.

The ETM overlooks that some of the worst tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes in U.S. history all occurred well before the current Climate Change craziness. Some of them happened in the late 1800s, well before industrialization and with a much smaller population.  The Green New Deal isn’t remotely related to saving the planet.  It’s just another Global Money Heist in which the elites will get richer at our expense.  Only the truly stupid or crazy can believe otherwise.

How can anyone blame Donald Trump for still being upset about and talking about a Stolen Election?  The sheer insanity of Biden’s illegitimate policies, which a majority of Americans likely abhor by now, shows that Joe Biden truly is The Bastard President.

Thanks for reading!  Saturday Night Live reached a new low in the public sewer we call our culture today.  Its blasphemous nativity skit insulted all Christians. Lord knows they would never dare to mock Islam in a similar manner.

The vile comments made regarding Roger Stone’s cancer-stricken, handicapped wife were beyond filthy and disgusting. The alleged comedians involved are simply the scum of the earth.

The Federal Communications Commission should investigate how the National Broadcasting Communists (NBC) can get away with airing this sick garbage.

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Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three keeps unearthing more revelations regarding The Deep State and the criminal global cabal behind it.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  During October, we received more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark, and Canada, along with our first order from Spain. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their interest.  We can’t thank you all enough.

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Today’s Advent Message: “Light dawns for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart.”  PSALM 97:11

November 28, 2021

Proof the Omicron Scare is a Massive Con

Here we go again!  The Deep State has cranked up the panic porn merchants in the Elite Traitor Media (ETM) to hype the latest China Virus scam.  As Western governments start ramping up travel bans and potential lockdowns to fight the so-called “Omicron Variant,” we normal folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, can give you proof positive the whole thing is a sham and a ruthless power grab.

The alleged variant first surfaced in South Africa, where the doctor who flagged it as something different from what she’d treated previously has since said it presents only “very mild” symptoms.

To watch the evening news, view websites and read newspapers you’d think we’re facing a new worldwide plague.  Initial reports indicate the first people with the new variant had been “fully vaccinated.”  Few or no reports have come out about unvaccinated people having Omicron.

Here’s how we know the whole thing is a shameless hoax:  if the Omicron variant is as dangerous as loathsome psychopath Anthony Fauci would have us believe, the Biden Administration would be doing much more than banning travel from eight African nations.  Why aren’t BLM and other progressive groups protesting this “racist” travel ban?

Just as we’ve witnessed throughout the days of the Biden regime, the Southern border with Mexico is wide open with hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants continually flowing into the United States from countries all over the world.  Lord knows the multitude of diseases they’re bringing with them, including the China Virus.

Unless action is taken immediately to seal the Southern border to prevent the Omicron variant from being brought in, we have proof positive the whole uproar has absolutely nothing to do with protecting public health. It’s a total con.

It has everything to do with keeping the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars going to Big Pharma and the Corporate Medical Complex. This form of money laundering will keep Democrat election coffers well stocked. 

Why do you think Fauci and his cohorts are so actively pimping booster shots?  They don’t give a rat’s hiney about you and your health. They show absolutely no concern about the real public health crisis posed by illegal immigration. They know where their bread is buttered. Pfizer has them under its thumb.

An added benefit to the sham is keeping the public fearful so steps can be taken to limit in-person voting in the fall of 2022 and keep the mail-in scam viable to commit election fraud.  That’s the only hope the Democrats have of keeping control of the House of Representatives.

While Joe Biden and his family are spending an extended Thanksgiving holiday in a billionaire’s playground on Nantucket Island at our expense, most of us were giving thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives, despite the egregious overreaches of our federal government. I guess the multitude of Biden compounds and Camp David weren’t good enough for him and Dr. Jill.

Here in Free Florida, we visited friends in the lovely Gulf Coast town of Venice, where we strolled charming streets and ate in wonderful restaurants surrounded by normal Americans who still believe in individual liberty, healthy outdoor living, and natural immunity.  The beach and fishing pier were crowded with folks soaking up the sun for its glorious aid in producing vitamin D.

Whatever garbage Fauci and his henchmen at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health keep feeding the ETM can safely be discounted as fearmongering. It’s not remotely truthful.  Even the World Health Organization seems skeptical about the purported threat of Omicron.

The only science being followed by Fauci and the Biden Administration is political science.  And, from the looks of Biden’s collapsing poll numbers, they aren’t very good at that either

Thanks for reading!  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has produced the number-one selling book on Amazon that’s receiving rave reviews.  A good friend texted to tell me how incredible it is.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy no doubt will put the ETM into full smear mode to tear down RFK Jr. But he has the guts to fight back.  It’s interesting no noise has been heard from the unctuous Fauci about the book, which is well researched and provides no grounds for him to sue Mr. Kennedy.

Speaking of books, no Christmas shopping list is complete unless you have J.C. Hawkins’ revealing histories. Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three keeps unearthing truly shocking information on The Deep State and the criminal global cabal behind it.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  During October, we received more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark, and Canada, along with our first order from Spain. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their interest.  We can’t thank you all enough.

The message behind these histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated. It keeps our crucial work going.

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The Thanksgiving holiday was created by our first President, the truly great George Washington, who issued a proclamation to encourage his fellow citizens to pause and acknowledge Almighty God for the blessings bestowed on a new nation.

His words still ring true today: . . . it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor. . .


November 22, 2021

Why the Continued CIA Cover-up of JFK’s Murder?

Deadlines for the National Archives to release the remaining files of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) related to the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy keep coming and going.

Both President Donald Trump and now Joe Biden have bowed to the request to keep the files hidden on the grounds of “national security.”

What a load of rubbish.  Whatever remains to be released would have no impact on how the CIA obtains its secret information or what foreign governments it works with to facilitate the flow of information. Any individuals named in the files are likely deceased.

If the spy agency is still relying on methods and sources used decades ago it’s no wonder we continue to see the litany of intelligence failures that now are the CIA’s hallmark.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who were alive in 1963 vividly recall the horror of the president’s death and the tragic aftermath, including the inexplicable murder of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Whatever the reasons for keeping files redacted and unreleased, it’s readily apparent the focal point involves Lee Harvey Oswald.

Just what might remain to be known about the purported assassin?

The Warren Commission Report on the assassination firmly asserted that Oswald was the lone assassin and the murder was not the result of a conspiracy.  The president’s wounds alone dispel those notions.  Kennedy was clearly shot in a crossfire by highly skilled and trained snipers, not a novice marksman like Oswald.

Oswald has consistently been portrayed as a communist-leaning malcontent and not a terribly bright individual.  That alone shows what a sham and farce the Warren Commission was.  But then, it was only doing the bidding of The Deep State.

Certain facts are not in dispute.  Oswald did defect to the Soviet Union for a while and during that time we don’t know all his movements and activities.  He had numerous times he espoused support for Marxism and communist philosophy.  Was that real or simply part of an act?

The Warren Commission would have us believe that Oswald taught himself Russian. It offered no explanation for his language proficiency.  How absurd.  He was clearly fluent in it enough to get along in the Soviet Union.  And, if he was as uneducated and unintelligent as the Commission and the willing dupes in the Elite Traitor Media (ETM) would have us believe, how in the world could he learn a language as complex as Russian on his own?

From what’s been released by the Archives in the past, plus the mountain of research done by independent citizens only seeking the truth, it’s clear the CIA, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), had Oswald on their radar well before November 22, 1963.

Just what did they know about him, why were they interested in his activities, and did they, as some have alleged, have some form of relationship with him?

After his return from the Soviet Union, had they identified him as a possible threat to President Kennedy and/or other public officials?

Will the still-to-be released files shed light on those questions?  Biden has punted and created a new deadline of December 15, 2022.  Don’t hold your breath America for anything to change. The Deep State obviously is hiding something very sinister.

Meanwhile, researchers continue to dig for the truth and are undeterred from finding it.  In author J. C. Hawkins’ next title in his Betrayal at Bethesda series, he’s working on a chapter entitled:  Lee Harvey Oswald: Crazed Assassin, Deep State Operative, or Just a Patsy?

Today marks 58 years since the heinous murder of President Kennedy.  That was a grievous wound from which the United States of America has never recovered.

May God grant our 35th President eternal mercy, grace and peaceful rest.  John F. Kennedy was a great American patriot.  He was a true war hero, a strong fighter against Communism, a man who loved individual freedom, and someone who saw the United States as a shining beacon for liberty worldwide

November 17, 2021

RFK Jr. Sounds A Clarion Call Against The Deep State

With the courage so characteristic of his father and uncle, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has stepped forward to warn the world of the dangers to freedom and individual liberty posed by The Deep State.

He traveled to Milan, Italy to join other leaders supporting Italians protesting the imposition of a “green pass” to further marginalize those opposed to receiving the China Virus alleged vaccines.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who are rightfully wary of the experimental shots and firmly believe in our right to control our bodies and health, salute Mr. Kennedy for his leadership on what has emerged as the paramount issue of our time.

In his remarks to the crowd in Milan, Kennedy singled out the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for its behind-the-scenes role in orchestrating the Deep State plan to use the pandemic as a ruse to consolidate global power in the hands of an elite few.

Unhappily, Kennedy knows all too well the role the CIA may have had in the death of his father and uncle Jack. (As discussed in J.C. Hawkins’ Betrayal at Bethesda books)

Noted conservative author Diana West recently featured RFK Jr.’s speech by posting the entire text on her website.  It can be found at  

West notes that Kennedy is “unique among national American figures” for seeing the pandemic’s handling as “a coordinated assault on liberal democracy all over the world, which has nothing to do with public health, but which, in the USA, gutted our Bill of Rights and thus robbed us of our constitutionally protected liberties.”

Kennedy opened his speech with as powerful a summation of the past 20 months as we’ll ever hear.

No government in the history of mankind has ever relinquished power voluntarily.  The power that they have taken away from us over the past 20 months they will never give back.  They have taken away our freedom of speech, they have closed the churches, they have taken away jury trials against companies, no matter how negligent they, no matter how reckless they are, no matter how grievous your injury, you cannot sue that company.

They have taken away our property rights in the United States. They closed a million businesses for a year with no just compensation and due process.  They have taken away our right to be free of warrantless searches and seizures and surveillance by the government.  In the United States all of those rights are enumerated in our Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.  And among the most important of those rights, after the right to free expression, which is gone, is the right to be able to participate in rule-making.”

In the face of the outrageous assault on our liberties by tyrants at every level of government, no elected official has come closer to speaking out with the passion and clarity of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy traces some historical parallels in his remarks, citing how the Nazis used the equivalent of today’s “green pass” beginning in 1937 to control the populace.  The apartheid government in South Africa did the same thing to marginalize the black population.

He was careful to state he isn’t opposed to vaccines.  “I’m only against bad vaccines.”  He went on to discuss the Pfizer vaccine and used the company’s data from a six-month study to show the adverse events kept hidden by The Elite Traitor Media (ETM)

Most damning of all is RFK Jr.’s discussion of a simulated corona virus pandemic called Event 201 conducted in October 2019.  It was hosted by Bill Gates, George Gaeto (head of the Red Chinese equivalent of the CDC), and Avril Haines, deputy director of the CIA.  Haines now heads the National Security Agency (appointed by Joe Biden).

Kennedy’s conclusion is Event 201 was the planning session on how to use the China Virus as a pretext for “imposing totalitarian controls and for obliterating liberal democracy across the planet.”

As his father and uncle before him, Kennedy closed his remarks with a rousing reminder of the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers to create our liberties and the duty of us today to defend them:

“And now it’s our job now, it is the job of everybody in this crowd, to go out and fight back, to resist, resist, resist, resist, and to reclaim our government, to reclaim our lives, to reclaim our liberty, for our children, for our country, and for all future generations.

And I can tell you this.  I will stand side by side with you, and if I have to die for this, I’m going to die with my boots on.”

Let’s all pray The Deep State won’t add Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to its list of deceased patriots.  Working with its stooges in the ETM, it already has launched a smear campaign against Mr. Kennedy, including a recent slimy hit piece on him and his character in the New York Post.

More on RFK Jr.’s work on behalf of child health through Children’s Health Defense can be found at its website:

Thanks for reading!  Now comes word the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has delayed activities related to implementation and enforcement of its employer vaccine mandate pending the outcome of litigation.

The entire exercise has been a sham from the outset.  Using the pretext of a “health emergency,” the Biden Administration delayed implementation for two months after the announcement.  Our understanding of an “emergency” is believing it is something that requires immediate action.  Again, the communists in the government keep playing word games.

Nothing says insanity like forcing experimental inoculations on a population and now its children to combat a disease with an overall 99% recovery rate if given proper medical treatment. Those with severe underlying conditions that have them at death’s door to start with are clearly an exception. The Deep State has totally gone off the deep end.

The Forgotten Street makes Christmas shopping easier. For the history buff and students on your list, get J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking histories.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three has unearthed truly startling information on The Deep State and the international criminals behind it.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  During October, we received more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada, along with our first order from Spain. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their interest.  We can’t thank you all enough.

The message behind these histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated. It helps keep our crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

November 11, 2021


Papal Advice Shows Folly of Dem Contempt for Parents

In his book of Daily Devotions, Pope John Paul II provides invaluable insight regarding the role of parents in public policy decisions.  His October 7 post on marriage and the family notes:

To the public authorities and to all men and women of good will I say: “Treasure your families. Protect their rights. Support the family by your laws and administration. Allow the voice of the family to be heard in the making of your policies. The future of your society, the future of humanity, pass by the way of the family.”

Wisdom that all public officials must heed.

November 7, 2021

Biden’s Energy Secretary is a Total Nincompoop

In the past two days, no single member of the Biden cabinet has demonstrated such complete incompetence and ignorance as Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of the Department of Energy.

Rising gasoline prices are putting a serious pinch on family budgets. The prospect for a corresponding spike in home heating costs is very real.

Ms. Granholm’s responses, when pressed in television interviews, basically comes down to this: “Tough nuggies.”

Real Americans who work and live on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are thoroughly appalled that someone this arrogant, elitist and condescending could hold a responsible leadership position in government.

In a Bloomberg interview on Friday, Granholm was asked if oil and natural gas production would be ramped up in America to meeting rising demand.

Her response? A maniacal, roaring laugh.  What is it with progressive women laughing when asked tough questions?

“That’s hilarious! Would that I had a magic wand on this.  As you know, of course, oil is a global market, it is controlled by a cartel.  That cartel is called OPEC and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning.”

There’s goes another empty-headed Democrat with a “magic wand” wisecrack, just like Barack Obama said about Donald Trump claiming he could revive American manufacturing.  Trump proved Obama was just a complete ass on the subject.

President Trump actually had a “magic wand” handy when he opened up oil and gas production in the United States to where the country become energy independent for the first time ever, and the world’s number one energy superpower with the most proven reserves on earth.

We can recall the golden days of the Trump Administration when gasoline was $1.98 per gallon.  The price today is getting close to double that.

In her latest snack on her shoe, Granholm told CNN host Dana Bash that Americans can expect to pay more to heat their homes this winter.  She then offered the totally lame reply that “. . . Americans should be grateful because Europeans will be paying much more.”

Excuse me, Madame Secretary, I don’t give a rat’s hiney what Europeans pay for home heating.  It’s simply not relevant or germane to the discussion about your administration’s inability to deal with the situation.

Biden’s response to America’s energy woes is to beg OPEC and Russia to increase production while he shuts down pipeline projects in the U.S. and halts new oil and gas production on federal land and offshore.

Pitiful. Joe Biden on his knees asking other countries to bail him out of a situation of his own making.

For those not familiar with Granholm’s background, she is a Canadian immigrant.  She has a law degree and served as attorney general of Michigan before becoming a two-term governor of Michigan from 2003-2011.  Since then, she’s been a professor in public policy at the University of California-Berkeley. Enough said.  You get the picture of how wholly unqualified she is to be Energy Secretary.

Granholm is simply representative of her peers in the Biden cabinet.  It’s no doubt the foremost collection of nonentities, incompetents and clueless wankers ever assembled.

November 5, 2021

Biden’s Fascist Mandate War on America

Now that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released its guidelines for China Virus vaccine mandates, we can safely say the Biden Administration has completely abrogated constitutional government to install a fascist regime dedicated to doing the bidding of The Deep State.

This display of shocking lawlessness may be the clearest signal that Joe Biden and his band of communists have declared war on the American people.

He also has rendered the United States Congress completely irrelevant and useless.  By imposing a nationwide vaccine mandate without any input from elected representatives or congressional approval, The Bastard President confirms how illegitimate he really is.  His government will rule by decree, not by enacted law.

We the people of The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, have been told we’re mere subjects who must conform to whatever the government dictates.  Seems like Communism or Fascism 101 to me.

The OSHA regulations are a clear violation of existing Federal law, Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It explicitly states that employees cannot be coerced into taking vaccines that haven’t been fully approved through proper regulatory channels.

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are involved in an elaborate hoax to force Americans to take the alleged COVID-19 vaccines that are only available right now under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Pfizer and its government pimps have launched a public relations blitz around approval of its Comrinaty vaccine for use against the China Virus.  The only problem is supplies of that drug aren’t yet available for broad public distribution.  It’s a classic “bait and switch” maneuver.

American employees forced by their duped employers to take the shots will be getting the “vaccines” already available under the EUA. They won’t get Comrinaty, the only FDA-approved vaccine.

What the Biden mandate overlooks is that many millions of Americans have contracted the virus and recovered (including me).  As a result, we should have natural immunity and absolutely no need for any vaccine, let alone a booster.

In addition, there are many Americans who’ve had bad results from previous vaccines (including me) and are understandably wary of them.  Finally, there are Americans of conscience who have valid religious concerns (including me) regarding the current shots, especially serious Roman Catholics who are not inclined to take inoculations developed from aborted fetal cells.

Nonetheless, we’re being unfairly demonized and punished for exercising our God-given rights to control our health choices. However, millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across the southern border without being tested for the virus or being inoculated. In essence, they’re exempt from the mandate because they’re now on the public dole and not working.

Biden’s rank discrimination against American citizens while favoring people who’ve committed a crime by entering our country illegally is beyond despicable and disgusting. It’s treason.

Fortunately, Republican governors are fighting back and suing the federal government to stop the mandate.  Even Democrat Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas has said “no” to the mandate. Leading the charge is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who’s emerged as a national spokesman speaking out about the insanity of Biden’s un-American policies.

The vaccine mandate comes at a time when approximately 70% of American adults have been vaccinated and the number of virus cases involving hospitalization and death have dropped dramatically. So, why the heavy-handed push now?

Nonetheless, at least 80 million American workers will be subject to the OSHA overreach.  Those failing to comply will be required to wear masks during work hours and take a weekly test for the virus at their expense.

For a worker making close to minimum wage and working part-time, the weekly fee for testing will likely negate much of their pay.  This draconian order probably will force many workers to leave their jobs.

As we’ve already seen with law enforcement, first responders and health care workers subject to employer mandates, many are taking job suspensions instead of getting the shots.

The January 4, 2022, deadline for compliance with the OSHA mandate will prompt many millions to leave their jobs and plunge the country further into recession. Among them will be truck drivers desperately needed to resolve the growing supply chain crisis. 

All this disruption is totally unnecessary to fight a virus that has a recovery rate of 99+%.  It’s equivalent to taking a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

But the madness isn’t stopping at the workplace.  Now the fascists want to force all children to be vaccinated, despite the fact we have absolutely no test data on the potential adverse long-term effects of the shots on young children.

We’re already seeing cases of teenagers who’ve been inoculated now suffering from heart ailments and blood clotting.

Those talking about giving the shots to children under age 5 or even infants are simply sick and demented.  There’s no valid medical reason for doing so. The risk of these young people dying from the China Virus is less than the risk of them getting hit by lightning.

The insistence on absolutely everyone being vaccinated regardless of the need or risk is simply maniacal.  What’s really behind this all?  Big Pharma has enjoyed its biggest payday, extracting hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars for drugs that don’t provide immunity or stop the spread of the virus. So, why are we allowing it to happen? It’s total madness.

From Day One, health advisers Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx pushed President Trump to launch a program to develop vaccines.  When Trump raised the possibility of also using existing FDA-approved drugs such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment he was rudely rebuffed and brutally mocked by The Elite Traitor Media (ETM). 

Across the globe, doctors upholding their oaths and seeking ways to treat their patients discovered that HCQ and ivermectin were useful in taking care of those stricken with the China Virus if provided as early treatment.

Fauci, the Big Pharma pimps at the CDC and FDA, and the despicable Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex resisted all efforts to try the treatments, using the ETM to mock those advocating their usage.  Of course, the ETM is on board.  They’ve prostituted themselves as evidenced by the flood of Big Pharma ads that clog the airwaves.

These generic drugs could have been used at little or no cost.  But hospitals were able to rake in record profits with hospitalizations of patients who were denied early treatment by their physicians.

Since then, India, Japan, Indonesia and many African nations have used the drugs successfully and all but eradicated the virus.

Bottom line, hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of people globally died needlessly because they were denied early treatment.  Anthony Fauci may be the worst mass murderer in American history.

After all, his National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab in Red China where the virus originated. Fortunately, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has had the courage to confront Fauci in Senate hearings and reveal him for the lying fraud he is.

Worst of all, the Biden vaccine mandate violates The Nuremberg Code, formulated in 1947 in the aftermath of World War II to prevent future medical experimentation on unwilling people, as the Nazis did with Jews and prisoners of war.

The fundamental principle of the Code is voluntary informed consent by the human subject participating in any medical experiment.  The Code states:

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.  This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

Once again, the vaccines required to be used before the January 4 deadline are those developed and distributed under the EUA.  They’ve not been fully vetted as to potential and adverse side effects, or what might be long-term effects. That data simply doesn’t exist. In that sense, they are experimental.

Forcing employers to become The Vaccine Police and coerce employees into getting the shots or possibly losing their jobs is direct “force, fraud, deceit and overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

It’s simply wrong, un-American and a crime against humanity.

Thanks for reading!  Terry McAuliffe now heads to the Loser Hall of Fame after running one of the worst political campaigns in history.  His remark telling parents to butt out of school policy was one of the worst gaffes in history.  But it revealed his true belief and the arrogant attitude Democrats hold toward parents and everyday Americans.

October brought more global visitors.  They came from such locations as:  Germany; Colombia; The Czech Republic; The Russian Federation; Red China; The European Union; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Poland; The Ukraine; Italy; Turkey; Belgium; Brazil; Australia; Thailand; The United Kingdom; Malaysia; Portugal; Mali; Mexico; and Vietnam.

The Forgotten Street makes Christmas shopping easier. For the history buff on your list, get J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking histories.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three is uncovering deeper insights into the treachery of The Deep State and how it’s selling out our Republic.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  During October, we got more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada, and now our first order from Spain. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their interest.  We can’t thank you all enough.

The message behind these histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

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November 1, 2021

The Forgotten Street Enters Year 16

Today marks the 15th anniversary of The Forgotten Street.  We created this website on November 1, 2006, out of concern that the everyday Americans on Main Street USA who make this country run and have made it an inspiration to the world were being forgotten by the moneyed elites and the political hacks pretending to represent us in Washington.

Now, more than ever, we must fight against The Deep State and The Elite Traitor Media who are selling out our great American Republic. We urge you to join us in speaking out and standing up for our heritage and values.

We thank all our fellow Americans and followers in more than 30 countries for your readership and support.   The best is yet to come.  God bless you!

October 29, 2021

Pope John Paul II’s Wisdom on Parents and Education

As the Virginia governor’s race goes down to the wire, it’s become notable because of a local issue that’s mushroomed into the hottest political debate in the country.

Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe, so aptly noted as “The Punk” by Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo, did more than put his foot in his mouth during a recent debate when he said, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions... I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

That rash comment perfectly sums up the Democrat attitude that all children belong to the state and parents should just butt out.  Frankly, it’s a purely communist mentality.

The Loudoun County School Board and school administration have shown nothing more than total contempt for parents whose tax dollars fund their indoctrination of students.  They’ve even turned their backs on rapes occurring in school bathrooms by boys pretending to be transgender.

To those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, it appears the incomparably arrogant McAuliffe has given his opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin, a potentially winning issue. He’s also provided the entire GOP a pathway to a total rout in 2022.

Suburban moms who’ve been a major voter target for both political parties now see Democrats for the contemptible liars they are.  With Attorney General Merrick Garland siccing the FBI on parents voicing their concerns at school board meetings, women branded as potential “domestic terrorists” now see the Biden Administration and Democrats in general as mortal enemies.

Parents speaking up for their children and their rights are simply doing what good Americans should be doing.  The communist National School Boards Association has been revealed for the vile entity it is. White House staff colluding with them to push Garland to issue his lunatic memorandum are in the same slop bucket with them.

All sides in the controversy would do well to take a step or two back to consider the wise analysis regarding parents, families and education provided by Pope John Paul II.

In 1994 the Vatican published a book, Prayers and Devotions, 365 Daily Meditations of Pope John Paul II.  I start each morning reading the devotion for each day.

His October 23 message, Bringing Up Children notes:

“The task of education has its roots in the parents’ primary vocation to share in God’s creative work. By begetting in love and for love, a new person having the vocation to growth and development in him, the parents take on the task of effectively helping that new person to live a fully human life. Since parents have conferred life on their children, they have a most solemn obligation to educate their offspring.  Hence parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children.”

Amen to that!

His October 29 devotion, The Social and Political Task of the Family, makes clear the responsibility parents have to speak up and defend their values:

“The family’s social function is also expected to be expressed in political intervention. This means that families must be the first to busy themselves so that the state’s laws and institutions not only shall not offend, but shall also positively sustain and defend the family’s rights and duties.

“In this sense, families must grow in awareness of being the foremost actors in so-called ‘family policy’ and take on the responsibility of transforming society. Otherwise families will be the first victims of those evils which they limited themselves to watching with indifference.”

Among those evils are schools indoctrinating students with early sex education that’s virtual pornography, promoting abortion, allowing open use of restrooms by both genders under the guise of transgenderism, forcing the racist garbage of Critical Race Theory to demonize white students, and encouraging disdain for parental rights and supervision.

Given the Pope’s wisdom, it becomes abundantly clear Democrats are acting as satanic agents of The Deep State in doing all they can to destroy the family unit and assume complete jurisdiction over children from cradle to grave.

We may really be seeing The Great Awakening take hold at the local level as more parents find the courage and inspiration to regain control on their children’s education and health.

The news that a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee and now the agency itself are giving the green light for vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 with the Pfizer China Virus shot just further confirms how irresponsible the government has become in its public health duties.

Children in those ages are highly unlikely to suffer hospitalization and/or death from the virus.  There’s absolutely no legitimate science to suggest the inoculations are fully safe. FDA authorization has occurred with absolutely no idea as to the unintended long-term side effects.

This isn’t science.  This is political madness.

It’s clear the FDA is simply serving as pimps for more government welfare for Pfizer, which in no way has any liability for what may happen to children becoming guinea pigs and lab rats for the shots.

This is just one more example of why parents must speak up and defend their right to not have their children inoculated. Reckless California Governor Gavin Newsom already has ordered such a mandate.  The words and wisdom of Pope John Paul II must be taken to heart and acted on.

Thanks for reading! Today Joe Biden met with Pope Francis in the Vatican, a perfect meeting to two phonies installed instead of legitimately elected.  Both indicated the topic of abortion never surfaced in their discussion. Biden bragged the Pope had deemed him a “good Catholic.”

Any Pope who wouldn’t take the opportunity to provide instruction on how support of abortion undermines a basic tenet of Church doctrine is simply one who’s abdicating his duty.  We would expect no less from Frankie the Red.

Your Christmas shopping is made much easier with the perfect volumes to learn more about The Deep State and its sordid history: J.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories tell it all.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  

You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three is digging much deeper into the treachery perpetrated by The Deep State and its eunuchs in The Elite Traitor Media.

Readers in 12 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  During October, we’ve gotten more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada, and now our first order from Spain. In addition, our fellow Americans continue their interest.  We can’t thank you all enough.

The message behind these histories must be shared more widely.  Consider purchasing copies for donation to public and high school libraries where you live.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated. It helps keep our crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

More vaccination mandates are starting to take hold, creating a growing danger to public safety and health.  Police, firefighters, first responders and health care workers in major cities are being sidelines for their refusal to take the jabs.  Deadlines for the military services are looming as well, with large numbers still unvaccinated.  Yesterday’s heroes now are being vilified and demonized by The Deep State for exercising their right to control their bodies and health.

Pray for them and their families.  Ask Almighty God to bless and protect them with His grace.

October 24, 2021

The Completely Irrational China Virus Mandates & Destruction of American Medicine

The growing backlash among workers to the looming Biden mandate of coerced vaccinations forThe China Virus speaks volumes about the irrationality of government’s assault on the doctor/patient relationship and the medical community’s subservience to Big Pharma.

It also demonstrates real Americans’ belief that the concepts of “informed consent” and “natural immunity” still have meaning in the 21st century.

Abortion activists for decades have trumpeted the mantra, My Body, My Choice.” But it appears that only applies for would-be mothers who want to murder their offspring.  It clearly doesn’t carry any weight for people who simply don’t wish to be guinea pigs or lab rats for alleged vaccines that haven’t been fully tested.  Everyday Americans with common sense can smell a rat a mile away.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who grew up with family doctors we relied on to give us medical care specifically designed for our unique circumstances, now are completely dismayed by the one-size-fits-all socialist approach mandated by The Corporate Medical Complex.

Those doctors striving to preserve the doctor/patient relationship are being severely punished and even blackballed for not toeing the socialist line.

The Deep State knows that gaining control over people through medical tyranny is the fast track to total dominance and control over society. Look how well that’s work in Great Britain and Canada. How better to do that than ramp up The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) propaganda machine to instill paralyzing fear over a virus that poses a serious threat only to the elderly with underlying health conditions.

Early on in the China Virus Pandemic we were told those contracting it who were in reasonably good health had a 99.8% chance of surviving it.  In addition, the alleged “medical experts” assured us that children were not at risk. Initial focus was on the elderly with pre-existing conditions, just as we’d done during outbreaks of seasonal flu.

In general people responded well to the request to “slow the curve” by improving hand washing, keeping social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.

The Deep State and its government apparatchiks quickly recognized the public’s willingness to acquiesce so easily had opened the door for mass mask wearing as well as school and business shutdowns.  Medical tyranny was underway in the name of protecting public health.

The move toward The Great Reset began to accelerate, with the recognition the virus could be used as an excuse to frighten people away from voting in person. That hastened the spread of mail-in voting so the re-election of Donald Trump could be prevented.

The resulting economic meltdown apparently hasn’t taught a number of Americans anything.  The pro-vaccination crowd isn’t content with having a majority of people vaccinated.  No, instead it wants everyone vaccinated with no exceptions. That’s because they want to destroy the notion of natural immunity occurring in those who’ve had the disease and recovered.

Those who want to make their own medical choices or have sincere religious concerns about the shots are being demonized and ostracized as would-be murderers by the particularly unhinged.  Millions of Americans have contracted and survived the China Virus, which means they now have natural immunity. At least it used to.

Experts” now are telling us the only way to get immunity is to be vaccinated, thereby discarding one of the bedrock fundamentals of modern medicine.

Joe Biden is trying to sell the absurd notion that the current wave of virus cases is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  In essence, he’s telling us, “The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.”

Even worse, the demented old fool wants to force the vaccinations on children aged 5 to 11 when there appears to be absolutely no valid medical reason to do so.

Fortunately, there still are doctors who take their profession seriously. They’re willing to place the doctor-patient relationship ahead of Corporate Medical Complex dictates that are destroying the greatest medical system on earth.  These courageous individuals who’ve been willing to treat patients with medicines approved by the government for other uses have saved countless lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have banned the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin to protect the many billions in profits being generated for the vaccine makers. 

It doesn’t matter to them that countries like India and Japan have enjoyed great success with ivermectin.  Or that very poor countries in Central Africa, which rely on HCQ and ivermectin as part of their standard health regimen, have not been adversely impacted by the China Virus.

In his role as chief medical adviser on the pandemic for both President Trump and now Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci has been the ultimate pimp for Big Pharma.  As a results, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died needlessly.

The lying fraud Fauci has been exposed for funding gain-of-function research at the Red Chinese Wuhan Lab that led directly to the China Virus Pandemic.  The sick bastard also has funded sadistic experiments on beagle puppies in Tunisia with our tax dollars.

The battle against socialized government medicine was lost years ago with the rise of health insurance giants dictating treatments, Big Pharma corrupting physicians, and medical corporations buying up hospitals and physician practices to create substandard, one-size-fits-all medical complexes.

When people relied on their family physician, who knew their health and family histories, health outcomes were generally good before the onslaught of massive drugging of the populace with heavily promoted pharmaceuticals.

Recently peerless investigative journalist Sheryl Attkisson, one of the honest very few left today, visited Amish communities in eastern Pennsylvania to see how they’ve fared during the pandemic.  She found they have done extremely well with no isolation, shutdowns, hospitalization, or vaccination.

People of the Mennonite faith are wary of government, public education, and corporate health systems in general.  Instead, they rely on the scientifically proven notion of “herd immunity.”  

They chose to mass infect themselves with the China Virus during a religious holiday in May, in which they all shared a communion cup of wine.  That spread the virus, and fortunately most recovered from it readily. Likely their culture of hard physical work keeps their immune systems in top shape. They never shut down their work to follow government dictates.

An analysis of Amish in Lancaster County by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that, indeed, the Amish had achieved herd immunity.

By keeping to their faith, avoiding public education, ignoring government overreach, and distrusting modern medicine with its corporate culture, the Amish may be proving conclusively they are the smartest people in the United States.

Meanwhile, the fate of millions of American workers hangs in the balance as they await the vaccine mandates promised by The Bastard President, whose illegitimate government is rapidly losing the support of the American people.

Workers in all walks of life, from healthcare workers, pilots, and truckers to police, firefighters and first responders, are enthusiastically saying to those who would fire them, “Take This Jab and Shove It!”

Maybe there’s still hope for the last beacon of freedom in the world, but the light is growing dimmer as Joe Biden mocks the notion of individual liberty.

Thanks for reading!  While America’s ship of state is headed for the shoals, Biden and his communist cohorts are focused on Climate Change as their big idea to fundamentally transform America and the world.

Halloween will kick off an almost two-week United National Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland.  An estimated 30,000 attendees from 197 countries around the globe will fly in for the confab, generating perhaps the greatest carbon footprint of any meeting in history. Many heads of state and assorted celebrities are expected to attend.

This may be the biggest assemblage of hypocrites, lunatics, and outright wankers in history. Of course, the Bastard President will be there with his many handlers to ensure he stays on script and totally humiliates the United States with his apologies that we haven’t become a third world hellhole yet like the rest of them.

COP26 is just another Deep State choreographed spectacle designed to push one world government and tyranny by a self-selected, rich elite.  They’ll be ferried about in gas-guzzling Land Rovers and other vehicles, with nary an electric one in sight.

Begin your Christmas shopping with the perfect volumes to learn more about The Deep State and its sordid history: J.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories tell it all.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three is uncovering more treachery regarding The Deep State and its eunuchs in The Elite Traitor Media.

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  In the first three weeks of October, we’ve gotten more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada in addition to our fellow Americans.  We can’t thank you all enough.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated. It helps keep our crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS and your concerns are welcome at the same address.

Pray that more of the medical community will step forward to stand up to the tyrannical, unscientific measures being forced on America and the world. Let your care providers know you won’t be forced to do anything outside of informed consent or in conflict with your religious beliefs.

October 17, 2021

Biden’s Energy Policy is Incoherent, Inept, and Ultimately Treasonous

This week the hapless Biden Administration conceded it was in discussions with U.S. oil and gas producers to find ways to reduce rapidly rising energy prices.

Talk about unmitigated gall!  The very people that Joe Biden and his merry band of communists have vilified and demonized since taking office now hold the future of his government in their hands.

That’s one of the unintended consequences of an illegitimate election and the installation of TheBastard President by The Deep State.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, see the effects of Biden’s incompetence and idiocy all around us.  Immediately upon taking office, he moved to halt the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline that could ship oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Illinois and Texas, as well as an oil tank farm and oil pipeline distribution center in Oklahoma.

While some saw the move as a payoff for the political support of left-wing environmentalists and unhinged progressives, we also saw the fine hand of Warren Buffett involved.  Without the pipeline, the most efficient way to move the oil is on a railroad owned by the wily billionaire.

The loonies agonizing over a possible pipeline leak act as if they don’t know that sometimes freight trains derail, with some leaving the tracks while passing through towns.

Biden didn’t stop there. He moved quickly to suspend oil and gas drilling on federal lands in Alaska.  He bought into the ridiculous lie that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) would endanger wildlife and threaten the environment.  This January, his administration halted new oil and gas drilling permits on all federal lands.

President Donald Trump had the good sense in 2017 to open a defined area in ANWR for oil exploration and production, knowing the ultimate key to a sound economy and national security was for the United States to be energy independent, a milestone he achieved in his first term of office unlike any of his predecessors.

Prior to the China Virus pandemic, U.S. oil production in 2019 had reached 13 million barrels a day, enough to make the country the world’s number one producer and a net exporter of energy.  Production now runs about two million barrels a day less.

What The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) have worked overtime to hide is the fact the ANWR area in which drilling occurred is miniscule compared to the 19 million+ acres of the refuge.  It is the equivalent of an area the size of a postage stamp in the average American living room.

Also ignored is the incredible safety record of the drilling that’s occurred for decades in the Point Barrow, Alaska, area, and the integrity of the pipeline across Alaska that has numerous safeguards to shut it down in the event of any leak.

While the Biden government’s energy policy is built on the “pie-in-the-sky” notion of renewables supplanting so-called fossil fuels, a global energy crisis is underway thanks to the unwise shutdown of coal and national gas-fired utility plants in order to promote unreliable and economically unsustainable “green energy.”  

The Euro-Idiots in Germany and elsewhere don’t comprehend that sometimes the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow.  Plus, electricity can’t be stored. It must be used up as it’s generated.  In Europe, France has been able to escape the madness because about 70% of its power comes from nuclear energy.

What the green energy advocates fail to understand is that society is evolving to where it’s becoming more dependent on electric energy.  Demand continues to rise, despite the virus pandemic and the rising price of energy.  Individuals and businesses are more reliant on devices that use considerable energy and require frequent re-charging.  Imagine the impact coming as more people are coerced into electric vehicles and a charging station infrastructure must be built.  Renewables simply won’t cut it.

The current shortage of available fuel to meet power demand has led to soaring prices that are crippling global economies already stressed by the China Virus shutdowns. Ironically, Red China is one of those suffering.  Well, you reap what you sow.

This past week, the federal government announced that American households could face heating bills that spike as much as 54% this coming winter.  Coupled with the spiraling cost of gasoline, the overall energy picture is pointing to an economic meltdown and disaster for everyday Americans trying to hang on.

Much of the Biden policy is driven by the Climate Change Crazies.  Having bought into the utterly insane notion that carbon dioxide is warming the planet to a point where life will become unsustainable in 30 years, the Biden team is focused on destroying the oil and gas industry at the expense of Americans living right now.

The war on coal that began under the Obama Administration has taken its toll, with the number of active mines and miners now at their lowest in decades, at a time when global demand for coal is soaring.  Where 180,000 Americans were employed as coal miners not that long ago, the number was down to 42.500 this August.

When asked about how the administration will deal with escalating gas prices, Biden mouthpiece Ginger Goebbels said, “Certainly we all want to keep gasoline prices low, but the threat of the crisis – the climate crisis – certainly can’t wait any longer.”

Here’s express confirmation the Biden energy policy is driven by grossly flawed computer models and the Deep State globalist, one world scam, not reality. It all comes down to “follow the money.”  Dig into who exactly stands to benefit from the renewable energy and climate change scams.

This comes as no surprise.  The entire Democrat agenda thrives on fear.  Right now, they have multiple scares to overwhelm the public:  the China Virus; Climate Change; January 6 Insurrection; Domestic Terrorists; Systemic Racism; Islamophobia; Nuclear War; Defund the Police; Environmental Devastation; America Oppression; Gender Equity; Social Justice; blah, blah, blah.  The damn list is endless. Its roots originated in the Kremlin almost a century ago. It all adds up to this:  America Last.

Compare it with the Trump agenda:  America First.  Make America Great Again.  Patriotism and Pride in our Heritage. Winning.  Energy Independence. Law and Order.

Guess all we “deplorables” prefer hope over despair, and progress over decline.

The Biden energy policy is a clear and present danger to our economy, our national security, and our continued existence as a representative republic.  Its architects and backers are traitors of the highest order.

Thanks for reading!  The National Football League continues its slide from a national pastime to a national joke and embarrassment.  Whoever leaked coach Jon Gruden’s emails from an internal investigation clearly has a vendetta against him.

How many people could withstand scrutiny of what they may have written in private emails and correspondence a decade ago?  Damn few, if any.  To hold Gruden to this standard is the height of hypocrisy, especially from a league that features outright filth and misogyny in its Super Bowl halftime shows.

The league may pride itself on being “woke.” Now it’s a crashing bore with unwanted political messaging and sub-standard football.  Imagine what the old Baltimore Colts and Green Bay Packers would do to the misfits playing today.  

Speaking of “woke,” we now learn that Walmart is subjecting its employees to indoctrination in Critical Race Theory (CRT).  CRT operates on the premise that all white people are racists.  Imagine what company founder Sam Walton would think of CRT being shoved down the throats of his employees. By allowing this fiasco, the current CEO is setting a new standard for corporate stupidity and viewing his customers with contempt.  

Given the makeup of Walmart’s clientele in rural parts of America, you have to wonder why any white folks will consider still shopping there once they know about the CRT training.  Yeah, the prices are great. But for God’s sake, have some self-respect and dignity.  Not to mention how Walmart is simply subservient to the Red Chinese Communist Party. Tell Walmart to “drop dead,” just like Woca-Cola.

With an economic meltdown on the horizon, and the dismal prospects for a Happy Christmas due to the scores of ships off both coasts waiting to be onloadeThe Forgotten Street comes to the rescue.

The perfect gifts for those wanting to learn more about how we got to this point in history areJ.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in the ocean on ships. Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research for Book Three is uncovering more treachery regarding The Deep State’s satanic globalist agenda.

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  In the first two weeks of October, we’ve gotten more orders from The United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada in addition to our fellow Americans.  We can’t thank you all enough.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated. It helps keep our crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS is welcome at the same address.

Clearly even more challenging days lie ahead.  We have to gird our loins and put on the Armor of God.  Check out Ephesians 6: 13-17 in the Holy Bible. Stay strong.  May God bless us all.

October 6, 2021

Fascist AG Garland Uses FBI as Gestapo Goons Against Parents

If you needed any more confirmation the illegitimate Biden Administration has gone off the rails into full totalitarian mode, look no further than the descent into fascism by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Former Democrat presidents like Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy did what they could to dissuade the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover from becoming a heavy-handed, national secret police.

That all changed under Barack Obama, and now the Bastard President, Joe Biden.  The all-out drive to intimidate political opponents that started under FBI Director James Comey and now-ineffectual Christopher Wray has become truly disturbing.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, see the sinister hand of The Deep State behind the current push to make the FBI into a federal Gestapo, crushing all dissent and intimidating those who speak out against the administration and its communist policies.

Garland took things a step further Monday with the announcement he’s unleashing the FBI to work with U.S. attorneys to stifle any dissent from parents at local school board meetings.

He’s doing it under the guise that parents outraged by how local school districts are handling the China Virus pandemic, and how school curriculums are being twisted by radical theories such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the LGBTQ agenda, now pose a threat to school administrators and teachers as well as school board members.

This sham is coupled with the call by the communist National School Boards Association (NSBA) for Joe Biden to label these parents “domestic terrorists.”  Joseph Stalin would be proud to see how his followers are governing in America today.  NSBA leaders also called for the involvement of Homeland Security and the Secret Service in a demonstration of ludicrous overkill and pure idiocy.

Garland ignores the fact any citizen making threats against public school officials is likely in violation of state and local laws, which should be enforced at that level.  But he’s not interested in enforcement.  He’s promoting the stifling of dissent through threats and intimidation.

He recognizes the harsh intimidation factor of having the government federalize that responsibility.   It’s all part of the globalist agenda to nationalize everything through communist or fascist means.  We certainly can’t have citizens voicing their concerns at the local level, as guaranteed under The First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Of course, there are notable exceptions for communist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Not only are they allowed to protest, they also can loot, burn, and murder to their hearts’ content with no interference or remote interest from the FBI, which sees neither group as a problem or threat.

All of which shows just what a gutless coward and political hack Merrick Garland truly is.

This is a typical left-wing response to average everyday people getting uppity enough to think they have a say in how their children are educated and raised. So, the answer for leftists is pure overkill.  Bring more force and intimidation to bear on the issue than is needed or even warranted.

The Bastard President and his crew fully believe your children belong to the state, not to you.  They’ll do anything they can to undermine your morals and values so the educational system can continue to turn out conformist drones who unquestionably obey the globalist, one-world agenda, and the variety of hoaxes it supports.

Of course, all this is possible because The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) is owned lock, stock, and barrel by The Deep State.  One clear example of that is how CBS keeps adding prime-time programming extolling the virtues of the FBI. In no way will its alleged news organization ever criticize an agency it features in its evening shows to sell advertising to woke Corporate America.

These programs will never depict FBI agents showing up like Gestapo goons with swat teams and compliant ETM like CNN in tow to harass and arrest people like Roger Stone and his handicapped wife, or Paul Manafort, in pre-dawn raids.  Those efforts are just part of the bigger agenda to intimidate and frighten ordinary citizens into not questioning their authority.  

For the alleged crimes Stone and Manafort were said to have committed, a phone call to their attorneys to have them come into the courthouse for arraignment would be a normal procedure.  Even Mafia dons get that treatment.  But the FBI is all about grotesque theatrics to make them look more menacing, especially when the targets are white Christian conservatives.

Meanwhile, we’re treated to the spectacle of seeing illegal aliens and their advocates harass and threaten a federal official, Senator Krysten Sinema of Arizona.  These communists chased her into a bathroom, with their cohorts later harassing her on an airplane and in an airport. At no point did airline or airport personnel come to her aid to protect her.  Naturally, the FBI likely has no interest either.

Are these people so stupid or brain-dead to think their fascist tactics actually will convince her to support what they want? They obviously are “dreamers.” If I were her, I’d get on the “deport-them-all train.”  Because Arizona is an open carry state, she should start wearing a .45 on her hip whenever she goes back home. Enough is enough.

What Garland and his goons fail to comprehend is everyday Americans are totally fed up with Big Government trying to run every aspect of our lives while wrecking the economy to serve globalist masters who want to destroy our American way of life.

Biden and communist politicians like him have done all they can to undermine parents and the family structure, disrupt the doctor/patient relationship, denigrate our religious values and American heritage, open our borders to illegal alien invaders, and send our jobs overseas to destroy on America’s manufacturing base and supply chains.

They can demonize parents at school board meetings all they want.  But we know who the true “domestic terrorists” are.  They operate and live in Washington D.C., abusing our tax dollars and violating our human rights.

Thanks for reading! Psychopath doctor Anthony Fauci is being revealed for the globalist communist fraud and criminal he truly is.

He’s kept effective medical treatments for the China Virus blocked to give Big Pharma time to develop its alleged vaccines and now rip off the formulas of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to produce their own treatments, which Fauci and the frauds at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the Food and Drug Administration, will immediately approve and promote at outrageous prices.

The Deep State and the Corporate Medical Complex have worked overtime to inculcate fear and set the stage for a massive raid on the U.S. Treasury.

The decades’ long treachery of The Deep State is revealed in J.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Book Three is in process, with more recently uncovered crimes to be revealed regarding The Deep State’s satanic globalist agenda.

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have embraced the Betrayal at Bethesda series.  In September we were pleased to have readers from Denmark and Australia.

We also continue to attract worldwide fans for The Forgotten Street.  In September, our visitors came from the following locations: Poland; The Russian Federation; Germany; The Czech Republic; The European Union; Red China; Canada; Colombia; Armenia; France; Macedonia; The British Indian Ocean Territory; India; Japan; Hong Kong; Italy; Brazil; Uruguay; South Africa; The United Arab Emirates; Belgium; Bulgaria; Spain; and Uzbekistan.

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The erosion of our liberties should shock and alarm anyone who calls himself or herself an American. We must summon the courage to challenge those behind this treasonous activity and always seek the blessings of Almighty God to face the dangers ahead.

September 26, 2021

Time to Face the Inconvenient Facts About the China Virus

As we head into the final quarter of Year Two of The Utter Madness surrounding The China Virus, it’s time to review what we’ve been through and what we face in 2022.

From the onset of the pandemic and the irrational fear created by the wholly irresponsible Elite Traitor Media (ETM), it was painfully clear the virus was a Red Chinese bioweapon designed to crash the global economy and force Donald Trump from the presidency.

The Deep State used its apparatchiks in government like Anthony Fauci to shape the response to the pandemic and ensure measures could be taken to discourage in-person, verifiable voting in 2020.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, smelled a rat early on in 2020. As events unfolded, we came to the unavoidable conclusion that the whole damn mess was a massive hoax from Day One.

There, I said it. Hoax. Cue the Old Testament response from the Left-Wing Kooks who bought into the scam:  Weeping and gnashing of teeth; rending of garments; wailing lamentations. Karen, just shut up and go away.

Early on, we learned the China Virus was not especially dangerous unless you were elderly and had serious underlying medical conditions.  In general, it had a survival rate over 99% and posed no particular threat to healthy children.  For most people, if it were contracted, it would resemble a case of seasonal flu at worst and a common cold at best.  Certainly unpleasant, but hardly anything worth shutting down the country, destroying the economy, and ruining people’s lives.

But what about all those who died from COVID-19?  Do you mean all the ones whose deaths could be attributed directly to the virus, or all the ones whose death certificates noted COVID-19, including those with serious co-morbidities or who died in accidents?  Interestingly, the average age of death in 2020 is running higher than the average life expectancy, which suggests the China Virus has a particularly severe effect on the elderly and not the population in general.  In some respects, it mirrors the seasonal flu, which mysteriously disappeared.

Data shows that in the United States there hasn’t been what’s called “excess mortality.”  In any given year, the expected number of deaths from most causes stays within predictable ranges, unless the outbreak of a pandemic skews the numbers.  

That hasn’t happened with the China Virus.  U.S. mortality rates in 2020 were at the same level they were in 2004.  That can be explained in part by the virtual absence of seasonal flu as a cause of death.  Flu cases were negligible compared to recent years. Or were they?  Were they just misclassified as COVID?

Shouldn’t we also discuss the hundreds of thousands who died needlessly from gross medical malpractice because they weren’t given early treatment or denied FDA-approved medicines that ultimately proved efficacious against the China Virus?

President Donald Trump raised the possibility of using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a possible treatment, but he was immediately castigated and shouted down by the ETM and the treacherous Coronavirus Task Force. The last thing they wanted was a quick end to the pandemic.

Some doctors dared to try HCQ for their patients and got positive results.  They were dismissed as dangerous quacks.  More recently, courageous physicians have stepped forward to try and recommend ivermectin, an FDA-approved drug that’s used effectively throughout the world to treat parasitic infections.

Reports now are coming out of India where governments in two large states have distributed ivermectin, zinc and vitamin packs for free to treat the virus as well as prevent it, all for a cost of less than one dollar a day.

In Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India with 240 million people, the China Virus has been all but eradicated through the use of ivermectin.  Cases have been reduced 95%, from 200,00 active cases in April to fewer than 200 cases now with no deaths.  In Central African countries similar results have been obtained, leading their presidents and governments to forego the distribution of the alleged vaccines.

So, the poorest countries in the world are having greater medical success than the wealthiest country on earth.  The ETM and corrupt government officials are dismissing ivermectin as “horse paste” and covering up the truth from the American public

Thanks to the hopelessly corrupt Corporate Medical Complex (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Pharma and ward of Big Government), doctors in fear of their livelihoods toe the party line when it comes to treatment.  Only those protocols sanctioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Medical Association (AMA) and state medical boards are being used in hospitals and private practices.  They do not include HCQ, ivermectin or even prednisone, an anti-inflammatory medicine that works wonders on respiratory illnesses.

How many thousands showed up at hospital emergency rooms with symptoms only to be turned away with no treatment and told to come back if their symptoms worsened?  Once they came back, the disease had strengthened enough they could be admitted and placed under protocols likely to kill them.  Under the absolutely perverse federal payment guidelines, hospitals have a serious monetary incentive to simply manage the decline, especially for older patients.

The ETM positively thrives on body counts.  There’s nothing the corporate media love more than creating a scorecard to show rising death counts and cases to instill fear in the populace and goose up their viewership and readership.

That started with the Vietnam War and has reached its pinnacle with the China Virus.  The fixation on the number of “cases” is particularly telling.  What’s being reported as “cases” are actually positive test results from a testing protocol that’s been proven inflated and wholly unreliable.

Many of those testing “positive” for coronavirus were and are asymptomatic.  The dirty little secret behind all this is that laboratories were never able to isolate and conclusively identify a specific virus as COVID-19.  That’s because it’s not a naturally occurring virus but instead a lab-created bioweapon, thanks to funding provided to Red China by Fauci and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The testing relies on a process called Reverse-Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) invented by a scientific team led by biochemist Kary Mullis.  For this discovery, they received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993.

In a video Mullis explained “… with PCR you find almost anything in anybody …doesn’t tell you are sick.” He died at age 74 of pneumonia in August 2019, just before the outbreak of the China Virus and the subsequent widespread use of the PCR test.  How convenient. 

A positive test result from a COVID-19 PCR test shows you have been exposed to a coronavirus, which could be anything from the China Virus to a common cold or the seasonal flu.  It can’t differentiate among them.

In recognition of this, the World Health Organization (WHO), which played a key role in covering up what really happened in the Wuhan lab in Red China, has admitted the PCR test can often show false positives.

Of course, media-generated hysteria led to the devastating lockdowns and mask mandates, all of which probably contributed to the spread of the virus.

Mask Mania continues today, despite all the evidence showing masks used by everyday people don’t prevent infection or transmission of the virus.  It says so right on the boxes they come in.

What’s particularly disturbing is seeing small children, even toddlers and babies, wearing masks.  This is the worst form of child abuse. Small children’s brains are still developing and require a steady flow of oxygen.  Depriving them of oxygen is likely to result in a generation of children and later adults with poorly developed brains and social skills.

They’re now developing a fear of being out in public or in school, which is engrained into them by parents who are ignorant sheep and totally ill-suited to raise children. In fairness however, this madness has been abetted by completely irresponsible and possibly criminal guidance from CDC and physician organizations trying to curry favor with politicians.  It’s all about feathering their own nest instead of looking out for public health in children.

Any medical professional who says small children should be masked or inoculated is simply a deceitful quack.  Yes, I mean you, Anthony Fauci.

Meanwhile, we see no masks used by partying politicians or the entertainment elite, whose recent Emmy Awards revealed the China Virus for the total hoax it is.

At the outset of the pandemic, events with large audiences such as sports and entertainment were shut down out of the fear of being “super spreader” possibilities.  But the government overseers didn’t stop there.  They even got down to the level of weddings, funerals and family gatherings. People were even banned from visiting grandmas dying in the hospital or nursing homes.  What an utter and criminal disgrace!

As it turns out, with the loosening of the restrictions over time and sports events now drawing significant crowds, there’s absolutely no evidence that the disease was being spread in large gatherings. The majority of infections have been asymptomatic. There’s no sign that asymptomatic people spread infection.

With the advent of the alleged “vaccines” developed in Operation Warp Speed, it was expected the crisis would ease up. Of course, the gene therapy (mRNA) treatments passed off as vaccines may be helping recipients better manage a possible case of the virus.  But even the manufacturers have stated the vaccines will not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the illness.  In essence, they’re admitting the inoculations are not real vaccines.

CDC reporting through its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reveals more than 726,000 have been injured or become ill from the shots, and close to 16,000 have died.  These results are more than the total combined adverse events reported for all vaccines in the past three decades.

Nonetheless, the illegitimate Biden Administration and its Bastard President are insisting on vaccine mandates.  They’ve passed the buck to the states, the military and Corporate America to become their enforcement goons.  No shot, no job.

The unintended consequence has been to force thousands of healthcare workers and emergency responders, who’ve witnessed the adverse impact of the vaccines on some patients first-hand, to forego the shots and risk their jobs.

Now that crunch time has arrived, we’re getting ready to see police, firefighters, and our military men and women leave the ranks of their various forces.  Perhaps this isn’t an unintended consequence. It’s starting to look like a deliberate effort to purge those areas of critical thinkers who might question authority that’s goes beyond its scope.

It’s also a major plus for Red China in its undeclared war against the United States and the Western world.

Vaccine hesitancy is born out of the recognition the inoculations being offered involve mRNA technology that’s never been fully tested and approved for use on humans.  People stigmatized as “anti-vaxxers” are exercising their God-given rights to control their health choices and not serve as lab rats or guinea pigs for what the mad scientists in NIH and Big Pharma have cooked up.

The coercive mandates are in violation of federal law and the Nuremberg Code that was adopted internationally to prevent a repeat of the Nazi experimentation that denied informed consent.  Because the current vaccines available are approved under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) instead of being fully approved after the complete testing required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they legally can’t be forced on any individual.

Even worse, favored classes are being exempted, such as Congress and its staff members.  What a disgusting middle finger being shown to the rest of us!  Clearly Nancy Pelosi and crew aren’t on the list for the “kill shot.”

Neither are the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the Southern border in a planned invasion. The Biden Administration is shipping them untested and unvaccinated throughout the United States, with a special emphasis on red states to shift voter demographics in the Democrats’ favor.  This is just more evidence the pandemic was and still is a Plandemic designed to change the American Republic forever.

So, what’s really going on here?  It looks like a total grab for power by The Deep State and the Globalist Cabal behind it.  It also appears to be a very efficient money laundering scheme to loot the Public Treasury and reward Big Pharma, which is turn will share its proceeds with the compliant Corporate Medical Complex and favored politicians.

All this didn’t just happen after an accidental lab leak in Wuhan China.  It’s been in the works for some time, beginning with NIH funding “gain of function” research.  The European Union began working on the concept of vaccine passports well before the pandemic started.

In October 2019, the World Economic Forum, led by crypto-fascist Klaus Schwab, held a pandemic training exercise that was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Things that make you go “hmmm.”

These are just the highlights of the inconvenient facts behind the China Virus Hoax.  There’s much more to be uncovered and discussed. The world must rely on independent researchers like The Forgotten Street and others to do it.  We have too much at stake to be intimidated and remain silent.

Thanks for reading!  We can just imagine the slings and arrows headed our way.  Whatever.  We still have plenty of arrows in our quiver.

The Deep State and the Democrats always make a fundamental mistake.  They push the envelope just a little too far.  Far enough that more and more Americans are waking up to the truth and seeing the events around them for what they really are.

The perfidy and treachery of The Deep State is revealed in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking histories.  Volume One is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Book Three is in process, with more heinous crimes uncovered and revealed regarding The Deep State’s satanic agenda.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated and truly needed to keep this crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS is welcome at the same email address.

The Big Tech giants are working overtime to silence voices who challenge The Deep State and its globalist agenda.  That’s because they are Deep State creations and owned lock, stock, and barrel by the powers behind the scenes.  We pray God will give us the strength to carry the battle forward and patriots worldwide will join us in this fight for survival.

September 20, 2021

Biden & Harris Incompetence Reveals Much Deeper Corruption

Last week was the week that was for the Biden Administration.  Its rank incompetence was revealed beyond any question.  What’s more disturbing is behind that incompetence is an unlimited capacity for pure evil.

The multitude of deliberate debacles and predictable disasters is beyond measure.  Born of illegitimacy, the Biden Administration reflects the innate evil of its Bastard President, the pretender installed through the duplicity The Deep State.

No person in his or her right mind can remotely believe that Joe Biden legally got the most votes of any presidential candidate in history.

Consider what the man has wrought in his brief tenure:  the worst border crisis in our history; the reignition of rampant inflation; an unparalleled spending spree robbing the public treasury and our children; the most humiliating military defeat ever; an intentional effort to further divide the American people; a total inability to cope with The China Virus pandemic in a rational way based on true science; use of medical tyranny to assault the doctor-patient relationship, religious liberty and personal privacy; a fixation on the outlandish Climate Change hoax; alienating traditional foreign allies; decimating small businesses and the middle class; turning Corporate America into his goons to enforce medical dictates.

Lord Almighty, the list is endless and keeps growing daily! Behind it all is a trend that deeply threatens the further existence of the American Republic.

More and more, those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are coming to the horrifying realization that virtually all of our major institutions have been infiltrated and hopelessly corrupted by globalists and communists who want nothing more than the dissolution of the United States of America.

Consider the sorry state of each of these former pillars of our society: governments at the federal, state and local levels; our educational system at every level; the judiciary; religious institutions; mainstream media that have become The Elite Traitor Media (ETM); the entertainment industry; Big Pharma and the establishment medical community; Big Tech and social media; Corporate America that has forsaken its American roots; the Federal Reserve system and major financial institutions.

Sadly, Americans can no longer put their trust in any of them to respect our wishes, protect our freedoms, preserve our heritage, or represent our hopes for the future. Name one of them we still can trust. Take all the time you want. You’ll fail to do so.

Given the sorry state of affairs, you’d like to think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would want to take charge of the situation and deal with the multitude of issues before them.

No, this past weekend, Joe was off riding bikes and eating ice cream in Rehoboth Beach while Kamala was flipping a coin at a second-tier football game. They haven’t a care in the world and frankly, just don’t give a damn while our world is going to Hell in a handbasket.

The mess in Del Rio, Texas, exemplifies all that’s wrong with the Biden team.  The border is flooded with many thousands of illegal migrants bringing God knows what diseases with them.  Yet, Joe Biden has the unmitigated gall to attack and demonize those of us who’ve exercised our rights to not get the China Virus inoculations.

The tens of thousands of illegals who’ve crossed the border untested and unvaccinated, and then been shipped by Biden’s administration to red states across the country are what’s driving the current wave of China Virus cases.  But the ETM is pushing the Biden lie vigorously as part of the Deep State plan to marginalize, demonize, isolate, and punish many millions of Americans who refuse to be obedient sheep.

This strategy worked well for Adolph Hitler in his campaign against Jews. Now The Deep State has dusted off the playbook to use it against Americans who want to exercise their God-given liberties and control their healthcare choices.

Mr. Unity has gone so far as to restrict shipments of monoclonal antibody treatments to Florida and other red states out of spite for his hatred of Governor Ron DeSantis, who has stepped up efforts to meet the demand for the treatments by his citizens in a serious effort to contain the virus. His plan seems to be working as the number of cases in Florida has dropped dramatically.

Biden’s rear is chapped because Governor DeSantis has the stones to speak up and prove not only does “the emperor have no clothes,” he’s also a mean, petty and evil individual.  The restriction on the antibody treatment will have a particularly disastrous impact on black Americans who are leery of vaccines for a multitude of good reasons.

Joe Biden is and always has been a closet racist and a lying fraud for almost a half century.  DeSantis is ripping the curtain back, showing the world the truth.

Behind all this chaos is The Deep State and the Globalist Cabal that’s been tearing down our country for decades in pursuit of their elitist New World Order.

Four years ago today, J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking history, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy was published.  Since then, it’s gained a global following, selling in 11 countries on five continents.  Copies are still selling, including one in Denmark so far this month.

This primer on the sinister agenda of The Deep State lays the background for what we see happening today with the Biden Administration.  It’s clear that brain-damaged Joe is by no means calling the shots.  It’s time for all of us to wake up and acknowledge the truth.

Thanks for reading!  We have much more to say about the many issues confronting our beloved land.  Stay tuned for new revelations coming soon on The Forgotten Street.

Confirmation of the awful truth of the military drone strike on an innocent Afghan father and his seven children should shake everyone to the core.  It underscores our worst fears about the competence of our military and intelligence leadership.  Biden press secretary Jen Psaki has the gall to dismiss it as a tragedy and once again dig up the rotting bones of Biden’s dead children to give the Bastard President some cover.

Sorry, it’s much more than a tragedy.  It’s an atrocity and more likely a war crime.  It fits with the Deep State agenda.

More can be learned about The Deep State in J.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories.  The first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Research underway on Book Three has unearthed and further confirmed the workings of The Deep State, detailing its heinous crimes and evil agenda.

Royalties from J.C.’s books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated and truly needed to keep this crucial work going.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Feedback on TFS is welcome at the same email address.

As our country falls into more chaos and despair, we must call upon Almighty God to give us the strength to overcome the evil before us and the courage to stand up for new leadership that will restore our tainted institutions.

September 11, 2021

Proud To Be American

This article is dedicated to American Airlines employee M. J. Booth, who perished on September 11, 2001, when AA Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. It was written for the 5thanniversary of September 11 by J.C.’s wife, Dottie Hawkins, a now retired and proud AA employee at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, where she was a Premium Services representative in the Admirals Club. 

Now 15 years later, it still resonates and captures the true essence of what to remember on every September 11.  Read it over and take it to heart.  No one could ever write a more fitting remembrance of that horrific day.

In my heart, I truly believe it was fate that brought me to work at American Airlines. All of us can remember where we were and what we were doing the morning of September 11, 2001. I was at home in Alexandria, Virginia, doing some last minute chores before leaving for work at the airport.

But I never got to work that day. We all know why.

I got an early morning phone call from my daughter, who told me to quickly turn on the television. And then I watched the horror unfold with my disbelieving eyes. Not long after that, I heard a huge explosion that shook the windows of our house. I soon realized that the explosion had been AA Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon. I frantically ran outside and could see and smell the smoke from just a few miles away.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Reagan National was closed. Luckily for me, I was not one of the employees laid off. Instead, I was sent to work at the Admirals Club at Dulles Airport.

Each day as I drove to work, I had to pass by the Pentagon. The sight and smell of the smoldering ruins will live on forever in my mind and in my heart.

Our colleague and dear friend, M. J. Booth, who had worked for American at Dulles Airport for more than 40 years, was on AA Flight 77. She had been on her way to an American Airlines Credit Union meeting in Las Vegas, via Los Angeles. M. J. was one of the many innocent people who perished that day ... one of the many who was just going about her everyday business, doing her job.

About a month later, Reagan National Airport reopened. Shortly thereafter, a co-worker came by the Admirals Club distributing to every AA employee a red, white and blue pin that said, "Proud To Be American."

For me, that slogan holds two special meanings. Not only does my heart swell up with pride at having worked for such a great company, it also holds the pride I feel for my country, its ideals and its values.

So here we are five years later. Not long after the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I visited the American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum in Dallas ( ). This wonderful museum houses artifacts celebrating the rich and proud history of American Airlines and our country's aviation industry.

Within the museum is a 10,000 square foot glass pavilion that houses a vintage DC-3 airplane named "Flagship Knoxville." It is a wonderful reminder of American Airlines' early history and the beginning of a golden age of commercial passenger airlines. The cost of constructing the exhibit was and still is supported by the sale of thousands of engraved bricks that make up the floor.

When I retired from American Airlines after 15 years' service in August 2005, my husband and daughter purchased one of these bricks to honor me and my service to American Airlines.

What a thrill it was for me to see that brick for the first time! As I looked down at "my" brick, a huge lump formed in my throat and I choked back the tears. It reads, "DOTTIE HAWKINS ... A GREAT AA AGENT ... A GREAT MOM AND WIFE."

I thought to myself, in some small way, because of this brick, I won't be forgotten. In the years to come, my grandson will be able to visit the museum and see Grandma's brick ... and so will his children and his children's children. Proud To Be American.

Then, slowly my eyes moved to a roped-off area of special bricks close by to mine. As I walked towards the area, my emotions became even stronger, for there were the bricks honoring those AA employees who had died on AA Flights 11 and 77, as well as bricks honoring those who had been on United Flights 93 and 175 ... all of them just innocent people going about their daily business.

As my eyes zeroed in on M. J.'s brick, many more emotions came over me. I first thought of her, her zest for life and her immense pride in working at American Airlines. She had attended a Labor Day party at our house just a few days before September 11, along with many other AA employees.

We had a sing-along that evening, and just after we all had belted out a resounding rendition of "God Bless America," someone asked M. J. when she was going to retire from AA. She firmly replied, "Never! They're going to have to take me out in a wheelchair!"  Proud To Be American.

Little did she or any of us know that she wouldn't retire sitting in a wheelchair. Instead, she would be blown up in a crashing AA 757 flown at the hands of Muslim radicals, the most evil and violent human beings to walk the face of the earth.

September 11, 2001, changed my life forever ... the way I think and the way I look at life. I will NEVER forget! Hopefully, many of you will never forget. But, sadly, many already have.

Together we will face the forces of evil and secularism head on. Together, we can become the voice of good by letting the world know we will NEVER, EVER FORGET!

Always and forever, Proud To Be American.


September 9, 2021

Joe Biden’s Disgusting, Unpatriotic War on Americans

When he ran for President in 2020, Joe Biden touted his ability to unify a divided country as a main selling point for his candidacy.  That was just another pathological lie from a petty little man whose entire political career has been built on a foundation of lies.

In today’s remarks regarding the government’s efforts to combat The China Virus, Biden showed clear anger and contempt for the American people.  Under the guise of trying to protect public health, he smeared the 80 million Americans who have yet to be vaccinated. He overlooks that many millions of them may have already had and recovered from the virus, and now have acquired immunity from further infection. 

In a petulant tirade, he unleashed a program of mandates that will coerce people into getting the shots by using their employers as the enforcers.  His plan clearly violates a number of federal laws designed to protect people from being subjected to medical experiments against their will and conscience.

Apparently the Biden Administration has no regard for the United States Constitution and the Separation of Powers.  Congress appears to be totally out of the mix when it comes to setting policy.

A major problem is the only alleged vaccines available are those under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued by the Food & Drug Administration. The EUA rules make it clear that people should only take the inoculations if they have informed consent.  The heavy-handed tactics of Mr. Biden obviously violate those rules and laws.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, aren’t the least bit surprised by Biden’s announcement.  It’s part and parcel of his illegitimate government, and how he’s acted as a Bastard President installed by The Deep State in a stolen election.

Since his January inauguration, Mr. Biden has carried out a war against the American people, beginning with his open border policies that have initiated a flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico into our Southern border states.  From there, his Homeland Security apparatchiks have dispersed unvaccinated and unvetted migrants to towns across the country.

His attack on unvaccinated Americans is designed to obscure the deliberate spread of disease from these migrants, who weren’t tested or inoculated.  Instead, they’ve been shipped throughout Texas and to Florida where they have skewed the China Virus statistics to make governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis look like they’re not doing enough to fight COVID-19.

Biden also has taken the war against Americans to global lengths by abandoning many hundreds, perhaps thousands, in Afghanistan allowing them to become hostages of the Taliban.

Concerned private American citizens have risked their lives to travel to the area to try to extricate those left behind.  To avoid total embarrassment for its gross ineptitude, the State Department claims it’s working with the Taliban to get the Americans out.  That’s in keeping with State Department tradition of working with our mortal enemies (USSR, Red China, Castro’s Cuba) to the detriment of American citizens.

Not to be outdone by the thugs who run Red China and abuse human rights routinely, the Biden Administration has arrested protesters from the January 6 rally at the Capitol and turned them into political prisoners in solitary confinement in the District of Columbia hellhole of a jail.  Due process and the right to a speedy trial were thrown right out the window by a Department of Justice that’s run like the worst type you would find in a banana republic.

Just yesterday, the Biden Administration took the unprecedented step of asking citizens appointed by President Trump to review boards for our military academies to resign or be fired.  No president has ever done this before.  People on the boards are appointed for three-year terms and are allowed to serve them out.  Thus, one of the few bipartisan areas in our government is being radically politicized.

Aiding and abetting Biden in his war on Americans is The Elite Traitor Media, which won’t challenge him on any issue.  It just takes and runs with whatever garbage Jen Psaki and her propaganda lackeys dispense. The only reporter in the White House press corps who appears to be a real journalist is Peter Doocy of Fox News.  He’s the only one who seems to challenge how Ginger Goebbels runs the show.

Recently some commentators have focused on Biden’s frequent gaffes and instances where he’s lost his train of thought.  Some wonder if these are signs of his alleged dementia or if he might have other health issues.

Nearly a year ago, on October 7, 2020, The Forgotten Street revealed what it believed to be the main health issue confronting the then Democrat presidential candidate.

At that time, we noted the common knowledge that Biden had suffered two brain aneurysms in 1988 that required major surgery.  He obviously recovered and went on to a productive life. But he since displayed a knack for making “gaffes” and exhibiting inappropriate public behavior around women and young girls.  He also would have sudden temper tantrums when challenged on an issue.

We theorized there might be a valid medical reason.  We believe Joe Biden suffers from a condition called “encephalomalacia.”  That’s a fancy medical term for a “softening” of the brain more commonly known as brain damage.

Encephalomalacia is a common occurrence in patients who undergo a surgery known as a “craniotomy,” where part of the skull is temporarily removed to allow access to aneurysms. Over time, it can spread and worsen.   

It’s very possible that Biden suffered some damage in the frontal lobe of his brain, which is the area that controls your behavior and what you might say.  In essence, it can impair the filter in your brain that keeps you from blurting out something inappropriate or from doing something unseemly (like sniffing women’s hair or fondling little girls).

At the time of publication, we thought this issue warranted examination and that Mr. Biden deserved an opportunity to confirm or refute the issue.  Numerous contacts were made with a wide range of media, including alleged conservative media, but only one, America’s Survival, printed the information.

We still believe this issue should be examined, especially given the outbursts of temper being displayed by Biden in recent remarks to the press and his apparent disdain for Americans who don’t toe the party line.

What Joe Biden did today was totally un-American and incredibly divisive. It underscores the brutal fact that he is wholly incapable of unifying a increasingly divided nation. He’s incapable because The Deep State thrives on that division and wants to make it worse.

It’s truly pathetic that this close to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks Joe Biden has squandered another opportunity to try to unite our country and rally around common causes. 

His contemptuous attitude toward those who have different points of view or beliefs is a clear and present danger to our country and our ability to rise above raw politics to create a truly united country that can survive in an increasingly hostile world.

Thanks for reading!  We’ll have more to say about the 9-11 anniversary very soon.  

The Deep State welcomes the division caused by Biden and seeks the utter ruin of our republic.More insight on its sinister workings can be found in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking histories.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have enjoyed both works. Research underway on Book Three has unearthed new revelations about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its evil agenda.

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We mustn’t let Joe Biden turn employers into vaccine enforcers.  The 80 million Americans who haven’t been vaccinated have reasons why. Forced to choose between their jobs and their concerns about the shots, many may leave the work force, creating a new economic downturn that could prove disastrous.

We must fight the Biden plan as vocally and forcefully as we can.  It’s simply un-American and a clear violation of The Nuremberg Code.

September 6, 2021

Media Smear of Ivermectin Covers Up Government and Big Pharma Major Crimes Against Humanity

A recent Rolling Stone article alleging a surge of patients going to Oklahoma emergency rooms because of overdoses of ivermectin has been proven totally false and since been retracted.

That hasn’t stopped The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) from pushing the story and failing to apologize for misleading the public about how a medication used to fight parasitic disease globally has been proven safe for use in humans.

Senior public health officials in the United States like the malevolent Anthony Fauci have dismissed the use of ivermectin as a means of helping cope with The China Virus and keep it from becoming more severe in those who get early treatment.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, became immediately suspicious of how Fauci, his comrades and the ETM have consistently downplayed any already approved drugs that could be repurposed for use against COVID-19.

Some physicians have ignored that advice and provided patients with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), ivermectin and prednisone with good results to keep the disease from progressing to a point where people had to be hospitalized.

In other countries, ivermectin is provided for pennies a day to prevent serious parasitic disease.  As a result, the China Virus has not had a serious effect on public health in many parts of Africa.  

More recently, India has provided ivermectin free to its citizens and a health agency in Japan has recommended its use as well. An estimate from Bangladesh reports that a five-day course of the drug costs anywhere from 60 cents to $1.80.

Now comes bombshell news that a British scientific study has concluded ivermectin can be used effectively to lessen the impact of COVID-19 globally.

That news is most unwelcome for The Deep State and the Crypto-Fascists behind it who want to prolong the pandemic and further destabilize the global economy.

The American Journal of Therapeutics reported in its July-August 2021 issue that the study assessed the “efficacy of ivermectin treatment in reducing mortality, in secondary outcomes, and in chemoprophylaxsis, among people with, or at high risk of, COVID-19 infection.”

The study’s scientists note that given the time frame needed for developing new medications, “. . . identifying existing drugs that can be repurposed against COVID-19 that already have an established safety profile through decades of use could play a critical role in suppressing or even ending the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

While the ETM continues to mock ivermectin available for livestock as “horse paste” unsuitable for humans, it covers up the fact that ivermectin received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015 for its critical role in wiping out infectious parasitic illness in Africa.

It also hides the fact that the U.S. government provides ivermectin to all refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia before they’re allowed to enter the country to control any diseases they may carry.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are most unlikely to encourage the use of ivermectin, even though it would help prevent a great deal of the hospitalization and death currently occurring from the China Virus and its alleged variants.

The reason is simple: These agencies are pimps for the pharmaceutical companies and the bureaucrats running them care less about public health and more about their own political power.

If ivermectin was authorized, the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that’s cleared the way for the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson alleged vaccines would be no longer valid.

Those inoculations can only continue if there are no sanctioned alternative therapies available, such as HCQ and ivermectin.

Folks, it all comes down to corporate greed and the power-mad bureaucrats making it impossible for people to get early, affordable, effective treatment.

Bottom Line:  Hundreds of thousands of Americans and many more globally have died needlessly at the hands of criminals who’ve used the China Virus pandemic and the fear whipped up by the ETM to unseat Donald Trump from the presidency and grossly enrich themselves.

Of course, the NIH that employs Fauci and is run by the inept Francis Collins has stated “there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.”  

There are insufficient data because NIH and other U.S. agencies devoted absolutely no resources to discovering what therapeutics might be effective in the early stages of the pandemic.  

The emphasis from Day One was on vaccines, which for people who already had the disease or had died would be of no use whatsoever.  There never was any sense of urgency to repurpose proven drugs or invent new ones.

Ivermectin already had shown antiviral effectiveness against such RNA and DNA viruses as Zika, dengue, yellow fever and others.

On an anecdotal note, I suffered a sudden pulmonary illness in 1990 that appeared to be a bronchitis. It rapidly degenerated into an attack on my lung function. While consulting several specialists, it became apparent they were baffled by my condition.

I was at a point where walking 10 to 15 feet became a major effort leaving me breathless.

Through sheer luck, I found another doctor who said I had a “restrictive lung disease” of unknown origin.  He immediately prescribed a high dosage of the steroid prednisone to reduce the spreading and dangerous inflammation in my lungs.

Within 10 days, the condition was completely cleared up.  Given the vastly reduced state of my lung function, the doctor said if I hadn’t gotten treatment when I did, I would have been dead within a month.

When the China Virus started to hit, I immediately wondered why prednisone was not discussed as a possible treatment given the disease’s harmful effect on breathing.  Little did I realize what criminals our public health officials are and how corrupt the medical community establishment is.

Hospitals are making more money admitting people with advanced disease and watching them die than treating people early with effective medicines.

Aiding and abetting in this major crime against humanity are the ETM, which has demonstrated beyond all question it truly is The Enemy of the People and the propaganda arm for The Deep State.

Thanks for reading!  The ETM are working their evil in other areas as well.  The stories about Americans and Afghan allies being held hostage by the Taliban while waiting for the six airplanes that are in place for takeoff neglects to mention that the takeoffs have been delayed because of red tape by the U.S. State Department trying to vet all those on the aircraft.

These people are being held hostage by the ineptitude of the State Department, although we can’t dismiss the possibility that it’s all part of the masterful strategic planning we’ve already seen by the Biden Administration, and perhaps even collaboration with the Taliban.

It looks like the people we have creating plans in the State Department have peers of the same caliber in the Department of Defense, bureaucrats just as incompetent and dangerous.

The Deep State thrives on such instability and chaos.  To get more insight on its sinister workings, read J.C. Hawkins’ compelling histories.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have enjoyed both works. Research underway on Book Three has unearthed a great deal more about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its evil agenda.

We are blessed with followers from all over the globe.  August brought a significant increase in readership.  Some came from these locations: Poland; Red China; Germany; The Russian Federation; The Czech Republic; Slovenia; France; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Vietnam; Indonesia; South Africa; The European Union; Brazil; Israel; Canada; Japan; India; The United Kingdom; Spain; Greece; Hong Kong; Italy; and Luxembourg.

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We’re entering a new school year, and the controversy over mask mandates and vaccinations has come to the forefront at school board meetings.  Parents, speak up for your children and defend your rights to manage their health.

God bless you all for your interest in freedom and human rights.  Our fight continues. It’s a fight we must win!

August 27, 2021

The FDA and Pfizer’s Shameful “Bait and Switch” on Vaccine Approval

This past Monday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proved it can no longer be trusted to protect public health when it pulled a shameful “bait and switch” to pretend the current Pfizer “vaccine” for the China Virus has received full approval as a vaccine.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.  But that hasn’t stopped the Biden Administration, the Pentagon, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) and Corporate America from jumping on the vaccine mandate bandwagon.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, see the fine hand of The Deep State at work behind the scenes as it seeks to gain more control over the American people through outright deception, coercion, and bald-faced lies.

The FDA announced approval of a biologics license application made by Pfizer for its newly developed Comirnaty vaccine.  The agency acknowledged that there are “insufficient stocks” of Comirnaty available for distribution, but that there is “a significant amount” of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine that was produced and distributed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

In its announcement, the FDA noted that the Pfizer-BooNTech vaccine under the EUA should remain unlicensed but that it can be used “interchangeably” with the licensed Comirnaty product.  It admitted the two products are “legally distinct” but that their differences do not “impact safety or effectiveness.”

So, the vaccine mandates are piling up, which means that for them to occur recipients will have to be inoculated with the experimental Pfizer drug instead of a licensed vaccine.

The corporate idiots mandating this garbage don’t comprehend they and their companies will be completely liable for any deaths or injuries that occur with their employees.  Did their lawyers get their degrees from a matchbook cover?

They also don’t understand they will be violating several Federal laws and the international Nuremberg Code that forbid coercing people into participating in a medical experiment without their consent.

Leading the charge against this despicable action by the FDA and the Biden Administration is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and his team at Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

They have done truly heroic work in sounding the alarm about the harm being done to innocent Americans who thought they were doing the right thing to take the vaccines.

You can learn more about what’s really going on by visiting CHD’s website:

CHD explained that people should ask to see the vaccine vial being used before getting the shot.  If it says “Comirnaty,” it is an FDA licensed and approved vaccine.  If it says “PfizerBioNTech” it is an experimental product you have every right to refuse.  The same holds true for Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, which markets its product as “Janssen.”

The CHD statement notes, “The FDA appears to be purposefully tricking American citizens into giving up their right to refuse the experimental product. … The FDA is playing bait and switch with the American public -- but we don’t have to play along.  If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, you have not been offered an approved vaccine.”

Kennedy decries that the FDA granted approval without full clinical trials or review by an advisory committee that is supposed to evaluate any objections to approval.  

“They know they can’t win this argument on the science and that’s why they had to abolish the public process and independent oversight,” he said.

CHD reported the latest statistics from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the shocking deaths and injuries from the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Of course, the ETM have done their best to cover this up and hide the information from the uninformed public.

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) data shows that between December 14, 2020, and August 13, 2021, there have been a total of 595,622 adverse events, including 13,068 deaths.  There were 81,050 reports of serious injuries, including death.

Those figures include reports from foreign sources, so the figures solely for the United States are 464,769 adverse events, 6,018 deaths, and 37,806 serious injuries.

In the past, the FDA and CDC have called for the removal of vaccines from public distribution for a mere handful of adverse events.  What’s being reported in VAERS currently is greater than the combined totals for all vaccines during the past 30 years.

The VAERS report breaks out data for U.S. children aged 12 to 17.  The numbers of truly disturbing.  There are 17,025 adverse events, including 1,018 serious events and 18 deaths, two of which were suicide.

Among the problems suffered by these young people are heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis), anaphylaxis, and blood clotting.  The overwhelming majority were caused by the Pfizer shot.

Adults suffered many of the same issues, but also had incidents of Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy.  One problem the ETM is covering up is what’s happening to pregnant women.  2,947 pregnant women have reported adverse events, including 960 who reported miscarriage or premature birth.

Unbelievably, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC and an alleged doctor, recently issued a statement on August 11 encouraging pregnant women to get the vaccines, saying they are perfectly safe. She’s a damn liar who must be aware these experimental drugs act to induce abortions. The data exists that proves that.

Given her progressive credentials, she’s no doubt thrilled by the abortions.  Who needs an abortion pill when you can just get an inoculation?

The so-called vaccines have been unleashed on an unsuspecting public without any real testing for long term effects.  Those eager to get the shots once they were available are serving as the guinea pigs, without any true recourse for harmful effects that could show up in the future.

Dr. Josef Mengele and his Nazi colleagues couldn’t have dreamed up a more diabolical scenario.

All this is occurring because the CDC and the task force advising the White House never placed an emphasis on investigating and approving a therapeutic protocol that doctors could use to treat patients quickly before the China Virus got out of hand.

Some physicians have taken it upon themselves to repurpose approved drugs like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin to deal with the onset and inflammation of COVID-19 successfully.  For this laudable effort, they’ve been ostracized by their peers and demonized by public health officials.

It’s all too clear the public health bureaucrats and medical associations are totally focused on pimping for Big Pharma.  They don’t give a damn about us and our health.  Because of their deceit, hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly.

Thanks for reading!  The Afghanistan debacle keeps degenerating as evidenced by the bombing at the Kabul airport yesterday. The illegitimate Biden Administration led by its Bastard President, Joe Biden, keeps trying to point fingers at President Trump and even its own generals for the chaos.

In his truly pathetic remarks yesterday, Biden tried to get sympathy by once again bringing up the death of his son Beau and trying to equate that with the loss suffered by the families of our soldiers killed in the bombing.

How truly sick and psychopathic of him to keep dredging up the corpse of his own son to win public pity.  Poor Beau will never get to rest in peace as long as Joe can get some mileage out of his death.

The blame for this disaster rests with The Deep State, which took the original Afghanistan mission to fight terrorism and morphed it into a prolonged war in order to keep the flow of opium into the right coffers and tax dollars to the Military-Industrial Complex.

You can learn more about the total treachery of The Deep State in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking histories.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents keep discovering both works.  More in-depth research underway on Book Three has uncovered even more sickening revelations about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its evil agenda.

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There are those who will accuse The Forgotten Street of providing misinformation.  How can someone’s opinion be “misinformation?” That’s what the Deep State and its Big Tech stooges are trying to do by removing people from their platforms.  They want to silence all opinions that don’t conform to their statist doctrine.  That, folks, is the classic definition of communism.

We will never be silenced.  All of us must speak out and speak up for what we believe.  Don’t let the bastards win!

August 25, 2021

What Really May Be Behind the Horrific Afghanistan Debacle

Politicians and some in The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) are decrying the absolute mess that is the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Many are comparing it to the chaotic 1975 fall of Saigon in Vietnam.

The once fawning ETM actually have the temerity to criticize Joe Biden, while some even question his ability to continue functioning as president.

What they fail to comprehend is they may be completely misreading the entire situation.  What they don’t take into account is the ability of The Deep State and The Globalist Cabal behind it to mask their real agenda with a massive distraction.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are dismayed by the truly awful images coming out of Kabul.  We’re also thoroughly humiliated by the abject ineptitude of our national security team, intelligence community, and the U.S. military, which were wholly unable to keep this from happening.

Fortunately, not everyone has been fooled.  Investigative journalist Lara Logan dropped a real bombshell recently on Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation show when she noted that the events in Afghanistan are what the Biden Administration has wanted all along.  

She explained in this way: “Whoever is in power right now, whoever is really pulling the strings – and I don’t know - that they could do anything they want to change this.  And they’re not.”

She knows full well the Taliban are acting in concert with the government in Pakistan, which has harbored its leadership for decades and used Pakistani military and intelligence services to guide the Taliban’s actions in Afghanistan.

Those same Pakistani military and intelligence services are funded in large measure with American tax dollars.  If the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) that monitor everything happening in Afghanistan and around the globe were opposed, it wouldn’t be happening.

As the Taliban advanced from the north taking town after town in its march toward Kabul, at any stop along the way the U.S. military could have bombed its convoys and essentially wiped them out.  They didn’t.

Instead, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, along with a treasure trove of U. S. military hardware and bases to further solidify their power.  As a result, many thousands of Afghani refugees are being removed and flown to America while thousands of American citizens remain stranded and abandoned in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan.

Among those Afghan refugees are no doubt members of Al Qaeda and ISIS.  Why in the hell is this happening?

It would seem The Deep State, which is really calling the shots for the completely failed U.S. government, wants to achieve two nefarious, even satanic goals.

First, it wants to continue the influx of refugees to the USA to complement the invasion of migrants occurring at our southern border in order to totally transform the demographics of the United States and ensure a permanent elitist, socialist ruling class.

Second, the massive amount of weaponry now in Taliban control will eventually be moved westward to Iran, Iraq and Syria to re-establish the ISIS Caliphate that was destroyed by President Donald Trump.  Once that’s in place and weaponry also is shared with Hezbollah, a murderous assault will be launched using former American firepower to eradicate the state of Israel.

The Israelis know this is coming, and that they must face it alone.  Fortunately, they have the courage to respond forcefully.

This is all part of “The Great Reset” imagined by the World Economic Forum (WEF), a globalist organization committed to one world government and a regime that will strictly control human beings everywhere.

The WEF is a crypto-fascist entity run by Klaus Schwab, a German engineer with a very disturbing background.

Schwab’s family has direct ties to Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich, just as billionaire financier George Soros has a history as a Nazi collaborator in Hungary as a young man.

Eugen Schwab, Klaus’ father, ran a factory for a Swiss-German company named Escher-Wyss in Ravensburg, Germany.  Escher-Wyss manufactured parts for German fighter planes and was a leader for large turbine technology needed for hydroelectric dams and power plants.

Hitler recognized Escher-Wyss under the elder Schwab’s leadership as a “National Socialist Model Company.”  Unbeknownst to many, Escher-Wyss also was involved in the Nazi atom bomb project.

The company used forced laborers, including Jews and prisoners of war.  While this was going on, Klaus Schwab was still a young boy.  But after being educated, including at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy school of government, he went to work for Escher-Wyss.  No doubt he had to be aware of the company history.

Even more troubling, when Klaus Schwab joined the company in 1967, he started a reorganization to transform the firm into a technology company, building on its previous involvement in nuclear projects.

As a result, Escher-Wyss became clandestinely involved in the development of South Africa’s illegal nuclear weapons program.  Ironically, both Germany and a third partner, Israel, benefited from the program.

From there, Schwab went on to create the WEF and through it revive a scheme to use eugenics to influence world population policies.  Behind his Great Reset is a desire to have a select elite control the global economy through a one world government.  Is this the beginning of The Fourth Reich?

It’s an absolute disgrace that men like Schwab and Soros are accepted in polite company when they should be rejected for the maniacal fascists and psychopaths they really are.

It’s time to uncover the real agenda behind Joe Biden’s shameful capitulation to the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Given the prevalence of anti-Semites throughout his administration, it’s not too hard to imagine what’s really at work here.

Thanks for reading!  We have the fight of our lives on our hands now.  Yesterday will live in infamy as the Food and Drug Administration granted approval to a Pfizer vaccine for the China Virus.  We’ll have more to say shortly on the criminal bait and switch they pulled in order to force vaccine mandates on our citizens.

Behind the entire China Virus scam is The Deep State, with its satanic agenda.

You can learn more about the history of The Deep State, its origins, and its continued assault on our liberties in J.C. Hawkins’ historical books.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents keep discovering and cheering both works.  Research underway on Book Three has uncovered even more stunning revelations about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its sick agenda.

Royalties from these books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated and truly needed to keep this work going.

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Now is the time for all American patriots to defend our Constitution and defeat the outrageous assault on our right to control our healthcare and decide what’s best for our children and grandchildren.

We must decisively stop the statists, be they fascist or communist, in their tracks now!  Pray for Almighty God’s strength and blessing for our efforts.

August 15, 2021

Are DOJ & DHS Planning “Operation Northwoods”-Style False Flags to Discredit Lockdown Opponents & Trump Supporters?

Recent announcements and actions by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that warn about possible activities by domestic terrorists clearly aren’t aimed at Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) supporters.

Let’s face it.  The Federal government’s chief law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), notoriously has turned a blind eye to public outbursts of violence from Antifa and BLM that began and have continued since last summer.

Most recently, Antifa thugs attacked a gathering of Christians holding an outdoor prayer service in Portland, Oregon.  Police stood by mutely and let it happen.  Yet, the FBI and DHS likely view Christians as potential terrorists instead of the Antifa goons.

FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly downplays Antifa as just “an idea,” not an organized entity.  Tell that to the people who’ve been violently attacked or had their businesses destroyed.  These thugs even attacked the Federal courthouse in Portland, which is part of the DOJ.  Yet, no serious prosecution has occurred.

This obvious disconnect between law enforcement and reality brings to mind the Operation Northwoods plan advocated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on March 13, 1962, to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara as a means to justify an invasion of Cuba.  The Deep State was rearing its ugly head back then as it still is today.

The plan called for staging a series of false flag terrorist events in the United States and Cuba that could be blamed on Fidel Castro.  Among them were incidents at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, attacks against Cuban exiles in Miami, sinking boats of Cubans trying to flee the Castro regime, and shooting down a civilian airliner using fake Cuban aircraft.

Three days after the McNamara meeting, JFK dismissed it for the outright lunacy it was, thereby humiliating Joint Chiefs Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer, who then plotted his ultimate revenge.

The details of this significant turning point in U.S. history are discussed in depth in J.C. Hawkins’ landmark book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.

It appears Operation Northwoods has been resurrected to give the Biden Administration the wherewithal to silence, marginalize and even detain any Americans who dissent from its wide range of tyrannical edicts.

The alleged “armed insurrection” on January 6, 2021, in the wake of the rally by President Trump to build support for challenging the November election results was clearly a false flag operation.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know when we’re being sold a load of bullshit by people who don’t have our best interests at heart.

The hysteria of The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) over the supposed “attackassault, siege, riot, etc.” was obviously designed to sell the lie.  Outrageous reports of violence against Capitol Police have since been proved false.  That’s one reason why the Democrats who supervise the police have steadfastly refused to release the video footage from Capitol closed circuit cameras.

Thanks to the presence of cellphones, peaceful protesters were able to film the worst violence that happened. It includes the outright murder of Ashli Babbitt, innocent people being trampled as Capitol Police violently pushed the crowd down the Capitol steps (including two protesters who died), and the tear gas and flash bang grenades fired indiscriminately into a peaceful gathering where women and children were present.

Other footage shows Capitol Police removing the barricades, opening the doors, and pleasantly showing people into the Capitol, where many just wandered around as police looked on.  It looked a lot more like a senior citizen bus tour than an “armed insurrection.” The FBI even admits no weapons were confiscated from the protesters.

Nonetheless, the FBI has used footage to track down many of those inside and arrest them on a range of charges, none of which hold much water.  These poor souls have been languishing in the hellish District of Columbia jail, where they’re being mistreated and denied even the most basic legal and human rights. They’re as much political prisoners as their counterparts in Cuba and Red China who dare to speak up for liberty.

Meanwhile, the top agents at the FBI seem unable to identify the people clad in black outfits who initially broke windows and got inside the building.  None of them have been arrested or charged.  Were they “agent provocateurs” who were part of the false flag?

Interestingly, the phony one-sided Select Committee appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate the events of January 6 hasn’t gone anywhere near those questions.

So, you folks who think the 2020 election of Joe Biden was fraudulent or who don’t wish to get the China Virus vaccinations, you are the people that DOJ and DHS think pose a greater risk to national security than Islamic terrorists, Mexican cartel gangsters, or Antifa/BLM thugs.

DHS is warning about possible terrorist events that could occur around the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C.

That gives us a 27-day window for Operation Northwoods-style false flags to occur.  The Deep State is fully capable of making that happen and the ETM will certainly know where to assign blame.

Right now, the ETM are ramping up the hysteria around new variants of the China Virus.  The hype for the Delta Variant doesn’t seem to be resonating quite the way planned, so now we’re getting bombarded with hype about the Lambda Variant.  How many more variants can Anthony Fauci dream up?

Barack Obama’s noxious self-absorbed 60th birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard certainly did a lot to dispel any real concern about the spread of the virus.  We heard nary a peep out of Fauci about the Obama Variant.  

Fauci was more concerned about the gathering of everyday Americans at the Sturgis motorcycle rally. All those people out in the fresh air must have driven him crazy.  Of course, he hates “proles” like us who see through his flip flops and view him as a very poor used car salesman pimping for Big Pharma.

The Biden Administration keeps floating trial balloons about possible actions to stem the spread of the China Virus, including further lockdowns, school mask mandates, encouraging employers to fire or not hire the nonvaccinated, or even requiring proof of vaccination for interstate travel.

It’s about what you would expect from an illegitimate government and its Bastard President, who’ve given us rampant inflation, a wide-open border, a weakened military, a colossal failure in Afghanistan, and the eradication of energy independence.  Gee, all this in the first year of their term. Who could ask for anything more?

And so, we’re supposed to be the terrorist threat to America?  It looks more like terrorists have gotten control of the United States government.

Thanks for reading!  The debacle occurring in Kabul, Afghanistan, is yet another blot of shame on American foreign policy and military strategy.  While Biden points the finger of blame at President Trump, and Trump fires back at him, let’s get real about where the blame truly lies. The deceit and perfidy of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and the absolute treachery of Barack Obama.

Bottom line:  no American service member should ever again be placed in harm’s way without a clear strategy to achieve total victory as quickly as humanly possible.  No more ill-defined police actions or nation-building.

Our sons and daughters, and hard-earned dollars, are simply too precious to be wasted so irresponsibly.

July brought another round of visitors to The Forgotten Street from all around the globe, including such places as:  The Russian Federation; Germany; The Czech Republic; The European Union; Colombia; Red China; Thailand; Slovenia; Japan; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Vietnam; The United Kingdom; France; India; The Ukraine; Bolivia; Indonesia; Turkey; South Africa; Croatia; The Netherlands; Poland; Palau; Serbia; and Taiwan.

God bless you all!

The depth of evil to which The Deep State will stoop is revealed in both of J.C. Hawkins’historical books.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have discovered and relished both works.  Research underway on Book Three keeps discovering even more stunning revelations about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its driving forces.

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Keep vigilant of your surroundings in the runup to September 11.  Between the Deep State and actual terrorists, both foreign and domestic, there are opportunities to further disrupt and divide our people.  The Forgotten Street stands as a stalwart observer to keep alert for danger. Let’s keep praying for God’s grace and mercy for our beloved country and each other.

August 5, 2021

Did Hitler Actually WIN World War II?

On the surface, that question no doubt seems outrageous, even ridiculous.  Of course, the Allies militarily defeated and demolished Nazi Germany in World War II.  Yet today, we’re witnessing Western democracies embracing the National Socialism advocated by Adolph Hitler during his fascist rule.

In response to the unleashing of The China Virus in the Western world by Red China, our country and others have embarked on a binge of tyrannical statism that makes a mockery of our respective constitutions.  Governments in Great Britain, France and Australia have become totalitarian in how they’re handling their response to the virus.

Hitler’s rise to power was funded and pushed by powerful economic and political interests who saw the advantage of merging political, corporate, academic and media power to advance a shared National Socialist agenda through a corporatist disguise.

The Nazi government has been branded as “fascist” and “right wing.”  But at its core were leftist socialist and communist leanings.  Absolute totalitarian government control was what it was all about.  The nationalist overtones were mere window dressing to draw in the German public.

Today The Deep State, its Red Chinese partner, Corporate America, Big Tech, and The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) are following the same formula to undermine the concepts of national sovereignty and individual liberty that have been and are the bedrock of the United States of America.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are sickened at how our political, corporate, academic, media, religious and medical institutions have been completely corrupted by socialists and communists seeking an all-powerful centralized government that controls every aspect of our lives.

Adolph Hitler envisioned his Third Reich as the leading power in the world.  The Deep State and the economic cabal that powers it see their own Globalist Reich eliminating the United States and fellow Western democracies as part of an all-out assault on national sovereignty and individual liberty.

The China Virus provided the opportunity and impetus for the imposition of medical tyranny that makes it easier to erode the safeguards envisioned by our Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution.

Somewhere in the deepest pit of Hell Adolph Hitler is truly envious.

In the aftermath of World War II, the Allies recognized the need to punish the Nazi regime’s leaders for their wanton destruction and murder of European Jews, as well as their eradication of defenseless German citizens such as the mentally challenged and disabled.

The result was the Nuremberg trials that investigated, tried and then sentenced a number of the Nazi hierarchy to death by hanging.  Included in that number were medical doctors who performed sadistic and hideous experiments on Jews, unfortunate German citizens and Allied prisoners of war.

In the wake of the trials, Western governments agreed in 1947 to create a new standard for ethical medical behavior called The Nuremberg Code to protect basic human rights. It subsequently was embraced by governments worldwide. 

The fundamental principle of the Code is the concept of voluntary informed consent by the human subject to participate in any medical experiment.  This principle underscores the right of the individual to control his or her own body.

The first principle outlined emphasizes “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.  This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

The Code recognizes the risk of any experiment must be weighed against the expected benefit, and that the subject must not undergo unnecessary pain and suffering.

Yet, there are public officials and ETM members who insist that people should be forced, even against their will, to take the shots that are authorized as experimental under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). They are not vaccines by any definition. Yet the propaganda machine deceitfully publicizes them as such. 

Even worse, mandates for employees to be vaccinated with products authorized under an EUA must inform employees they have “the option to accept or refuse administration of the product” according to Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.  Employees coerced into taking the shots and then experiencing adverse effects will have every right to sue their employer for damages. The same holds true for universities or medical institutions trying to force their students or staff to take the shots.

The “vaccine” proponents believe those still refusing them should be marginalized, demonized, and denied access to a range of places, even work. They encourage employers to mandate the shots and coerce employees in full defiance of Federal law and The Nuremberg Code.  How perfectly fascist of them! “Code? We don’t need no stinkin’ Code!” Hitler would be proud.

Folks, this has nothing to do with your health.  Don’t think for one minute that Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci and the ruling elite give a damn about your health.  They view you as “proles,” just working-class stiffs to be manipulated for their dark purposes.  They expect us to be “good Germans” and go along with whatever sinister edicts they produce.

Just as Joseph Goebbels ramped up the Nazi propaganda machine to force Germans to accept and embrace Hitler’s rule, the Deep State has used the ETM and Big Tech to infect people’s minds with fear of a virus that has a recovery rate of 99+% for healthy individuals.  The only people truly at risk were and are the elderly and those with underlying serious health conditions.  As a general rule, children were never at risk.

Yet, public health officials with no science to back them destroyed children’s education for a year and inculcated them with an unnatural fear of getting sick, making them cower behind face masks and plastic shields around their desks.  In addition, many had to try to adapt to distance learning via computer from home.  That practice obviously discriminated against disadvantaged minority students already in danger of falling behind.

How many small children forced to wear masks had their developing brains deprived of vital oxygen because of the restricted intake?  Will some of them eventually suffer from a form of retardation?

These same health officials and The Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex have committed major crimes against humanity by denying the use of re-purposed drugs that could successfully treat people contracting the China Virus instead of having them needlessly die.  Doctors who’ve used those drugs around the world have ample documentation as to their efficacy. For their courage in speaking up, they’ve been ostracized and smeared as “quacks.”

After the conclusion of World War II, numerous Germans and former Nazis (many of them scientists) resettled in the United States and were provided positions of responsibility within our government, businesses, and academia.

Other emigres have risen to prominence and become driving forces for The Deep State, including billionaire George Soros, a self-admitted Nazi collaborator during World War II whose fascist sympathies are all too evident. He’s as close as we’ll find to a real-life James Bond villain.

For Soros and others, the Nazi model provides the template for how they envision government dictating how we should think and live our lives.  Individual liberty has no place in their view of society.  The collective must rule above all, as directed by a self-appointed ruling class.

Hitler may have been vanquished militarily, but his sick statist philosophy has inspired those in major institutions here and abroad to have no tolerance for dissent, informed debate, a free press or free speech.

History portrays Hitler as a loser. The Deep State is doing all it can to make his vision the way forward for the future and a nightmare for all of us who love freedom. They’re blending the Third Reich and 1984 into a totalitarian Globalist Hell on Earth. Welcome to The Great Reset.

Thanks for reading!  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ smackdown of Joe Biden, The Bastard President, over Biden’s gross hypocrisy regarding the spread of the China Virus was a classic. Biden’s open border policy is a major impeachable offense and a gross violation of his oath of office.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street are truly thankful for leaders like Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and DeSantis who are speaking out on our behalf on a range of critical issues.  We pray for their protection knowing the depths to which The Deep State could sink to silence them.

You can learn more about The Deep State and the lengths to which it’s already has gone to further its globalist agenda in both of J.C. Hawkins' groundbreaking books.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both books.  Work underway on Book Three has uncovered even more stunning revelations about The Deep State, its heinous crimes, and its leading actors.

Royalties from these books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

We live in perilous times.  Dark forces are working against our God-given rights.  With the help of liberty-loving patriots and the grace of Almighty God, we will prevail.  Keep the faith and pray for better days ahead.

July 30, 2021

The Sick and Un-American Demonization of Unvaccinated Americans

The Biden Administration, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) and The Deep State are ramping up the bile and hatred directed toward Americans who’ve followed their conscience and declined to get the China Virus “vaccinations” for a variety of reasons.

They’re blaming these innocent citizens for the spike in COVID-19 cases caused by the so-called Delta variant.  While doing so, they’re failing to take a hard look in the mirror to see the real culprits.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know the last group to be singled out by our illegitimate government and its partners in crimes against humanity for driving the rise in virus cases will be the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flooding across our Southern border without wearing masks nor having gotten the inoculations.

Even worse, the Biden team is loading them up by the thousands on planes and buses to disperse them uninvited into communities all across the country.  This isn’t just sick behavior on the government’s part.  It’s pure evil when you consider how divisive the attack on our fellow citizens truly is. An out-of-control government is facilitating the spread of disease, an increase in crime and a deadly flow of illegal drugs.

People who are wary of faux vaccines that haven’t been fully tested and approved as real vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are being castigated as “unpatriotic” and treated as modern-day lepers.

The call by the Biden team for all federal workers to get the shots or be subjected to constant testing is wildly unconstitutional and in possible violation of existing Federal law.  The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act is quite specific on the need for informed consent for those receiving experimental treatments. Employers doing the same are just as culpable in violating people’s basic right to decline to participate in a medical experiment.

In the aftermath of World War II, Nazi doctors who experimented on Jewish detainees and Allied prisoners of war were put on trial for crimes against humanity.  Many of them wound up hanged.

Out of that effort came an agreement by the civilized world called the Nuremberg Code, which established standards that all physicians must comply with when carrying out experiments on human subjects.

The most significant requirement in the Code is that the human subjects must provide voluntary informed consent after fully comprehending the scope of the experiment and its risks weighed against the expected benefit.

Furthermore, the Code specifies that the experiment “should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results justify the performance of the experiment.”

The “vaccines” designed to fight COVID-19 haven’t undergone rigorous animal experimentation. No laboratory has been able to isolate the virus as naturally occurring. It’s beyond any question the virus was created in a lab as a bioweapon.  Where must be finally determined.

It would be different if the inoculations were real vaccines that have been subject to the stringent testing and field trials necessary for approval.  Because they were approved by the FDA only under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) it’s morally wrong to compel individuals to participate without their proper informed consent in what’s really a medical experiment.

Already there are reports of potentially serious side effects, even death, for those taking the shots.  The latest figures from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tallied through its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is 11,405 deaths and 491,218 adverse effects.  Among the reported effects are blood clotting, stroke, and heart inflammation.

Previously the FDA and CDC have halted distribution of vaccines after a mere handful of deaths have been reported.  Already more deaths have been reported for the China Virus vaccines than for all vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

Of course, the ETM isn’t reporting these statistics or informing the public of the potential downside of getting inoculated.  It’s simply pumping out the Fear Porn to get people to take the shots and serving as Big Pharma Pimps along with much of the medical community.

The problem with the alleged vaccines isn’t confined to the United States. Europe is experiencing similar issues. Citizens there fed up with the incessant lockdowns and nanny state interference in their lives are taking to the streets in protest.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now has imposed a mask mandate on the Capitol Grounds for staff and visitors that includes the threat of arrest for those in violation.  She claims to be following the “science” in issuing her orders. But in reality, she’s just turned into Nancy Mussolini, a petty fascist tyrant.

The problem she has is that science is in no way on her side.  The entire panic over the China Virus now can revealed as a complete hoax.  The CDC just published an article in its Preventing Chronic Diseases Journal that proves the vast majority of Americans, and especially children, have little or no risk of a severe COVID-19 infection.

Yes, many thousands have died from the virus, but the overwhelming majority of them were elderly people with comorbidities.  A sample of COVID-19 hospitalizations (4.9 million admissions) from March 2020 to March 2021 concluded those with two or more existing diseases or medical conditions were likely to have severe illness.

Only 5% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 were admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU).  The percentage hospitalized with comorbidities was 82.4%, with a death rate of 1.9%. That shows that healthy Americans had little risk of hospitalization or death from the China Virus.

The comorbidities most likely to affect COVID-19 patients adversely are hypertension, obesity, lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes complications, coronary atherosclerosis or other heart diseases.

What remains unreported and uninvestigated is how and why the medical community didn’t push the CDC and other health agencies to research and approve a proper treatment protocol for those diagnosed with the China Virus.

If patients had received immediate treatment when symptoms were first presented, the number of deaths and severe illness would have been cut considerably.

Yet when some physicians advocated using well-known and already FDA-approved medications like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and prednisone for treatment (based on their successful usage of those drugs on COVID patients) they were dismissed as quacks.

Bottom line, many thousands of Americans and people worldwide died needlessly because they were denied proven treatments.  Instead, the relevant government agencies focused on vaccines, masking and lockdowns as the only solutions to the problem.

Now the Biden team is engaged in a complete shell game by telling people to get vaccinated but then saying they must remain masked in order to avoid getting the new variants.

The entire point of a real vaccine is to provide immunity and prevent the further spread of the illness.  Manufacturers of the COVID vaccines have explicitly stated their products will not do that.  Nonetheless, people are taking them in the false hope they will be protected from getting sick.

The mania driving governments and corporate bullies to compel vaccinations has hit a truly disgusting level.  Corporate America executives show they’re no more than globalist stooges who will unthinkingly comply with government directives.

Among the most clueless is the National Football League, which is requiring all players and staff to get vaccinated.  In a true show of total tone-deafness, the champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are requiring players who aren’t vaccinated to wear yellow wristbands.  How perfectly fascist of them!

Is there no one in their management who realizes Jews in Nazi Germany were made to wear yellow badges to identify themselves?  Who was the raving idiot who decided to make the wristband yellow? Talk about a dummkopf. Just what you might expect from the Nazi Football League.

After more than a year and a half of sheer folly, the CDC and FDA have finally fessed up about how bogus the whole testing protocols have been.  Those registering positive results often were asymptomatic, but the ETM dutifully reported the numbers as “cases,” even though hospitalization and serious illness weren’t involved.

The agencies now admit the PCR test is not capable of differentiating between COVID-19 and other strains of seasonal influenza.  That begs this question:  How many of the people who died from what was labeled COVID just died from seasonal flu?  In a normal year, many tens of thousands die from the flu.  Yet, this past year, the number of flu deaths is negligible.  Or was it really?

Americans deserve the truth about the China Virus.  Where and how did it originate? Why was no official treatment protocol ever adopted for early treatment of cases before they became severe?  How accurate were death statements regarding the actual cause of death for people with comorbidities?

We’ve been played. Big time! Played by a corrupt medical/pharmaceutical establishment that’s in bed with the Globalist Deep State.  Played by bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, and political hacks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The time for their games is over.  It’s time to get real to force them to come clean with America and the rest of the world about their real agenda.

Thanks for reading! The Pelosi January 6 Witch Hunt already is losing traction with the public.  People recognize what a sham it really is.  Capitol Police officers disgraced themselves with their partisan testimony.  One has since been revealed to be a BLM activist.  Republican stooges Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger showed why they are beneath contempt.

What a sorry spectacle the United States Congress has become!

You can learn more about current American affairs and our recent history in both of J.C. Hawkins' groundbreaking books.  His first volume is: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  His most recent work is: Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Betrayal at Bethesda

Betrayal at Bethesda II

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both books.  Work underway on Book Three has uncovered even more shocking revelations about The Deep State.

Royalties from these books help keep The Forgotten Street a powerful voice for all of you.  Your support through the purchase of these books is deeply appreciated.

J. C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

It’s all too clear we have few principled leaders left in Washington to champion the causes we hold dear.  The burden falls to us.  With God’s grace, we will persevere.

June 18, 2021

The “Jan. 6 Armed Insurrection” Hoax Unravels

Despite the hysteria of Democrats, Turncoat Republicans and The Elite Traitor Media (ETM), the so-called “armed insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 has turned out to be just another Deep State hoax.

More is beginning to surface about the disturbance that day, which now appears to be nothing more than a Deep State “false flag” operation with FBI and intelligence community operatives posing as Trump supporters to create a chaotic situation.

Interestingly, the disturbance began just as U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was taking the floor to lay out the case for massive 2020 election fraud and argue against certification of the results by Congress.

Clearly it wasn’t in the best interests of Trump supporters to prevent the debate from moving forward.  But it certainly was in the interest of The Deep State to disrupt the proceedings and create a panic among our elected representatives.

Recent revelations by Revolver related to the legal documents used to charge those arrested for participation in the so-called “siege” at the Capitol refer to “unindicted co-conspirators” who haven’t been charged as have well over 400 other people.

Those unindicted co-conspirators are also unidentified, leading to the likelihood they were government operatives involved in planning and executing the disturbance.

While some of the participants entered the building through breaking windows or doors, most were ushered into the building by Capitol Police after barricades were moved.  Overall, the event looked more like a senior citizen bus tour than an “armed insurrection.”

The only “arms” visible were the two hanging off each person walking peacefully through the Capitol, gawking at the scenery.

Nonetheless, the ETM ran with the story of rampant violence and rioting, even reporting the pernicious lie that a Capitol Police officer had been attacked and struck in the head with a fire extinguisher, resulting in his death.

As it turns out, no such thing occurred. The officer in question simply died from a stroke the next day.  Yet, he was treated as a martyr of the “Insurrection” and had his body lie in the repose in the Capitol Rotunda.

Even after the facts of his death had been clarified, Joe Biden, The Bastard President, repeated the disgusting lie during his recent disastrous trip to Europe in which he thoroughly humiliated himself and our country.

What rankles those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who value individual liberty and our constitutional rights, is how totally innocent people, simply walking into the Capitol at the encouragement of the police, or gathering with the protesters outside, have been arrested. It remains undisclosed how many languish in the District of Columbia jail with no bail or even having had a hearing to review the charges against them.

Many are kept in solitary confinement and under conditions that rival some of the worst prisons worldwide.  They’re held in individual cells, unable to communicate or socialize with other prisoners for 23 hours a day.  They get one hour a day to shower and make phone calls to family and lawyers.  They’re denied visitors and subjected to harassment by guards.

What the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice is doing is worthy of the worst aspects of East Germany’s judicial system, with the FBI now playing the role of the Stasi secret police.

During his recent summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden had to endure the humiliation of Putin taking him and our country to task for these gross violations of human rights, as well as the brutal execution of Ashli Babbitt by Capitol Police, the only violent death to occur on January 6.

You know we’ve entered “Superman’s Bizarro World” when we have to rely on Vladimir Putin to tell the truth about January 6 and to get the world to focus on the grotesque hypocrisy of the Biden regime in criticizing any country for its human rights violations, not that it would dare to ever say a bad word about Red China.

The loony Democrat congressional leadership keeps trying to find a way to tarnish and charge President Donald Trump with “crimes” for his appearance at a rally in Washington on January 6 to encourage his supporters to peacefully protest the election irregularities.

It turns out the real crimes on January 6 may have been committed by FBI and other government operatives perpetrating the false flag operation at the Capitol to discredit Trump and his supporters.  Certainly the totally unprovoked murder of military veteran Ashli Babbitt by an unspecified government agent was the most serious crime committed that day.

The human rights abuses being carried out against those detained without bail for simply being present on January 6 and the ongoing FBI harassment without a warrant of suspected participants in their homes is a further abuse that one might expect from an illegitimate regime like the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden campaigned for president as the man who could unify our country.  That was a damnable lie.  He never had any intention of doing so.  Instead, he keeps demonizing and insulting Trump supporters by creating a false “white supremacy boogeyman” to label them.  That is totally beneath the office that he and his cohorts stole, disregarding the wishes of the American people.

Unfortunately for The Deep State and its political stooges, the truth continues to emerge.  Capitol Police continue to refuse to identify the officer who murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.  They also will not release all the security footage from the building that would clearly demonstrate the egregious lie of the “armed insurrection” hoax.

But independent journalists continue to do the job that the ETM abdicated long ago.  Additional footage shot by people outside the building clearly shows that Capitol Police fired flash bang grenades at peaceful protesters, even where women and children were present.

What the Capitol Police, FBI and DOJ perpetrated January 6 was a false flag operation that is blowing up in their fascist faces.

Thanks for reading!  We’re truly encouraged and inspired by the brave parents and children who are speaking up at local school board meetings against the communist, racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in their schools.

CRT is totally un-American.  It is Marxist garbage designed to sow division among the races, destroy community values, and undermine the basic foundation of our representative republic.  Any elected official at the federal, state or local level who supports CRT is simply a traitor, pure and simple.

The fact that it’s become a staple of the curriculum in universities, and part of diversity training in corporate America and our military, shows what a purely evil force The Deep State is in American society.  Those behind it and promoting it are a wretched hive of scum unlike anything we’ve seen.

The Deep State has been actively trying to take down America for decades.  Learn more by reading J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking history, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. Available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books. Research and writing of Book Three will bring even more stunning revelations. 

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The Forgotten Street is now in its 15th year, looking forward to a more eventful future.

TFS continues to enjoy strong interest from our foreign visitors.  In May, they came from such locations as:  Poland; Germany; Turkey; The Czech Republic; The Russian Federation; The European Union; Colombia; Red China; Belgium; Mali; Finland; The Ukraine; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Brazil; Italy; The Seychelles; Thailand; Norway; Palau; The United Kingdom; Wallis and Futuna Islands; South Africa; Canada; and Australia.

We’re grateful for all our followers and wish them blessings for their shared interest in individual liberty and national sovereignty.

May 30, 2021

The Ugly, Brutal Racism Behind The Globalist Green Energy Scam

As The Deep State and its globalist masters keep pushing the Climate Change Hoax and its related “green energy scam,” they desperately hide the brutal, inhumane racism that undergirds their efforts.

What progressive dupes and would-be environmentalists fail to take into account is their near-worship of renewable energy depends on extensive mining of rare earth and other minerals to provide the ingredients for the batteries to power electric vehicles (EVs) and the materials needed to make solar panels.

One of those ingredients is cobalt, which, besides vehicles, is essential for lithium batteries in such tech gadgets as phones and computers.

A great deal of that mining occurs in Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has major deposits of cobalt.  Among the workers doing cobalt mining are children working in extremely primitive and hazardous conditions as slaves.

Because thousands of Congolese child slaves have been maimed or killed producing cobalt, some of their parents have actually brought suit against Apple, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Tesla in U.S. federal court for the “cruel exploitation” of their children.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, should stand up and make it clear to the Biden Administration that the rare earth minerals needed for these technologies are prevalent here in the United States, where they could be mined under regulated and safe conditions by trained and skilled adults.  

It’s time to quit knuckling under to wacko environmentalists who block our domestic mining. Human decency demands we end the racist slavery conditions in Africa and truly protect the environment.  As a matter of national security, we must source these materials domestically to avoid dependence on potential enemies.

Another source of these vital minerals is found in Red China, where Uyghur Muslims are enslaved and mistreated to do the mining by the gangster communist regime.

All this is bad enough, but the Deep State’s shameful racism doesn’t end there.  

As African nations still try to develop after getting out from under Western European colonial rule, they desperately need to build reliable and affordable energy systems.

The Deep State globalists want to maintain African dependence on their former masters.  African nations rely on major Western banking institutions and other international funding sources for financing energy development projects.

Climate Change Kooks have coerced African countries into signing the Paris climate agreement. They now are denying funding for any energy projects using fossil fuels.  The African Development Bank only finances renewable energy projects. Meanwhile, Red China plows straight ahead building a host of coal-fired power plants and is given a pass in the Paris agreement.

In the past, the United Kingdom’s Export Finance funded liquefied natural gas projects in Mozambique.  Globally, it plans to fund eight oil and gas projects in other world locations outside of Africa.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed banning fossil fuel funding, thus making the Mozambique project likely the last one in Africa.

Other so-called “world leaders” calling for a freeze on funding fossil fuel projects include Joe Biden and French president Emmanuel Macron. One would be hard pressed not to see the ugly racism behind their positions.

Great Britain, France, Belgium and Denmark may have lost their colonial empires in Africa, but the globalists running them still want to keep control over their former wards.

No one can rationally argue against the fact that fossil fuels remain the most affordable and feasible way to bring the reliable energy needed right now to lift Africans out of poverty.  Much of that energy is readily available on the African continent.

About 20% of the world’s population lives in Africa.  Yet, the entire continent uses less that one twenty-fifth of the world’s electricity.  At least 600 million Africans have no electricity whatsoever. It’s estimated around 530 million will still lack it by the year 2030.  All this in a continent loaded with rich natural resources that could mean great prosperity for its people if energy development could be facilitated.

Meanwhile, the push for EVs goes full steam ahead here in the USA and elsewhere. Now the U.S. government offers a $7,500 tax credit for an EV purchase. Some in Congress want to bump that to $12,500.  Given the exorbitant prices of electric cars, this simply equates to yet one more grotesque subsidy for the wealthy, and welfare for American car manufacturers.

Also ignored are the total lack of infrastructure for charging EVs, their unreliability in cold weather locations, and the inability of the current electrical grid to produce enough electricity for massive amounts of EVs in addition to other electricity demand.

Joe Sixpack is in no financial position to buy an electric car, but his taxes make it easier for the wine-swilling, cheese-eating virtue signaling crowd in New York, the West Coast, D.C. and Hollywood to tool around in their Teslas.

What the Climate Change Kooks and their dupes can’t hide much longer is what environmental havoc will be unleashed by the change-over to EVs.  They never discuss the major issue of how to dispose of used lithium batteries, what mining will do to the earth in countries with little or no environmental protection like Red China, or how ongoing poverty in Africa will force its people to deforest areas in order to get fuel needed for daily living.

Bottom line, we have to face the ugly truth.  The Deep State and its progressive stooges could care less about black Africans.  They’re joined in their apathy by the communist fraud Black Lives Matter group, which is simply a money extortion operation to squeeze bucks from virtue signaling white fools and corporations.

Thanks for reading! Here we are at another Memorial Day, pausing to remember all the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed their lives in the service of our military.

The best way to honor them is to keep a military and foreign policy that’s strong enough to dissuade any would-be enemy from engaging the United States in conflict.  Ronald Reagan initiated “Peace Through Strength,” which Donald Trump embraced wholeheartedly.  Their presidencies were models for peace-making efforts, which have always been undermined by The Deep State and The Globalist Cabal.

The current state of our military, with its leadership focused primarily on climate change and diversity initiatives, doesn’t give us much hope for keeping more wonderful American soldiers, sailors and airmen from paying the ultimate price.

The Deep State’s role in global conflict and its treachery are outlined in J.C. Hawkins’ revealing history, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. Available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books. Research and writing of Book Three continues. 

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Kamala Harris’ wretched and self-absorbed Tweet regarding Memorial Day and Joe Biden’s snub of the Rolling to Remember rally in our nation’s capital demonstrate just how ill-suited they are for the offices they hold.

As we pray for the service members who gave their all and their family members who spend Memorial Day without them, let us also pray for our nation and that the real leadership we need will one day assume the reins again.

God bless all our friends and followers on The Forgotten Street!

May 17, 2021

The Deep State Presents Its Ultimatum

The China Virus attack on the United States and the entire world is simply the ultimate barrage from The Deep State in its quest for global domination.

Anyone paying attention during this alleged pandemic should realize the viral research at the Wuhan lab in Red China was likely bought and paid for by Anthony Fauci’s research team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

While the world in general scratches its head regarding how the virus got loose in China and spread around the world, it’s painfully obvious the virus was weaponized and put into a form that would allow its transport for global distribution.

The resulting panic, which put Fauci in charge of the medical response here in the United States, has led to a confusing stream of government directives aimed at subjugating the populace and making them wards of the state dependent on government handouts.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know the immediate goal of the panic was to oust Donald Trump from the presidency.  It created the hysterical climate to ensure massive mail-in voting (with its inherent capability for fraud). It was ham-handedly pushed on the public with the aid of The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) pumping out a steady stream of Fake News.

In the past year and a half, news channels became all-COVID all day, 24-7-365.  They drove Americans into a panic of fear over a virus with a 99+% recovery rate and less than 1% death rate.

We’re now nearing the end game the Deep State desperately wants.  It’s evidenced in the new CDC guidelines regarding masks and vaccinations.  The illegitimate Biden Administration says those who are vaccinated can forego wearing masks.  A Tweet from The Bastard President notes:

“The rule now is simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.  The choice is yours.”

What’s clear is the federal government wants to create two classes of people:  the compliant vaccinated sheep and the new lepers, American citizens who may have valid medical or religious reasons to shun vaccinations.  Those of us in the latter class are about to find out what it felt like to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.

Whatever happened to the concept, “my body, my choice?”  I guess that only applies to women who want their babies murdered. It excludes people who want to take and keep responsibility for their own health without being strong-armed by government.

Our Founding Fathers placed a premium on individual liberty and personal freedom.  The Deep State is doing all it can to eradicate that as quickly as possible. It’s doing so with the help of the ETM and weak-kneed Republican turncoats.

What this demonstrates is the Democrat approach to government. When it comes to vital issues, they have no interest in rational discussion, civil debate, negotiation or agreeing on a compromise.  They are rabid Bolsheviks insisting it all be 100% their way. That’s the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer playbook in action.

They show no interest in governing.  They simply want to rule by decree, like all totalitarians do.

The Deep State Ultimatum simply boils down to this stark choice:  Submit or Fight.

Free people, with God-given inalienable rights, do not submit!

By “fight,” I don’t mean resort to violence, although it could ultimately devolve to that given the recalcitrance of the Left.  I do mean we should become more militant in voicing our concerns and advocating what we think is best for America.

There are a multitude of ways to “fight,” beginning at the ballot box by insisting on fair elections in which every legal vote is counted, unlike the fiasco witnessed in 2020.

Even more important it to take the “fight” to the local level on The Forgotten Street in your own communities. That means making time to know the local issues that affect your daily lives. Attend city council, county commission and school board meetings to voice your strenuous objections to the leftist policies trying to be imposed, such as the Marxist garbage Critical Race Theory.

It's past time to become more militant in making The Deep State and ETM understand we will not be marginalized or silenced through their un-American “cancel culture” and Big Tech censorship.  We must tell them all to go to Hell.  Cancel your participation in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now!

Another critical “fight” is occurring in our political parties.  Alleged moderate Democrats have seen their party and its leadership swing so far to the Hard Left they feel they no longer have a voice or vital role to play.

Republicans have experienced the bile of Never Trumpers trying to supplant or erase the gains made under President Trump.  It boggles the mind to comprehend why the Liz Cheneys of the party, and dopes like Larry Hogan, are pushing so hard to erase the legacy and role of a Republican president who achieved landmark milestones in the 2020 election.  He produced:

The highest vote total of any incumbent president running for re-election;

The most votes of any Republican presidential candidate ever;

Wins in 18 of the 19 bellwhether counties that have typically gone to the presidential winner;

The largest Republican vote totals ever from minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics;

A seismic shift in the number of GOP seats gained in the House of Representatives when the so-called pundits called for losses;

Huge coattail effects at the state and local levels to solidify growing Republican majorities in governorships and legislatures.

This all begs the question:  why would Republican office holders want to turn their backs on that?  Answer: only turncoat Deep State globalist stooges like George W. Bush, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Patrick Toomey, Mitt Romney and their ilk would do so.

They hate President Trump and his supporters because he accomplished many of the stated goals they mouthed for decades while having absolutely no intention of doing them.  He showed them to be the absolute phonies they’ve always been.

As we’ve noted in earlier columns several times, what America needs right now is a good dose of The Spirit of ’75.  Of course, I’m referring to the year 1775, when brave patriots had the amazing courage to confront the most powerful empire on earth to create a new nation founded on individual liberty and personal freedom. We have a similar challenge right now in taking on The Deep State.

It’s worth recalling the meeting of the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, at St. John’s Church in Richmond to determine the course of action Virginians should take as revolution seemed to be on the horizon.

Among those present that day were two of our greatest Americans, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But it was a respected lawyer from Hanover County who made the greatest impact in a fiery speech to those assembled.  Patrick Henry stood before his peers and uttered the words that will forever provide inspiration to those of us who love our nation so deeply.  He considered why some of his fellow Virginians might still be resisting the call for independence:

“What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

“Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

Let The Deep State emphatically know: “Submission is never a viable option!”

Thanks for reading!  Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorism and rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip has long been overdue.  It’s well past time to squash them like the Satanic vermin they are.

Predictably, American anti-Semites are crawling nout of the woodwork, marching in the streets and preaching their vile hatred in the halls of Congress.  Their support of the flawed Palestinian cause is a direct repudiation of the amazing peace created by President Trump under the Abraham Accords.

It was totally obvious that Joe Biden would walk away from this landmark achievement and sell out Israel at the first opportunity he got.  In contrast, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has solidified his position as the True Leader of the Free World.

The Bastard President arrogantly opined that Israel has a right to defend itself.  As if Netanyahu and Israel need his permission.  What a jackass we have in the Oval Office!

The Deep State has its stooge in place and a dimwitted, incompetent replacement on deck if needed.

History shows us how The Deep State has been undermining American values for nearly a century.  Learn more by reading J.C. Hawkins’ compelling history, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books. Research and writing of Book Three continues. More shocking revelations about the treachery that’s shaped our world are coming.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Now in its 15th year, The Forgotten Street has built a strong reputation for insightful commentary that goes beyond the predictable spin of the Elite Traitor Media.  We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback. 

May 7, 2021

Climate Change Alarmists Are Society’s Lunatic Fringe

As Joe Biden and his Far Left comrades go full bore for the Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy and global prosperity, it’s well past time to confront the communist lies behind the great Climate Change Hoax.

Democrats toss around the mantra, “rely on the science,” but totally ignore it when it comes to the egregious lies they support regarding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  It’s all in the service of The Deep State globalist agenda.

They know they’re peddling total garbage, but it’s all about accumulating more government control over our money and how we live our lives.  Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are plenty wise to the communist rhetoric being spewed about the environment in order to steal our taxes and subjugate us.

If they truly believe in their so-called “climate change science,” then they’re simply the Lunatic Fringe of society. Actual believers in the ludicrous Climate Change Hoax (nee global warming) simply ignore true science and reality.

By the time most of us got into fifth grade in elementary school, we knew that carbon dioxide was one of the more critical building blocks of life on Planet Earth.

CO2 is an absolutely essential food for all plant life found on earth.  In return, plants release oxygen that’s critical for humans to survive.  This vital exchange is all part of the brilliant design of Our Creator.

Those who’ve labeled CO2 a “pollutant” are deceitful liars wholly perverting the science.

The CO2 Coalition is an independent non-profit organization founded by leading scientists concerned by the gross misrepresentations regarding the effect of carbon dioxide on the world’s atmosphere. They have produced a wealth of research on how this vital gas is needed to sustain life on earth.

You can find out more at:

Among the resources available from the CO2 Coalition are scientific, peer-reviewed papers on a variety of climate-related topics.  Compare the scholarly tone of their materials with the hyperbolic, inflated alarmist rhetoric coming from the Climate Change Kooks.

Current consensus places the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere at about 0.04% by volume, virtually a trace amount.  Hardly enough to support the dire “world is on fire” nonsense proposed by charlatans like Al Gore, Greta Thunberg and John Kerry.

The CO2 Coalition notes that the 0.04% concentration is about 30% larger than the preindustrial concentration of 0.03% believed to exist in 1800.  Even so, the Coalition notes:

“But even today’s 0.04% CO2 is perilously close to the starvation level for plants, around 0.015%. Earlier in earth’s history, there was five times as much CO2 as not – 0.20%, and even more.”

The ongoing debate has obscured and ignored the two most critical questions that must be resolved before world governments mistakenly commit to a global economic and climate regime that makes absolutely no sense.

The first major question is:  How Do We Measure A Global Temperature?  Remember, about 70% of the earth is covered by water.  Given the great disparities in locations vis-à-vis the equator and the polar regions, as well as topography, how can there be a real way to produce an average global temperature?

Secondly, even if real scientists could agree on an accurate method to measure a global temperature, we’re left with this conundrum:

How Do We Agree On What Is The Desired Or Ideal Temperature?

Seeking to answer those questions becomes as pointless an exercise as trying to urinate up a rope.

Joe Biden, The Bastard President, overlooks his illegitimate election to assume he has an overwhelming mandate to impose the Green New Deal lunacy on our country.

He talks about climate change as being as “existential threat.” But it’s clear the only threat truly imperiling our existence is the heavy-handed communism he’s trying to impose on us against our will.

Kamala Harris, Joe’s partner-in-crime, has gone so far as to claim the crisis at our Southern Border is the result of climate change.  That’s a lunatic excuse to cover up the broader Deep State scheme to marginalize, isolate and possibly exterminate white Christian and Jewish conservatives in order to replace them with the massive influx of illegal immigrants, while outsourcing American jobs to Red China and other distant locales.

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden plows full steam ahead to kill off transportation run with fossil fuels and replace it with electric vehicles (EVs).  Joining him in this ill-considered plan are the major U.S. car manufacturers who’re simply looking for government subsidies instead of trying to satisfy what their potential customers actually prefer.

It’s so much easier to become a ward of the government than to compete in a capitalist economy.  The leadership of General Motors and Ford should be ashamed of how un-American they’ve become.

The stated goal of having everyone in electric vehicles by 2035 is advocated by at least a dozen Democrat governors who completely ignore reality.  EVs have significant problems in terms of the distance that can be travelled before re-charging.  Compounding that is the total lack of a national charging infrastructure to permit such a change.

Even more problematic are the rare earth elements and minerals that must be mined to produce vehicle batteries.  This fact raises serious issues regarding national security and environmental protection.  A lion’s share of the resources needed is controlled by Red China, which has a horrendous record of environmental devastation.

Somehow the Climate Change Kooks have no trouble in overlooking that.

Right now, American drivers and truckers can easily drive cross-country knowing the next refueling stop is just down the road.  If the switch to EVs is rammed down our throats, what will happen to the many millions of Americans whose livelihoods are directly tied to the infrastructure of producing fossil fuels, refining them and then distributing them to hundreds of thousands of gas station and convenience store locations where so many middle class Americans work?

That reality aside, we have to laugh at the absurd notion that the gases emitted by livestock present a threat to the planet.  There actually are people who want to ban livestock and the production of meat and dairy products in order to “save the planet.”

Decades ago, we had institutions for people who believed things like that.  They were called “insane asylums.”

To anyone with even the most modest education, it’s painfully clear the ongoing debate over climate change and how it should be addressed just needs a good dose of common sense, not overblown, hysterical rhetoric based on a globalist agenda, instead of actual science and what’s good for America.

The discovery of oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania on August 27, 1859, and Henry Ford’s development of an affordable, mass-produced automobile both led to the advent of the greatest period of widespread economic prosperity, societal development, and individual freedom in human history.

This is what the Climate Change Kooks and The Deep State want you to ignore.

Thanks for reading!  The attempt by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to interfere in the 2020 vote recount underway in Arizona shows just how lawless and rogue that agency has become. That action blatantly ignores the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The conduct of elections is solely within the purview of the States.  The federal government has no role whatsoever.

Previously, by using its FBI law enforcement branch as its Gestapo to harass and intimidate Americans with differing political viewpoints like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, the DOJ revealed its wholly un-American and totalitarian direction. It’s in no way deserving of our respect.

TFS enjoyed a strong month of readership in April, with visitors from such foreign locations as: The European Union; Red China; The Czech Republic; Germany; Colombia; The Russian Federation; Canada; Vietnam; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Turkey; The Ukraine; Japan; Sweden; The United Kingdom; Denmark; Mongolia; Portugal; Thailand; Tajikistan; and South Africa.

The insidious effects of The Deep State are being felt around the world, as freedom-loving people everywhere are beginning to stand up against the assault on their liberties under the guise of the China Virus pandemic.

The beginnings of The Deep State back in the 1930s are detailed in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking history, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three continues. Prepare for more shocking revelations that will further illuminate the treachery unfolding before us.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Now in its 15th year, The Forgotten Street has shown its independence from partisan politics by clearly delineating how both major political parties have become corrupt cohorts in forging a Uniparty dedicated to expanding and preserving the D.C. Swamp.

With God’s grace and our shared commitment to freedom, together we can continue our crusade to drain that Swamp forever and destroy The Deep State once and for all.

April 8, 2021

Do Democrats Truly Hate Black People? They Sure Act Like It

The manufactured brouhaha over the Georgia voter integrity law pulls back the curtain on a very ugly and troubling situation:

The Democrat Party and illegitimate Biden Administration may be the worst racists against black people in American history.

The immediate endorsement by The Bastard President of the push for Major League Baseball (MLB) to move the annual All-Star Game out of Atlanta proves he has no empathy for the disastrous impact the removal of the game from Atlanta will have on minority-owned local businesses and lower-wage workers at related game events.

An estimated $100 million in economic activity has disappeared at a time when a major city (where the majority of citizens are black) is still reeling from the impact of the China Virus pandemic.

Biden simply is placating the activist Black Lives Matter (BLM) mob and the “woke” idiots who reflexively support BLM’s communist agenda. Among those woke idiots are MLB, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola and the major big banks that routinely discriminate against black people. The CEOs of Atlanta-based Woka-Cola and Delta have stabbed their fellow citizens in the back.

For those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, it all comes as no surprise. Given the obvious disdain and contempt Mr. Biden, the Democrat leadership and its stooges have for everyday honest Americans (black, white, Asian, Hispanic) who simply want to live their lives in peace and provide for their families, it’s to be expected.

Biden and his ilk simply exist to do the bidding of The Deep State in selling out America to globalist interests seeking a one-world communist government.  Aiding and abetting this treason is The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) that’s served as an echo chamber for Deep State propaganda our entire lifetime.

The Atlanta fiasco just underscores how the Democrats use the phony issue of voter identification (ID) as The Big Lie to sell their noxious nostrums of “voter suppression” and “systemic racism”.  The only systemic racism that actually exists is that Democrats believe and want the general public to believe black people in America are not intelligent or motivated enough to secure a voter ID that can easily be obtained throughout the United States.  Through its reinforcement and promotion of this lie, the ETM further damages our country and disparages its citizens.

Somehow  “black folk” find ways to obtain IDs that allow them to purchases cigarettes and alcohol where it is required, or ride on airplanes, stay in hotels, and secure health care from doctors and hospitals.

The entire “voter suppression” charge is frankly a gigantic hoax and truly lame. It’s no surprise a political party that owes it continued existence to perpetuating hoaxes such as “ciimate change” and “Russia collusion” keeps pushing this nonsense.

But, all these recent events that prominently expose Democrat racism pale into insignificance compared to the worst example of how very much Democrats hate black people.

The one social policy that Democrats promote and embrace most fervently is the biggest political and moral sin of our time:  Abortion. The ultimate form of Voter Suppression! At least 20 million black Americans have been denied their right to reach adulthood and to vote.

Democrats not only fight tooth and nail to keep abortion legal, but to expand its availability right up to the minute of birth itself.  Why do they do so?

Simple. They’re motivated by raw racism. Legalized abortion was created for one express purpose: “to eliminate the Negro race in America” in the 1920s. So proudly claimed its “mother”, Margaret Sanger, easily one of the most demonic humans who ever lived.

Modern abortion’s history is a legacy of genocide that has brutally murdered an estimated 20 million black children since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by The Supreme Court in 1973.

That number of murdered children is equivalent to wiping out the entire population of a state like Florida or New York.

Stepping back to think it over honestly, one can argue that abortion may be an even bigger and more heinous stain on America than slavery.  The outright murder of innocent babies has denied black Americans the opportunity to become a more prominent part of American society and business.

Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider, is a criminal enterprise that locates the majority of its clinics near minority communities and engages in illegal sales of fetal body parts to medical research ghouls.

Statistics available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that although black Americans are 13.4% of the U.S. population, in 2015 they accounted for 36.9% of the abortions.

Interestingly, the results in Georgia demonstrate a similar heavy emphasis on aborting black children.  In a state where blacks represent 32.2% of the population, they accounted for 62.4% of abortions in 2015 according to the CDC.

So where does Stacey Abrams stand on this epidemic of black genocide?  She adamantly fights any effort to limit abortion and save black babies.  Is that her idea of equal justice?

In that same year, more black children were aborted than born alive in New York City.  The same held true for New York State as a whole.

Other states where black children are aborted in disproportionately higher numbers include Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia.

Yes, Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state, whose major city Wilmington has serious racial issues.  I guess Joe was too busy helping son Hunter feather his nest with cushy foreign payoff deals than trying to help black people in his home city.

Other examples of just how much Democrats hate black people are readily found, such as opening the border to allow a flood of illegal immigrants take low-wage jobs that could provide young black people access to the first rung on the ladder to success.

Yet, this is the party that routinely calls everyone else “racist.” In its pathetic attempt to deny black Americans their true place in society by cultivating sick indoctrination programs like “critical race theory,” it fosters a mentality of victimhood and an irrational hatred of white people.

Joe Biden may be the most cynical liar who ever ascended to the White House, given his continued race baiting at a time when our nation needs healing and unity.  But of course, he learned a great deal at the feet of his master, the charlatan Barack Hussein Obama, to whom he owes his late blooming political success.

As America slides further into mob rule and disdain for the rule of law, aided by fascist corporate leadership, left-wing academia and treasonous media, we must vigorously fight back and pray our Creator will give us the strength to prevail!

Thanks for reading! Kudos to Gov. Ron DeSantis for taking on the left-wingers at “60 Minutes” trying to smear him as well as a great American company, Publix.

In addition to the governor’s strong rebuke of the program’s slanted and dishonest reporting, the Publix corporate leadership spoke up like the true patriots they are in refuting the CBS smear.

On the heels of the MLB All-Star Game debacle, Joe Biden displayed his complete stupidity by suggesting the Masters golf tournament should move out of Georgia.  It’s just further evidence that much of what he says can no longer be taken seriously.

Is he so far gone mentally that he can’t comprehend the entire point of that tournament is that it’s played on the same golf course and doesn’t move around like the other major golf events?

Biden’s pathetic state has real world consequences because foreign adversaries see him for the feeble and weak leader he is.  We need no further evidence than to see Russia’s aggressive maneuvers on the border of The Ukraine and Red China’s threats to Taiwan.

If Donald Trump was still president, neither Russia nor the Chinese gangsters would be attempting such provocation.

In March, we were pleased to have visitors from such foreign locations as:  Red China; Germany; The European Union; The Czech Republic; The Russian Federation; New Zealand; Argentina; India; Brazil; Colombia; Armenia; Japan; Austria; Hungary; Italy; Romania; Tajikistan; France; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Pakistan; Thailand; Turkey; and The Ukraine.

We pray our Chinese followers will find the courage to oppose the thug regime that is oppressing so many of its people.

Right now the Deep State and Big Tech are working hand in glove with the Red Chinese gangsters to rig a worldwide system to enforce social behavior standards that meet their communist goals.

Learn more about how the Deep State became a front for global communism in J.C. Hawkins’ landmark history, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three is underway, with more startling revelations already uncovered.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

The Forgotten Street remains committed to further exposing The Deep State’s drive for global communism.  You can count on us to persevere, even as the forces of evil unleash the government bureaucracy and Big Tech against us.

God bless you for your support for almost 15 years!

March 17, 2021          HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Reprehensible Disinformation Regarding “Vaccines” For The China Virus

The United States government under the Trump and Biden administrations, and governments around the world, have engaged in a massive disinformation campaign regarding the so-called “vaccines” for COVID-19.

As Operation Warp Speed continues its rollout and millions of Americans get in line for the vaccines, there should be a lot more candor and integrity around what people are truly receiving.

Those of us everyday Americans on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who’ve been hesitant to get vaccinations are already getting demonized by those promoting this huge payout for Big Pharma.

It’s worth pausing to consider what the term “vaccine” actually means.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a vaccine is “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

Interestingly, immunity is defined as “protection from an infectious disease.”

Both Moderna and Pfizer, two pharmaceutical giants who’ve benefited from Operation Warp Speed, make no claims of immunity regarding their products.  Rather than relying on an antigen of the actual virus in their treatments, Moderna and Pfizer have used mRNA (messenger RNA) experimental gene therapies for their inoculations.

Their COVID-19 injections are based on synthetic RNA fragments whose sole purpose is to decrease the clinical symptoms associated with the protein that spikes the symptoms.

In fact, the patents both companies filed for their products describe them as “gene therapies,” not “vaccines.”  They make no claims regarding creating immunity or inhibiting the transmission of the disease.

Yet, thanks to The Deep State and its propaganda arm, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM), millions of Americans are being duped into getting the shot thinking it will make them immune from the disease and keep them from passing the illness to someone else.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  mRNA vaccines have never been given to such a broad human population before to prevent an illness.

People are simply serving as guinea pigs for a massive medical experiment to implant material that will alter how the human body transmits information from the DNA in our genes to proteins in the cells that make up the body.  The injected mRNA actually changes the recipient’s genetic code.

While the ETM would immediately label this information as “baseless,” “debunked,” “disinformation,” it’s covering up the actual description from the lead Moderna scientist.

Dr. Tal Zaks, chief medical officer at Moderna, has admitted, “We are actually hacking the software of life.”  A further discussion of his comments can be found in a highly informative article by investigative journalist Leo Hohmann on his website:

Both the Moderna and Pfizer inoculations are experimental mRNA vaccines, which have been given temporary approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  They will remain in the trial phase through 2023, which means testing will continue on potential side effects.

One potentially disastrous side effect has been identified by the world-renowned Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  One of its studies looked at the possible interaction of a mRNA vaccine with cancer cells.  The research reveals that mRNA could inactivate proteins that are suppressing cancer cells.  The result could be increasing the growth of already existing cancer cells.

For people who already know they have cancer or those who are yet unaware they’ve developed cancer cells, this represents a danger of much greater magnitude than the China Virus that has a 99% recovery rate.

Meanwhile, Americans are lining up everywhere to be laboratory rats for Big Pharma.

Governments and corporations worldwide are looking at potentially mandating vaccinations for COVID-19 in order to allow citizens to work, travel and get educated.  Creating mandates such as these would be actually criminal.

Forcing people to undergo gene-altering treatments would violate the international Nuremberg Codes agreed to in the aftermath of the Nuremberg trials prosecuting Nazi war criminals after World War II.

Under the Nuremburg Codes, people must be fully informed of potential risks from experimental treatment and must provide their consent before undergoing treatment.

The mass deception underway right now is beyond reprehensible and immoral.  It is literally criminal on an global scale.

Given such limited testing and the highly experimental nature of the alleged vaccines, the future effects yet to be seen could be horrific.

Do we have a new Thalidomide crisis in our future?  Will the gene-altering Moderna and Pfizer therapies results in over-stimulated immune systems with awful unintended consequences such as outbreak of autoimmune diseases?

At the outset of the China Virus outbreak and ensuing panic, President Trump had the right instinct:  we had to be sure that the cure wasn’t worse than the disease.  But the government “experts” and relentlessly hostile ETM overrode his best instincts and led him down a path that’s proved disastrous.

God help all those who bought into the government panic and gave up control over their bodies to power mad politicians and the greedy healthcare/pharmaceutical complex.

Thanks for reading!  We pause to enjoy a little light-heartedness on St. Patrick’s Day.  Today we are all Irish.  At least we need to be before communist scolds try to shame us for being white.

The crisis unfolding at the Southern Border is an absolute catastrophe.  It presents national security, health and criminal threats to the existence of the United States of America.

The Biden Administration is completely out of its depth and beyond any level of competence to deal with it.  By encouraging the mass invasion now underway, Joe Biden has committed one of the more grievous acts of treason in our history.

He’s simply doing the bidding of The Deep State and globalists who have no interest in preserving the sovereignty of the United States.  This treachery is by no means new.  It’s been going on all our lives.

You can learn more about how it began and why it continues in J.C. Hawkins’ international blockbuster, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have become fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three is underway.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

As our nation reels from a multitude of crises now underway, we must turn to God for direction on how to address our challenges and seek His strength and mercy to get us through the struggle.

The Forgotten Street will stand as a beacon to light the way by bringing news not found in traditional and government-dictated media.

God bless all of you for your support and interest in saving America.

March 13, 2021

Was The Stolen 2020 Election Foreshadowed in 2016 By A Murdered Satellite Expert?

The Deep State and its henchmen and women in The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) have done an effective job in shutting down any reasonable discussion of the stolen 2020 election.

Those of us everyday Americans on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know full well there’s absolutely no way Joe Biden got the largest presidential vote in history, more than 80 million.

Meanwhile, incumbent President Donald Trump earned 11 million more votes than he did in his winning election in 2016.  As we headed to bed on Election Night 2020, he was riding an overwhelming lead in all the key battleground states.

That lead mysteriously disappeared overnight as incredible vote totals showed up November 4 for Mr. Biden.

Readers of J.C. Hawkins’ 2020 landmark book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News, are well aware of his groundbreaking revelations in Appendix A, The Deep State Mysterious Death List.

As research continues for Book Three, a startling piece of new information has surfaced.

Back in 2016, a prominent space economist and scholar raised the potential for satellite systems to influence national and state elections.  Part of her concern was satellite systems here in the United States being taken over by interests connected to foreign governments.

Some researchers believe these systems fell under the control of Red China, and possibly Italy and Iran.

On July 8, 2016, Molly Macauley, vice president for research and a senior fellow at Resources For the Future (RFF), a prominent Washington think tank, was fatally stabbed while walking her large dogs in a relatively safe and fashionable neighborhood in Baltimore.

Police haven’t solved the case, or established a motive for the attack. Macauley was stabbed in the neck and ultimately died at a local hospital.

Interestingly, her death came two days before the unsolved murder of Seth Rich in Washington D.C.  Rich was the Democratic National Committee staffer who some believe leaked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta to Wikileaks.

In terms of a possible motive for doing so, Rich was known to be a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democrat nomination. It was thought he believed Hillary Clinton and the DNC unfairly sabotaged his campaign.

In what seems more than coincidence, Rich was found alive despite gunshot wounds at the site of his attack.  He, like Macauley, also died at the hospital even though he survived surgery.

Clearly, both Macauley and Rich raised serious issues that could have challenged the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s White House bid.

The fact Macauley warned how satellites could be used to rig an election back in 2016 certainly adds credence to the various charges that foreign governments might have used the technology in 2020 to alter results in Dominion voting machines.  The ETM and Democrats keep maintaining the machines were not connected to the Internet, but that’s been proven false.

As the phrase “stolen election” remains verboten in the ETM, there clearly is enough “smoke” without a full-blown fire to cause the Biden election to be questioned.  To those who believe he is an illegitimate president, he will always be The Bastard President.

His pathetic speech on Thursday evening just cemented his image as a befuddled, weak leader who mouths platitudes while unknown powers behind the scenes call the real shots for his presidency.

Joe Biden sees himself as a “ruler,” who will dictate what we can and can’t do as free citizens.  Meanwhile, the country he “rules” is going to hell in a hand-basket as border security is eradicated and illegal immigrants with the China Virus pour across the border.

In addition, gas prices are skyrocketing and school children are falling further behind because of selfish teachers unions who keep schools closed. His Congressional leaders are doing all they can to rig future elections, punish law-abiding gun owners, and discriminate against people of faith.

The national debt now is so far out of reach that we can look forward to suffering through uncontrolled inflation and national decline.

This is Joe Biden’s vision for America: America and Americans Last.

Thanks for reading!  Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing all she can to ram legislation through Congress that will put the United States on the fast track to full-blown communism.

While Republican partisans talk about stemming the tide in the 2022 mid-term elections, they fail to comprehend that such talk will only be hot air if the serious election integrity issues we have aren’t addressed immediately at the state level.

The Deep State has succeeded in putting in place an infrastructure that will keep the ETM in its back pocket and further ensure elections can be hijacked through rigged processes such as mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

For more background on the Deep State, its evil machinations and its ultimate totalitarian goals, get your hands on J.C. Hawkins’s revealing book on before it falls victim to the cancel culture craze:

Readers in 11 countries on five continents are fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three is underway, with new revelations regarding mysterious deaths such as Molly Macauley’s to be included.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Now in its 15th year, The Forgotten Street has won followers around the globe who appreciate its hard-hitting look at the issues of the day in America.

Foreign visitors in February included readers from these locations:  Brazil; The European Union; The Russian Federation; The Czech Republic; Germany; The Ukraine; Red China; The United Kingdom; Austria; Iceland; Turkey; The British Indian Ocean Territory; France; Japan; Hong Kong; Indonesia; India; Nigeria; Poland; Romania; and Tajikistan.

God bless all of you who share our love of liberty and seek the end of The Deep State drive to institute a one-world communist government.  Keep the faith and keep fighting!

February 17, 2021

We Must Repay The Great Debt We Owe Rush Limbaugh

Today, his suffering ended.  Rush Limbaugh left us to be embraced in the loving arms of God.  Well done, faithful servant.

It’s somewhat fitting that Rush passed away on Ash Wednesday.  For those in the Roman Catholic faith, today is a day in which the placing of ashes on our foreheads by a priest symbolizes the ultimate death and departure from this life we all face.

It tells us we might die sooner or later, but that we will surely die.  It thus becomes incumbent on us to get right with Our Creator. There’s no doubt Rush had deep faith and had made peace as he faced the end of his life with such grace and courage.

Rush Limbaugh essentially created an entirely new genre in commercial radio:  the conservative talk show.  For more than three decades he captivated audiences with his wit, knowledge, passion and abiding love for our country. 

He showed those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, that we had an obligation to speak up and stand up for what we believe is right with America, just as he did for three hours every day for so many years. Even as he battled the deadly lung cancer that severely afflicted him in this past year, he remained at the top of his game.

It was so wonderful for President Trump to honor Rush with the presentation of the Medal of Freedom at last year’s State of the Union address.  That moment will remain a fond memory for all the millions of Americans who loved Rush Limbaugh and always will.

His leadership and the unique voice he gave to conservatism and patriotism must be carried on by each of us.  In the face of brutal onslaughts from the cultural Marxists, Democrat partisans and The Elite Traitor Media, he proved that courage and determination could carry the day against them.

Even The Deep State, aided and abetted by Establishment Republican traitors, tried to take him out but they failed miserably.  So we must carry his fight forward by exposing their treachery and enlisting more patriots to join our cause.

There can be no more fitting tribute than that paid by Mark Steyn, who often filled in for Rush in hosting the program.  His essay today on his website is a must read.  No one could say it better than the incomparable Steyn:

J.C. Hawkins & Cliff Kincaid Discuss the Communist Threat on America’s Survival TV

It just so happened that yesterday, J.C. Hawkins was Cliff Kincaid’s guest on America’s Survival TV to discuss the ongoing communist threat against the United States and how the foolish use of the Leftist term “McCarthyism” by conservatives like Glenn Beck and Republican politicians works against the conservative cause

In an episode entitled Glenn Beck’s McCarthyism “Red Scare” Backfires, the pair review the historical background of the courageous effort by Joe McCarthy and others to protect America from the infiltration of communists in our government and leading institutions.  It can be found here:

Much of the discussion focuses on revelations found in J.C. Hawkins’ international blockbuster, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have become fans of both of J.C.’s Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three is underway.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

More of Cliff Kincaid’s extensive research and catalog of books can be found on his America’s Survival website:

Both J.C. and Cliff continue the fight against communism and the globalist attempt at one world government.  In that way, they honor the memory of Rush Limbaugh and protect the precious heritage of our Founding Fathers.  They urge all of you to join them.

Thanks for reading!  Please keep Rush in your hearts always.

January 24, 2021

In Less Than One Week, Biden Already Worst President Ever

Who couldn’t see this coming?

As Joe Biden prepped to take office on January 20, his staff was busy preparing a raft of executive orders for him to sign on Day One.  Let’s be real.  There is absolutely no chance he actually took the time to read them.

At one point in the ceremony he was heard to mutter “What Am I Signing?”

Biden is a mere figurehead.  He’s not in charge.  He’s a stooge of The Deep State that’s really calling the shots.  They’ve been propping him up since the primaries and once he was nominated.

As reported here on October 7, Biden likely suffers from a medical condition called encephalomalacia.  It’s a form of permanent brain damage that commonly occurs when someone undergoes major brain surgery as he did twice in 1988.

Because the damage is in the frontal lobe of the brain, the individual then has issues controlling his or her impulses.  A sudden burst of anger, an inappropriate comment or behavior is quite possible.  Sound familiar in terms of Joe Biden?

It’s by no means always debilitating.  People with the condition can still function.  But by no means should they be President of the United States.

Back to his Executive Actions.  On January 20, Mr. Biden signed 15 executive orders and two agency actions.  The net results are that America is now less safe and no longer energy independent while more Americans have become unemployed, the disadvantaged among us are now poorer, and more babies worldwide will be murdered.  Finally, more of our sons and daughters now are destined to die or be maimed in stupid, endless wars.

For those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, we know we’re in the crosshairs of a bloodthirsty Left that wants to “de-program” and “re-educate” us, if not eliminate us altogether.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat-led Congress will not stand in their way.  Instead, they will preach false calls for national healing and unity.  The Communists now are fully in charge with the treasonous enabling of the GOP leadership.  The Elite Traitor Media are cheering them on.

Consider what’s happened in the past week.

The first order of business was to stop construction of The Wall on our border with Mexico.  This represents a major threat to national security because it will allow more migrants to cross the border.  Chief beneficiaries will be the drug cartels, human smugglers, potential terrorists and people infected with a range of diseases including the China Virus who want American medical care.

Biden also ordered Customs and Border Protection to halt deportations of detained illegal immigrants, as well as demanded those in custody be released.

Coming to a community near you, or your hometown, God knows what kind of thugs and criminals.

He also is tacitly encouraging caravans of more migrants coming from Guatemala and Honduras through Mexico to cross our southern border without any disruption.

They just got a free pass to enter our country.

One of the great achievements of President Trump’s administration was for the United States to become truly energy independent and a net exporter of energy.  Previous presidents talked about that endlessly, but it took Donald Trump’s vision and leadership to finally make it happen.

Among the actions taken this week were revoking the permit for construction of the Keystone Pipeline to carry oil from Canada to the United States for processing into a broad range of petroleum products.

Enviro-crazies hailed the action, but they’re too witless to understand it has nothing to do with protecting the environment.  It’s a sleazy political payoff to Warren Buffett, whose railroad will transport the oil into the United States.

Truth be told, shipping by rail or by tanker truck is much more environmentally hazardous than by pipeline.  A derailed train will cause a catastrophic oil spill that will be virtually impossible to clean up, possibly in the heart of an American town or city.

Meanwhile, Americans and Canadians who have high-paying union jobs constructing the pipeline now face unemployment, many after having moved to work on the project.  Canadians are outraged by this betrayal by an alleged ally, and unions have gotten stiffed for their support of Biden and the Democrats.

In addition, many businesses including small businesses such as restaurants, motels, apartment complexes and retail stores that relied on the workers as customers will be severely affected as well.

Moreover, as the United States finds it’s now dependent again on foreign sources for energy, the Deep State War Machine will ramp up to send our sons and daughters to God-forsaken places to be killed or maimed in stupid wars to get energy while we have plenty right here at home.

Besides the pipeline halt, Biden ordered cessation of the leasing of federal lands and waters for oil and gas exploration.  Now the blue state of New Mexico, with its Democrat politics, will see rampant unemployment and the loss of union jobs throughout the state.

In addition, Native Americans who benefitted from energy projects on their reservations will fall once again into abject poverty.

Biden also decided the United States will re-enter the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, which will put onerous restrictions on our country while giving Red China and others a free pass.  It’s another “feel good” globalist scam to redistribute wealth.  Communist dupes worldwide are lapping it up.

What he fails to comprehend is that the United Nations has deemed the agreement an international treaty, which means is must receive approval by two-thirds of the United States Senate before taking effect legally.  But the enviro-crazies don’t pay attention to details like that.

In one of the more inexplicable actions, Biden reversed an order by President Trump to lower the pricing of epi-pens used by people with diabetes to inject insulin.

President Trump’s order was designed to make insulin more affordable for poorer and elderly people.  Foremost among the beneficiaries were Black Americans who have a higher incidence of diabetes.

The end result of the Biden action is obviously sheer racism to benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

On a cultural note, the Biden Administration is reverting to the unhinged transgender policies instituted by President Barack Obama, which will encourage transgender participation in women’s sports and open use of bathrooms formerly designated by gender.

The net result will be the total negation of Title IX requirements that promoted women’s sports and saw them flourish across the country.  Now we’ll have the spectacle of women’s sports being effectively eradicated by an administration supported by clueless progressive women.

Next up will be The Olympic Games, turning them into a bigger farce than they now are.

While they celebrate Kamala Harris supposedly breaking the “glass ceiling” keeping women from being Vice President of the United States, they’ve allowed a bulletproof plexiglass ceiling to be imposed that will prevent many women athletes from achieving their goals.

News flash to the transgender advocates:  There are only two genders, female and male.  To believe otherwise is to ignore established science and the entire scope of human history.  Those unfortunate people confused about their gender need counseling by mental health professionals, not pandering from unprincipled politicians.

Last but not least, designated Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has raised the possibility of increasing federal taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels to create more funding for infrastructure.

This increase would be another regressive tax hurting less advantaged people the most and resulting in higher costs for goods shipped by trucks.

One of the ways he posed to implement the tax could be to base it on the number of miles driven by the individual. Allowing that to happen simply would be a gross invasion of personal privacy resulting in people driving less to keep their cost down. Truckers will forego longer trips thus promoting the use of more trucks to ship a set of goods instead of one taking them cross-country.  Result, more vehicle pollution.

Mayor Pete is clearly out of his league with this position.  He’s about as qualified for it as I am to be an astronaut.

On the China Virus front, Mr. Biden seems way out of his depth.  He’s struggling to articulate a coherent plan for immunizations and new therapies to treat the illness. He moans about the looming possibility of more infections and deaths.

Old Joe seems to be telling us, “The worst is yet to come.”  How right he is on any number of fronts.

So there we have it.  Week One of a Biden presidency that already has a negative economic impact, making the country more vulnerable to crime and the flow of drugs, putting in motion a huge spike in gasoline prices and throwing many thousands of Americans out of work.

This is precisely what could be expected of a president installed through a fraudulent election by The Deep State and global communists trying to institute “The Great Reset.”

Welcome to the world of The Bastard President.

Thanks for reading!  A friend asked us earlier in the week what we were writing about next.  We noted the plethora of possible topics and the problem of where to begin.

One obvious topic we’re saving for another day is the highly unconstitutional impeachment of President Trump.  At a time when sane people would be trying to bring the nation together, the truly unhinged led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are pushing the nutty notion that a person who holds no public office can be subject to impeachment.

Of course, the always predictable Mitt Romney weighed in with his blessing, proving once again the men in white coats are way overdue for a visit to the Romney household.

All this madness is just the evil machinations of The Deep State. You’ll find no end to their dark deeds and subversion in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Readers in 11 countries on five continents have become fans of both Betrayal at Bethesda books.  Research and writing of Book Three is underway.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Now in its 15th year, The Forgotten Street remains a beacon of truth shining through the satanic propaganda of the Elite Traitor Media and Big Tech.  God bless all of our followers in 25+ countries worldwide!

January 12, 2021

Are We About To Become America’s Uyghurs?  The Looming Purge Ahead

As we get closer to a Biden inauguration, The Deep State and its lackeys in The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) are ramping up their divisive rhetoric and widening the chasm between Americans.

Right now the only national figures calling for a healing of the division and a need to unify the country are President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.  Yet, Democrats are calling for his head in another phony impeachment or invoking of the 25th Amendment.

In turn, President-Select Joe Biden is throwing gasoline on the blazing political fire, showing no desire to unify the country.  For him, other “Sore Winner” Democrats, the ETM, Never Trumpers and GOP turncoats, it’s all about revenge and retribution against President Trump and his 75 million supporters.

The only way the Deep State will be able to force the United States into the globalist “Great Reset” reconfiguration of the global economy and create a world government is to destroy any vestige of individual liberty and populism.

Media figures and politicians alike are raising the specter of “de-programming” and “re-educating” Trump supporters, whom they view as cult members.  Rich Klein, political director for ABC News, actually used the term “cleansing” when speaking about the need to eliminate our political freedom and opinions.

Let’s get clear on one thing:  those engaged in such discussions are not liberals, progressives, or even socialists.  Each and every one of them is simply a Communist who wants to reduce those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to second-class status as the Red Chinese have done to the Uyghurs in northwest China.

For those unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, the Uyghurs are an indigenous Muslim minority of Turkish ethnicity who are being abused and eliminated by the ruling Chinese gangster regime.

It’s estimated there are about 11 million Uyghurs in Red China, many of whom have been relegated to second-class citizenship or killed.  Approximately one million of them are interned in forced labor camps to be used as slave labor in textile factories.  They are subjected to “re-education” to rid them of their Muslim religion and beliefs.

In addition, Uyghur women are being sterilized so their ethnicity can be eradicated.  What the Red Chinese are doing to the Uyghurs represents some of the worst human rights abuses ever on Planet Earth.

President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are about the only world leaders speaking out about this atrocity. Both have referred to treatment of the Uyghurs as “genocide.”  On May 22, 2020, President Trump signed the Ugyhur Human Rights Policy Act to impose certain sanctions on Red Chinese officials.

Pope Francis has turned a blind eye to it as he continues to prostitute the Roman Catholic Church to the Red Chinese regime.  He’s too busy attacking populism, whining about climate change and plugging the Great Reset to be bothered with speaking out about genocide.

This provides a snapshot of what the zealous Communists now in control of the American government, the ETM, Big Tech and Corporate America would like to see happen to Trump supporters in particular and conservatives in general.

Big Tech is carrying its weight in the Communist takeover by shutting down accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and Apple and Google denying services to other would-be social media outlets.  In Corporate America, banks, hotel companies and others are shutting off campaign donations to Republicans and conservatives, or denying them services altogether.

Not satisfied with already leveling the Middle Class via the China Virus Scamdemic, Communists are going so far as to identify Americans who participate in political rallies in their free time so employers will be intimidated into firing them.  The more unemployed the better in their eyes.

When a new President of the United States takes office, he generally builds his Inaugural Address around a particular vision and theme. Of course, President Trump discussed his America First agenda.  Thus far, Joe Biden has displayed no capacity whatsoever to define a vision or purpose for his presidency other than to keep getting rich from foreign corruption.

His most notable statement in the election campaign was during one of the the debates when he talked about the coming “Dark Winter.”  Talk about a downer.

Right now, there is no recognizable theme to the Biden presidency other than be a retread of the Obama regime, given the has-beens and never-weres he’s selected for his cabinet and other positions.

With a nation as severely divided as ours, Biden seems perfectly at ease with doing nothing to unify the American people.  That tells me he’s bought into the demonization of Trump supporters and is comfortable with turning us into America’s Uyghurs.

In doing so, he will narrow our options in terms of how best to respond.  It’s almost as if The Deep State wants to provoke armed conflict in order to install a fascist-style regime with brain-damaged Joe Biden as its figurehead Bastard President.

With few days remaining in his presidency, Donald Trump has a very difficult decision:  Will he let the nation drift further in chaos or will he risk everything to invoke The Insurrection Act and take full control of the situation?   Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!  We’re left with dwindling options, but we still have prayer and the ability to secure firearms if we feel personally threatened by coming events. Pray for guidance from The Almighty and get ready for rough days ahead.

The Deep State’s depth of Pure Evil is limitless.  It views us, as well as our nation, as expendable in order to gain a foothold in the Great Reset that seeks to subjugate the entire world.

How The Deep State has pursued its criminal agenda for nearly a century is explained in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Now in our 15th year at The Forgotten Street, we’ll keep fighting against the Communist headwinds. With God’s blessing and our fervent prayers, we’ll keep bringing the truth to our followers worldwide.

January 7, 2021

Deep State False Flag Operation at Capitol Shuts Down Congressional Session on Electoral Certification

As the shock of yesterday’s events still resonates with the public, it’s time to face the truth about what truly happened there.

The Elite Traitor Media (ETM), Democrats and turncoat Republicans are in overdrive to castigate and blame President Donald Trump for the chaos.

As a result, he’s been forced to halt further efforts to have the election results examined and has agreed to an orderly transition of power to now President-Select Joe Biden.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, now know what many of our friends and neighbors who travelled to Washington D.C. for the Save America rally know:  the people who stormed the Capitol yesterday were Antifa goons who were paid and trained to do so.

The invasion and disruption in the Capitol was pre-planned by The Deep State with the following three objectives in mind:

  1. Discredit Trump supporters and in turn, President Trump;
  2. Disrupt the process by which the president’s supporters could challenge electors in various states in dispute;
  3. Intimidate those thinking of following Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the challenging process from continuing to do so.

It succeeded on all three levels, just as planned.  It was able to happen with the cooperation of the Capitol Police, who in some circumstances permitted and facilitated access into the building by moving barricades and directing the protestors inside the building.  Those actions have been filmed on phones and released on the Internet.

What remains at issue is what possessed police to shoot an unarmed woman inside the Capitol.  She turned out to be an Air Force veteran and staunch Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt.  The ETM has shown absolutely no curiosity or outrage over who shot her and why.

Maybe if she had been an armed minority drug dealer they would be all up in arms.

The cold-blooded murder of Ashli Babbitt is reminiscent of the events of May 4, 1970 when the National Guard shot protesting students at Kent State University in Ohio.  In that incident, 4 people were killed and 9 wounded.  To this day, it’s unclear who gave the order to fire upon the students.

That’s why it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the facts of the Babbitt murder.  It was part of the False Flag staged yesterday.  A Capitol police officer allegedly has been suspended pending investigation.  But, like so many other official investigations that drag on and on, it’s not likely we’ll get a satisfactory result.

The storming of the Capitol had all the hallmarks of a CIA operation, similar to ones staged repeatedly in foreign countries to facilitate the overthrow of governments.  It also has striking similarities with the so-called “color revolutions” promoted by globalists like George Soros.

No doubt the folks at Langley and in The Deep State are smiling today. They know they’ve pulled off their third successful coup against a sitting President of the United States.

The CIA’s involvement is apparent in the murder of John F. Kennedy, the ousting of Richard Nixon, and now the theft of a landslide election victory by Donald Trump.

Rumors have circulated for more than a month that the CIA may have been involved in the manipulation of Dominion Voting Systems machines to change votes from Trump to Biden and also add votes to the Biden total.

A report released by a government transparency organization, Nations in Action, alleges that an Italian defense contractor worked with the CIA and Britain’s MI6 agency to transfer election data from CIA servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to Italy in order to use military satellites to send it back to the USA to Dominion systems to change the election results.

In a sworn affidavit introduced in an Italian court, Arturo D’Ello, an employee of the Leonardo defense contracting firm, claims the Leonardo systems were used to steal the election in the United States.

When Sidney Powell and others alleged that the Dominion systems were linked to the Internet, Dominion was able to convincingly deny the charge because it got its data from a satellite, not over the Internet.

Maria Strollo Zack, Nations in Action founder, further claims the entire scheme was put in motion by former president Barack Hussein Obama, who provided the funding for an ongoing, years-long, campaign of subversion against the Trump administration.  She alleges the funds were diverted from the cash sent to Iran as part of the Obama agreement with Iran regarding nuclear weapons.

The Leonardo defense firm has an American subsidiary that’s headed by William J. Lynn III, who served in the Obama/Biden administration as deputy secretary of defense for cyber security and space strategy. Prior to that he served in the Clinton administration. Upon leaving that post he became a lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon.  The plot thickens.

Zack is an entrepreneur and political activist who previously has worked with Newt Gingrich and supported Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential bid.

More details on the Italian role in the election fraud scheme have been revealed on the conservative Christian website  Here is a link:

Last night we discussed these events on The Schiffer Report radio program on WHKW in Cleveland.  Other members of the panel agreed with our conclusions in a very stimulating discussion of how The Deep State has managed to pull off its coup against President Trump. 

Host Paul Schiffer provides strong leadership in Ohio to challenge the schemes underway to implement a socialist government in the United States.

All options to expose the massive election fraud have now expired. Nonetheless, certain facts are indisputable.  Several states implemented changes to their election practices without legislative approval as required by state constitutions.  Vote counting was simultaneously halted in five states in what appeared to be a coordinated effort to stop the growing momentum of the Trump vote total.  Signature verification of absentee ballots, as required by law, was abandoned in Georgia and Nevada.

No one can explain these facts away without turning a blind eye to blatantly fraudulent actions.

The Georgia runoff election results were entirely predictable.  Since the November 3 fiasco, no changes were implemented to voting systems or procedures.  Anyone thinking the Republican senators had any change of winning was simply a damn fool.

So what have Joe Biden and the Democrats actually won?  They’ve stolen an election and raised a huge middle finger to the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Now, they piously ask for national unity. Fat chance of that.

Even worse, they and the GOP traitors are doing all they can to further humiliate and harass President Trump as he gets ready to leave office, without so much as a gracious “thank for your service.”

They’ll now get to rule over a banana republic with an illegitimate government.  Make way for Banana Joe, the Bastard President.

Thanks for reading!  Despite our complete disappointment, let’s not hang our heads for long.  This isn’t over by any means.  One way, or another, we will work to find a way to restore our constitutional republic.

The Deep State may have won this round, but it can only prevail by resorting to tactics that will ultimately repulse even the dupes who’ve let them win.

Learn more about the Deep State and its criminal machinations in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

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Now in our 15th year at The Forgotten Street, together we face enormous challenges. But with God’s blessings and our fervent prayers, we will prevail.

December 31, 2020            HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We Need The Spirit of ’75, and Must Put On The Whole Armor of God To Prosper in The New Year

As The Big Steal to deny President Trump his landslide re-election moves toward a conclusion, it’s readily apparent there are greater forces in play here than mere politics.

Globalists and The Deep State are pushing a grand scheme to cement their control over the global economy. Their fanatical drive to assume total control over our lives is what’s motivating them in part.

The biggest obstacle they face has been President Trump, whose entire presidency is a reaffirmation of constitutional government and individual liberty.

For those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, the Trump presidency provides a beacon of hope that our wonderful American heritage and way of life still has a chance to survive the onslaught of The Deep State and its godless advocates.

This past summer, The World Economic Forum, an international body of crypto-fascists intent on world domination, unveiled their plan for the “Great Reset.”

The Great Reset is a revolting blend of communism and fascism designed to eliminate national sovereignty and individual freedoms such as owning property and religious liberty.

International journalist and author Alex Newman has provided terrific insight into this insidious Great Reset plot in a cover story for the New American magazine. His in-depth analysis can be found here.

One element of the Great Reset and work of World Economic Forum globalists that warrants further investigation is the ultimate force driving their obsession to change the world as we know it.

It’s my firm belief many of the globalist proponents are quite simply Satanists.  They clearly lack any belief in God. They see themselves as demi-gods who would deny us our God-given inalienable rights.

They’re working hand in glove with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to diminish the United States as a world power and boost Red China.  By unleashing COVID-19 on the world to create economic havoc and a total panic, they’ve initiated government tyranny that will be difficult to reverse.

That’s why, more than ever, we need two motivating forces to not only oppose them, but also soundly defeat and crush them.  The Deep State and all it represents must be thoroughly destroyed.

First, we must adopt what I call The Spirit of ’75.  We should study and embrace the God-driven spirit that motivated our forefathers to take up arms in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775, against the most powerful empire on earth, The British Kingdom.

Armed with their muskets, those brave farmers knew they had something more important going for them while facing the most formidable army on earth.

Clearly, they were God-fearing people. Most likely they were quite familiar with The Holy Bible, particularly with The Epistle of Paul The Apostle to the Ephesians. The words of St. Paul resound truer today more than ever:


Ephesians 6, 10-13, King James Version

10  Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11  Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13  Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

With all we face from the satanic forces around us, we need the Spirit of ’75 and The Whole Armor of God to prevail. The struggle ahead will require more fortitude than we’ve ever possessed.  We can only gain that strength through faith in our cause and reliance on what our forefathers called “Our Creator” in the landmark Declaration of Independence.

For inspiration as we enter the New Year, take time to re-read that magnificent document.  Appreciate the risks taken by its signers, who ended the Declaration with these memorable words that take on even greater meaning today:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

We must pledge to adopt The Spirit of “75 and Put on the Whole Armor of God to fight the satanic evil of The Great Reset and The Deep State.

Thanks for reading! We end the great challenges of 2020 and the treasonous deception of The Deep State.  As with previous years, we learned valuable lessons about those who wish to rule us instead of represent us.

Next Wednesday brings the final showdown of the 2020 election as the Congress convenes to certify the electors from the Electoral College.  It promises to deliver great drama as President Trump makes his final case to stay in office. The Deep State is doing all it can to thwart him.

The origins of The Deep State are thoroughly explored in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Start the New Year off right by adding to your library both BAB II and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, for a combined price of $28.90 on

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We wish you all God’s blessings and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

December 14, 2020

The Scamdemic and Looming Democrat Depression

As is all too obvious, the China Virus “scamdemic” was carefully planned by the Globalist Elites, Red China and The Deep State to trash the United States and global economies to usher in their “Great Reset” to institute communist world government.

In order for that to succeed, the 2020 American election had to be stolen away from President Donald Trump by any means necessary.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know full well that Joe Biden was primed to become The Bastard President, as illegitimate as they come.

President Trump was presiding over the best economy in our lifetime and a new era of world peace.  He was on the fast track for re-election in a landslide.

So, the Deep State, in concert with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), concocted a scheme to unleash the virus pandemic on an unsuspecting world, knowing it could rely on The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) to manufacture a total Fake News panic over a virus nowhere as lethal as purported.

Certainly, those with underlying health problems are more vulnerable, just as they are to seasonal flu. But, this is a virus many people won’t know they have unless they are tested.  Many of those will be totally asymptomatic.

Part and parcel to this fraud was the participation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in ginning up phony case statistics and pimping for a vaccine as the only answer to stem the spread of the virus.

Most recently, CDC announced it’s lumping pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19 into one PIC category in which all cases will be considered the China Virus.  How phony and deceptive can you get!

Little did they anticipate President Trump marshaling the incredible resources of the government and private industry to create Operation Warp Speed to produce several vaccines in record time and gain the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Because there was an ongoing election campaign, Democrats and the ETM fed the public lie after lie about the president’s “inadequate and poor response” to the virus crisis.

Faced with an unprecedented situation, President Trump relied on the federalist system that permitted states to exercise their judgments on how to handle the crisis, even with a national lockdown.

The resulting lockdown of economic activity, particularly onerous in states run by Democrats, took a booming economy and plunged it into recession, with the fully expected massive unemployment.

The Coronavirus Task Force followed the recommendations of Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  His advice changed with the wind, resulting in conflicting directions that only made it more difficult for President Trump, directly impairing the economy.

Fauci certainly earned his paycheck from The Deep State and Big Pharma.

Even with the economic downturn, President Trump persevered in getting stimulus relief through a balky Congress past the treasonous Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. He encouraged states to beginning reopening their economies and loosening restrictions on their citizens.

With a rebound underway, President Trump seemed on track to victory.  But the determination of the Democrats to win by any means necessary led to The Big Steal, which is close to placing Joe Biden in The White House on January 20, 2021.

Reliable Deep State stooges like Gavin Newsom on California and Andrew Cuomo in New York keep tightening the screws on small businesses, bars and restaurants.

It now seems probable that almost 60% or more of small businesses could completely shut down forever.  The restaurant and travel industries are devastated.  Given the ripple effects felt throughout the economy, Joe Biden may take office just in time to preside over the worst Depression in American history.

That was the plan all along, to make millions more Americans fully into wards of the government.

It’s all according to the scheme of the Great Reset elites, who right now see their best opportunity to crush national sovereignties and institute a hybrid capitalist/communist world government system, The Ultimate Fascism.

Meanwhile, 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump and who cherish the U.S. Constitution may prove ungovernable.  They will never embrace the completely unacceptable Bastard President and illegitimate government run by Democrat Socialists.

The Electoral College process has to play out, with today’s deadline bringing the prospect of competing slates of electors in the swing states still in question.

President Trump shows he’s determined to fight to overturn the fraud and rightfully begin his transition to a second term.  We all must pray he succeeds.

Thanks for reading!  Analysis of the Dominion voting systems in one Michigan county has revealed the fraudulent operation carried out there.  The Trump legal team, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood continue their efforts to prove beyond question the widespread fraud that occurred in the election.

Our posts were delayed by some projects undertaken in our household.  Now we are fully ready to enjoy Christmas, as we pray all of you are as well.

We wish only the most blessed of Hanukkahs to our Jewish brethren.

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The Great Reset being pushed by The Deep State represents the utmost in pure evil and treachery.  That’s exemplified by the wretched hive of scum publicly advocating it.

You can learn more about the origins of The Deep State in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

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Now in our 15th year at The Forgotten Street, we’re especially grateful for the loyalty of our followers. We welcome more to join them and learn about real American history and the fight against the dark forces seeking to destroy our wonderful heritage and country.

God bless you all!

December 1, 2020

J.C. Hawkins Appearance on America’s Survival Television

Yesterday, Cliff Kincaid, founder of America’s Survival, interviewed J.C. Hawkins, founder of The Forgotten Street, on America’s Survival Television.

The wide-ranging interview covers a number of subjects, from the current election disputes, the role of the CIA in them, questionable media coverage of the election controversy, and how Senator Joseph McCarthy became such a hated enemy of the CIA.

You can learn how what The Deep State did decades ago set the stage for what we’re witnessing now.  The interview can be found on ASI-TV’s YouTube channel:

America’s Survival features timely interviews with leading conservative authors and researchers.  Be sure to check out its latest programs.

November 28, 2020

New Book By David Martin Reveals the Ugly Truth About The Deep State and Vince Foster’s Death

For those of you unfamiliar with author David Martin, you must make an effort to get acquainted with his remarkable investigative work.

A retired government economist and accomplished poet, Martin has been dubbed “DC Dave” by those who know him for his incredible knowledge of the workings of The Deep State.  His website,, is one to follow and bookmark.

His latest book looks at how the Deep State worked in concert with the Elite Traitor Media to cover up the murder of Clinton Administration Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster.

The official narrative is that Foster committed suicide in a remote park off the George Washington Parkway in northern Virginia. It is so remote he would have had no way of knowing it was even there.

Helping to solidify that false conclusion were a phony autopsy and reports from special investigations led by alleged independent prosecutors Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr.

The Murder of Vince Foster: America’s Would Be Dreyfus Affair rips the lid off the government/media cover-up, providing solid proof that Vince Foster didn’t take his own life.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, well remember the Foster death. At the time, we had the definite feeling something just didn’t add up.

Foster had been a close associate of Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as a friend of Bill Clinton.

Upon Bill’s election to the presidency, Foster followed them to Washington D.C. to serve on President Clinton’s staff. Previously, he’d handled their personal legal affairs, including their involvement in the controversial Whitewater real estate deal.

According to media reports covering his death, just six months after coming to Washington the 48-year old lawyer found the rough and tumble ways of the Swamp depressing and decided to take his life.

Martin easily disproves that lie.  If Foster was truly that despondent, why didn’t he just resign and go back to his previously satisfying life in Little Rock?

Knowing the total treachery of the DC powers behind the scenes, and the compliant news media, Martin compares the Foster situation to the famous Dreyfus Affair in France in the 1890’s, in which Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish French army captain, was framed for espionage to aid the Germans in the Franco-Prussian War.

The French media, reinforcing the anti-Semitism that was prevalent in France, went along with the government scheme, which resulted in a secret military trial in which Dreyfus’ defense couldn’t have access to the supposed evidence against him.

Dreyfus was sentenced to life imprisonment in the notorious French hellhole prison, Devil’s Island, off the coast of South America. It was only after many years of a public outcry and outrage over the conviction that Dreyfus was ultimately freed.

Martin sees the same forces at work in the Foster case, where government investigations led by prosecutors Robert Fiske and finally Kenneth Starr rubber-stamped the suicide verdict despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

In reading Martin’s book, it becomes apparent Foster was the victim of a Deep State hit.  Like we’ve seen previously in the murders of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, evidence was grossly overlooked or hidden to fit a pre-conceived narrative.

A relentless investigator, Martin details the harassment of witness Patrick Knowlton and his attorney John Clarke by the FBI and the investigative team.  He provides shocking evidence of how the autopsy was falsified to support the suicide conclusion.

Emergency personnel first summoned to Fort Marcy Park, where the body was discovered, noticed no evidence of an exit wound in the back of the head from a shot through the roof of the mouth. They saw and reported evidence of trauma and a possible second gunshot wound in the neck area.

Both of those first-hand observations were excluded from the final FBI report on the incident.  Instead the FBI report falsely claimed that morgue doctor Julius Orenstein and Park Police detective John Rolla observed an exit wound in the back of the head.  Neither did.

The real kicker in the Foster investigation came from federal attorney Miguel Rodriguez, a highly regarded prosecutor from California who joined the Starr team.  He found a number of discrepancies in the investigation he wanted resolved.

Because he wasn’t going along with the established narrative, he ran afoul of the team.  So he decided to resign.  His resignation letter featured in Martin’s book contains a number of shocking revelations. 

He disagreed there was “overwhelming” evidence of suicide.  In fact, as previously noted, he pointed out emergency personnel responding to the scene where the body was found observed evidence of trauma, including a possible bullet hole, in the right neck area.

He couldn’t in good conscience continue with an investigation he believed was fraudulent.  Replacing him as lead investigator was young Brett Kavanaugh, who went on to conduct himself in a highly questionable way in dealing with dissident witness Knowlton, who wouldn’t change his account to fit the false FBI narrative.

Another familiar name who also surfaced during the Foster probe was journalist Christopher Ruddy, a young reporter who initially questioned the conduct of the investigation.  He wrote a highly critical book about it that prompted others to join into the examination of the government’s conduct.  But after a while, he gave up the pursuit of the truth and went along with the Independent Counsel’s conclusions.

We all know Ruddy now as the media mogul behind the Newsmax empire.

There’s much more in the Martin book, which is a masterpiece in investigative reporting.  Dave sets a high standard for himself when it comes to following all the potential leads and resolving what appear to be clear contradictions.

I was first attracted to his work on the DC Dave website regarding the death of James Forrestal. Unlike the hack historians who readily accepted the Deep State false narrative of suicide, Martin doggedly pursued the truth. Ultimately he got the U.S. Navy’s report into the incident publicly released after being kept under wraps for 55 years.

Dave compiled his Forrestal research into a terrific book, The Assassination of James Forrestal.  Working with his good friend Hugh Turley, Martin co-wrote The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation.  These two books, along with the new Foster book are available on

As we watch the Deep State attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election, you would do well to read Dave’s book to get a true taste of the government malfeasance that’s been an ongoing part of recent history.  There’s a clear pattern here that simply can’t be ignored.

Thanks for reading! True to form, Sidney Powell released a Kraken of immense proportion in her Georgia and Michigan lawsuits. The recent hearing in Pennsylvania by Republican legislators only reinforces the belief that the purported Biden victory is a total fraud.

The Deep State continues to push the envelope on its drive for total communist control and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.  Its treachery is nothing new.  We’ve lived with it all our lives. Only the perfidy of the Elite Traitor Media and corrupt politicians in the DC Swamp have kept it hidden.

Learn more about the principal actors in this treason in J.C. Hawkins’ earthshaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia. Overall sales are up about 40% from September.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Pray for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis in their quest for justice to save our Republic.  God bless you all!

November 24, 2020

Will Joe Biden Become “The Bastard President?”

Looking back several generations, American society had very different views than we see today on marriage and other moral matters.

Those of us descended from several generations of Americans know our forefathers viewed marriage and children in a traditional light.  Men and women were expected to marry in a religious institution or civil ceremony before having children.

Unfortunately for those children born out of wedlock, they were stigmatized and called “illegitimate.”  The common term for them was “bastards.”  Through no fault of their own, they had to make their way in the world with that label.

Fast forward to today. We have a national election in 2020 that’s wound up in dispute, with President Donald Trump alleging major voter fraud that on the surface appears to have given the win to Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) have crowned Mr. Biden by declaring him the winner, even though significant challenges from the Trump team have to be addressed and resolved, likely in multiple court actions.

The Trump challenges are coming on two legal levels:  His retained attorneys are looking at actions of governors and secretaries of state that illegally changed election rules as authorized by state legislatures.  These maneuvers represent a gross violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; not shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection to the laws.”

Put simply, voting is a privilege granted by the States. The election rules the legislatures enact can’t be altered by members of the state’s executive branch or judiciary just prior to elections.

On another front, attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are investigating how massive quantities of votes may have been switched through Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software used in a majority of states to count ballots.

As this controversy comes to a head, we all should take a step back and consider this possible outcome: Joe Biden might find a way to prevail with the aid of corrupt judges and the ETM, even though the prima facie and circumstantial evidence points to The Big Steal.

The main consequence of this will be that folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, and around the country will view Joe Biden as The Bastard President.

Despite his calls for unity and a national “healing,” odds are high that a significant number of Americans will never give him the opportunity to serve a normal term because they will view him as a common thief.

For Trump supporters, the memory is all too fresh regarding how Democrats treated candidate and then president-elect Trump after his stunning electoral victor

He never received an opportunity to bring the country together as he pledged from Day One.  He was subjected to the worst abuse possible from Democrats and the ETM who never accepted the fact that he’d become president.

For four years, we watched with disgust their unending stream of hateful hoaxes and outlandish allegations, all designed by The Deep State to undermine the Trump presidency and hamper his ability to implement his America First agenda.

Despite that treachery, he succeeded beyond our wildest expectations, creating a new era of prosperity, energy independence and world peace.  Nevertheless, global communists threatened by his success never quit their perfidy.

Well, we have a news flash for Joe Biden, the ETM and The Deep State:  Should Mr. Biden prevail in his criminal fraud and become president, we will accord him the same respect and support given by his side to Donald Trump.

Lots of luck to the would-be Bastard President!

Thanks for reading!  Here’s hoping many of you will be getting together with loved ones, friends and neighbors to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Don’t let the China Virus despots keep you from living your lives.  Simply use good common sense and basic hygiene to enjoy the festivities safely.

No doubt the ETM will be filled with panic porn to make you think we’re all going to die from a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate for healthy individuals who contract it.

The first picks for a Biden cabinet have begun dribbling out.  They’re no surprises.  Just a wholly predictable cast of Obama administration retreads and non-entities.  It’s The Deep State’s dream to have an American administration that can be completely controlled and compliant to its demands.

More regarding the Deep State’s existence can be read in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia. Overall sales are up about 40% from September.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

The roller coaster ride we’ve had since November 3 has been trying.  But now is not the time to lose hope or give up.  We still have the greatest weapon of all: prayer.  Pray for President Trump and his family, give them the strength to persevere under incredible pressure, and ask the Good Lord to share His favor on a land that has sinned against Him. 

November 22, 2020

President Trump Must Immediately Release the Remaining Hidden JFK Murder Files

Fifty-seven years ago today, rifle shots rang out in Dealey Plaza, and President John F. Kennedy was brutally murdered in the streets of Dallas, Texas.

Most of us living then have vivid memories seared into our brains of the shooting and its aftermath.  We can tell you exactly where we were when we learned the news.  The visual imagery of JFK’s funeral and Jack Ruby’s murder of suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald has never left our heads.

The assassination burned a permanent scar into the American psyche.  Adding to that damage was the hopelessly botched conclusions of the panel assembled to investigate the murder.  The Warren Commission Report told Americans the murder was the work of a “lone nut gunman,” Lee Harvey Oswald. 

His alleged communist leanings were given as the motive for his actions.  Because he conveniently died before he could answer the charges against him in court, we’re left with pre-decided narratives that flooded the media within hours of JFK’s murder.   That alone should tell you that the fix was in and that John F. Kennedy died in order for a government coup to take place.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know The Deep State was ultimately behind the Kennedy murder and coup.

For the almost six decades since the worst crime in modern American history, scores of independent researchers have dug into the Kennedy assassination to get satisfactory answers to the many questions we have.  The wealth of valuable information unearthed clearly points to a conspiracy by global elites.

For much of that time, numerous government files remained hidden behind national security classifications.  Under the provisions of the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act of 1992, President Donald Trump had the leeway to order the classifications lifted and the documents made public in 2018.

On April 26, 2018, the National Archives released 19,045 files. Of those, 15,834 still had redactions. Another 520 files were withheld altogether.  The president ordered another decision on releasing the remaining information be reviewed again by October 26, 2021.

President Trump was persuaded by various intelligence officials to keep some documents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other government offices classified.  Given that virtually all the principal actors mentioned in those files are likely dead, what on earth could the CIA be hiding?

Now would be the right time for President Trump to order the release of the remaining documents.  If officials should balk, then we have full confirmation the CIA and possibly military personnel were involved in the planning and execution of the assassination.

In both Betrayal at Bethesda books, author J.C. Hawkins persuasively makes the case the wounds suffered by President Kennedy, and the falsified autopsy carried out by military pathologists, clearly point to a crossfire of bullets from multiple shooters.

At the same time, more than enough evidence exists to call into question the labeling of Oswald as the lone assassin.  In fact, there are significant indications he may have never fired a shot.

What’s truly interesting in light of the times in which we live, during the immediate aftermath of Oswald’s apprehension by the Dallas police, the news media unearthed voluminous information about Oswald’s background, including his service in the Marines, his defection to Russia, and his activities upon his return.

This information release didn’t surface during a time of the Internet.  It simply wasn’t invented yet. Information is now readily available within a few clicks of a mouse.  No such possibility existed on November 22, 1963. The only mouse back then was the little furry one with a tail.

That means the information was on the shelf at the FBI and CIA, ready for distribution at a minute’s notice to willing media accomplices.  Which also means that Oswald as a pre-designated patsy headed for a timely execution before the scam could be uncovered.

What motive did The Deep State have to murder John F. Kennedy?

There were plenty of reasons.  Because of his wealth, JFK had no reason to cater to the needs of global elites, who had no hold over him.  He was a true patriot, a military veteran who’d experienced the horrors of war first hand, and wanted to spare other Americans from learning it themselves.

He foresaw the folly of an expanded war in Vietnam and the dangers of a CIA and FBI run by rogue actors not wanting to answer to the American president.

Early in his administration, he ran up against big business interests that wanted to run roughshod over everyday Americans and to benefit from fat government contracts.

Finally, he recognized the perfidy and treachery of senior military and intelligence officials who worked to undermine his policies.  He also knew Vice President Lyndon Johnson was not a man who could be trusted.

In Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News, Hawkins lifts the veil on specific actors who may have played primary roles in JFK’s murder and the coup it represents.

Subsequent research in preparation for a follow-up volume adds significant credence to what’s been discovered to date. More information has surfaced recently.

As we await final resolution of the 2020 election, it’s clear President Trump still holds all the authority of the office of the presidency until at least January 20, 2021.  He shouldn’t feel the least bit constrained by the Elite Traitor Media and The Deep State from doing his job as he sees fit.

Let them whine, try to cram a Biden presidency down our throats, and continue their unending stream of epithets and lies.  They’re only further destroying any semblance of credibility with the American people.

Americans should pause and consider the events of November 22, 1963. Those too young to remember should take time to learn more.

John F. Kennedy was a flawed individual in many ways, like so many of us.  But, he was a great patriot who deeply loved his country. He tried to serve it well.

His inaugural address of January 20, 1961 set a new tone for our government and society.  It offered hope to many freedom lovers around the world.  It still moves and inspires us to this day.

Thanks for reading!  As Thanksgiving nears we all would do well to take time to acknowledge and thank Our Creator for the many blessings He’s bestowed on us, and the hope He gives us for eternal life


November 8, 2020

Why the Biden Call For Unity Rings Hollow

Now that the Elite Traitor Media (ETM) has held a coronation for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, let’s put its irresponsibility into perspective.

With the Trump campaign pursing legal action in potentially as many as 10 states, it’s clear the media and Republican turncoats have jumped the gun.  For sure, at least two states (Wisconsin and Georgia) will have to undergo a recount.

They’re showing absolutely no respect for the rule of law, the role of state legislatures, or the United States Constitution.  You would think there might be a few of those folks who can recall the drawn-out conclusion to the 2000 election.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris soldier on, basking in their phony victory, issuing calls for all Americans to join in a giant “Kumbaya.”

For those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, those calls ring very hollow.  First, we easily recall how quickly Democrats, backstabbing Republicans, and the ETM turned on President-Elect Donald J. Trump, forming a “resistance” that began even before Inauguration Day, January 20, 2016.

Worst of the lot by far were former presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  They never provided their successor with the respect and cooperation previous presidents showed to them.  They totally disgrace the office they once held.

Beginning in the 2016 campaign with Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters were subjected to relentless attacks as “racists, Nazis, deplorables, you name it.”

So, after The Deep State, Far Left, Democrats, ETM and Never Trumpers have treated us like irredeemable Neanderthals by urinating all over us, they’re trying to tell us it was only raining.

The level of pure hatred, scorn, disdain, and disgust they’ve shown for us is completely unforgivable.

Should the Biden/Harris election theft stand, they must understand they will be accorded the same level of respect and support Donald Trump received in 2016 as a newly-elected president.

They’ve alienated at least 70 million American voters, and quite frankly, have no recourse to win them over. 

More interestingly, Far Left members in the Democrat Party have started grumbling as well.  The Bolsheviks aren’t interested in national unity.  They are compiling lists of Trump supporters they want to eliminate in one fashion or another.

The 2020 election has produced some incredible results, in addition to the presidential stalemate.  President Trump has achieved the highest vote total ever for any sitting president, as well as the best numbers for a Republican among minority voters.

Pending the outcome of the Georgia runoff elections for U.S. Senate, it appears Republicans will maintain control of the upper chamber of Congress.

More importantly, the GOP picked up seats in the House of Representatives, narrowing the margin of majority for Democrats.  Included in that total are a dozen conservative Republican women.

At the state level, the GOP continues to strengthen its grip on governorships and state legislatures.

Given those results, it’s obvious President Trump has expanded the Republican base by bringing in potentially millions of new voters.

For his incredible work and powerful coattail effect for down ballot Republicans, he still suffers the scorn of a number of Deep State Republicans, who are more concerned with feathering their own nests than building a dominant national political party.

Foremost among them are the two remaining politicians in the Bush Crime Family, George and Jeb. They couldn’t wait to congratulate Joe Biden on his alleged “victory.”  The Bush family is the driver of the Never Trumper movement, most likely because they don’t want their rampant crimes and disloyalty to America to be revealed.

There’s no shortage of GOP globalist turncoats, who never appreciated the brilliance of the America First foreign policy doctrine and how it resonated with everyday working class Americans.

Included in this Legion of Shame are:  Mitt Romney; Chris Christie; Ben Sasse; Larry Hogan; Charlie Baker; Pat Toomey; Paul Ryan; Nikki Haley; and Dan Crenshaw.

Across the aisle, Democrats are celebrating: some a Joe Biden victory; others a Donald Trump defeat.  It’s clear there remains a severe fissure between more traditional Democrats and younger progressives who don’t think the party has turned far enough to the Left.

It’s possible that over the next few years, the two major political parties could totally fracture into four distinct factions, making it difficult for favorites to emerge as presidential contenders in 2024.

Even with a 2020 defeat, the Trump movement is not going to go away quietly.  There’s no question it’s been the most successful grassroots movement in American political history.  We are no longer “deplorables.”  We are “unconquerables.”

America First and Make America Great Again still resonate with the folks on The Forgotten Street.  They will continue to do so. 

It’s interesting to ponder how all this may evolve.  If somehow the Biden Steal succeeds, that would mean Donald Trump would be eligible for another run at the White House.  It’s highly unlikely that Joe Biden will still be the occupant of the Oval Office by then.

Just remember this:  Grover Cleveland. Karma is a funny beast.

Thanks for reading!  The fireworks truly begin tomorrow as the legal maneuvers intensify.  Both Rudy Giuliani and Dick Morris appeared on Newsmax TV today to provide background on what’s ahead.

It’s worth recognizing Donald Trump still has a little more than two months remaining as President of the United States should the Biden Steal succeed.

There’s a lot he can accomplish in terms of declassification of documents related to the Obama Administration’s spying on his campaign and presidency.  The power of the pardon is a powerful option as well.

Like Samson, he can tear down the Deep State temple if he so chooses.

Yes, that Deep State is very real and sinister.  Learn more by reading  J.C. Hawkins blockbuster, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, keeps growing an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia. Overall sales are up about 40% and remain strong into November.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

As the great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “This is not the time to go wobbly.”  Ignore the Deep State propaganda being pumped out by the ETM regarding the alleged Biden victory. 

Better yet, don’t even turn on the television. It’s become the chief brainwashing instrument for the Globalist Cabal.

God bless all of you around the globe who turn to us for our perspective on the day’s events!  Now in our 15th year, we aim to take The Forgotten Street to a new level.

November 5, 2020

The Trump Post-Election Path to Victory

Having just witnessed our national election descend into total chaos, everyday citizens on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, no doubt may wonder is there any way President Donald Trump can hang on and get a second term?  Yes. We’ll elaborate and explain a little later.

From the get-go, The Deep State and their Democrat lackeys had a plan to steal the election sitting on the shelf.  When Red China purposely unleashed its China Virus on an unsuspecting world, they dusted off their playbook and immediately revved up the push for mail-in voting.

Capitalizing on the panic porn the Elite Traitor Media (ETM) cranked out to scare the public out of in-person voting, Democrats knew they could rely on their time-proven practice of manufacturing votes on election night to wipe out any Republican advantage.

What we’re seeing play before our eyes is classic voter fraud.  We were warned it was coming when Joe Biden blurted out that his campaign had put together “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

This statement was made in a podcast for former Obama administration staffers, hosted by Dan Pfeiffer, former White House communications director for Barack Obama.

Because we don’t have a real news media in the United States anymore, this statement was brushed off as just another Biden “gaffe.”  There was no follow-up to ask, “What in the Hell did he mean by that?”

In fact, Joe Biden gave the entire campaign playbook away.  As we’ve revealed earlier, it’s likely Joe Biden suffers from a medical condition called encephalomalacia.  It’s a form of permanent brain damage that affects people after major brain surgery or traumatic brain injury.

Damage to the frontal lobe of the brain can cause individuals to have little or no control over what they say or how they behave.  They often say whatever comes into their mind, no matter how inappropriate.  It often reveals what the person saying it is thinking or knows. 

Biden’s unusual statements are frequently attributed to his obvious growing dementia.  But he’s been saying these sorts of things for much longer, while still a relatively young man. It all started after his two major brain surgeries in 1988.

Other signs of encephalomalacia include his strange behavior around women and young girls, as well as his hair trigger temper.  A brain damaged, senile old pedophile has no business being the President of the United States.

We revealed this condition in an October 7 column. We tried unsuccessfully to interest other media into investigating this possibility.  Some of the biggest names in alleged “conservative” media never had the courtesy of acknowledging our overtures, or displaying the curiosity that real journalists should have.

However, one true journalist recognized the potential of this revelation and followed up.  Internationally-known journalist Cliff Kincaid, founder of America’s Survival, reprinted our column on his website.

Today, Cliff has an excellent analysis of the post-election confusion, “Trump Wins Re-election.” Here is the link:

In response to all the shenanigans occurring in critical swing states, President Trump has deployed his able legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani and former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi.  A call for a recount in Wisconsin is underway and Republicans are trying, thus far unsuccessfully, to gain access to vote counting locations in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Shamefully, the ETM has gotten us farther into this mess with their early and unwarranted calls of state victories for Joe Biden in Virginia and Arizona.  They’ve even called Wisconsin and Michigan, where vote counting is still underway. How it’s being handled has been challenged.

The media designating presidential winners on election night and right afterward is a rigged Deep State process designed to thwart any way to challenge their conclusions. Big Tech, a major Deep State disinformation tool, is censoring people like us on their platforms in a totally criminal way.

Fox News was the worst of all this time around.  Its decision desk is a total farce, with Democrat consultant Arnon Mishkin serving as its director.  His arrogance and refusal to accept any challenge to the Arizona decision on Tuesday night was truly disgusting, given the fact that a million votes were still outstanding.

Also on board was Devon Shaw, an alleged Republican pollster from Texas, who partnered with Democrat Chris Anderson of Beacon Research in Boston to do Fox News’ alleged “bipartisan” polling this year.

Having Shaw anywhere near the decision desk discussions was a blatant conflict of interest.  His presence there could be attributed to a desire to slant decisions to justify the polling that was so obviously wrong and designed as disinformation to discourage Trump voters.

During the broadcast, Tucker Carlson had the courage to blast Fox News for its dishonesty in the polling and decision desk results. He may be about the last honest journalist left at Fox News.

So back to where we started.  Does President Trump have a legitimate chance to hold on for a second term?

Emphatically, yes.  Through his challenges to the vote counts in the key remaining swing states he might be able to solidify a victory.  There is still time for recounts to be ordered.  There are actually two critical dates before we truly know the identity of the President-Elect.

By December 8, all 50 states must have certified final election results.

On December 14, The Electoral College will vote to affirmatively choose the President-Elect.

Here is where it gets very interesting.  Article II, Section 1, of the United States Constitution specifies:

“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress; but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”

This clause makes it perfectly clear that state legislatures have the power to select the slate of electors who will vote on the president.

In our previous contested election in 2000, The Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Bush v. Gore case that “the State legislature’s power to select the manner for appointing electors is plenary; it may, if it so chooses, select the electors itself, which indeed was the manner used by State legislatures in several States for many years after the framing of our Constitution.”

Plenary means: “absolute.”  States then granted power to the people to elect a slate of electors through their choice for president.

The decision further states:  The State, of course after granting the franchise in the special context of Article II, can take back the power to appoint electors.  ... There is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power at any time, for it can never be taken away nor abdicated.”

It’s worth noting that Republicans control the legislatures in the following key states:  Arizona; Georgia; Michigan; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; and Wisconsin.  Should they determine the state board of elections has designated electors through a fraudulent process, they have the power to choose the electors who will vote for president.  Electors have the freedom to choose whomever they want, regardless of election results. Most folks don’t know that.

That’s the kind of political hardball for which Republicans aren’t noted.  But it may be totally necessary and justified to protect our constitutional republic from being stolen by voter fraud in major cities controlled by crooked Democrat election officials and mayors.

What’s at stake is much more than whether or not Donald Trump continues as president.  The very existence of our democratic republic hangs in the balance.

When leaving the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, a woman in the crowd outside shouted to Benjamin Franklin, “Doctor, have we got a republic or a monarchy?”

Ben Franklin memorably replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”

That’s the challenge we now face.  Saving our republic, or devolving into a society governed and ruled by a mob of anarchists and communists.

We must pray we honor Dr. Franklin’s wisdom.  To let all America know where we stand and how we voted, we must resume and keep up a visible presence through Trump Train parades, rallies, and boat flotillas. Let them know we will never be forgotten again.

Thanks for reading!  Pray as hard as you can for President Trump and the ultimate salvation of our Republic.

The Deep State is ruthless and will stop at nothing to crush us.  We must make it clear they will pay a heavy price for even thinking of trying.

For those who think the Deep State is just a figment of conservative imagination, please get and read J.C. Hawkins eye-opener, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. Now available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, keeps growing an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia. Overall sales are up about 40%.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

God bless all our friends on The Forgotten Street.  Now in our 15th year, we’re planning some exciting changes, including a website makeover.  Stay tuned and keep standing up for truth, a free press, and America!

November 2, 2020

A Trump Landslide Coming Our Way; Possible Shot at 334 to 420 Electoral Votes

We’ve reached the decision point, Election Day, 2020, tomorrow.  Of course, already an estimated one hundred million votes have been cast in early voting.

For the folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, it will be vindication of the faith they placed in political outsider Donald J. Trump in 2016.  As bad a whipping as Hillary Clinton endured, Joe Biden is about to get much worse.

In our estimation, President Trump (we love the sound of that) will hold all the states he won in 2016.  That includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida. Such a result puts him at a baseline of 306 electoral votes, well past the 270 needed to win re-election.

What remains to be seen is what new states he can pick off to make the margin of victory even more dramatic.  We believe it’s within the realm of possibility he could flip six of the states won by Hillary Clinton.  They are:

California (55); Connecticut (7) Minnesota (10); Nevada (6); New Mexico (5); New York (31). If he could sweep all six with their 114 electoral votes, he would rack up an electoral vote total of 420, certainly one of the biggest election victories ever.

Now, I know some of you out there are saying, “California, New York, has J.C. Hawkins lost his mind?”

Given the absolute mess Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo have made of those two states with their draconian Chinese Virus lockdowns, there’s no underestimating the absolute level of disgust residents feel there.  A Trump win in either or both is certainly a possibility.

In the Nutmeg State, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has channeled his Communist ancestors, and created a booming movement for Trump supporters statewide in response to his totalitarian rules.  The outbreak of Trump flotillas and Trump Train car parades shows their level of frustration is off the charts.

Minnesota is a case all its own. Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey let the mobs run wild, destroying businesses and neighborhoods. They’ve unleashed a backlash of huge proportions.  So much so that U.S. Senator Tina Smith could well lose her seat to Jason Lewis, adding to the GOP majority.

New Mexico hasn’t gotten a lot of discussion, but the fracking industry has existed there for 50 years.  Overall, the oil and gas industry provides 134,000 jobs, 12% of the state total.  The industry pays 25% of all state and local taxes.

More than $7.6 billion in income is generated by the oil and gas industry in New Mexico.  It’s grown 125% since 2010, and is expected to grow another 85% by 2030.

For New Mexicans, a Biden-Harris Administration would be an economic catastrophe.  Those five electoral votes are headed to the Trump total.

Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada has adopted the attitude of a Central American tinpot dictator in handling the Chinese Virus.  His draconian decrees and the state’s slow reopening undoubtedly could cause Nevada voters to join the Trump Train.

Much has been made of the fact Republicans have to fight to keep a number of U.S. Senate seats in order to hold onto their majority.  Little attention has been paid to the Democrat seats that might be flipped to offset any GOP losses (Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota).

What remains to be seen is how much of a coattail effect President Trump might generate in those states he wins, where senate seats are up for grabs.

Yet, holding the Senate might be a bittersweet victory if Republicans remain the minority party in the House of Representatives.  Those races are much harder to call because of the level of research needed to make an intelligent analysis.

It’s clear, however, that some Democrat House members in tight races are extremely upset with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to make a deal on additional stimulus relief for Americans who’ve lost jobs or income because of the lockdowns. It’s made their election prospects much shakier.

As it stands right now, the Democrats hold 233 seats to 196 for Republicans.  There are five vacancies, including four previously held by the GOP and one by Democrats.

In order for Republicans to take back control of the House with 218, and make Kevin McCarthy of California the next Speaker, the GOP needs to flip 18 seats and keep the four currently vacant.

It’s a tough order, but certainly in the realm of possibility.  Again, a strong coattail effect from a surging President Trump could be enough to carry the day.

What’s truly concerning is we may not know the outcome tomorrow night.  With the large number of mail-in and absentee votes, the count in critical states could be delayed to the point that television networks won’t make any final calls.

Adding to this dilemma is the fact that the traditional exit polling done on in-person voting won’t provide reliable enough information, given the mail-in vote.  The only offset here might be the number of votes yet to be counted may not be enough to sway an election from the vote totals announced tomorrow night.

The ultimate “Joker in the Deck” is what shenanigans The Deep State and Democrats might pull to generate election-day chaos to keep people away from the polls.

We’ll certainly look back on 2020 as the most unusual election in our lifetime.  Yet, we ultimately may look back at it as the day when everyday Americans rejected The Great Offset proposed by globalists and cemented America First as the prevailing governing doctrine for decades ahead.

Go vote tomorrow to Make America Great Again and to Keep America Great!  The Best is Yet to Come!

Thanks for reading!  We’ll look back at 2020 in amazement to consider the Democrats nominated a corrupt man with permanent brain damage and a checkered history of racism, who was a tool of the globalists eager to destroy our sovereignty and eliminate our freedoms.

Yesterday marked the 14th anniversary of the founding of The Forgotten Street.  We’ve now entered our 15th year, with plans to undertake a renovation of the website and incorporate new features.  Stay tuned for these developments.

October brought a dramatic increase of 46% in our traffic.  Our foreign visitors included followers from: The European Union; Canada; The Czech Republic; Germany; Australia; The Russian Federation; Red China; Mexico; The Netherlands; Sweden; Brazil; Spain; Romania; Italy; Hungary; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Poland; Switzerland; Indonesia; India; The United Kingdom; Israel; and Turkey.

Like those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, our international friends share our concerns about globalism and The Deep State’s global reach.

More can be learned about The Deep State, its history and aims in J.C. Hawkins’ compelling book: Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. Now available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, keeps growing an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia. Overall sales are up about 40%.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:


October 31, 2020               Happy Halloween!

The Schiffer Report Pre-Election Special Available For Listening

Those of you who missed last Wednesday’s broadcast of The Schiffer Report pre-election special on WHKW in Cleveland can listen to it at your leisure.  Don’t delay!  It’s packed with terrific insight into what’s at stake in Tuesday’s election.

The link to the program can be found on Cliff Kincaid’s America’s Survival website on the home page:

Featured guests include:  author Jack Cashill, J.C. Hawkins of The Forgotten Street, investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid and internationally-known conservative author Trevor Loudon.

We refer to them as: The Four Horsemen of the Conservative Apocalypse, who terrify communists and Democrats with their revelations of the truth behind The Deep State’s globalist and communist drive for world domination.

Noted Ohio conservative activist Paul Schiffer serves as host, offering his unique and compelling insights.  Those of you on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, will find the program a stimulating discussion of the critical issues we face as a nation.

Please tell your friends and colleagues to tune in.  We’re depending on all of you to vote to Make America Great Again and Keep America Great!

October 29, 2020

The Dramatically Stark Contrast Between President Trump & Joe Biden

As the 2020 election nears the finish line, it’s abundantly clear this election presents the most dramatic contrast between the two major candidates in decades.

Here’s a look at major issues separating the candidates. They demonstrate why President Donald Trump remains the overwhelming favorite of the folks living on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA. His achievements in a first presidential term are beyond remarkable.

Vision:  President Trump offers voters a clear, inspiring vision of the future.  He embraces The American Dream, he’s awakened our American pride and patriotism, and he promises: “The Best is Yet to Come!”

All Joe Biden provides is a gloomy prediction of a “Dark Winter” and the observation that America is only an idea that we haven’t lived up to.  Talk about a total downer.

Sovereignty:  Our foreign policy has been reshaped by President Trump’s America First doctrine, with a heavy emphasis of being guided by what’s best for Americans, not by what our allies think of us and how they can continue to scam us.

It’s painfully obvious Joe Biden is simply a stooge of The Deep State who will push the New World Order agenda and sell out American interests to Red China and Russia.

World Peace:  Recalling the halcyon days of Ronald Reagan, President Trump has embraced the Peace Through Strength mantra to rebuild our broken military and create a new service branch, The Space Force.  He’s called for an end to needless wars. His Abraham Accords Middle East peace initiative is the greatest foreign policy achievement since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Biden was a key player in the Obama Administration that cut military spending and inhibited military readiness.  He will no doubt scrap the Abraham Accords and undercut America’s support for Israel.

Energy Independence:  The most significant factor in the rebuilding of the American economy under President Trump’s leadership has been our nation finally becoming totally energy independent, as well as the world’s leading supplier of oil and natural gas.  By reducing the need for Middle East oil, it strengthened the America First doctrine and forced the Arab states to embrace the wisdom of seeking peace with Israel.

To the contrary, Joe Biden has acquiesced to the lunatic ideas of the Green New Deal, which would decimate the oil industry, reduce our global economic power, create massive federal boondoggles to promote crooked renewable energy schemes (remember Solyndra), and lead to the worst depression in history.

Law & Order:  President Trump totally owns the Law & Order issue through his staunch support for law enforcement, the border patrol, conservative judges who will enforce the law, and his determination to rescue our cities from BLM and Antifa mayhem.

The Defund the Police movement has done more to demolish Joe Biden’s presidential chances than any other issue.  His inability to criticize BLM and Antifa tells minorities in urban centers and people in the suburbs he can’t be counted on to protect them from civil insurrection.

Border Security:  A key factor in President Trump’s 2016 victory was his recognition that a nation without border enforcement would no longer be a nation.  By keeping his promise to Build the Wall along the Mexican border, he showed he’s serious about keeping illegal immigrants out of our country, stopping the flow of dangerous drugs, and ending sex trafficking.  He also is doing what he can to put an end to Sanctuary Cities in the United States.

Joe Biden is an Open Borders advocate for The Deep State and globalists.  He will allow wide-open borders that will facilitate the Red Chinese scheme to flood the country with the lethal fentanyl drug to kill Americans, and also unleash a flood of undocumented immigrants into America. 

The China Virus:  Under a barrage of unwarranted criticism from The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) and Democrats, President Trump mobilized a public-private partnership of government agencies, equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to confront the pandemic unleashed on our country and the world through Red Chinese biowarfare.  Progress continues to be made while the ETM keep pumping out panic porn.

The ballyhooed Biden plan includes many of the elements President Trump has already accomplished.  The major difference is that Biden talks about a national mask mandate (totally unconstitutional) and a return to lockdowns.  That’s a surefire prescription for a depression and societal collapse.

Pro Life & Religious Liberty:  No question, Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history.  He’s also been a champion for religious liberty worldwide.  Any so-called Christian who can’t support him is simply a fraud who mouths platitudes but doesn’t back them up.

In contrast, Biden is an abortion extremist, who will allow and promote them right up to the moment of birth.  Because of his far left position, Cardinal Raymond Burke, the highest-ranking American in the Vatican hierarchy, has called him out, saying he shouldn’t present himself in church for Holy Communion, that it would be a sacrilege.

The Judiciary:  Through his three Supreme Court and hundreds of federal judge appointments, President Trump makes it clear he believes judges should follow the letter of the law, uphold the U.S. Constitution, and not legislate from the bench.

Joe Biden keeps ducking the question of court packing to expand the Supreme Court. But, it’s clear he favors judges who will actively work to implement the progressive agenda and bypass the separation of powers enumerated in the Constitution.

Strong Administration Team:  After some fits and starts in getting the right mix of cabinet officers and his own team in place to run the administration, President Trump has assembled an all-star lineup including such leaders as Mike Pompeo (State), Betsy DeVos (Education), Dr. Ben Carson (HUD), Eugene Scalia (Labor), Larry Kudlow (economic advisor) and Mark Meadows (Chief of Staff).  His best choice of all is Vice President Mike Pence, a man who’s come into his own as a national leader. He shows great potential as a future president.

A Biden administration would likely be a hodge-podge of retreads from the Clinton and Obama administrations, possibly the greatest assemblage of political hacks ever.  His vice president, Kamala Harris, waits in the wings to push him out the door.  She may be one of the most unqualified and fraudulent candidates ever for the position she seeks.  She’s a total intellectual lightweight, a left-wing ideologue and a woman completely lacking in character.

Personal Character:  Donald J. Trump doesn’t claim to be the perfect person.  He’s simply wants to lead America back to greatness and to provide all Americans with an opportunity to succeed. His outreach to minorities long neglected by the Deep State lackeys who were his predecessors (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama) speaks volumes as to his character and a genuine desire to make our country a true land of opportunity for all.

Most important, Donald Trump is not a typical politician.  He’s the first to make promises that he’s actually kept!

Simply put, Joe Biden is the single most corrupt politician to seek the presidency since Lyndon Johnson.  He makes the Clintons and Al Gore look like minor leaguers.  He suffers from brain damage and physical frailty, which means he’s in no way is up to the rigors of the presidency.

Biden is a pathological liar and a Cafeteria Catholic who picks and chooses what’s politically convenient to believe.   Worst of all, he’s a dirty human being who’s overlooked moral turpitude and criminality in his own family.

There you have it, folks.  That’s about as concise a rundown of the difference on the issues between the two major candidates as you’ll find.  It comes down to an absolute no-brainer.  The only way to logically vote is to give Donald J. Trump the second term he has earned and so richly deserves.

Thanks for reading!  Last evening’s special election preview by The Schiffer Report on WHKW in Cleveland was a terrific rundown of what’s at stake in this election.

Paul Schiffer did his usual sterling job in producing and moderating the program.  It was an honor to be included as a guest along with such noted conservatives as Jack Cashill, Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon

I jokingly told Paul afterward we were The Four Horsemen of the Conservative Apocalypse for Democrats and communists.  Here’s hoping The Schiffer Report becomes a Wednesday night feature for WHKW.

The program centered on much of the truly evil initiatives underway by The Deep State and globalists.  For those wanting to learn more about The Deep State and how it got embedded in our government and society, you’ll find it in J.C. Hawkins’ revealing book:  Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News. Now available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, keeps growing an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Five more days until the most fateful election in our lifetime.  The results will determine the path our beloved United States will take for many years into the future.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of early voting in your state, please make every effort to get to the polls and make your voice heard.

God bless you all for your interest and support.  We have the most inspirational grass roots movement in American history supporting President Trump.  Let’s cross the finish line with a resounding victory!

October 28, 2020

PROGRAM REMINDER:  Don’t Forget To Tune in to The Schiffer Report!

A special pre-election program of the The Schiffer Report airs tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. on WHKW 1220 AM in Cleveland.  It focuses on the accomplishment of President Donald Trump and exposes the threats posed by a Biden/Harris administration.

Conservative activist Paul Schiffer is pleased to announce a fourth guest for tonight’s program:  Trevor Loudon, world-renowned expert on the insidious reach of communism and how to fight it.  Loudon will appear as the fourth guest after the following:

Noted investigative author Jack Cashill, whose revealing book, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, is now available on;

J.C. Hawkins, founder of The Forgotten Street and author of the groundbreaking 2020 release, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News, also available on;

Internationally known journalist Cliff Kincaid, whose America’s Survival website details his decades long battle against global communism, the push for a one-world government, and the cultural decay advanced by progressives.

Those outside the Cleveland area and Ohio can access the program over the Internet by going to:

On the top of the WHKW home page, find the “On The Air Now” link to click on.

The Schiffer Report offers two hours of in-depth interviews with the authors and commentary from other prominent conservatives in compelling clips.

Don’t miss this hard-hitting preview of what’s at stake on November 3!

October 26, 2020

The Schiffer Report Returns in a Pre-Election Special on WHKW

Paul Schiffer, noted Ohio conservative activist and radio host, returns to WHKW, 1220 AM, on Wednesday, October 28, with a special pre-election program of The Schiffer Report.

Airing from 7 to 9 p.m., The Schiffer Report will feature a hard-hitting look at the coming presidential election, with a special focus on President Donald Trump’s accomplishments while exposing the threat Joe Biden and the Democrats pose to our American way of life.

Three nationally-known conservative activists and authors will be interviewed. Compelling commentary in clips of renowned experts discussing what’s at stake on November 3 will air as well.

On air guests will include: 

Noted investigative author Jack Cashill, whose newest expose, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, is available on

Next will be investigative journalist and author J.C. Hawkins, founder of the conservative website The Forgotten Street, whose latest book Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News, also is available on

Another prominent guest is internationally-known journalist Cliff Kincaid from the Washington D.C. area, founder of the website America’s Survival.  He’s the author of many books examining the major threats to American sovereignty posed by global communism and the Deep State push for a one-world government.

For those outside the Cleveland area and Ohio, the program can be accessed over the Internet by going to:

On the top of the WHKW home page, find the “On The Air Now” link to click on.

More about Paul Schiffer’s guests can be learned on their websites:

We urge all our followers on The Forgotten Street to tune in to this exciting program, which will shed more light on what's at stake in this election.  God bless you all!

October 12, 2020   HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!

Hey, Joe and Nancy! If You Support Abortion, You Ain’t Catholic!

The opening hearing on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy again brings the spotlight to the abortion issue

The Supreme Court hears a number of cases each year on a wide range of constitutional questions.  But for Democrats, the only issue that ultimately matters is preserving the favorable abortion ruling in Roe v. Wade.

For unhinged Democrats, unlimited abortion rights through a full term pregnancy are the sacrament for their satanic beliefs.  There’s nothing they love more than killing babies, especially black and Latino ones.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi make a big deal out of wearing their Catholicism on their sleeves, as if that makes them morally superior to everyone else.

The problem is they both stand up for abortion rights through full term delivery, citing the nonsensical women’s right to choose (more on that later).  By doing so, they discount and ignore the Roman Catholic teaching regarding the Right to Life.

Thus, Biden and Pelosi reveal themselves as “Cafeteria Catholics” conveniently selecting which parts of the faith they adhere to.  For folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, wondering why these Democrats ignore their religion’s teaching, the answer is simple.

Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions, is a major source of funding for Democrats.  As we know all too well, a lot of politicians can be bought.

Fortunately, there are Roman Catholic priests, archbishops and cardinals who take the church’s teaching very seriously.

Earlier in year, while campaigning in the South Carolina Democrat primary, Joe Biden was refused communion by a priest in Florence, South Carolina.

More recently, Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American member of the highest court at the Vatican, pronounced Joe Biden “is not a Catholic in good standing and he should not approach to receive Holy Communion.”  Cardinal Burke is the former Archbishop of St. Louis.

In an interview with Catholic Action for Faith and Family, reported on the Catholic News Agency on September 29, Burke noted that Biden “has not only been actively supporting procured abortion in our country but has announced publicly in his campaign that he intends to make the practice of procured abortion available to everyone in the widest possible form and to repeal the restrictions of this practice which have been put in place.”

The cardinal also asserted. “I can’t imagine that any Catholic wouldn’t know that abortion is a grievous sin.  But if they don’t, once they’ve been told, then they either have to cease to support abortion or accept the fact they are not a Catholic in good standing and therefore should not present themselves for Holy Communion.”

Burke said if he had the opportunity to talk directly to Biden about the inconsistency between the Democrat’s claim to be devout and the candidate’s support for abortion, he would say, “ So, first of all, I would tell him not to approach Holy Communion out of charity toward him, because that would be a sacrilege, and a danger to the salvation of his own soul.”

Obviously, Cardinal Burke’s admonition toward Joe Biden applies to other prominent Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi.

Burke further noted that politicians and others who profess to be “devout Catholics” and support abortion give “scandal to everyone.”

In explanation, he said, “If people were perhaps questioning in their mind about abortion, and they see this man who pronounces himself to be a devout and he’s promoting abortion in the strongest possible way, this leads people into error, thinking ‘well it must be morally acceptable to commit abortion,’ and so the person then bears responsibility – not only the person who gives the scandal, not only for his own wrong actions in supporting abortion but also for leading others into thinking that abortion is acceptable.”

Abortion supporters offer two phony arguments to bolster their support:  a woman’s right to choose; and a woman’s control over he own body.

First on the right to choose, perhaps one of the most specious arguments ever:  a woman has a number of choices to make before she reaches the abortion crossroads.

She can choose whether or not to have sex. She can select her partner understanding the possible consequences. She can use birth control or ask her partner to use birth control as well. How many choices does she get before she acts like a responsible person?

With all the money and time spent on sex education in public schools, when will people wake up to the fact that it’s been a dismal failure, given the number of teen pregnancies and abortions.  Those kids must have slept through the classes or just have no sense of morals.

Abortion proponents automatically respond with the “rape or incest” counter, but in reality those numbers are extremely low compared to the totality of pregnancies.

The other argument simply rejecting the science of pregnancy is that the fetus is a part of the woman’s body.

Sorry, we have too much indisputable science available that tells us otherwise.

With the advent of ultrasound, we now can establish a time frame for when the fetus has a heartbeat, which definitively establishes it as a separate human life.  The woman’s body is simply acting as a host for that new life.

The number of premature babies born every year, and the improving statistics on their ability to survive, demonstrate the fetus is without question a separate human being.

Those advocating full term abortions or letting babies who survive abortion attempts die after delivery are simply supporting outright murder.

Meanwhile, we continue to endure the sorry spectacle of Democrat politicians, including professed Catholics, as well as the usual assortment of entertainment loons, pushing abortion with their ridiculous arguments.

The sad news for Joe, Nancy and other lapsed Catholics is Cardinal Burke thoroughly proved “you ain’t Catholic.”  Quit the disgusting moral preening and ask God for His forgiveness.

Thanks for reading!  Today is Columbus Day, a national holiday that honors the intrepid Italian explorer who opened up the Americas to exploration and European conquest.

The story of Christopher Columbus has both its positive and negative sides, given hindsight is 20/20. It’s all too easy to find fault with the ways things were done in the past.  But it’s hard for anyone to diminish the courage displayed by he and his men sailing the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria in search of a New World and to spread the Roman Catholic faith.

His exploits were in keeping with the times in which he lived.  The problem with evaluating his deeds through the lens of the 21st Century is that it lacks context.  Can anyone really make the case the world would be better off if North America and South America had never been colonized by Europeans?

There’s no turning back the pages of time.  But it’s worth examining history and comprehending the forces that made an impact.

J.C. Hawkins’ new book does just that in looking at the origins of the Modern Deep State.

Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Followers of The Forgotten Street know this is the place where readers in 36 countries worldwide are finding what’s truly happening behind the scenes.  God bless you all for your interest and support in this our 14th year!

October 8, 2020

What Really Happened to President Trump in Cleveland at the Debate?

After the fireworks of the September 29 debate between President Trump and Joe Biden in Cleveland came the shocking news the President and First Lady had tested positive for the China Virus.

At first they were quarantined in the White House, but suddenly President Trump exhibited troubling symptoms that prompted his transfer to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

It didn’t take long for sickos on the Left to wish for the President’s death and for members of The Elite Traitor Media (ETM) to blame him for contracting the illness.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, immediately took to prayer to seek God’s help in healing the President and First Lady.

As detailed in our October 3 Buzz About Town, alarm bells went off immediately as we recalled previous unsavory events at the Bethesda hospital and received calls from concerned patriots around the nation.

Last Monday night, J.C. Hawkins had a stimulating radio interview on WHKW in Cleveland on the “Monday Night Roundtable” hosted by George Csatary and Steve Kraus.  Given their local knowledge of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University where the debate was hosted, J.C. picked up some valuable insight on what took place there.  George and Steve really dug into the matter quickly to discuss it with their audience.

The Cleveland Clinic is renowned as one of the finest medical facilities in the world.  It was tasked with handling the precautionary procedures to ensure the debate could take place and not expose participants or the audience to the China Virus.

After news of President Trump’s illness became known, the Clinic revealed 11 people associated with the debate had tested positive for the virus.  Here is the official statement released:

“It’s important to clarify the 11 people who tested positive never accessed the debate hall.  These individuals were either members of the media and were scheduled to work logistics/setup in the days prior to the event.  Individuals did not receive credentials or tickets to enter the debate hall until they had a negative test, and all were advised to isolate while they awaited their test results.”

While some are questioning the Clinic’s performance in handling how people would be protected from the virus, the Clinic issued a statement outlining its precautions and procedures:

“Our thoughts are with the President, First Lady and all of our guests.  As health advisor to the Commission on Presidential Debates and the host site, we had requirements to maintain a safe environment that align with CDC guidelines – including social distancing, hand sanitizing, temperature checks and masking.  Most importantly, everyone permitted inside the debate hall tested negative for COVID-19 prior to entry.  Individuals traveling with both candidates, including the candidates themselves, had been tested and tested negative by their respective campaigns.  Based on what we know about the virus and the safety measures we had in place, we believe there is low risk of exposure to our guests.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are reaching out to our guests to address any questions and concerns.  We will continue to monitor the information being released by the White House.”

Based on what we’ve learned since the debate, it is clear that the hall was likely in good shape regarding the virus.  So, in order to determine how President Trump might have been exposed, we have to consider a broad range of possibilities.

Of course, because adviser Hope Hicks had tested positive, the ETM are trying to pin it on her.  She traveled with the president to Ohio and then on to Minnesota after the debate.  The Wednesday morning following the Tuesday debate, she was tested prior to boarding Air Force One.  The results were negative.

She developed symptoms later in the day on Wednesday and then tested positive.  President Trump was surprised because he said she often wore a mask.

Upon returning to Washington, and knowing about Hicks’ positive test, he and the First Lady went into quarantine and awaited their own test results.

Following the timeline and seeing how events unfolded in Cleveland, we’re left with this disturbing question:

Are there Deep State moles in the Secret Service and White House Staff?

We believe the China Virus was manmade in a laboratory in Red China with the specific aim of creating a weaponized form for biowarfare.  Chinese scientists who’ve left the Evil Empire out of fear for their safety have said so.  We also believe the Chinese have developed an antidote its agents can use to protect themselves while infecting others.

Consider the doctors in China who mysteriously came down with the disease and died after trying to be whistleblowers.  They fell victim to the gangsters in the New Evil Empire.

That leaves us considering this disturbing possibility:  President Trump was exposed to a form of the virus through its introduction to his environment by a rogue Secret Service agent or staff member secretly working for The Deep State.

No doubt people will criticize me immediately for impugning the Secret Service.  While I greatly respect and admire the job they do, we’ve seen past instances when members of law enforcement and the Intelligence Community have betrayed their country (Robert Hanssen, FBI and Aldrich Ames, CIA).

Frankly, there are the gaps in Secret Service security protocol that occurred with both the John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan shootings.  Both cases are detailed in J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.

Upon falling ill, President Trump has been treated with a wide range of experimental therapeutics, which raises an entirely new concern.  We have to trust that the doctors had good reason to persuade him to undergo the treatments and that he hasn’t been put in danger as a result.

While some are concerned the experimental drugs might pose a further risk to President Trump’s health, I believe the doctors would exercise the utmost caution in doing so.  Being known as the doctor who had the President of the United States die while under his care is certainly no resume enhancer.

When a President of the United States falls ill, it should be a time for the country to rally around him and hope for the best in the interest of national unity and national security.

We’ve been subjected to seeing just how far into the depths of outright treason our nation has been sinking.  It’s no surprise the ETM and entertainment idiots would pile on and castigate the President.

But to have Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer display their abominable behavior in speaking out against President Trump and blaming him for getting sick is beyond disgusting and shameful.

Now Mrs. Pelosi is talking about using the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump because of his health.  She is a vile traitor for even raising that possibility right before a national election in a time of national crisis.

Those three are among the biggest traitors in the United States ever, given all they’ve done to prolong the economic downturn and undermine the Trump presidency.

Of course, Joe Biden’s debate partner Chris Wallace had to chime in by criticizing President Trump and his family for not wearing masks at the debate.  Fox News has completely destroyed its brand by letting this Fake News charlatan become the face of their network.

Given my suspicions about how President Trump contracted the virus, we’re left with the disturbing conclusion that we might never know.  After all, who can we trust to investigate the matter?  The FBI, the DOJ, the Secret Service?  Not bloody likely.  Frankly, each has been compromised by The Deep State and can’t be trusted to do their jobs.

That puts the United States of America in a real fix.

Thanks for reading!  Last night’s vice presidential debate revealed Kamala Harris for the complete lying fraud she is.  Certainly anyone watching her laugh and smirk her way through the evening would conclude she is not remotely presidential in her behavior.

That’s how we have to evaluate the participants.  Both are in a position to be one heartbeat away from the presidency.  In no way is Kamala Harris qualified to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.  She set a new Guinness Book of World Records standard for brazen lying.

On the other hand, Vice President Mike Pence distinguished himself as a calm, confident presence who was thoroughly presidential in his bearing.

Moderator Susan Page of USA TODAY didn’t disappoint, as she fit the mold of the ETM with her editorialized and leading questions to Vice President Pence, and her constant attempts to cut off his answers.

One good thing:  the two debates held thus far have revealed what a complete sham the Commission on Presidential Debates is.  It produces a rigged process to hamper Republican candidates as best it can by having ETM moderators.  The whole damn thing is a Deep State operation that should be scrapped.

You can learn much more about the Deep State and its history in J.C.’s milestone book, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  You can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have won an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

Readership on The Forgotten Street has exploded in response to our latest revelations.  This is the place where you and others in 36 countries worldwide are finding them and reading them first.  God bless you all for your interest and support in this our 14th year!

October 7, 2020

Does Joe Biden Have Brain Damage? Take a Serious Look

That question is not posed flippantly, or to be cruel.  As is well known, earlier in his life Joe Biden suffered two brain aneurysms that required major surgery.  Obviously, he was able to recover and live a productive life.

But, as his political career advanced, and he aged, he became known for a series of so-called “gaffes,” when he said things that sounded a little off the mark or even bizarre.

It occurred to me these might not be “gaffes.”  He also has developed a behavior problem with women and young girls in which he fondles them inappropriately, earning him the moniker, “Creepy Joe.”

All this may have a medical explanation.  I believe Joe Biden has a condition called “encephalomalacia,” which is a fancy medical term for a “softening” of the brain, more commonly known as brain damage.

This condition is a common occurrence in patients who undergo brain surgery or suffer a traumatic brain injury.  When the cranium is opened up in a surgery known as a “craniotomy,” the patient is highly likely to experience some damage to brain tissue.

In the case of an aneurysm that has ruptured and bled, the aneurysm and related blood clot must be removed by the neurosurgeon.  The affected artery must have a titanium clip installed to shut off the bleeding. Blood interacting with brain issue is like oil on water.  The involved tissue is going to be damaged, sometimes permanently.

It’s quite possible Joe Biden has suffered some damage to the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the area that controls your behavior and what you might say.  In essence, it can impair the filter in the your brain that keeps you from blurting out something inappropriate or from doing something unseemly.

This fact would certainly explain those elements of Joe Biden’s behavior that some find concerning.

Intensive rehabilitation and cognitive therapy after an episode like a ruptured aneurysm or stroke can minimize the effects of the damage and retrain the brain to compensate for what’s happened.

It’s likely that when Joe suffered his brain injuries in February and May of 1988, some of these rehab techniques hadn’t been perfected.

His problems might be compounded by the simple fact of aging, and the related dementia issues that might arise as one gets older.

Given this background, it’s clear Joe Biden should not be ridiculed or mocked for his behavior, which may be beyond his control.  But, on the other hand, it’s readily apparent that someone with this condition has no business being President of the United States.

If he wants to rebut or allay these concerns, he should immediately undergo an MRI or electroencephalogram (EEG) to determine the extent of his encephalolamacia.  An EEG is like an EKG of the heart that is done on the brain to determine if there are any abnormalities.  Those results must be shared with the public.

There can be no denying Joe Biden has some form of encephalomalacia.  Everyone who undergoes brain surgery is virtually certain to have some measure of it.

How would I know all this?  From personal experience.  In August, 2008, I suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke.  The chances of survival and recovery in my case were extremely remote.

But, thanks to the world-class surgeons and medical staff at the Shands Hospital of the University of Florida in Gainesville, and the incredible therapists and staff at Brooks Rehabiltation Hospital in Jacksonville, and the related Brooks Clinic in St. Augustine, I got on the road to a 100% recovery.

None of that would have been possible without the heroic support of my wonderful wife and daughter who helped me fight back and get stronger.

However, credit must go to where it is ultimately due.  I was blessed by a loving God who spared me. He gave me the opportunity to still lead a productive life.  Even my surgeon said my complete recovery was miraculous.

Follow up examinations show I have a mild form of encephalolamalacia that is under control.  It doesn’t inhibit me in any way.  Since my illness 12 years ago, I have held a responsible corporate position, served as a consultant to leading companies, and written two books.

I share this story because I believe the American people living on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are owed total transparency about Joe Biden’s health and medical conditions. It’s been completely ignored and covered up by the Elite Traitor Media in its relentless drive to defeat President Donald Trump.

We can count on The Deep State to attack me for revealing this information. But the stakes are too high to leave it buried and out of the public eye.  Let’s put this issue front and center for what remains of the 2020 presidential campaign.

Thanks for reading!  I urge other independent journalists to follow this lead.  By running Joe Biden for president, The Deep State hopes to install a compliant front man for its globalist agenda.

Learn more about the Deep State in J.C. Hawkins groundbreaking exposeBetrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  You can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have won an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be reached at the following email:

May God bless you all and keep you well.  The Forgotten Street is nearing the end of its 14th year of providing fresh insight on the headlines of the day..

October 3, 2020

Has The Deep State Made Its Ultimate Move Against President Trump?

When word came that both President and Mrs. Trump had tested positive for the China Virus, a shiver went down my spine.

For some time, I’ve been concerned that The Deep State ultimately would play its final hand to get rid of President Donald Trump, especially given its multiple failures with the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Phony Impeachment and the Coronavirus Economic Lockdown.

With President Trump being moved to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as a supposed precautionary move, my antenna really perked up.

What is now Walter Reed was originally the National Navel Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Readers familiar with my two Betrayal at Bethesda books will recognize it as the site of some of the most heinous crimes in American history.

The first book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy lays out the case that the Deep State murdered both Forrestal and McCarthy there, while President Kennedy’s autopsy was ultimately falsified there to cover up the conspiracy that murdered him.

Subsequently, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News reveals the further treachery of The Deep State in eliminating a number of prominent citizens standing in the way of its agenda.

News of the president’s transfer to the hospital sparked a number of phone calls seeking my thoughts on what was really transpiring.  Noted conservative activist and radio host Paul Schiffer called from Canton, Ohio, to relay news that readers of my books there were seeking my views on what it all means.  I provided him feedback to share with his numerous contacts.

This morning, internationally-recognized journalist Cliff Kincaid called seeking my input for a column on his outstanding America’s Survival website.  The unique views I shared regarding President Trump’s sudden illness can be found here:

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know America’s Survival as a must-read to stay current on critical political and social trends.  Cliff’s staunch pro-America, anti-communist and pro-life messages give hope to readers that we can turn the tide against the globalists trying to destroy our country and its way of life.

You can sign up for his free newsletter on the website or use the contact form. It’s well worth your time.

Clearly there’s more going on than meets the eye with President Trump’s illness.  His doctor reports he is making progress, but we still must remain wary as long as he isn’t within the confines of The White House.  His four-minute video released this evening was reassuring, but we must be on guard.

Now is a good time to share with you excerpts from Chapter 20 of Betrayal at Bethesda II:

“By fighting back against the Deep State, Donald Trump demonstrates he is a breed apart from past political figures.  Unfortunately, by doing so, he’s put himself in increasing personal danger.

“Democrats and their allies in The Elite Traitor Media labored continuously to further The Russian Collusion Hoax. Then they replaced it with Phony Impeachment Inquiries that found little or no public support.

“Most recently, they latched on to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to create public panic and take down the strongest economy in our lifetime.

“All the COVID-19 criticism of President Trump’s handling of the crisis is aimed at hurting his re-election bid, not helping to defeat the Chinese virus or relieve the suffering of the American people.

“If we had a real news media, they would be working to determine the origin of the virus and consider the possibility that it was unleashed on an unsuspecting world by the True Evil Empire, Red China, to further its bid for global dominance.

“After all, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thinks nothing of killing thousands, even millions of its own people, to keep its population submissive and under total control.

“What really would be interesting is to uncover the linkage between the CCP and the Deep State in America, especially prominent politicians and business leaders.  Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and George Soros, we’re looking at you.”

I wrote those words last spring. Looking back on them, I find there was a lot of foresight.  Consider these thoughts:

“No doubt the Deep State has long recognized the various legal and political maneuvers have little or no chance of success.  As a result, it’s safe, yet sobering, to conclude that somewhere highly skilled assassination teams are plotting and training in the event the looming 2020 election looks like a Trump landslide….

“Nonetheless, the president’s personal danger remains. When you consider the wide range of assassination techniques developed and tried by the CIA against Fidel Castro, you shudder to think what might be on the Deep State table for use against Donald Trump.”

Like John F. Kennedy, Donald J. Trump brought a refreshing change and style to the presidency.  It turns out they had much in common.

“It’s clear there are eerie parallels between Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy. They include:

  1. Family wealth, that ensures independence;
  2. An ability to connect with working class voters;
  3. Historic tax cuts and strong economic growth;
  4. Foreign policy risk-taking;
  5. A bold vision to redefine America’s role in the world;
  6. Disloyalty in the American military;
  7. Taking on big business interests whose globalist tendencies show nothing but disdain for America and Americans;
  8. Glamorous, well-educated First Ladies.

“We can add to the list the following:  a divided opposition political party; a bureaucracy unresponsive to presidential directives; a Deep State desire to remove them by any means necessary.”

“We now find ourselves facing a related crisis in the Deep State’s ongoing attempted coup against President Trump.  Aligning themselves against him are some of the same actors as well as new elements: 

  1. Rogue intelligence and FBI leaders;
  2. Insubordinate military leaders;
  3. Corrupt Democrat and Republican politicians bought and paid for by global business interests and hostile enemies like Red China and Iran;
  4. The Elite Traitor Media who resent and mock everyday Americans, our heritage, and our belief in God;  
  5. Social media moguls working to suppress public debate by censoring conservative voices.

“As the treasonous ‘Resistance’ keeps failing miserably in its various attempts to sabotage and undermine the presidency of Donald Trump, it’s all too apparent that President Trump has entered the same ‘danger zone’ that led to the vicious murder of President Kennedy.

“With less than a year now until the 2020 presidential election, prior to the COVID-19 crisis, President Trump found his political base solidifying and growing, the economy experiencing a major boom, and support from minority voters coming to the forefront. Clearly, the Chinese virus offered the Deep State an opportunity to exploit the situation to damage the Trump re-election.”

Wrapping up Chapter 20 is a call to action for readers to get engaged and work fearlessly for a Trump victory in November.

“2020 will be a pivotal year in American history.  The Deep State has clearly met its match in President Donald Trump.  He is fighter who has taken them on with ferocity.

“His staunch defense of traditional American values and our heritage has sparked a new wave of patriotism and a growing political movement united behind his America First agenda.

“President Trump’s first term success clearly threatens the Deep State and the Globalist Cabal it serves.

“We must ensure a Trump victory in November by visibly showing our support and voting our conscience.  This coming election gives us our best chance to destroy the treasonous Deep State once and for all.

“Finally, we must pray continually for President Trump’s personal safety, recognizing the treachery that lurks within the black heart of the Deep State in Washington D.C.”

There is so much more to tell.  What this coming week brings in terms of President Trump’s recovery from the virus will set the stage for the rest of the election campaign.  

Our enemy is formidable and ruthless.  The unholy alliance The Deep State has created with leftist Democrats, anarchists, communists, wealthy globalists and the CCP will require our total commitment to opposing and destroying hem, whatever it takes.  America is at stake.

Thanks for reading! If you like what you’ve read from Betrayal at Bethesda II, you can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on

The new book and its predecessor, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F Kennedy, have won an international audience on five of the seven continents.  Amazon reports sales in these 10 countries:  The United States; Canada; Brazil; The United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Italy; India; Japan; and Australia.

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We’re nearing the end of our 14th year here on The Forgotten Street.  On November 1, we will begin our 15th years of bringing unique and fearless political insights to our followers.

God bless you all for your interest and support.  We pray that on November 4 we will begin a new chapter for The Forgotten Street by celebrating a massive Trump/Pence victory!

August 8, 2020

Nixon Was Right:  “The Press is the Enemy.”

Having endured a decades-long rocky relationship with a news media that hated him with a vengeance, Richard Nixon came up with this admonition for people entering into politics and working for him:

“The press is the enemy.  The press is the enemy.  The press is the enemy.  Write it 100 times on a blackboard, and never forget it.”  December, 1972, as told to Henry Kissinger.

That’s the hard lesson President Donald Trump has since learned after entering politics.  Prior to that, the real estate mogul enjoyed a good relationship with the media because he was flamboyant, accessible and always provided material for good copy.

Given the incredibly one-sided and mean-spirited coverage President Trump has received since he announced his candidacy in 2015, and his subsequent election in 2016, it’s wholly justified for those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to tag the media with the following moniker:  The Elite Traitor Media.

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to a free press.  With that right comes a very special responsibility.  For a democratic republic like the United States to fully function and flourish, there must be a diversity of opinion provided and a fair platform in which candidates for office, elected officials and the general public can offer their views, as well as be held accountable.

A fair and healthy election process depends on an unbiased media that will report the news as it happens, not shape it as it wants.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, there’s been an explosion in content available to the public.  But unfortunately, the giant tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and others have taken it upon themselves to censor content posted by their customers, which limits public input on the electoral process.

What the media elites and social media giants didn’t anticipate is that Donald Trump would call them out for their feckless behavior and put them on the defensive for a change.

By tagging them with the “Fake News” sobriquet, he’s undermined public confidence in their fairness and the validity of the information they provide.

Once the mask was dropped, and all pretense of fairness went out the window, the Elite Traitor Media found itself the object of outright hatred by millions of Americans.  That fall in public respect is well reflected in the drop in broadcast ratings, fewer newspaper sales and declining advertising revenue.

As a former newspaper reporter, I can attest to the following:  the most important attribute the media can have is credibility. And, credibility is very much like virginity: once it’s lost, it’s gone forever.

The spectacle of the legacy network news (ABC, CBS, NBC), and more recent cable competitors (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News), becoming barely objective while advancing false narrative agendas just adds to the erosion of public confidence.

Once respected newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY have become absolute propaganda sheets for the progressive agenda.

But, the worst offender in the promulgation of Fake News is the lead wire service, The Associated Press.  Its complete lack of objectivity and the virulent hatred of President Trump reflected in its articles filters down to the smaller print and broadcast media that rely on the AP for much of their content.  Reuters and Bloomberg News also are in the ranks of the alleged news services grinding out anti-Trump propaganda.

Our local paper, The St. Augustine Record, has become totally unreadable due to the AP screeds it runs as news and an editorial page that features leftist syndicated columnists and one-sided letters to the editor.  We only buy the paper on Sunday to get the coupons in the various advertising circulars.

The crisis in media credibility began a long time ago, but Richard Nixon and other political leaders were quick to pick up on the shift.  For more detail on how the Fake News was birthed out of the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Operation Mockingbird,” readers should check out J.C. Hawkins’ newest expose, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The CIA managed early on to co-opt many of the leading journalists of the 1950s.  These Deep State elitists helped groom their successors in carrying on the relationship with the spy agency. J.C.’s book names those responsible.

As we near the 2020 election, the role the media and tech giants are playing in attacking President Trump’s bid for re-election and boosting the flagging effort of “Basement” Joe Biden becomes more visible and treacherous.

Clearly, both Richard Nixon and now Donald Trump were correct in labeling the news media as “The Enemy of the People.”  By abdicating their special responsibility to the public to be a fair arbiter and provider of news, the Elite Traitor Media have put their properties on an irreversible course toward inevitable decline and death.

We now rely only on independent journalists like Sheryl Attkisson, Sara Carter, Lara Logan, John Solomon, Michael Goodwin and Salena Zito to provide the valuable insight, investigative skills and integrity needed to produce good journalism.

Unfortunately, they represent a dying breed.

Thanks for reading!  We hate to leave you with such a sour note.  On a more encouraging sign, it appears President Trump will take executive action in the wake of Congress’ total incompetence to reach agreement on a new stimulus package.  Both sides of the aisles deserve public condemnation for their ineptitude.

The president needs to draw a very clear distinction between his concern for the American people and the petulant arrogance of Congress.

Turmoil continues in major Democrat-led cities, fueled by the outrageous lies built around the specious claims of systemic racism.

Our friend Alex Newman has provided a much different and very important analysis around the whole discussion of racism in his recent post on his Liberty Sentinel website, “What Does God Say About Race and Racism?” You’ll find it very thought-provoking. 

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We greatly appreciate their interest and support.

J.C. Hawkins is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  He may be reached at the following email:

Many thanks to our friends and followers everywhere.  May God continue to bless you and give you peace about the future.

July 25, 2020

Deep State Wages Psychological War on the American People: Time For the Spirit of ’75!

In its demented drive to destroy the Donald Trump presidency, The Deep State is waging psychological war on the American people in an evil effort to demoralize and depress them.

Unable to accept the Trump victory in 2016, the Global Cabal behind the Deep State has conducted a treasonous, unrelenting war on President Trump and his supporters.

The latest outrage is its psychological warfare, which reveals its collusion with the Red Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to unleash the coronavirus on the American people and the rest of the world.

By inducing a real panic around the Chinese Virus, as well as killing many thousands of innocent and vulnerable people, the Deep State forced an economic shutdown to kill the booming Trump economy and demoralize the public about its future under President Trump’s leadership.

Unfortunately for them, they also succeeded in awakening the Great Silent Majority on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.  We see through their lies and treachery. We stand ready to awaken The Spirit of ’75 to send them to the ash heap of history.

We need our fellow citizens to adopt that Spirit of ’75 to thwart the Deep State’s socialist drive to get full control over our economy, our culture and how the American people live their lives.

On April 19, 1775, a band of patriotic American farmers armed with muskets faced and stood down the vaunted army of the world’s foremost empire.  Their willingness to stand on principle and demand their God-given rights was truly “the shot heard round the world” immortalized in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s epic poem, “Concord Hymn.”

By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard round the world.”

We hope our current dilemma won’t be marked by gunfire.  But, if enough patriots stand willing to confront the ongoing treason of the Deep State and the cabal behind it, we can use the 2020 election to turn back the tide of global government fanatics seeking a one world communist government run by a self-selected elite.

The Deep State has found its perfect stooge in Joe Biden to run point for the election, knowing it will have total control over him.

Banking on public concern over the Chinese Virus, fed by a flood of misinformation and disinformation from its agents in the government’s health sector and the World Health Organization, the cabal keeps the Great COVID Hoax continuing unabated.

By relying on these alleged “experts,” President Trump fell into a trap that resulted in an economic shutdown making 50 million Americans unemployed, with an explosion in government spending to counteract the impact.

He finally recognized he’d been duped. He now argues the country needs to reopen quickly and children must return to school.  As he’s tried to make that happen, he’s facing resistance from Democrats, their stooges in the Elite Traitor Media and Deep State agents buried in federal and state bureaucracies generating falsified statistics to make the virus seem more severe than it really is.

Nothing exemplifies the dilemma more than the current controversy over mandates imposed on the public to wear face masks.  The science is by no means settled over the efficacy of the masks, as evidenced by the many flip-flops the “experts” have had over their need.

Now psychological warfare is being used to shame people reluctant to use the masks into submission.  Media are quoting so-called “studies” that show those who want to abstain from masks have “Dark Triad” traits:  narcissism; psychopathy and Machiavellianism.”  This is classic psyops (psychological operations) to dehumanize and demonize mask skeptics.

Leading Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has gone so far as to label people who shun masks as “un-American.”  He overlooks the many thousands of people who have valid medical reasons to not wear masks because they can’t run the risk of having reduced oxygen levels

Those of us with such pre-existing conditions are outraged at his callous and shameful remarks.  He thinks because he had a case of the Chinese virus he can pose as a damn expert on it.

Well, Tom Hanks can go to Hell.  In fact, he should have to answer if he’s already been there, given rumors his name is on the flight manifest of Jeffrey Epstein’s flights to his “Pedo Island.”  God knows what Hanks was doing there or why he went in the first place, if in fact he went.  He should clarify the issue once and for all.

Despite the crap psychobabble studies quoted about those not wearing masks, perhaps the media should examine an updated report from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

A July 16 update to the April report by Drs. Lisa M. Brousseau and Margaret Sietsema, noted the following:

We continue to conclude that cloth masks and face coverings are likely to have limited impact on lowering COVID-19 transmission, because they have minimal ability to prevent the emission of small particles, offer limited personal protection with respect to small particle inhalation, and should not be recommended as a replacement for physical distancing or reducing time in enclosed spaced with many potentially infectious people.”

So you Deep Staters trying to demonize and criminalize those of us who must not wear masks for the good of our health can “get stuffed” as they say in Australia.

The psychological warfare currently underway is explained incredibly well by missionary Dr. Peter Hammond of the Frontline Fellowship in South Africa in a recent article on the Liberty Sentinel website.

He’s conducted evangelistic outreaches throughout Africa to help persecuted Christians.

Dr. Hammond reveals that Marxists use the so-called “Termite Strategy” to erode cultural institutions from the inside out.  The theory was advanced by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci.  It calls for achieving cumulative revolution through infiltration of educational institutions, news media, entertainment, religion and government.

That’s exactly what we’ve witnessed in America since the 1930s. Its results are seen dramatically today.

Cultural Marxism depends on the news media to “discourage and distract us.”  Entertainment has the goal of “defiling and degrading us.”  Popular culture in music and the arts is aimed as “depressing and disgracing us.”  The overall goal is to indoctrinate, distract and depress us in order for Marxism to thrive and ultimately rule us.

Gramsci was a co-founder of the Italian Communist Party in the 1920s and ultimately jailed by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1930.  His mantra was “capture the culture.”

An interesting side note is that Gramsci’s notebook writings were translated from Italian to English by University of Notre Dame literature professor Joseph Buttigieg, father of Democrat presidential wannabe Pete Buttigieg.

Gramsci embraced Karl Marx’s declaration, “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.”  Author George Orwell noted, “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Hence, we’re witnessing the attacks on statues and memorials as well as the indoctrination in our schools of false historical narratives.  The communists in our street today have learned their lessons well. They’re showing their complete disdain for America’s traditions and values.

Hammond further notes that part of the psychological warfare is aimed as subverting Christian civilization through promotion of obscenity, pornography and blasphemy.  That pretty well sums up the cultural cesspool we live in today, thanks to Hollywood, our educational system and Corporate America.

Take a step back to consider what we’re facing in the United States now with the Chinese virus shutdown, Black Lives Matter riots in major American cities, and vitriolic attacks by Democrats and the media on President Trump. We’re in the midst of the worst ever psychological warfare carried out by the Deep State.

That’s why we’re seeing an explosion in gun sales and requests for concealed carry permits.  More and more people recognize we must adopt the Spirit of ‘75 and be prepared to pledge much more than our sacred honor to save our country from the radical Marxists now pushing outright insurrection.

The chaos in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia and New York is all a well-funded, orchestrated effort to complement the ongoing psychological warfare of the Deep State.  It can be summarized as Subversion, Sabotage and Sedition.

It has nothing to do with “peaceful protests.”  That’s all a sham to provide cover for the fact that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are domestic Marxist terrorist operations, quite likely funded in part of the CCP and its partner in crime, George Soros.  They’re simply the shock troops for the Democrats as part of the push to drive Donald Trump from the White House.

Fasten your seat belts. This all is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  Adopt the Spirit of ’75 to survive.

Thanks for reading.  The one problem the Democrats now have and overlook is their self-defeating tendency to push too hard and too far to get what they want.

Their zeal to defund the police and eradicate America’s suburbs by having a federal takeover of zoning will boomerang on them as the Trump/Pence 2020 ads reveal their treason.

Nancy Pelosi calling Federal agents “storm troopers” just further shows how completely unhinged she is in her unquenchable thirst for power. She’s truly a vile excuse for a human being and a total traitor.

Those who think the Deep State is a new phenomenon are urged to get J.C. Hawkins’ blockbuster book, Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.  It puts our current dilemma in an entirely new and revealing context. Hawkins details the Communist infiltration of our institutions that began in the 1930s. It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Share your thoughts by emailing: J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements regarding his new book.  Please contact him at the above email.

Besides The Spirit of ’75, those of us on The Forgotten Street also must put on The Armor of God (Ephesians 6: 13-17).

Keep the faith! May God bless you all with the fortitude and grace to handle the challenging days ahead as we march to a Trump victory on November 3 with our Star Spangled Banner held high!

July 13, 2020

Deep State Hit On Roger Stone Cancelled by Trump Commutation

For years, it’s been readily apparent that The Deep State wants legendary GOP operative Roger Stone dead. He’s been a thorn in their side and a truth teller for far too long. Operating as their current instrument in this ongoing plot is U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Jackson did all she could to ensure Stone would be wrongfully convicted in a show trial worthy of the darkest days of the Stalin regime in the Soviet Union.  The goal was to get him in prison where he could be eliminated.

The whole farce kicked off with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘witch hunt” against President Donald Trump.  As they had done with General Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, the prosecutorial team decided to create some phony charges on which to indict Stone and pressure him to testify against President Trump.

Their charade was based on the Russia Collusion Hoax and the claim Stone knew about Russia’s involvement in leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to Wikileaks during the 2016 election.  We all know the leak was an inside job by a DNC staffer providing the emails to Wikileaks.

Knowing there was no substance to their claims because they knew the collusion was a fairy tale, the prosecutors decided to nail Stone on a charge of lying to Congress, even though there was no underlying crime to lie about.

At the center of this mess was Prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, who previously had served as Deputy Counsel to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Under oath, he alleged to federal judges and magistrates that he had probable cause to investigate Stone in order to obtain the necessary search warrants.

Among the potential crimes he listed were:  Conspiracy Against the United States; Violation of the Foreign Contribution Ban; Fraud and related Activities in Connection with Computers; Wire Fraud; Unauthorized Access of a Protected Computer.  He had no evidence whatsoever for these alleged crimes.  He was lying the entire time.

But he got the necessary warrants for the FBI to stage a pre-dawn raid on Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale on January 25, 2019.  Complete with a SWAT team in tactical gear, multiple vehicles and a CNN news crew to film it, the FBI would have made the Nazi Gestapo proud with its rousting of the 67-year old Stone and his handicapped wife who is deaf from their beds so Stone could be trundled off to an arraignment.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, were both horrified and outraged by the FBI’s behavior.

An alleged white collar crime of this sort ordinarily would involve contacting the individual’s attorney and asking them to show up at the courthouse at an appointed time.  But The Deep State had to unleash its utmost intimidation in this case.  It was all in keeping with the record of filthy cop Robert Mueller, and his checkered past of putting innocent people in prison.

The next step was the find the right courtroom in the U.S. District in Washington D.C., to get a judge who could be relied on to railroad the defendant.

No one could fit the bill better than Judge Amy Berman Jackson, as radical, partisan and corrupt as you could wish for. Next was to make sure a hostile jury got seated.  This one was led by Forewoman Tomeka Hart. Her claim to fame was as a school board member in Memphis.  Today she works for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Deep State all the way.

She was known for her virulent anti-Trump and anti-Stone social media posts discovered by independent journalist Mike Cernovich.  These postings clearly showed her bias, which violated the judicial canon that every defendant is entitled to an “impartial and indifferent” jury.

When she realized she’d been caught, Hart deleted her Facebook page that contained the postings and links demonstrating her clear bias. Judge Jackson refused to let the Stone legal team subpoena Facebook for the deleted material, which would have led to an appeal of Stone’s conviction on the basis of the clear bias of the jury’s forewoman.

The issue really came to head when senior prosecutor Jonathan Kravis and others on his team resigned from the case in protest over senior Justice Department officials overruling his recommendation for a 7 to 9 year sentence for Stone following his conviction.

In February, Judge Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months in prison, along with 24 months of supervised release and a $20,000 fine.  Stone already had been wrecked financially by the high legal costs for his defense and the Jackson gag order that in effect rendered him unable to earn a living as a writer, media commentator and political consultant.

At a time when prisons across America are being emptied to protect felons from the Chinese virus, Jackson refused to take into account Stone’s age and his asthmatic condition when he requested to be sentenced to home confinement as others convicted of white collar crimes like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort had been to protect them from the virus.

Instead, she insisted he be sent to federal prison in Jesup, Georgia, where Stone wouldn’t be segregated from the other prison population and be able to social distance.

Stone maintained he was in fact getting a death sentence.  What went unsaid was the knowledge that once inside the prison, he would be a marked man, subject to physical harm from inmates wanting to earn points with the prison hierarchy and prosecutors.

A prime example of this is career criminal James “Whitey” Bulger, who one day after being moved into a prison in West Virginia from one in Oklahoma, was severely beaten to death by inmates on October 30, 2018.  Due to prior health issues, the 89-year old was confined to a wheelchair and unable to defend himself.

Bulger was well-aware of Robert Mueller’s misdeeds in Massachusetts while U.S. Attorney.  The prospect of him talking about them during the Special Counsel investigation against President Trump could have made Bulger a marked man by The Deep State.

No doubt Roger Stone feared a similar fate more than he did the Chinese virus.

Well aware the danger posed for Stone, President Trump signed an Executive Order on July 10 commuting Stone’s sentence and forestalling the prison sentence while Stone can continue to appeal his conviction.

Already Judge Jackson has swung into action, demanding an explanation of the commutation and whether it includes both the prison sentence and the period of supervised release.

The Deep State will continue to press ahead, just as it’s done with corrupt Judge Emmett Sullivan, who refuses to dismiss the case against General Michael Flynn, even though it was ordered by a higher court.

For now, Roger Stone can breather a little easier.  But he well knows the evil that lurks in The Deep State.  That’s why he’s vowed to do all he can to help re-elect President Trump.  The only hope all of us have for the vital destruction of The Deep State is for President Trump to stay in office.

Thanks for reading!  Prayers were answered with the commutation.  I’m proud to call Roger Stone a friend and be able to speak up for him.  It was refreshing to see some good news for a change.  Thank God we have President Trump to lead the way.

Unfortunately, the news is almost totally dominated by the ongoing Deep State shutdown of the country because of the Chinese virus.  The alleged “second wave” is just driven by the spike in testing related to the growing volume and the unreliability of some of the tests themselves, which are creating false positives in asymptomatic people.

The death rate, in relation of the overall population, remains tiny, virtually statistically insignificant.  That’s not to downplay the tragedy for the many thousands who died, but let’s not forget the 99+% who survive.

Those doubtful of the existence of The Deep State should read J.C. Hawkins’ latest book, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News, available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Share your thoughts by emailing: J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements regarding his new book.  Please contact him at the above email.

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We deeply appreciate your interest and support for The Forgotten Street.  Together we can defeat the evil in the world around us.  God bless you all.

May 23, 2020

Biden Rips The Mask Off Disgusting Progressive Racism

The few Democrats with a fully functioning brain recognize that Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” quip effectively ended his candidacy and any chance they had of retaking the White House in November.

The Trump campaign rapidly responded by offering new “You ain’t black” t-shirts on their website shop, modeled by attractive black men and women.

This is the type of rapid response that will chew Democrats up and spit them out over the next five months.  Can there possibly be any Democrat anywhere who thinks a Trump-Biden debate won’t be an absolute slaughter, one in which someone in the Biden corner will have to throw in a white towel?

Biden surrogates including his campaign plantation blacks lamely tried to pass off the remark as a joke and totally insignificant, given his record on civil rights. 

Yeah, like when he opposed busing to end school segregation and pushed crime bills that results in countless black men going to prison.  Not to mention his support of the black genocide society calls abortion, or his fight against school choice that would allow black children to actually get a decent education.

Even the NAACP had to slap Biden down for lying about the organization endorsing him whenever he ran for office.  Even worse was the beat-down delivered by billionaire businessman Robert Johnson, who said Biden should personally apologize to any black person he encounters on the campaign trail, not that we think Joe will leave his basement bunker any time soon.

The real problem boils down to this:  Biden’s remark reveals just how incredibly racist Democrat leaders and progressives truly are.

First, they’ve taken the black vote for granted ever since President Lyndon Johnson pushed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 in the wake of the Kennedy assassination.

LBJ’s been quoted for saying, “I’ll have the n*****s voting Democratic for 200 years.”

Whether this quote is totally accurate or not, it certainly captures what Johnson and other cynical Democrats were thinking at the time.  It’s very much in keeping with their character.

Since then, Democrat politicians have viewed black Americans as a voting bloc, and excoriated any black leader who strayed off their plantation.

Such brilliant independent thinkers as economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell, economist Walter Williams, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, celebrated neurosurgeon Ben Carson and successful businessman Herman Cain have been dismissed as “Uncle Toms” for not following the progressive party line like good docile Negroes.

Lord only knows what they truly thought of Republicans like Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson.

Helping the progressive racists have been their bigoted cohorts in the Elite Traitor Media, who embrace race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson while scorning true people of accomplishment.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who embraced Martin Luther King’s mantra to judge people by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin,” see through the phony façade Democrats and progressives have erected to shield their ugly racism.

Of course, the leftists were thrilled with the election of Barack Obama, saying it heralded to a new era of progress for black Americans.  Wrong!  The first elected president of color never produced any meaningful results in terms of raising the employment, standard of living or education for his fellow blacks.

Instead, he furthered the interests of white globalists and billionaires who accepted him into their wealthy enclaves and showered him with post-presidential riches through book and film deals. The truth is Mr. Obama played Stepin Fetchit for The Deep State.

It speaks volumes that Mr. and Mrs. Obama spend their time hanging around and living with rich white folk, while avoiding all contact with everyday black Americans who voted for “hope and change” and got nothing in return other than feeling good about seeing people like them living in the White House.  Except the White House occupants were never anything like them, nor did they want to be.

How ironic that it took a white billionaire and media personality who grew up in Queens, New York to accomplish more on behalf of black Americans that any president in our memory.

In his first three years as president, Donald J. Trump presided over an economic rebound that produced the highest level of black employment ever, the lower unemployment ever, the highest level of black home ownership, meaningful prison reform long promised by Obama and progressives but never delivered, cuts in funding to Planned Parenthood to reduce black genocide, and historic aid to black colleges and universities.

It’s no wonder that black ministers, evangelicals and entrepreneurs are joining the ranks of Americans supporting another term for a president who’s delivered on his promises and then some.

The Fake News media is scrambling to bury Joe’s bonehead comment and push it into the past, knowing what a fatal blow it is to the Biden candidacy.  Good luck with that. We can only imagine the campaign ads being ginned up by the brilliant Brad Pascale, who leads the Trump campaign effort.

Biden keeps trying to backpeddle, dismissing his remarks as “cavalier” and not intended.  Bullshit.  From the way he delivered it, it was clearly scripted.  He simply was looking for the opportunity to use it.

What’s done is done.  And, like ripping a scab off a fresh wound, Joe Biden has left an unsightly racist mess for all to see.

Thanks for reading!  God bless President Trump for stepping up and calling for all houses of worship to open this weekend.  States that have abandoned the lockdowns are showing no signs of any return of the Chinese virus.  Their citizens are thrilled to be able to live more normally and even return to their jobs.

The mini-Stalins continuing their lockdowns are transparent in their attempt to keep their constituents and economies suffering in order to damage the Trump presidency. Aiding and abetting them are the haters in the media. The tide is turning against them. November looms as their day of reckoning.

Traitors like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will do all they can to keep throwing sand in the gears of Congress to keep any meaningful recovery from happening as well.  Given the results of recent House and state elections to fill vacant seats, they should be terrified regarding what’s coming their way this fall.

Those thinking the Deep State and Fake News are recent phenomena should check out J.C. Hawkins’ latest book:  Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News.

It’s available now in paperback and Kindle versions on

J.C. is available for related interviews and speaking engagements.  He can be contacted by email at:

Author’s copies are available on request for review purposes while quantities last.  Because the book is so timely and provocative, J.C. looks forward to feedback from readers.

This weekend marks Memorial Day, time to remember the fallen warriors who gave their lives to keep our country free and ensure we could live productive, happy lives. That’s something we should keep in mind every day of the year.

We also must salute those in uniform today, all volunteers, who’ve pledged their honor and lives to protect us.

God bless them all, and bless our friends and followers on The Forgotten Street, as we forge ahead to rebuild our economy and help those in need who simply want the opportunity to do the same.

May 6, 2020

Yes, It’s Here!  Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State & Fake News

You were promised Breaking News in the last column. Finally here it is, a little later than hoped. J. C. Hawkins’ new book is live on  Available in both paperback and Kindle versions, it breaks new ground in our recent history.

“Many view “The Deep State” and “Fake News” as recent phenomena.  The fact is they’ve been affecting our lives throughout our lifetime.”

The book begins with The Deep State taking root in the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and continues right up to the present with the Deep State meeting its match in Donald Trump.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know first-hand about the depth of the Deep State’s machinations and its penetration in all phases of our life, along with the damage caused by the Fake News of the Elite Traitor Media.

Of the two versions, the paperback is the most information-packed, featuring four appendices that are not included in the Kindle version.  It simply came down to a matter of formatting and length.  Yet, the Kindle version contains all the critical narrative and gives the reader the essential information at a reasonable price ($6.99). 

More detail can be found at this link to the book’s Amazon page:

The paperback sells for $16.95 and runs 299 pages.  The appendices include:

The Deep State Mysterious Death List;

Communists & Sympathizers in Our Government;

Intersections With Key Individuals & Bethesda-Related Events;

Betrayal at Bethesda Original Preface.

Both versions include material from the original Betrayal at Bethesda that’s been updated and expanded due to J.C.’s extensive ongoing research. 

The book continues breaking new ground in major events that have shaped our history.  Among the new subjects covered are: 

The Pearl Harbor attack;

The Death of General George Patton;

Dwight Eisenhower’s real World War II record;

The true culprits in JFK’s murder;

The roles of the Deep State and Fake News in deposing Richard Nixon;

The ongoing Deep State assault against Donald Trump.

J.C. Hawkins is available for interviews and speaking engagements related to his books.  He can be contacted by email at:

Author’s copies are available for review purposes on request while quantities last.

This book is truly timely and provocative.  J.C. looks forward to feedback from its readers.

Thanks for reading! The Deep State keeps up its onslaught against President Trump through exploitation of the Chinese virus crisis to damage the economy and punish everyday Americans.

The Forgotten Street will continue to feature more on this sedition in future columns.

We want to thank our April visitors from abroad, from such locations as: Red China; The Russian Federation; The European Union; The Czech Republic; Brazil; Germany; The British Indian Ocean Territory; The French Southern Territories; India; Thailand; Vietnam; Belarus; Italy; Bolivia; Greece; Nicaragua; France; Indonesia; St. Pierre and Miquelon.

We greatly appreciate the interest and support of so many from around the world and right here at home.

God bless you all!  We live in perilous times, but with faith in God and a profound dedication to the freedoms provided in the U.S. Constitution (which should be universal), we will always prevail.

February 4, 2020

Will Milwaukee 2020 Be Like Chicago 1968?

Given the various factions in the Democrat Party, it’s readily apparent the party could limp into its 2020 Milwaukee convention in as fractured a state as it did in 1968.

The chaotic Iowa caucus, which proved Democrats can’t even run an election properly without falling into fighting, doesn’t portend well for the convention this summer.

Already there’s rumbling among Bernie Sanders supporters that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) is out to screw him again like in did in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The Project Veritas videos showing rabid, radical Sanders staffers illustrates how unlikely it is they will meekly accept anything less than a Bernie nomination.

On the other side of the coin, the DNC establishment is allegedly fearful of a Sanders nomination, seeing the possibility of a McGovern-like thrashing as happened in 1972.

One story making the rounds is the DNC is considering rule changes that would once again use the super-delegate process to thwart a Sanders nomination, even if he would gain strong support in the primaries.

The new Joker in the Deck is billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who’s trying to buy his way into the nomination, despite the obvious lack of serious grassroots support and enthusiasm for his candidacy.

From his Trump-bashing ads on television, one can readily surmise that Little Mike is not seriously trying to be president. He has yet to make a strong statement as to why he wants to be in the White House.  It’s clear all he’s trying to do is tear down Donald Trump.

Those of us seasoned citizens on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are experiencing a strong sense of déjà vu all over again.  We’ve seen this movie before. We watched the 1968 chaos in the streets of Chicago and inside the convention hall with a feeling of utter horror and amazement.

Compounding the issue is the fact The Deep State, its Democrat lackeys, and The Elite Traitor Media have failed miserably in their various coup attempts against President Donald Trump.

When the president is finally acquitted by the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, as he inevitably will be, the Democrats will forever hold the crown as the World’s Biggest Sore Losers.

They’ve managed to wrest the title away from the European Union and the Remoaners in the United Kingdom.

In case the Global Deep State hasn’t gotten the message, let us clarify it for them:  Nationalism is on the rise worldwide.  We don’t want your stinking one world governance.

The Democrat presidential contenders seem to be fixated on who can out-pander the other.  Their key issues are a litany of progressive bromides that the American public shows no interest in whatsoever.

Here’s a quick guide to help bring them back to some semblance of reality:

  1. We don’t want to eliminate fossil fuels.  Our country is now totally energy independent (thanks to President Trump) and technological advances in hydraulic fracking have created millions of jobs for Americans in the so-called Rust Belt.  We shouldn’t destroy our economy because of the Globalist Climate Change Hoax.
  2. We believe there are only two genders: Male and Female.  We believe they should have separate bathrooms.  We don’t think children are capable of selecting their gender.  We also don’t want drag queen freaks reading to our small children in library story hours.
  3. We are proud of our American heritage. Our Founding Fathers should be celebrated for their foresight, courage and leadership in creating the greatest country in world history.  Their ideas regarding liberty and freedom laid the foundation for the elimination of slavery in our country, and a new birth of freedom worldwide.
  4. We don’t want any part of Medicare For All, a totally government run health care system.  Just look how effective the healthcare system in Red China is in containing a common virus that’s killing people.  Eliminating private health insurance for 180 million Americans is not a winning proposition.
  5. We deeply believe in the sanctity of life. We find the almost religious attachment to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, including full term delivery, totally repugnant and satanic.  Abortion is not healthcare for women.  It’s death for innocent lives and the extermination of human potential.  It’s the ultimate in self-absorption and a direct repudiation of God.
  6. We fervently believe the money we earn is ours, not the government’s to waste however it sees fit.  Every dollar taken from us in taxes should have a sound reason behind it that can earn the public’s respect and support.
  7. We reject open borders, unlimited immigration and sanctuary cities.  Let the Democrats continue as globalist stooges in promoting these anti-American concepts.  Big globalist business has it best dupes in Democrat circles, as well as GOP losers like Mitt Romney and the Never Trumpers.

We could go on, but figure this list is a good starting point for Democrats to comprehend how far out of the mainstream their party is.  The more they move in a Hard Left direction, the more likely they will pick a nominee who will be a punching bag for President Trump and the GOP.

Tonight President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address.  It promises to be a positive, pro-America message on The Great American Comeback that will lay out what will surely be strong themes for his re-election campaign.  Basically, it can be summed up as “The Best Is Yet To Come,” building on the impressive accomplishments of his first term.

In addition to President Trump, the spotlight also will be on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who will be seated behind the president’s left side. How she conducts herself during this time-honored ceremony will have an impact on whether her party can regain some footing after the disastrous impeachment attempt and the Iowa caucus debacle.

Her reckless, almost maniacal rhetoric during the process was irresponsible. It further burnished the party’s growing reputation as a home for bitter, unproductive, unpatriotic people incapable of governing.

The primary season is now underway, so look for more Democrat fireworks and bickering as they limp toward a Milwaukee meltdown.

Thanks for reading!  We’re still reeling a bit from the shocking Rush Limbaugh news.  For those of us who’ve listened to him for decades, it’s almost like hearing bad news about a family member.

Send prayers Rush’s way for a full recovery and many more years of providing Americans with the best political analysis around.  He’s a national treasure.  President Trump should act now to present him with the Medal of Freedom.  Who else has stood up more strongly for liberty and individual freedom than Rush Limbaugh?

Although we didn’t happen to see it, it sounds like the Super Bowl half-time show with J-Lo and Shakira would have been more appropriate for the Toilet Bowl.  It’s a shame garbage like that has to cast a shadow over what was a truly great football game.

Those of you who discount or don’t accept the concept of The Deep State, the shenanigans in Iowa around the caucus should give you pause.  Clearly the elites want no part of Bernie Sanders and will do whatever they can to stop his progress toward the nomination.

For a more historical perspective on The Deep State, check out J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking book:

Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

Sales keep growing on five continents: North America; South America; Europe; Asia and Australia.  J.C. is readily available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

Please contact him by email at:

Work on the sequel, Betrayal at Bethesda II:  Origins of the Modern Deep State and Fake News, is about two-thirds completed.  We’re still aiming for publication in Spring 2020.

January brought us visitors from the following foreign locations:

The European Union; Germany; The Czech Republic; Switzerland; The Russian Federation: The United Kingdom; Red China; Vietnam; The British Indian Ocean Territory; The Ukraine; Italy; Greece; Belarus; Poland; Bangladesh; The Netherlands; Saudi Arabia; Tajikistan; Argentina; Brazil; Canada; Japan; and Thailand.

God bless all our friends on The Forgotten Street, both at home and abroad!

January 17, 2020

President Trump Blows Up the CFR Foreign Policy Consensus With His America First Agenda

For almost a century, the elitist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has driven American foreign policy.  An alleged nonpartisan think tank formed by academic and moneyed interests in New York City in 1921, the CFR is a who’s who of people in high government positions, business, the media and academia.

As can be expected, it’s taken an internationalist, globalist tack to influence presidents to pursue policies that promote the so-called One World Order.

With the election of Donald Trump to the White House in 2016, the CFR has seen its influence wane, as President Trump has pulled American foreign policy in another direction to put American interests above the so-called Global Order.

The driving force behind the CFR in the modern era was multi-billionaire David Rockefeller, who made no secret of his ambition to create a One-World Government run by a self-appointed global elite.

We’ve all seen what “a fine mess” that ambition has made of things.

Ronald Reagan was the first president in recent history to stand up to the CFR by abandoning its outmoded policy of containment with the Soviet Union.  He summed up his policy regarding the Cold War very simply:  “We win, they lose.”

Of course, once President Reagan left the White House in 1989, George Bush put foreign policy back on the CFR track, aided by his successors (Clinton, W. Bush and Obama) as well.

It took a real outsider, someone not part of the ruling elite, to see what a miserable failure CFR policies were, particularly regarding the Middle East.

Donald Trump recognized the best solution for America’s future interests was to get truly serious about energy independence and to put an end to needless, endless wars that only served to enrich defense contractors.

His America First agenda has resonated strongly with the folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who’ve gotten damn sick and tired of seeing their sons and daughters killed or maimed for no good reason whatsoever.  They also hated looking at shuttered factories, empty storefronts and jobs leaving the USA for Red China.

They didn’t have and raise their beloved children to become fodder for globalist ambitions that have led us nowhere.

Another facet of the America First agenda that rejects the CFR is President Trump’s decision to negotiate new trade deals that serve American interests, and return needed capital and jobs to the United States.

President Obama mocked candidate Trump’s call to rebuild American manufacturing, saying, “Does he have a magic wand to make it happen?”  No, he didn’t need a “magic wand,” only sensible policies that didn’t sacrifice jobs on the altar of globalism. Fortunately, he has the intestinal fortitude and political will to make it happen.

In his first term, President Trump has successfully negotiated a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada to replace the disastrous NAFTA, a trade deal with Japan, rejected the ill-conceived TPP and struck a Phase One deal with Red China that will see billions of dollars flow into American agriculture. 

He’s also thumbed his nose at the Climate Change Hoax by pulling out of the Paris Accord.

That, my friends, is what you call “winning.”  The CFR and global elite are gnashing their teeth, knowing they no longer have Stepin Fetchit in the White House to do their bidding.

Recognizing the impressive first term record President Trump is building for re-election, the Democrats and Elite Traitor Media are doing all they can to stage a coup to remove the president through a bogus impeachment.

This treachery was fully anticipated since they’ve worked hand-in-glove since the election and pre-inauguration periods to undermine and disrupt the coming Trump presidency.

The Russia Collusion Hoax and the pathetic Special Counsel investigation were miserable failures.  So they moved on to cook up an impeachment on the phoniest of reasons.

Impeachment will fail as well. It only will serve to bolster the phenomenal support provided by President Trump’s loyal and ever-growing base.

Unfortunately, that will leave the Deep State and Never Trumpers with only one option – the absolutely “Unthinkable,” like that removing JFK in a coup in 1963.

Trump’s opposition is truly evil enough to not only consider that option, but try to carry it out.  We all must pray daily for the safety of our President, who’s raised the standard of living and quality of life for more Americans than any president since Ronald Reagan.

Thanks for reading! The Climate Change Kooks just got a real kick in the teeth from a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization that shows U.S. and global crop yields are enjoying solid growth and setting new records every year.  The report includes data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that shows the past three years have produced the three highest U.S. wheat crop yields per acre in history.

The past five years have shown the highest corn and soybean yields in history.

U.N. data proves that Honduras and Guatemala are experiencing long-term growth in crop yields per acre, which proves how open border advocates are lying that climate change is causing people to migrate through Mexico to the United States.  Mexico and other Central American countries are showing similar growth.

All this goes to show that any increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is highly beneficial to areas needing longer growing seasons and fewer frost events that devastate crops.

To sum up, the myths of Climate Change and the rationale for opening the border to climate “refugees” are purely Fake News lies from the Elite Traitor Media, which are the propaganda arm for the Globalist Elite.

We’re pleased we ended the year with so many visitors from abroad.  Here are the top 25 locations of those who came to The Forgotten Street in December:  The United Kingdom; Germany; The Czech Republic; Red China; The Russian Federation; The European Union; Hungary; Italy; Vietnam; Argentina; Australia; Japan: The British Indian Ocean Territory; Latvia; Moldova; Brazil; Fiji; Sweden; Switzerland; Spain; Montenegro; The Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Tajikistan.

Looking for an original perspective on Cold War history? Pick up J.C. Hawkins’ landmark book for history and political buffs:

Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

Sales keep growing on five continents: North America; South America; Europe; Asia and Australia.  J.C. is readily available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

Please contact him by email at:

Betrayal at Bethesda sets the stage for J.C.’s sequel now in development. You should read the first book to better appreciate what’s in the new one, which focuses on the origins and emergence of The Modern Deep State and Fake News.  Look for publication in the spring of 2020.

This effort will shine a fresh light on the role of seditious members of the military, intelligence community, and certain business interests in carrying out the eliminations of Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy, as well as other well-known Americans.

As we enter a New Year that brings a presidential election, we must hold the Elite Traitor Media more accountable for its wholesale lying and propaganda.  Speak up and speak out to let them know you want real journalism, not corporate doublespeak and political toadyism.

God bless all our friends on The Forgotten Street!  May 2020 bring prosperity and happiness to all

December 7, 2019

Democrat Grinches Are Determined To Wreck America

As we get into the swing of Christmas season, with goodwill toward all and decking halls with boughs of holly, Democrats in Washington have sent their Christmas message loud and clear:

“We hate you damn deplorables for giving us the most successful president in our lifetime.  Lower unemployment and higher paychecks make it impossible for us to play on your fears about the future.”

“At least we still have Climate Change and Gun Control to demagogue to our hearts’ content!”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has jumped to the front cabin of the Impeachment Train and taken over the controls.  It’s full speed ahead: 

“USMCA be damned, forget border security, we can’t stop the flow of drugs, ICE should be abolished, the heck with healthcare reform, not need to repair infrastructure, and you oldsters won’t see lower prescription drug prices if we have anything to do with it.  Budget, we don’t need no stinkin’ budget.  We’ve done without one for decades.”

The impeachment charade hit a new low this past week with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler parading three of the most effete, condescending professorial phonies he could find to display their total ignorance, disdain and contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the American people in a televised hearing.

Invited by Republicans on the committee, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley added the only notes of sanity, honesty and integrity from the witnesses.  He basically testified that in terms of impeachable offenses by President Donald Trump, the Democrats are holding an empty hand.

What was particularly depressing about the hearing was to see just how superior the Harvard, Stanford and North Carolina law school professors feel to the rest of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.  Their snotty innuendo and moral smugness displayed all that is wrong with higher education in our country.

The sideshow moves on this coming week, ironically when Michael Horowitz, Inspector General for the Department of Justice, is expected to release his report on possible misconduct and abuse by officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding FISA applications.  The report is scheduled to come out on Monday, with Horowitz appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

It will be interesting to see how the propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee, The Elite Traitor Media, try to spin the Horowitz report into a “nothing burger” while ballyhooing the Nadler circus.  Or, will Horowitz take a dive to protect The Deep State?

The corrupt Fake News media are using the same tired Watergate playbook to help The Deep State in its coup attempt against President Trump.  Their main problem is they’re facing a president who will fight back tooth and nail, and a Republican party that recognizes it can’t fold up like its predecessors did with Richard Nixon. Of course, they had Deep State stooge Gerald Ford to rely on then.

Meanwhile, the Democrat presidential contenders march on, trying to get an upper hand in their bid for the nomination.  Newcomer Michael Bloomberg has jumped in, ready to spend much of his billions to buy the nomination and the election.

Bloomberg’s major problem is he’s hitching his wagon to issues that don’t resonate with the American public at large:  climate change and gun control.  They will fire up the progressive, Far Left Base, but won’t translate into a general election win.

His boasting about his economic successes falls flat in the face of a booming economy engineered by President Trump.  The latest jobs and unemployment report, coupled with strong success in generating jobs for minorities and the powerful impact of a major tax cut, makes it virtually impossible to contend that President Trump hasn’t done a great job with the economy.

Hard left-wingers like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders keep touting programs for “free” stuff that are impossible to finance.  The dollars needed simply don’t exist anywhere in the world.

Mrs. Pelosi ignored a number of opportunities, such as USMCA, to swallow hard and pass bipartisan legislation that the Democrats could at least claim some credit for.

Instead, they’ve cast themselves as the Grinches who want to steal the economic windfall that could come through new trade deals and controlling the southern border.

When challenged in a press conference, she hid behind her Catholicism to say she doesn’t “hate” anyone, least of all President Trump.  For her to play the Catholic card is the ultimate in sheer gall, particularly in this season of Advent.

Her almost demonic support and defense of abortion on demand at any phase of pregnancy is a mortal sin according to Catholic doctrine. 

It’s also incredibly racist, given the fact that black babies are slaughtered in a disproportionate fashion. But, that’s why abortion came about in the first place.  The satanic Margaret Sanger wanted to control and limit what was called the “Negro” population back then.

If the Roman Catholic Church had a real Pope, like John Paul II or Benedict, instead of the phony politician Francis, Pelosi and her ilk among visible political figures would have been denied communion or excommunicated a long time ago.

Not satisfied to bash President Trump at every opportunity, the Elite Traitor Media had to take First Lady Melania Trump to task for the White House Christmas decorations and the outfit she wore to show what had been done to get the White House ready for Christmas.

That, coupled with the snarky swipe at the Trumps’ 13-year old son Barron by Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan during the impeachment hearing, clearly showed the Progressive Left is driven by deep-seated hatred and a manic lust for power at any cost.

As they lurch from terminology to terminology to describe themselves, “liberal, progressive, democratic socialist” it’s time to get real and call them what they really are:  “Communist.”

Thanks for reading!  This month promises more political fireworks, which is sad in a season that traditionally has called for setting aside differences and focusing our gratitude on the Advent of the birth of Jesus Christ.

We must always keep Christ in Christmas!

For those of you looking for a special Christmas gift for those people in your lives who share your interest in and love of history, we hope you will consider J.C. Hawkins’ landmark Cold War book:

Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

Sales keep growing on four continents: North America; South America; Europe; and Australia.  J.C. is readily available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

Please contact him by email at:

J.C.’s well into research for the sequel to Betrayal at Bethesda, which will focus on the origins and emergence of The Modern Deep State and Fake News.

This effort will shine a new light on the role of seditious members of the military, intelligence community, and certain business interests in carrying out the eliminations of Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy.

It also will reveal their role in the mysterious deaths of a number of other prominent American leaders, beginning with General George S. Patton, Jr., in World War II, and continuing right up to today.

Today marks the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  That day still lives on in infamy, but as our continued research shows that infamy has a broader reach, right into the highest levels of the Roosevelt administration.  More to come!

We encourage anyone with relevant information on these events and other mysterious deaths having a possible Deep State connection to contact J.C. by email at:

All inquiries will be held in confidence. The identity of those contacting him will not be disclosed.

We’re especially gratified by the strong support from followers of The Forgotten Street worldwide.  In November, we had visitors from these top 25 locations:  Red China; The European Union; Germany; The Czech Republic; Tokelau; Vietnam; The United Kingdom; The Russian Federation; Indonesia; Canada; Romania; India; Kenya; Hungary; Colombia; Singapore; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Japan; Turkey; Italy; Mexico; Poland; Tajikistan; Armenia; and Belgium.

We offer our first Merry Christmas of the season to you all, with many more to come.  God bless all our followers on The Forgotten Street!

November 22, 2019

56 Years Later, The Deep State Relies on the JFK Murder to Keep Us in Line

Can it really be 56 years since President John F. Kennedy was so publically and brutally murdered on a street in Dallas, Texas?

Decades later, so many questions remain for those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who never bought the ridiculous conclusion of The Warren Commission Report that JFK was killed by a “lone nut gunman.”

Despite congressional laws to force government agencies to release all their files related to the Kennedy assassination, The Deep State continues to thwart the efforts of many researchers to finally uncover the truth. 

In the most recent hope that President Donald Trump would order the release as called for by law, he was somehow persuaded to bow to requests from the Central Intelligence Agency and other security agencies to allow some files to remain confidential.

Without revisiting the matter, today let’s focus on a critical point in the entire rationale for the assassination.  President Kennedy had the unmitigated gall to challenge the Deep State and the status quo, and try to usher in a new form of presidential leadership.

The American public was responding favorably, but the Deep State knew it couldn’t run the risk of a Kennedy re-election in 1964.

He was a new breed, not a compliant politician like his predecessors Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman, both of whom knew their limits vis-à-vis the Deep State.

JFK was willing to take on the CIA, a belligerent and insubordinate  Joint Chiefs of Staff, Big Business and The Military-Industrial Complex to forge a new path in global politics, and promote sustainable economic growth that would reward the middle class.

That was simply unacceptable to The Endless War Machine that needed new fuel to reward its patrons, and business interests such as Global Banking and Big Steel that relied on an unquestioned status quo.

For his audacity, JFK was targeted to be publicly and brutally murdered in front of the entire world in order to further a coup to install the corrupt and compliant Lyndon Baines Johnson as president.

By doing so, the Deep State issued a warning to future JFK wannabes that they could very well endure a similar fate.

We now find ourselves facing a similar crisis in the Deep State attempted coup against President Donald Trump.  Aligning themselves against him are some of the same actors as well as new elements. 

Rogue intelligence and FBI leaders;

Insubordinate military leaders;

Corrupt Democrat and Republican politicians bought and paid for by global business interests;

The Elite Traitor Media who resent and hate everyday Americans like us 

Social media moguls who work to suppress public debate and censor conservative voices.

Since November 22, 1963, America has never been the same.  We’ve seen our share of political turmoil and a fracturing of the national patriotic fabric that once held us all together.

For our children and grandchildren, let’s hope that some date in the near future won’t hold the same grip on their psyche as that day from 56 years ago holds on ours today.

Thanks for reading!  The Deep State’s penetration of all our institutions is truly disturbing.  We now have public figures extolling the alleged virtues of the Deep State because its attempt to oust President Trump is in line with their communist values 

Princeton economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman produced the following Tweet regarding the Democrats’ phony impeachment inquiry:

“One side lesson from this inquiry is that the Deep State contains some really impressive, principled people.  Which is why Trump hates it so much.”

We’d be hard pressed to hear a more odious and disgusting figure than Paul Krugman find something commendable about the Deep State.  This is the same Deep State that used highly-trained snipers to blow out John F. Kennedy’s brains at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.  Its leadership may have changed, but it’s the same treasonous mentality that exists today.

He’s correct in that Donald Trump hates the Deep State because he knows it is un-American and actually communistic.  It relies on a self-appointed group of elites who think they’re smarter and better than the rest of us.

Deep Staters reject the concept of a democratic republic in which the people have the opportunity to select representatives who will promote their interests, and the overall interest of the United States of America instead of being mere lackeys for globalism and a totalitarian New World Order.

They want a centralized government oligarchy to run everything and dictate how all of us will lead our lives.  The notions of individual freedom and liberty are totally foreign to the Deep State.  Which is why it and its evil must be fully destroyed as soon as humanly possible.

Learn more about the Deep State and its murderous history in J.C. Hawkins groundbreaking book: Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy. It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

It’s enjoying growing sales on four continents: North America; South America; Europe; and Australia.  J.C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

Please contact him by email at:

Take a few minutes today to consider the incredible patriotism of John F. Kennedy and pray for his soul.  An authentic American war hero, he suffered a fate he never deserved and now endures the ongoing smearing of his reputation.

The focus on his supposed sexual adventures is grossly exaggerated.  A careful review of his medical history, which is readily available, shows that much of the alleged events would have been virtually impossible.

No doubt he had affairs outside of his marriage, but he was in no way the individual depicted by so many smear artists today. It’s all propaganda to serve the interests of the Deep State.

The purpose is to paint Kennedy as such a repugnant reprobate you wouldn’t care who murdered him or why.  The smears continue because a dead man can’t defend himself.

God bless all our followers here and abroad in close to 30 countries.  Be sure to pray for President Trump and his personal safety in this time of crisis and growing danger.

November 19, 2019

How You Can Best Help Roger Stone

After yesterday’s post, we heard from Roger thanking us for mentioning his defense fund and encouraging folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to support an appeal to his recent conviction.  Because of the full gag order imposed on Roger by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, he’s essentially unable to make a living doing writing, speaking, media interviews or political consulting.  As a result, he and his wife have moved from their comfortable home to a modest condo to cut their living expenses.

The amount of money raised for his defense fund must be spent only on legal fees and related court expenses.  So Roger and his wife Nydia have consulted professionals and created The Roger Stone Family Support Fund.  The fund was established to help pay their rent, food, medical expenses, insurance and gasoline, all the most basic of living expenses.

While Roger is silenced and unable to make his case for his innocence, media figures like Donna Brazile and Meghan McCain go on their talk shows and wish him to “rot in Hell.” How totally un-Christian of them! They can spew their vulgar trash while he’s just supposed to sit there and take it.  That’s why good Americans should demand he be treated fairly, and not smeared by the hatred of The Deep State.

An Obama appointee, Judge Jackson barred his defense team from one of the more potent weapons they had.  She forbade them from telling the court and jury that that the Special Counsel failed to prove that the Russians were behind the “stolen” DNC emails given to WikiLeaks.  Stone was charged with making a false statement regarding the Russian Collusion Hoax, which in essence proved to be right. 

Jackson is the same judge who handled the Paul Manafort case and treated him worse than any serious criminal by jailing him in solitary confinement prior to trial.  Both Manafort and Roger were subjected to Gestapo-style, pre-dawn arrest raids by federal goons instead of being shown the courtesy of asking them to turn themselves in as other defendants of similar alleged crimes have done.

In a spirit of human decency, with all politics aside, Roger and his family deserve a way to have a modest, basic lifestyle as he’s now unable to make a living.   While he awaits the next steps in the legal process, as we near the Christmas season, we hope a spirit of generosity will move you all to act.  Those who would deny him basic sustenance have no heart, and reveal themselves for the vengeful Deep Staters they are. 

Here’s where you can learn more about the Support Fund and how to contribute:

When you see how horribly the Deep State and corrupt judicial system have treated people like General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, you realize what a potent evil force we  and President Donald Trump face.

November 18, 2019

President Trump Has Truly Entered The JFK Danger Zone

As the treasonous “Resistance” keeps failing miserably in its various attempts to sabotage and undermine the presidency of Donald Trump, it’s all too apparent that President Trump has entered the same “danger zone” that led to the vicious murder of President John F. Kennedy.

With less than a year now until the 2020 presidential election, President Trump finds his political base solidifying and growing, the economy experiencing a major boom, and support from minority voters coming to the forefront.

President Kennedy was murdered 56 years ago on November 22, 1963, a little less than one year before the 1964 election.  His popularity with the American people was growing, the economy was strengthening, and his foreign policy overtures for a peaceful relationship with the Soviet Union did not sit well with The Deep State.

Those of us alive then on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, can recall with horror the assassination, and its awful aftermath with the murder of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.  The sorrowful funeral and burial at Arlington National Cemetery still are fresh in our memory. 

The Deep State swung into action to pin the murder on a deceased “lone nut gunman” and bolster that assertion with the ludicrous Warren Commission Report.  Those of us who challenge the Warren Report are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” despite the solid evidence that proves us right.

Now, we see new danger on the horizon.  Democrats and their allies in The Elite Traitor Media have labored continuously to further The Russian Collusion Hoax and now replace it with a Phony Impeachment Inquiry that has little or no public support.

No doubt the Deep State has long recognized these legal maneuvers have no chance of success.  As a result, it’s safe to conclude that somewhere highly skilled assassination teams are plotting and training in the event the looming election looks like a Trump landslide.

When you consider the wide range of assassination techniques considered and tried by the CIA against Fidel Castro, you shudder to think what might be on the table for use against Donald Trump!

Our July 1 column this year noted the eerie similarities between Presidents Trump and Kennedy.  They include:

  1. Family wealth.
  2. An ability to connect with working class voters.
  3. Glamorous First Ladies.
  4. Historic tax cuts and strong economic growth.
  5. Foreign policy risk-taking.
  6. A bold vision for America’s role in the world.
  7. Taking on big business interests whose globalist tendencies show nothing but disdain for America and Americans.
  8. Disloyalty in the American military.

We can add to the list the following:  A divided opposition political party; A bureaucracy unresponsive to presidential directives; A Deep State desire to remove them by any means necessary.

While JFK had to face the challenge of what was then called “the military-industrial complex,” President Trump must deal with the “military-intelligence complex.”

President Kennedy had earned the enmity of elements within the CIA with the firing of Director Allen Dulles.  More ominously, he was undercut by the sedition within the Joint Chiefs of Staff led by Army General Lyman Lemnitzer.

Lemnitzer was known for saying this about JFK:  “Here was a president who had no military experience at all, sort of a patrol-boat skipper in World War II.”

John F. Kennedy more than proved his personal courage and extraordinary heroism in saving his patrol boat crew after the sinking of the boat under his command, PT-109.  For Lemnitzer to say Kennedy had “no military experience at all” is a slap in the face to all who served our country honorably in World War II.

Joining Lemnitzer in his disdain for President Kennedy’s foreign policy were the other members of the Joint Chiefs:  Air Force General Curtis LeMay; Navy Admiral Arleigh Burke; and Marine Corps General David Shoup.  They were angered when President Kennedy shot down their harebrained and dangerous schemes to carry out false flag operations in order to spark a war with Cuba.

Since he began his campaign for the presidency in 2015, Donald Trump has called for a halt to “endless wars” and a withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria because of a lack of a clear objective that serves the best interests of the United States.

Opposing him since then have been such Deep State lackeys as Marine General Jim Mattis, who undercut the president while Secretary of Defense, and General John Kelly, former head of Homeland Security and then Chief of Staff.  U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Kelly of trying to get her to help undermine the president.

Other outspoken anti-Trump military and intelligence community voices include retired Admiral William McRaven, Admiral James Stavridis, General Barry McCaffrey, H.R. McMaster (former National Security Adviser), Lt. General Mark Hartling, Air Force General and former CIA Director Michael Hayden, and former CIA Director John McLaughlin.

McLaughlin truly distinguished himself by saying in a television interview, “Thank God for The Deep State.” That certainly validates the treachery going on behind the scenes in Washington D.C.

Right out in front, overtly leading and pushing the attempted coup are former CIA Directors John Brennan and James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey.  Behind the scenes are the cowardly schemers Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Truth be told, The Deep State is the real Criminal Class of our country.

Upon his dismissal from the National Security Council, John Bolton voiced his displeasure with President Trump’s America First agenda.  That backstabbing has earned Bolton a lucrative book deal and guaranteed him plenty of time on cable news shows.  It appears he was a Deep Stater and Never Trumper all along, certainly an instrument in The Treasonous Cabal trying to implement the coup against the president.

J.C. Hawkins’ landmark book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy explores the strong political and personal connections among the three vocal anti-communist leaders, who wound up targets of The Deep State.

The section regarding the Kennedy murder as a natural extension of the deaths of Forrestal and McCarthy has provoked a controversial response in some quarters, but high praise in others.

He’s now well into research for a sequel to Betrayal at Bethesda, which will focus on the emergence of The Modern Deep State and Fake News it so easily manages.

This effort will shine a new light on the role of seditious members of the military, intelligence community, and certain business interests in carrying out the eliminations of Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy.

It also examines their role in the mysterious deaths of a number of other prominent American leaders, beginning with General George S. Patton, Jr., in World War II.

We encourage anyone with potentially relevant information on these events and other mysterious deaths having a possible Deep State connection to contact J.C. by email at:

All inquiries will be held in confidence. The identity of those contacting him will not be disclosed.

The Democrats impeachment follies continue, with the unintended effect of introducing to the American public a group of sterling House Republicans who are demolishing the ludicrous attempt to stage a coup against President Trump.

Hats off to Jim Jordan (OH), John Ratcliffe (TX), Elise Stefanik (NY), and Chris Stewart (UT).  They are superstars compared to the Clown Show on the other side led by the seditious Adam Schiff.

President Trump desperately needs our prayers and vocal support to withstand the treason coming his way.  God bless Attorney General William Barr for his revealing speech to The Federalist Society in which he excoriated Democrats for their treacherous “Resistance” attempt.

Hopefully, his remarks foreshadow indictments coming soon against the plotters and leaders of the attempted coup against President Trump.

Thanks for reading!  We’re not surprised that our friend Roger Stone was convicted by an extremely biased Washington D.C. jury and hampered in his defense by a hack Deep State judge.

What we’re witnessing is a man being prosecuted for practicing politics as it’s been carried out for decades.  Roger Stone is a political prisoner persecuted by an out-on-control Special Counsel witch hunt that tried to get him to turn on and harm President Trump.

Roger now faces a highly expensive appeal process.  Those of you who can help keep him from serving what in effect will be a life sentence must contribute to:

Remember the Nazi-style pre-dawn arrest carried out by FBI thugs, and swear that should never happen again in the United States of America for an individual accused of a non-violent crime.  Of course, The Deep State coordinated with CNN to make sure it made The Fake News.

J.C.’s groundbreaking book on Cold War history, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, has ongoing strong sales in November. It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

It’s enjoying growing sales on four continents: North America; South America; Europe; and Australia.  J.C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

Please contact him by email at:

God bless all our friends on The Forgotten Street!  Stand up and speak out for President Trump as he fights to thwart the attempted coup while uniting Americans around his America First agenda.  We’re heartened that more and more minority supporters are joining this historic movement.

November 1, 2019

Democrats’ Brazen Coup Attempt Plainly Out in the Open

            Today Marks the 13th Anniversary for The Forgotten Street

By ramming their laughable, one-sided rules for the phony “impeachment inquiry” through the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow coup plotters make no bones about the fact that President Donald Trump won’t be accorded any due process rights.

Democrats, The Elite Traitor Media and The Deep State are all out in the open now about their intent to stage a coup against the duly-elected President of the United States.

His alleged “crime?”  Having the audacity to conduct a foreign policy that doesn’t fit their communist, globalist agenda and promotes President Trump’s stated doctrine to put “America First.”

By going “all in” on impeachment as their agenda, Democrats have told the American people they aren’t interested to doing the work needed to support fairer trade agreements like USMCA negotiated by the president, work with the Trump administration to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and enhance national security by enforcing immigration laws and securing our borders.

They even want to repeal the record tax cuts that have brought unprecedented prosperity and jobs to the American people.

Those of us living on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, aren’t the least bit surprised by this turn of events.  That’s because we know that for virtually our entire lifetime, a malevolent force has been at work to undermine our Constitution, as well as our political and cultural institutions.  Academia, entertainment, our public schools and organized religion all have been compromised beyond redemption.

That force is Global Communism. It’s successfully embedded itself as The Deep State, wrapping its identity in the cloak of globalism.  It’s already staged two successful coups, the murder of John F. Kennedy and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon.

Globalism is predicated on the concept that an elite group of people will put in place a “New World Order” that makes us all citizens of the world.  That lunacy started with Woodrow Wilson and was continued by Franklin Roosevelt, two of the greatest traitors in American history.

Unlike the execrable Barack Hussein Obama, I don’t aspire to be a “citizen of the world.”  I am proud and thankful to Almighty God to be a citizen of the greatest country in world history, The United States of America.

Globalism is just another cheap moniker for Communism, in which a self-selected group of elitists will tell all of us how to live, in the name of equality and fairness.

Nothing could be farther from equality and fairness than making everyone share the same misery in order to prop up an entitled elite made up of charlatans like the Clintons, Obamas, Warrens, Sanders, Bidens, Pelosis and other left-wing scum.

The Forgotten Street was born out of the frustration of seeing the Bushes and RINOs of the world sell out the magnificent legacy of Ronald Reagan in order to cater to global elites and international money overlords.

Now, 13 years later, we press on into Year 14, knowing that the American way of life we grew up in and deeply cherish is greatly threatened and rapidly being eradicated.  We will never be deterred, despite the obvious personal threats that have come our way at least three times.  At least we lived to tell about them.

In 2016, we quickly recognized that our only hope to save America rested on the shoulders of a brilliant billionaire who was ready to sacrifice his perfect life and forego billions in order to salvage what was left of the America he so deeply loves.

So to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, John Brennan, James Comey and the other coup plotters, abetted by the treasonous garbage in The True Enemy of the People, The Elite Traitor Media, we say you have just declared war on a people who will fight you till the last day, no matter what it takes.  Fox News commie stooge Chris Wallace can get all the goose-bumps he wants, his days are over.  We see him for the Fifth Column he is.

Thanks for reading!  The rats are coming out of the woodwork with their phony whistleblower claims, showing just how corrupted our military establishment and civil service have become with embedded Deep Staters.  Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is poster boy number one for this treacherous scum.

For 13 years, The Forgotten Street has built a significant audience overseas that wants a more unvarnished commentary on American events.  In October, we welcomed visitors from such locations as:

Red China; The European Union; The Czech Republic; Germany; Canada; The Netherlands; Tokelau; The United Kingdom; Saint Vincent and The Grenadines; The Russian Federation; Hungary; Brazil; Japan; The Ukraine; Tuvalu; Greece; Tajikistan; Ecuador; Indonesia; India; Kyrgyzstan; and South Africa.  May God bless you all!

J.C.’s groundbreaking book on Cold War history, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, enjoyed its best sales month yet in October. It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

The book has garnered all 5-star reviews on Amazon.   It’s enjoying record sales on four continents: North America; South America; Europe; and Australia.  J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. 

He’s currently researching and writing an updated version: Betrayal at Bethesda II: Origins of the Modern Deep State and Fake News.  The target date for publication is early 2020.

We’ve enjoyed every minute of the past 13 years, and hope we’ve broken new ground for our readers.  Better days are ahead, as we fight The Deep State and rebuff all its attempts to silence us.  May each and every one of them involved rot in the Hell they so richly have earned.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who share our love of America and our passion to defend a courageous president from the vile attacks he endures for our country.  Please pray for his safety in this perilous time.

October 7, 2019

Intelligence Community Is Ground Zero For The Treasonous Coup Attempt Against President Trump

Just as was the case in the successful coups against Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, The Intelligence Community is ground zero for the cabal trying to oust President Donald Trump.

The ongoing CIA whistleblower stunt brings the agency’s culpability out into the open, joining the odious machinations the FBI engaged in beginning with the Trump candidacy in 2015.

Part and parcel of the plot to thwart a fair presidential election in 2020 is the participation of The Elite Traitor Media, which The Deep State used to its advantage in undermining Richard Nixon following his historic landslide victory in 1972.

Given the controversy generated around a Trump presidency by Deep State controlled media and Democrats who refuse to honor election results, it seems totally reasonable the American people should have their say in the 2020 election regarding President Trump and his first term accomplishments.

That’s how the United States has generally handled these types of issues. But, the Deep State wants to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and put in place a socialist dictatorship run by their chosen elites.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is intelligent enough to recognize that a formal impeachment proceeding will get nowhere, given the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate and the clear distaste the American public has for the continued gridlock and political circus in our nation’s capital.

Despite that, she’s acquiesced to her party’s extremists by allowing a fake impeachment inquiry to proceed.  The Elite Traitor Media is supporting this fiction, reporting that inquiry letters sent to the White House requesting documents are actually subpoenas.

No, they are not subpoenas.  Those can only be issued as part of an official impeachment process authorized by a vote of the entire House of Representatives.

What the Democrats and the Intelligence Community Inspector General have tried so desperately to hide is the fact they changed the whistleblower rules after the complaint was originally lodged in August.

It turns out the decision to allow second-hand information (hearsay) in lieu of first-hand knowledge was made by the Inspector General in September, but the change was backdated to August in order to support the bogus whistleblower complaint. 

By playing along with this deception, Inspector General Michael Atkinson has revealed he’s a rank traitor of the highest order.

Those of us everyday Americans on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, view the shenanigans in Washington D.C. as proof positive that The Deep State must be destroyed and The Swamp must be fully drained.

President Donald Trump is our only hope to make that happen.

In addition to the phony impeachment scam being perpetrated by the Democrats, The Uniparty in the Swamp is trying to coalesce around any anti-Trump activity, trotting out such seditious stalwarts as the disgusting Colin Powell and Mitt Romney to excoriate President Trump for any reason they can find.

By announcing his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria, President Trump made it clear he has no stomach for asking American military men and women to keep dying and getting maimed in the endless Middle East meat grinder.

He’s determined it’s morally wrong to ask Americans to continue to die in military interventions that only serve to further enrich the military-industrial complex and relieve alleged allies of carrying the burden. 

Our soldiers should only go into battle situations when there is a clear military objective designed to protect the United States and an unequivocal strategy to achieve a decisive victory that will end further bloodshed.

The farce that continues in Afghanistan is the prime example of the folly that’s driven American foreign policy under both Democrat and Republican administrations.

The usual Neocon suspects are grumping about Trump’s Syria decision, and bemoaning the fate of the Kurds along the Syria-Turkey border.  What they fail to take into consideration are two critical facts:  Turkey is a member of NATO. As a result, the U.S. is obligated to support it in its attack on ISIS in Syria. Secondly, the branch of the Kurds in question have ties to a Marxist terrorist organization supported by Russia for decades in Turkey.

Donald Trump is The Deep State’s worst nightmare.  He’s fully committed to getting our country back on the right path, taking power from the globalist elites and giving it to the people, and restoring patriotic values in the center of our civic life.

The various schemes to unseat him keep failing, much to the chagrin of The Elite Traitor Media, whose credibility has been shredded by their overt bias and outright lies.

Their failure brings enhanced danger for President Trump.  As completely unhinged as his opponents have become, they pose a growing risk of taking the ultimate violent action to get their way.

We’ve warned in the past that it’s highly likely elite teams of would-be assassins are training in suburban Virginia and/or Maryland while the Deep State cabal perfects its plot.

For this reason, it’s also likely that President Trump has enhanced his security detail beyond the assigned Secret Service teams.  Given the past failures of the Secret Service to adequately protect Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, we have to believe that the president has hired his own security to augment government personnel.

That certainly would be the prudent thing to do, given the penetration and infiltration of government ranks by outright subversives over the past century.

There are reports President Trump has activated U.S. Marine Reserves to protect against a possible coup attempt or assassination.  These reports can’t be confirmed at this time. But it certainly seems entirely possible the president is aware of active plots to remove him from office.

The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by radical Communists bent on seizing power any way they can.  That’s why they’re so adamant about gutting the Second Amendment and our God-given Right to Bear Arms to protect ourselves, our families and our property.

We live in dangerous times, times in which true American patriots must rally around the President of the United States to preserve our democratic republic.

Thanks for reading!  We are nearing a true tipping point, one in which we may be called upon to resist the treasonous actions planned against President Trump by any means in which we can.

The Deep State continues to pursue its treachery, just as it has for all our lifetime.  Learn more by reading J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, which can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. He continues researching an updated version of his controversial book.

His latest research has uncovered more American patriot leaders who were targeted for elimination by The Deep State.  These names are quite familiar and will be shocking to members of The Forgotten Street.  His work entails its own risk.  Within the last month, J.C has received ominous warnings, but he forges ahead fearlessly.

If you have information that might aid his research and help defeat the Deep State, please contact him by email. He may be reached at:

Interest in Betrayal at Bethesda continues to grow.  With recent sales in Brazil, the book now is selling on four continents:  North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

September brought another strong month for The Forgotten Street, including foreign visitors from such locations as:  The European Union; Red China; Tokelau; Germany; The Czech Republic; The United Kingdom; The Russian Federation; Italy; Brazil; France; Morocco; Poland; Japan; Belarus; Greece; Colombia; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Mexico; Spain; India; The United Arab Emirates; Argentina; Australia; and Hungary.

God bless all of you who support freedom and liberty for the world’s oppressed, especially Christians who are suffering globally.  Please share our news with neighbors and friends.

August 25, 2019

President Trump Gets What the Rest of the World Doesn’t:  Red China is the New “Evil Empire.”

While globalists lay in the fetal position and suck their thumbs over President Donald Trump’s aggressive posture versus Red China, he pushes ahead knowing full well it’s about damn time the civilized world confronts a communist regime that’s become the true “Evil Empire.”

What the president comprehends is he has the ChiComs on the ropes, and they’re running out of counterpunches.  The Red Chinese face a host of challenges that could topple their government.

Patriots in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to demand their rights in the face of Chinese troops massing on the border.  American tariffs are ripping a hole in the Chinese economy as American manufacturers are closing their Chinese factories and heading for the door.

The trade deal announced today between the United States and Japan puts another nail in the Reds’ coffin.  The slack from Chinese curtailment of agricultural purchases from the USA will be taken up by Japan and other nations.  Meanwhile, the Chinese government is coping with a swine flu epidemic that threatens to wipe out more than half of its pig population.  That’s a human disaster for a nation that relies so heavily on pork for its diet.

President Trump has been rightfully sickened by how the Red Chinese have taken advantage of a trade imbalance and proven their criminal nature through the wholesale theft of American intellectual property and the flooding of Fentanyl into America to kill countless people.  The Chinese leadership is pure evil.

These problems are by no means new. Since the days of Richard Nixon’s opening to Red China, no American president until Donald Trump has had the wisdom and intestinal fortitude to stand up for what’s right for the United States.

The real problem began in the days of the Truman administration, when fellow travelers in the Fifth Column in the State Department and White House sold out a long-time American ally, Chinese president Chiang Kai-shek, to allow the communists led by Mao Tse-tung to take over the country and bring about a reign of terror unseen in modern history.

The passage of time since then has underscored an indisputable fact that academics and diplomats have tried to cover up:  General Douglas MacArthur, Congressman John F. Kennedy and Senator Joseph McCarthy were 100% right about the threat to America and the world posed by communist Red China.

When the Chinese army crossed the North Korean border and entered the conflict between North and South Korea, the die was cast for the death of many American and South Korean soldiers.  General MacArthur wanted to carry the fight to the Chinese, even to the extent of using nuclear weapons.

President Harry Truman ended up firing MacArthur in order to limit the spread of the war and avoid any confusion over American policy.  Hindsight being what it is, it’s clear this decision paved the way for the Korean War to become stalemated and for North Korea to become a puppet regime of Red China.

A number of conservative politicians, including some Democrats, were very vocal about the fall of China into the hands of the communists.  Perhaps no single member was more outspoken than Congressman Kennedy from Massachusetts.

J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking book on this chapter in Cold War history, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy details the courage shown by the young congressman.  On pages 23-24, it recounts a speech he made in Salem, Massachusetts, on January 28, 1949, to a civic group just days after a similar speech on the floor of the House of Representatives:

         “Our policy in China has reaped the whirlwind.  The continued insistence that aid would not be forthcoming unless a coalition government with the Communists was formed was a crippling blow to the Nationalist government.  So concerned were our diplomats and their advisers, the Lattimores, and the Fairbanks, with the imperfections of the diplomatic system in China after 20 years of war, and the tales of corruption in high places, that they lost sight of our tremendous stake in a noncommunist China.

         “There were those who claimed, and still claim, that Chinese Communism was not really communism at all but an advanced agrarian reform movement which did not take direction from Moscow.

         “This is the tragic story of China whose freedom we once fought to preserve.  What our young men have saved, our diplomats and our President have frittered away.”

Kennedy’s decision to take on President Truman and his administration was a clear signal that JFK would become a new type of political leader, not just another party sycophant.  No doubt, his political mentor, Defense Secretary James Forrestal, was extremely proud of JFK’s leadership on such a critical issue.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, have felt the effects of American policy that’s kowtowed to the Red Chinese and allowed them to hollow out our manufacturing base and gain control of advanced technology that’s enabling them to build a powerful military war machine.

Allowing this Chamber of Commerce mentality to place globalist greed over what’s best for our country has put us in one hell of a mess.

But, it appears the Chinese leadership has overplayed its hand and followed the same foolish path the Soviet Union did in financing it military to the detriment of its domestic economy.

President Trump knows the American economy is the world’s most powerful. It can respond to the Chinese military buildup with an arms race that could utterly destroy the Chinese economy already reeling from an inability to feed itself or maintain a banking system to can fund economic growth for those outside of the communist party clique.

The fuse on the Hong Kong powder keg is getting shorter too. Any explosion there will make it much more difficult for globalists to hold their noses and continue dealing with a communist regime that runs on thuggery, thievery and intimidation.

President Trump will keep pressing ahead to maneuver the Red Chinese into a deal that will bring better balance to the trade relationship and more respect for human and property rights.  Americans must pray he succeeds.  Those who won’t don’t deserve to be called Americans.

Thanks for reading!  Politicians and academics have been too clever by half in pushing the Climate Change Hoax.  This week a death blow was dealt by one of their own, former President Barack Obama.  The news that he’s getting ready to spend $15 million on a coastal mansion certainly shows he’s not the least bit concerned about rising sea levels.

Nor are politicians, countless movie stars and wealthy executives who continue to enjoy their luxury properties by the sea, and jet around the world in private aircraft, while pontificating about the environment.  They all need to go sell “crazy” somewhere else.

For those intrigued by the Kennedy speech mentioned above, you can learn more in J.C.’s book, which can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. He continues researching an updated version of his controversial book.  He may be contacted by email at:  If you have information that might aid his research, please contact him by email. 

The Elite Traitor Media, led by the pathetic New York Times, just keeps shredding what little credibility it has left.  The so-called “Gray Lady’s” attempt to rewrite American history regarding slavery and our country’s founding just makes you wonder how long it’s been getting its marching orders from the Kremlin.

Oh, it’s been since the 1930s when it covered up Stalin’s purges and government-induced famine that killed millions.  At the time, it was thrilled because the wholesale lies earned the paper a Pulitzer Prize.

Meanwhile, CNN has added former FBI official Andrew McCabe to its roster of pundits.  Given he was fired for lying to the Department of Justice, he should fit right in with the other liars and reprobates who fill the airwaves with utter nonsense and drivel.

The Forgotten Street will continue to share The Buzz About Town.  God bless all of you at home and abroad relying on us for alternative insight, not globalist propaganda, regarding the world’s events!

August 14, 2019

Liberty Sentinel Website Features Interview with J.C. Hawkins On Betrayal at Bethesda

In an exclusive interview with J.C. Hawkins, founder of The Forgotten Street, Liberty Sentinel founder Alex Newman gives the St. Augustine author an opportunity to explain the underlying premise of his groundbreaking work.

Newman is an internationally renowned investigative journalist who’s recognized as one of the foremost experts on the history and current workings of The Deep State.

The interview can be found on the front page of Liberty Sentinel at  The website is Newman’s vehicle for promoting individual freedom, education reform and opposition to globalist efforts to impose a New World Order.  Be sure to visit Liberty Sentinel and review the vast amount of research available there.

Filmed in a city park in Ormond Beach, Florida, the interview comes to a sudden, humorous end as city workers begin cutting grass and trimming palm trees.  The ensuing noise drowns out any further effort to continue the interview.

Hawkins’ landmark book continues to gain readership around the globe. In reviewing and assessing the mysterious deaths of Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy, Hawkins provides a close look at the emergence of The Deep State in the aftermath of World War II.  Betrayal at Bethesda is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda and his ongoing research for an updated version of his controversial book.  He may be contacted by email at:  If you have information that might aid his research, please contact him by email.  

July 20, 2019

Democrats Show Their Commitment To Communism, Not Socialism

As the Democrat presidential contenders keep rolling out their campaign agendas, it becomes crystal clear their hard turn to the Left has allowed them to unmask their inner communism.

For decades, they’ve tried to hide their commitment to instituting a totalitarian regime in Washington that will ultimately “fundamentally transform The United States of America,” as Barack Obama so confidently proclaimed.

Like the Stalinists they so much admire, they play the usual word games.  They hid behind the “liberal” tag, but once Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan demolished that, they all turned into “progressives.”

Now they’re openly embracing the term “socialist,” but those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main State USA, have long recognized them for what they truly are:  hard-core “communists” who want to eradicate individual freedom and capitalism as we know it.

To help clarify the situation, we invented our own term, “Prog-Lib-Commies” to show the hypocrisy of their identity.  We did it partly to mock them, but also to zero in on their end game.  Now is the appropriate time to tell it like it is:  They are Communists with a capital “C.”

The operating mantra of the Democrat Party is to label all Trump supporters, Republicans and conservatives as “racist.”  Because they’ve thrown that term around so loosely without any factual foundation, the term has become utterly meaningless. It’s completely lost its desired impact.

A couple days ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her comeuppance when she called President Donald J. Trump a racist during a speech on the House floor in support of a resolution to condemn his remarks about the Four Comrades of the Apocalypse, or as the adoring Elite Traitor Media call the radical women who’ve become the true face of the Democrat Party, “The Squad.” 

We prefer to call them The Fraud Squad.  Pelosi got reprimanded for breaking House rules and left the chamber to a chorus of boos.

This back-and-forth drama has been fostered by The Deep State, which has been doing its damnedest since the end of World War II to bring about a One World globalist government that will serve as the ultimate communist regime.  The United Nations was created to facilitate that goal, but has failed miserably thanks to its inability to do virtually anything right.

As a newly-elected congressman in 1946, Democrat John F. Kennedy put it best when expressing his total contempt for communism by stating on numerous occasions that America would never submit to “small clique of ruthless, powerful and selfish men running a slave state.”  Does the name George Soros strike a familiar note?

Kennedy joined with his mentor, Defense Secretary James Forrestal, and friend Senator Joe McCarthy to form a true vanguard in the fight against global and domestic communism.

You can learn much more about these courageous leaders and how their intertwined fates led to tragedy for them all in J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking history, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions at

As we consider the radical takeover of the Democrat Party by its Fellow Travelers/Useful Idiots wing, it becomes more and more apparent just how right Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy were about the communist infiltration of our government, educational and cultural institutions.

With the support and guidance of The Deep State, leftists have succeeded in promoting open borders, advocating abortion on demand, engineering a federal takeover of health care, dumbing down our educational system, advancing a sexual revolution, wrecking the family structure, destroying organized religion, removing God from the public square, perverting American history, disparaging our national heritage, and mocking patriotism.

Fortunately for our country, enough patriots banded together to elect a president in Donald J. Trump who has the intestinal fortitude and high intelligence needed to turn back the Red Tide that’s almost ruined America. 

By doing so, we’ve become the object of ridicule, scorn, outright hatred and even violence by the government, cultural and educational alleged elites. But, thanks to the rebound in our economy engineered by President Trump, there are more of us than there are of the Hate America First Crowd. Best of all, our numbers are growing.

Minorities that have been poorly served and taken for granted by Democrat regimes have begun to benefit from the improved job climate and heartened by a president who is fighting the abortion genocide that has decimated their numbers.

If President Trump succeeds in peeling off a significant percentage of black and Hispanic voters who previously voted Democrat (say 10 to  15 percent or more in addition to those who supported him in 2016), it will become mathematically impossible for the Democrats to succeed in 2020.

Equally important, those of us on The Forgotten Street who’ve stood by President Trump must double down on our support and call out the Never Trumpers in the GOP to let them know we will no longer tolerate their treachery.

Thanks for reading!  The backstabbing wing of the Republican Party, led by such losers as Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, John Thune, Joni Ernst, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Bill Weld must be relegated to the irrelevancy and ignominy they so richly deserve.

On a happier note, our good friend Cliff Kincaid has re-launched his America’s Survival website with a fresh look.  Be sure to visit it at:  He deserves our support and encouragement in his crusade against The Deep State.

For our followers in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, know the We Can Be Heroes Foundation is sponsoring a breakfast on Saturday, August 3, to honor Purple Heart recipients.  It’s an opportunity to meet those that served, and provide a helping hand to homeless veterans in reemployment programs.  It’s part of the group’s salute to our Nation’s Combat Wounded as part of National Purple Heart Day.

The event will be at the Applebee’s restaurant at 5055 J. Turner Boulevard near I-95 and US-1.  It will run from 8 to 10 a.m.  The cost per ticket is $12 or 3 tickets for $30.  Purple Heart recipients will eat for free.  For information, please call 904-373-8817 or visit the website at   

Our readership numbers remain quite strong and sales of Betrayal at Bethesda continue to rise. 

J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda and his ongoing research for an updated version of his landmark book.  He may be contacted by email at:  If you have information that might aid his research, please contact him by email.

God bless you all for your interest and support!

July 1, 2019

Trump and JFK:  The Encouraging, Yet Disturbingly Eerie Parallels

At this point well into the first term of the Donald J. Trump presidency, it’s interesting to note the increasingly common parallels with the first term of John F. Kennedy.

Yet, at the same time, there are disturbing and positively eerie parallels to consider for those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

Let’s examine what the 35th and 45th Presidents of the United States have in common:

Family Wealth:  Both men came to the Oval Office with considerable personal wealth, though Kennedy’s was inherited while Trump’s was mostly self made and larger.  Both embraced their wealth with a sense of pride, yet displayed a penchant for service to society in general.

Ability to Connect With Working Class Voters:  Despite their wealth and Ivy League educations, both Kennedy and Trump were natural politicians who connected incredibly well with working class, blue-collar voters.  Their considerable communications skills and charisma served them well in this regard.  Trump’s campaign rallies, which he’s continued into his presidency, are a major building block in creating an impressive, unshakable base for re-election.

Glamorous First Ladies:  Jackie Kennedy and Melania Trump both brought a great sense of fashion and a much-needed touch of glamour to the role of First Lady.  The left-wing Elite Traitor Media hasn’t given Mrs. Trump the glowing coverage showered on Jackie, but Melania’s clever use of her platform as First Lady to showcase her causes and her empathy with those affected by natural disasters has won her widespread public admiration.

Historic Tax Cuts and Economic Growth:  Kennedy and Trump both recognized that serious tax cuts were needed to stimulate the economy and promote more business investment in America.  They faced strong opposition from Democrats and big government advocates more interested in growing a dependent class of Americans.

Foreign Policy Risk-Taking:  JFK saw the opportunity to lessen tensions with the Soviet Union after the Cuban missile crisis and to push ahead with an atomic test ban treaty.  Trump perceived an opportunity to reduce the possibility of a conflagration on the Korean peninsula with his outreach to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un.

Full-Fledged Patriotism:  JFK’s stirring inaugural address featured the incomparable, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  His founding of the Peace Corps gave young Americans another avenue for national service.  Donald Trump’s “America First” policies and his unabashed patriotism resonate with Americans who want their government to put American citizens’ interests ahead of globalism and illegal immigration.

Bold Vision:  Jack Kennedy’s challenge to put a man on the moon gave the space program the boost it needed to surpass the Soviet efforts.  Donald Trump’s call for a Space Force as a new branch of the military shows his recognition of the challenges and threats posed by our potential adversaries, especially Red China.

Taking on Big Business Interests Not Concerned with America:  Kennedy’s epic battle with Big Steel to force a rollback of prices earned him the hatred of a number of business interests.  Trump is taking on Big Pharma to get drug prices more in line with reality and using tariffs to leverage better trade deals globally and tighter control of the southern border with Mexico.  The United States Chamber of Commerce has fiercely fought Trump on a number of issues (tariffs, NAFTA, TPP) in order to serve the globalist interests that run the organization. It should be renamed the Globalist Stooge Chamber of Commerce.

Disloyalty in the Military:  After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK faced open hostility from his Joint Chiefs of Staff who wanted an invasion of Cuba. President Trump’s efforts to modernize the Pentagon and build up military strength have been thwarted in some measure by military leaders and defense bureaucrats who were “Clintonized” and “Obamafied” to turn the military into a massive social experiment.  The departure of James Mattis from DOD was no loss at all.

FBI Subterfuge:  Both presidents had to contend with seditious FBI Directors (J. Edgar Hoover and James Comey) who directly tried to sabotage their presidencies.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation always had a political bent to it, depending upon its leadership, but really began a serious downhill slide under Robert Mueller and then James Comey.  The current director, Christopher Wray, has done nothing to clean up the mess or end the corruption.  He’s just another Deep State swamp dweller.

Divided Opposition Party:  Looking ahead to second term elections, both men faced opposition parties that were and are deeply divided.  The GOP facing JFK was split between the Barry Goldwater and Eastern Establishment (Rockefeller) factions.  Trump is looking at a Democrat party swerving sharply to the left and leaving whatever members might have considered themselves moderate or Kennedy Democrats well behind.

Deep State Desire to Remove Them by Any Means Necessary:  Both Kennedy and Trump were considered outsiders by The Deep State.   Due in large measure to their personal wealth, neither man owed anything to anyone for their election to the presidency, unlike Dwight Eisenhower, both George Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who were clearly products of the globalists and the Deep State.

As a result, JFK and Trump were targeted for removal well into their first terms, with Trump even being in the Deep State’s sights during his candidacy, and then his presidential transition.

JFK/Trump Key Points of Difference

Despite the parallel achievements and positions taken, Jack Kennedy and Donald Trump also have significant points of difference.

Age/Health:  Trump is the oldest man to reach the presidency while Kennedy was the youngest elected.  Oddly enough, when it comes to health, President Trump is the picture of health with boundless energy and stamina.   President Kennedy endured a lifetime of poor health since his childhood, dealing with a wide range of debilitating conditions, many of which were hidden from the public.  Most people are unaware that due to his severe back problems, JFK often used crutches in private to walk around.

Military Service:  JFK was a bona fide World War II hero, whose courage in saving his crewmates after the sinking of the PT boat he commanded should earn everyone’s admiration.  Although he attended military school prior to college, Donald Trump never served actively in the military.  His opponents have criticized him as a “draft dodger,” but never said the same about their beloved Bill Clinton.

Vice Presidents:  Donald Trump has the benefit of a loyal, highly competent vice president in Mike Pence.  In his calculation to become president, Kennedy enlisted Texan Lyndon Johnson, who turned out to be a vile snake-in-the-grass.  Some Kennedy assassination researchers believe LBJ was involved in a plot to kill the president.

Attorney General Support:  Kennedy had a built-in advantage by picking his brother Bobby to serve as Attorney General.  RFK became much more, being JFK’s most trusted advisor on a wide range of issues.  President Trump picked Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general after Sessions helped in the 2016 campaign. We all know what a fiasco that turned out to be.

Media Bias:  Donald Trump has been the object of grossly unfair media derision and scorn from the day he announced his candidacy.  He has been subjected to the most outlandish negative coverage and bias of any president in the modern era.   Kennedy, on the other hand, enjoyed more favorable media for the most part, with the Washington press corps going out of their way to avoid negative coverage and ingratiate themselves with the Kennedy administration in general.

Transparency:  The Kennedy obsession with image led to extensive public relations efforts to promote the class and glamour of the administration while keeping secret any information that would detract from that.  President Trump, on the other hand, is the most transparent president in history.  Through his adept use of social media and on-the-spot press interactions, we know exactly what he’s thinking and what to anticipate in terms of policy.  His attitude is “what you see is what you get.” No surprises.

All of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, must hope and pray that the 16 months ahead of the November 2020 election won’t bring a tragic, horrific parallel between Jack Kennedy and Donald Trump. As all the Deep State schemes to unseat President Trump continue to fail, their options dwindle closer and closer to the truly unthinkable.

Thanks for reading! The performances of the Democrat presidential contenders during the recent debates, and their pathetic pandering to their hard left base, just raise the odds of a looming Trump landslide re-election.

Kamala Harris’ staged attack on Joe Biden regarding race during the debate just further reveals what a pathetic fraud she is.  She tried to paint herself as a “poor little black girl,” as if she grew up in Selma, Alabama, during the height of segregation.  In fact, she grew up in a privileged home in Berkeley, California, with two highly educated parents. Then she advanced her career as a city prosecutor literally under San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Once again, President Trump has pulled off a diplomatic coup with his surprise meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-Un in the so-called Hermit Kingdom.  Of course, the visit has been panned by the usual suspects in the Elite Traitor Media and Democrat Party.

The fact is President Trump has done more to advance the cause of peace on the Korean peninsula and that part of Asia than all the other presidents combined going back to Harry Truman.

His style of personal diplomacy demonstrates how hopelessly inept the State Department has been with its buildings and embassies full of alleged diplomats who can’t get out of their own way in terms of setting up meaningful meetings and real dialogue with potential adversaries.

We had a significant number of foreign visitors in June from these locations:  Germany; Red China; The Czech Republic; Tokelau; The United Kingdom; The European Union; Italy; The Russian Federation; Canada; New Zealand; Sweden; Poland; Bulgaria; Colombia; Indonesia; Argentina; Belgium; Norway; Brazil; Belarus; France; The Ivory Coast; The British Indian Ocean Territory; and Japan.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in our perspective on what’s happening in America.

We’re pleased to see a spurt in sales during June for J.C. Hawkins’ landmark book on The Deep State and its treachery:  Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It can be found in paperback and Kindle versions at

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You can count on The Forgotten Street to keep delivering the news and perspectives few others can.  God bless you all for your interest and support!

May 2, 2019

62 Years Have Passed Since A Great American Died, And He Continues To Be Smeared To This Day.

It’s been 62 years since the death of an American patriot who inspired millions, and yet earned the ongoing hatred of America’s elites.

Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy of Appleton, Wisconsin, led a vanguard of patriots in fighting the infiltration of the American government and cultural institutions by communists under the direct influence of the Kremlin.

These agents of evil directly colluded to undermine America.  For his efforts, McCarthy’s name became an epithet. The charge of “McCarthyism” continues to be leveled against those who dare to take on subversive forces.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike use “McCarthyism” to insult opponents, which means the GOP offenders perpetuate the unfair smear against one of the party’s real champions.

What all overlook is the fact that on May 2, 1957, Senator McCarthy was murdered in the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

His death came as a shock to everyday citizens and Washington denizens alike, but it was portrayed as the result of heavy drinking that caused his fatal acute hepatitis.  The news media of the day, and historians to this day, continue the false narrative, despite the clear evidence that he did not have cirrhosis.

J.C. Hawkins’ groundbreaking book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, provides insight into McCarthy’s sudden and unexpected death, and lays out the real cause that points directly to murder.

Renowned author Diana West devoted a blog on her website to the origin of the “McCarthyism” term and how it was spread to smear the senator and his supporters:

In short, Gus Hall, leader of the U.S. Communist Party, got his marching orders straight from the Kremlin on how to counter the rise of Joseph McCarthy as a leader in the fight against domestic and global communism.  It’s worth noting that as a young man, former CIA director and current traitor John Brennan admitted to voting for Gus Hall for president.

Sadly, the useful idiots in the news media and academia ran with the term and were joined by Democrats and Republicans who were not amused by the aggressive tactics used by McCarthy and his team of investigators.

Equally distressed was President Dwight Eisenhower, who did not want McCarthy to investigate the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and U.S. Army being infiltrated by questionable people.  Ike ordered his staff and selected government leaders to form a behind-the-scenes cabal to help bring McCarthy down and destroy his crusade against communism.

The greatest revelation uncovered by Hawkins is that McCarthy fully intended to investigate the strange death of General George S. Patton, Jr., which he contended was a “murder.”  When you consider who had the most to gain by Patton’s death, the list is incredibly lengthy.  The names involved are particularly shocking and will be included in Hawkins’ update to Betrayal at Bethesda, which is in progress.

Betrayal at Bethesda reveals more about what transpired and who the culprits might have been in the senator’s demise.  It also breaks ground by revealing how McCarthy’s fate was intertwined with those of former Defense Secretary James Forrestal and President John F. Kennedy, two other staunch anti-communists.

McCarthy’s death occurred right on the heels of May 1, recognized worldwide by communists as International Workers Day.  It’s highly likely the plot to kill the senator got underway partly as a response to the observance when the opportunity was presented by his admission to the hospital with a knee injury.

The treachery behind McCarthy’s death is ongoing as school and college textbooks continue to smear him, aided by GOP turncoats who betray his anti-communist legacy to curry favor with The Elite Traitor Media that will always hate their guts, no matter how much they pander.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, had no greater champion that Joe McCarthy, whose working class roots, heroic service in World War II, and unflagging patriotism represented the best of America.

For his efforts, all he got was calumny and scorn from the elites who’ve been selling out America for decades.

Thanks for reading!  We see more treachery against President Trump and his administration unfolding by the shameful and disgusting attack on Attorney General William Barr.

The treasonous Democrats will pull out all the stops to smear Barr in order to render ineffective his upcoming prosecutions against the CIA, FBI, Democrat and Republican traitors who’ve been trying to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.  Aiding and abetting them are the true Enemy of the People, The Elite Traitor Media.

These elites are using the same playbook they used to oust Richard Nixon after his historic electoral victory.  For the sake of our republic, we must not let them carry out another coup.

Previously, they used violence to end the reign of John F. Kennedy, and we must pray they don’t use the same treason against President Donald Trump.

We live in dangerous times when Democrats have thrown all caution to the winds to undermine the Trump administration and disrupt our economy.

They offer no positive agenda for America, only fascist tactics to bring about a communist regime that will totally destroy our way of life.

April was yet another record month for The Forgotten Street, with our readership exceeding March’s record-seeing totals.  We’re delighted to thank our foreign visitors from the following locations:  Red China; The European Union; The United Kingdom; The Czech Republic; Germany; The Russian Federation; Canada; Vietnam; France; Australia; Indonesia; Italy; Japan; the Netherlands; Romania; Brazil; Belarus; Ireland; The United Arab Emirates; Switzerland; Montenegro; Poland; Tajikistan; The Ukraine.

For those of you interested in J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, it can be found in paperback and Kindle versions at

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March 5, 2019

Climate Change Kooks Driving Democrats Straight Off A Cliff

Absolute confirmation that the Democrat Party has gone completely off the rails can be found in its members’ embrace of the lunatic “Green New Deal.”

Adoption of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s signature plan by presidential contenders such as Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and members of Congress shows just how hopeless Democrat chances for a presidential victory in 2020 are becoming.  Their campaign buses are hurtling straight for the edge of the cliff.

The relentless drive of progressives to turn back the clock and eliminate reliance on fossil fuels represents the height of idiocy.

The discovery of oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859 by Edwin Drake ushered in a transformation of the world from an agrarian economy to worldwide industrialization that raised the standard of living and ease of everyday life for billions of people globally.

Today’s doomsayers rely on bogus computer models to predict the end of the world in 12 to 50 years because of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide.  Their predictions effectively demonstrate the old truth about computer data:  “garbage in, garbage out.”

These fools trot out the same tired argument, “the science is settled.”

On its face, that claim is simply ludicrous.  The very nature of science is that it is never settled. Any scientist who says otherwise is no credible scientist. That’s why we keep doing research.  Duh.

These are the same people who’ve long claimed we must abandon fossil fuels and find new sources of energy because the world will run out of oil and natural gas once reserves are tapped into.

Unfortunately, real scientists keep finding new ways to locate additional oil and gas reserves.  As a result, more fossil fuels are available to us than ever before.  We have a virtually inexhaustible supply that will long outlast our lifetime.

Progressives touting solar and wind energy totally ignore the environmental devastation both cause, as well as the proven fact that neither is economically viable without massive government subsidies.

Wind turbines are absolute killers of birds of prey such as eagles and hawks, along with other birds as well.  In addition, the land that must be cleared to allow for construction of wind farms is significant.

Solar farms are land gobblers as well.  In both cases, if the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow, the facilities are useless because electricity can’t be stored.  It’s used up as it’s generated.

Not to mention the fact that solar and wind energy are wholly incapable of replacing the electrical demand met by traditional fuels such as natural gas and coal.

If the electrical grid shows increased and growing demand in response to weather conditions, the utilities simply fire up more generating capacity.  Wind and solar energy can only serve as auxiliary sources.

Interestingly, alleged environmentalists ignore other alternative energy sources such as hydroelectric and nuclear energy.

The Climate Change Kooks don’t give a rat’s behind about the environment.  Their global hoax is all about money, socialism and total government control over our lives.

They’ve effectively branded carbon dioxide as “pollution,” which is a big lie that Joseph Goebbels would be proud to have spread.  Endless propaganda in the Elite Traitor Media and indoctrination of kids in public schools has created a total misunderstanding of the science behind life itself.  Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, remember how our schools taught us, not how they brainwashed us.

Humans rely on oxygen to survive.  Oxygen is generated by trees, plants and other vegetation, which rely on carbon dioxide to thrive.  Many of us learned that lesson in fifth grade. The lesson stuck with us ever since.  This is the one case in which the science is as close to “settled” as it may ever get.

Carbon dioxide has a density about 60% higher than dry air, which makes it virtually impossible for it to rise in the atmosphere to a level and concentration that would create a greenhouse effect and thus, global warming.

In addition, plant life absorbs carbon dioxide as it remains closer to earth, resulting in increased vegetation in parts of the globe.  So don’t let the Climate Change Kooks fool you with their nonsense.

Let them continue that lunacy, which brands the Democrat Party as The Party of Hoaxes, chasing phantom crises in order to create fear and sow division that will allow their brand of communism to flourish.

Thanks for reading!  The Democrats have no positive agenda heading into the 2020 election.  All they have are their hoaxes and endless investigations, which are starting to bore and seriously annoy more and more Americans.

President Donald Trump’s record of achievement and strong leadership, unheard of by his predecessors, is beginning to resonate with the American people.

We greatly appreciate our followers on The Forgotten Street.  Our foreign visitors continue to grow.  In February, they came from such locations as these:  The European Union; The Czech Republic; The United Kingdom; India; Germany; Red China; Brazil; Sweden; Argentina; Australia; Romania; Poland; The Netherlands; The Russian Federation; Tajikistan; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Italy; Japan; The Seychelles; Colombia; Spain; France; Belgium; Switzerland; and Lithuania.

As Democrats keep up their relentless effort to force President Trump from office in a phony coup, it’s obvious Special Counsel Robert Mueller is holding a big bag of nothing regarding Russian collusion.

Unfortunately, The Deep State holds in reserve more sinister means to achieve the change it wants.  As the legal and congressional ploys continue to fail, we must pray for President Trump’s safety and let our elected officials know we expect the traitors behind the coup attempts to be brought to justice.

The Deep State has plagued this country for far too many decades.  Learn more about its origins and the evil it’s already perpetrated in J.C. Hawkins’ landmark book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.

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January 26, 2019

We’re All Roger Stone in the DOJ’s Fascist World

The dramatic arrest of Republican political operative Roger Stone clearly shows how far progressives and The Deep State will go to criminalize normal political behavior they don’t approve of, and how much they hate the patriotic people on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

The early morning FBI raid on Stone’s Ft. Lauderdale residence would have made Stalin or Hitler proud.  Meant to provide maximum intimidation of an accused white-collar defendant, the raid represents the worst of a Department of Justice that continues to assault the rule of law.

Roger revealed when he answered the FBI’s knock on his door at 5:45 a.m., he was staring down the barrels of two rifles.  The FBI wouldn’t treat a Mafia boss or child trafficker as poorly as it treated Roger Stone. Typically, prosecutors contact the attorneys for a white-collar defendant and ask them to bring their client to the courthouse for arraignment.  Stone certainly would have complied willingly with that.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his gang of thugs have turned the so-called Russia collusion investigation into the grossest Witch Hunt in American history.  What they did to Roger Stone should send shivers down the spines of all law-abiding Americans.  In the fascist world being created by The Deep State, we are all Roger Stone.  As their hated “deplorables,” none of us are safe from being persecuted because of our politics.

If the FBI can stage Gestapo/KGB/Stasi style raids on the targets of indictments, then no American is any longer safe in his or her bed.  This outrageous abuse of prosecutorial power first reared its ugly head in the brutal treatment of Paul Manafort and his wife in the early morning raid on their home July 26, 2017.

Initially, there was hope Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be able to clean house at the highly-politicized DOJ and FBI, but that hope evaporated in the early weeks of the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump has since tasked acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and new FBI Director Christopher Wray with making needed changes.  They’ve proven to be useless creatures of the D.C. Swamp and stooges for The Deep State. 

The pending arrival of William Barr as Attorney General doesn’t bode well for the future, given his bona fides as a D.C. establishment figure highly unlikely to rock the boat.

If I were in President Trump’s shoes, I’d call Christopher Wray into the Oval Office and fire him for allowing such an outrageous abuse of power by the FBI to happen under the hoodlum-like management of Robert Mueller.

Of course, the fascistic raid at the Stone residence wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of CNN.  No doubt the phony news network was tipped off in advance so it could get exclusive footage of the raid and scoop the competition.

It’s all just more irrefutable evidence that The Deep State totally owns and runs The Elite Traitor Media, using them as shock troops to further its treasonous coup against President Trump.  The real collusion threatening our nation is between The Deep State and The Elite Traitor Media.

Following his arrest, Roger attempted to hold a press conference on the steps of the courthouse.  He was silenced by an angry mob of paid protesters and mainstream media who wouldn’t let him speak without interruption.

This is what passes for journalism in the age of Mueller and The Deep State. It simply sounds the death knell of journalism in the United States of America.

When the so-called mainstream media are outright cheerleaders against the President of the United States, it becomes absolutely clear that the media are, in fact, The Enemy of The People.  Of course, we experienced this in the past during The Deep State coup against Richard Nixon.

Special Counsel Mueller was originally charged with investigating the possibility of collusion with the Russian government to influence the course of the 2016 election.  Unable to find one shred of evidence to support that contention, he since has focused on creating a stream of “process crimes” against people with past or current associations with Donald Trump. 

None of these made-up “crimes” occurred during the course of the 2016 election.  In the case of Manafort, Mueller went back to the lobbyist’s prior business dealings, none of which involved President Trump.  Others, like Stone, have been charged because of incidents that happened after the investigation was underway.

In the finest tradition of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union, Robert Mueller has been making up “crimes” to prosecute and persecute people whose politics are anathema to The Deep State.

What can everyday Americans do about this highly disturbing turn of events?  They should let their elected representatives know there is no place in America for the criminalization of politics.  Roger Stone and so many more political operatives on all sides of the political spectrum have every right to research and uncover information about their political opponents without fear of retribution by Deep State criminals in the government.

In our November 7, 2018, column, we made an appeal on Roger Stone’s behalf.  What we wrote then holds true today:

“We want to make a special appeal for support of a friend of The Forgotten Street.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his Witch Hunt and has focused a great deal of attention on legendary GOP operative Roger Stone.  Mueller’s team has hassled both Roger and his associates in order to silence them and use prosecutorial power to force them to be crushed by rising legal fees.”

Help Roger Stone by contributing to his legal defense fund.  He’s looking at a multi-million dollar burden that could very well bankrupt him and his family.  Learn how you can support a true American patriot by visiting: today.

We must let Mueller and his Deep State masters know that President Trump has our complete support and our prayers to keep moving ahead to Make America Great Again.  His accomplishments in his first two years are truly remarkable and inspiring.

We will not be deterred or intimidated by Mueller’s thuggery and treason.

Thanks for reading!  The Deep State is relentless in its drive to destroy the Constitution, pursue a globalist One World Order, and crush our patriotism.  Learn more about its roots in J.C. Hawkins’ blockbuster book, Betrayal at Bethesda:  The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.

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January 3, 2019

Trump Demolishes Failed Foreign Policy Consensus To Put America First

No matter which party held power, since the end of World War II the United States has operated as a “Uniparty” in support of a globalist, “One World” foreign policy.  That policy foundation showed a number of cracks over the decades until it became hopelessly outdated and useless in the face of modern realities in a new century.

Fortunately for all of us, Donald Trump has the vision and courage to set our country on a new policy course, one that will truly support our national interests, protect our treasury and spare the lives of our men and women in uniform. 

Reliance on ineffective and often hostile organizations like the United Nations and NATO helped lead the United States into an endless stream of wars and military misadventures (Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya) that have bankrupted our nation and ruined lives in two generations of military families.

Nothing epitomizes the total arrogance and ineptitude of our reliance on our alleged allies and coalitions than the resignation letter of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

The so-called “Mad Dog” exemplifies the “toothless” military leadership that evolved under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.  They were leaders who allowed our military hardware and training to deteriorate while pursuing the social experimentation dictated by feckless Commanders-in-Chief at the expense of our national security.  Mattis leaving DOD is a case of “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

The price we pay today is seeing Russia and Red China rapidly building up their military might and challenging our ability to counteract them.  Meanwhile, we handcuff our courageous troops in the Middle East with dangerous rules of engagement and no prescription for victory.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are totally sickened and fed up with the Neocons in Washington D.C. who pimped for our military being stretched thin in order to facilitate foolish nation building and regime change initiatives.  

We’re simply disgusted with the killing and maiming of our men and women in uniform for no real reason.  Thankfully, Donald Trump came along to say he would end the madness.

The Obama/Clinton misadventure in Libya was a treasonous exercise designed to mask that administration’s efforts to create ISIS in order to overthrow Bashir Assad in Syria.  The overthrow and murder of Colonel Gadhafi was a major war crime wrapped in the phony banner of NATO and the United Nations.

While the Elite Traitor Media carries on about the decision by President Trump to withdraw American troops from Syria, the fact remains they never should have been there in the first place.  It was another foolhardy effort by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain to further their interests in fostering regime change that would further destabilize the Middle East and promote the Muslim Brotherhood.

The time has come to find an exit strategy for Afghanistan, which has become the longest war in our history.  However we leave there, we’ll depart with little or nothing to show for the effort as the Afghan tribes continue their centuries-old battles.

President Trump makes it clear his foreign policy will be guided by our true national interest, not the globalist fantasies that have turned Europe, the Middle East and much of Africa into basket cases.  His staunch defense of nationalism should be embraced by other countries as well.  We’re seeing hopeful signs with the election of a populist, anti-communist leader in Brazil and presidents in Eastern Europe who won’t let their countries be invaded and ruined by illegal immigrants.

This change in the course of our foreign affairs isn’t sitting well with The Deep State, which is still trying to engineer a coup against President Trump.  Now it has a Democrat House of Representatives in place to do its bidding. But, if the legal and legislative maneuvering doesn’t work, a more lethal plan is on standby.

The New Year brings a host of challenges for President Trump, who not only faces The Deep State, deranged Democrats, the globalist Federal Reserve, and the Elite Traitor Media, but backstabbing Never Trumpers within the Republican Party.  Thankfully, he has a few courageous, insightful leaders like Rand Paul to watch his back.

We all must pray for our president’s success and safety, while letting GOP turncoats like Mitt Romney and John Kasich know their treachery and perfidy will not work.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a safe, Happy New Year. 

The Forgotten Street ended its 12th year with our best readership ever, with new followers showing up around the globe. Nothing like becoming an overnight success!

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The government shutdown shows little signs of resolution any time soon.  It may not matter all that much because about 75% of the government is already funded and basically unaffected by the stalemate.

President Trump must hold fast and demand Democrats join with him to secure our borders, instead of focusing on wrecking his presidency and getting more money to fund the murder of innocent babies.

Those of you on The Forgotten Street who are Cold War history buffs should begin 2019 with an easy purchase of J.C. Hawkins’ trailblazing book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

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God bless you all, and may 2019 be a banner year for you and our beloved USA!

November 22, 2018,  Thanksgiving Day

Groundbreaking Book Portrays JFK Assassination In Entirely New Context

November 22, 2018, marks the 55th anniversary of the brutal, shocking murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas.  Has it really been that long?

For Baby Boomers and those of us living on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, it remains one of the singular events of our lifetimes.  Since that dark day in Dallas, controversy has reigned around the facts of the assassination because the official Warren Commission investigation and report raised more questions than answers.

The Warren Commission explanation for JFK’s murder was that it was an aberration, a one-off event caused by a “lone nut gunman.”  As more time passes, younger Americans are less aware of the tremendous impact the Kennedy murder had on our society and politics.

Author J.C. Hawkins has studied and researched the assassination and related events in the Cold War era.  His groundbreaking conclusions can be found in his book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.

Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy formed a vanguard in the fight against domestic and global communism.  Hawkins believes these staunch anti-communist leaders met untimely demises at the hands of The Deep State.  His research shows strong personal connections among the three men, which may have played a role in their deaths. 

The Florida-based, Princeton-educated researcher/writer clearly delineates how the deaths of Forrestal and McCarthy were falsely reported as “fake news” at the time. Forrestal’s death was portrayed as a suicide, and newsmen wrongly claimed that McCarthy drank himself to death. Unfortunately, historians accepted these versions without question and neglected to do the research Hawkins and other patriots have done.

Neither official cause of death as reported for Forrestal and McCarthy by the relevant authorities supports the conclusions of Drew Pearson and other alleged journalists who virulently smeared these men.

Hawkins claims both Forrestal and McCarthy were actually murdered at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. That Naval hospital also was the site of President Kennedy’s autopsy. Thus, in a 14-year period, the bodies of three great patriots all wound up in the same location: the morgue at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

The Kennedy autopsy engendered great controversy and suspicion that the true wounds suffered by the president were covered up and/or altered. Betrayal at Bethesda offers a new context to consider, based on considerable research including the notes of the man who embalmed Kennedy’s body and detailed wounds he witnessed that aren’t reflected in the Warren Commission Report.

Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy were outspoken against the political establishment, not bound by the prevailing rules and dogma set down by The Deep State.  Their rebellious attitudes in taking on the threat of communism turned them into outcasts among the D.C. establishment.

In a break with the current conventional wisdom, Hawkins sees the Kennedy murder not as an outlier, but as part of a continuum of assassinations that may stretch back to the death of General George S. Patton, Jr., another famed anti-communist who failed to toe the “Deep State” party line.  Patton bucked policies being enforced in post-war Germany as inhumane and unnecessary. 

Hawkins’ years-long research details the critical role Forrestal played as a mentor to young Jack Kennedy at the end of World War II, the close ties between Joe McCarthy and multiple members of the Kennedy family including Jack, and the friendship Forrestal initiated upon McCarthy’s arrival in Washington D.C. to begin his service in the U.S. Senate.

These deaths had a cascading effect, beginning with Forrestal’s in 1949, through McCarthy’s in 1957, and Kennedy’s in 1963.  Just five years later, controversial assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jack’s brother Bobby occurred, raising even more suspicions of potential “Deep State” treachery.  Once again, the prevailing narrative blamed their deaths on a “lone nut gunman.”

For those who think the deaths of Forrestal, McCarthy and JFK are “old news” and no longer relevant, just consider the “Deep State” coup attempt now underway against President Donald Trump. Also ponder the possible deadly lengths the nefarious cabal may go to if the current legal ploys fail.

Thanks for reading!  Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and count our blessings for the incredible bounty a Loving God provides.  That bounty is in jeopardy because of rising secularism and cynicism that threatens the very foundations of what makes America the last best hope of mankind.

Hawkins’ book represents a true wake-up call to get Americans and freedom lovers everywhere to cherish the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and fear the existential threat posed by progressives, The Deep State and the Elite Traitor Media to our democratic republic.

We’ve recently endured a contentious election that’s seen Democrats and their treacherous cohorts in the media conspire to steal elections away from legitimate winners in countless Congressional districts.

For Forgotten Street followers, this book represents the opportunity to learn the real history of the Cold War and what’s been at stake ever since then.                

Betrayal at Bethesda is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

May God bless all our followers and grant them the courage to resist the malicious lies being spread about President Donald Trump and his determination to Make America Great Again.

November 7, 2018

Never Trumpers Hand House Over To Dems; Senate Majority Ensures Trump Agenda Still Moves Forward

Results of yesterday’s election produced a mixed bag, with something for everyone regardless of political persuasion.

The much-ballyhooed “Blue Wave” never made it to shore.  Having Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the House of Representatives may not be as distressing as it might seem at first glance.

The geriatric Democrat leadership has to make a choice between “investigate or legislate.”  The same old tired faces leading a jihad against President Donald Trump will only serve to underscore their party’s lack of a positive agenda and genuine program for progress.

A flurry of subpoenas and endless committee hearings castigating Trump administration leaders is bound to turn off more and more Americans who are tiring of the Kabuki Dance that poses as our government.

Imagine how everyday Americans living on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, will react to seeing Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings on their television screens leading the charge against President Trump.  What a wretched hive of scum they will be to watch in action.

Democrats regained the House because of two key reasons:  first, a number of Republican incumbents, many of whom were Never Trumpers, decided to call it quits and leave their seats up for grabs.

Compounding that problem was the sorry leadership of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who’s been a thorn in the president’s side since the campaign of 2016.  Ryan did all he could to undercut President Trump and let his party suffer defeat in key House races.

He certainly earned the large payday he can look forward to from the globalist, One World crowd.  Hope he enjoys his 30 pieces of silver.

On the plus side, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now will have a larger group of senators to work with in advancing a true conservative agenda for America.

He also will be able to block any harebrained legislation passed by a Democrat majority in the House.

Besides adding what appears to be four more votes to the GOP side, President Trump also gains by the subtraction of backstabbers like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.

He wins by having Lindsay Graham step up as a key leader and ally, no longer under the thumb of John McCain.  Hopefully Marco Rubio is paying attention and will drop his pettiness regarding President Trump.

Ted Cruz learned a valuable lesson in terms of being a team player and benefitted from a president who worked tirelessly to help Cruz avoid being buried by an avalanche of money from globalist billionaires and Hollywood progressives supporting pretty boy loser Beto O’Rourke.

Republicans of all stripes should recognize no Republican president in our memory ever worked as hard as Donald Trump to help win elections across the board and across America. 

In Florida, both Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis can thank President Trump for his efforts to ensure their victories.  They will become key allies as the Trump team prepares for re-election in 2020.

Rick Scott will add real strength and leadership to the GOP Senate team for Mitch McConnell.  Now Mitt Romney has to make a choice about becoming a team player, or just replacing Jeff Flake and Bob Corker as the leading Never Trump pain in the rear.

Democrats learned hard lessons in Georgia and Florida by putting up socialist candidates for governor.  They obviously hoped to ride into office by playing the race card to the hilt and relying on George Soros, Tom Steyer and Hollywood celebrities to power their elections.  They clearly didn’t understand constituencies in both states who resented their appeal to racial guilt as well as the outside interference.

With an enhanced Senate majority, President Trump can look forward to adding more federal judges at the district level and potentially one or two more to the Supreme Court.  When all is said and done, the judiciary for the next generation will clearly be more conservative and more pro-life, which will earn the president a stronger evangelical base for re-election in 2020.

Historians will look back at the 2018 mid-term election as one that sealed the conservative shift in the courts and changed America for the better as a true constitutional republic.

While Democrats and Republicans can tout victories, the true winners are the American people and those of us on The Forgotten Street.

Thanks for reading!  We’d predicted the Senate outcome accurately, but totally missed the House.  Obviously, we’re better suited for commentary, not prognostication.

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We want to make a special appeal for support of a friend of The Forgotten Street.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his witch hunt and has focused a great deal of attention on legendary GOP operative Roger Stone.  Mueller’s team has hassled both Roger and his associates in order to silence them and use prosecutorial power to force them to be crushed by rising legal fees.

You can help Roger Stone by contributing to his legal defense fund.  He’s looking at a multi-million dollar burden that could very well bankrupt him and his family.  Learn how you can support a true American patriot by visiting this link:

This year Thanksgiving falls on November 22, which is the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Controversy still revolves around that horrendous event and who was really responsible for it.

You can learn more in J.C.’s groundbreaking expose, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It’s available in both paperback and Kindle versions on

J.C. Hawkins is available for media interviews and speaking engagements to provide his unique perspective on JFK’s murder and the critical premise researchers have missed about the underlying motivations of the perpetrators.

He can be reached at:

God bless you all and thanks for your support of The Forgotten Street!

October 17, 2018

Stalinist Democrat Mob Destroying Supposed “Blue Wave

With the Midterm elections only 20 days away, the much-vaunted Democrat “Blue Wave” appears to be nothing more than a figment of overheated imaginations.

The takeover of the Democrat Party by violence-advocating Stalinists fueling angry mobs of protesters leaves a sour taste in many voters’ mouths, especially those moderates and independents searching for a coherent reason to push the “D” lever.

Democrat leaders offer nothing in the way of a positive message.  Hating Donald Trump and demonizing conservatives will not generate a huge turnout on November 6.

Reason Number One:  President Donald Trump (perhaps the three most marvelous words today) has far exceeded expectations as a leader who is turning America back to its traditional values and well-deserved place in the world as a pre-eminent economic powerhouse.

Since beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 like a rented mule, President Trump has been the target of outrageous slanders that more people see are just outright, malicious lies.

Democrats never accepted the Trump victory or recognized his legitimacy as President of the United States.  They embarked on a vitriolic, sustained campaign to undermine his government and thwart his agenda.

Recognizing their failure to engage the American public across the board, Democrats are now fueling the Bolsheviks in their base and using groups like Antifa as their storm troopers.

The results are truly dangerous to America.  We’ve already witnessed an attempt by a Bernie Sanders supporter to assassinate a host of Republican congressmen, as well as former officials in the Clinton and Obama regimes calling for harassment of Republican officials, their families and conservatives in general in public places.

Right at the top of that list are hard core Stalinists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  They won’t rest until their manufactured “Resistance” has blood flowing in the streets.

Unfortunately for them, they’ve forgotten we’re the folks on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, who have most of the guns and will fight like hell to keep them from stealing our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

These un-American leaders have failed miserably in their efforts to delegitimize President Trump through the Russia collusion hoax and phony Mueller Special Counsel probe. 

More recently, their exploitation of obviously disturbed women in an ill-conceived attempt to block Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, with allegations that had no basis in fact, blew up in their faces by energizing the Republican base to a new level.

Conservatives and Trump supporters I talk to are very clear in their attitude toward November 6:  they are “Ground Glass” voters, meaning they will crawl through a mile of ground glass to get to the voting booth and vote Republican.

Early voting totals in Florida reported by the Florida Department of Elections show the GOP with a 46,000+ lead over Democrats in votes cast.

Democrats have shown their true colors, bright Soviet red and cowardly yellow, by failing to condemn the outrageous heckling of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi recently at a Washington restaurant.  The idea that anyone would be so rude and close-minded to disrupt a political opponent’s private, personal time in public is well beyond the pale.

The Elite Traitor Media and their fellow travelers in the entertainment world find such behavior laudable and amusing.  What puzzles us in how in their small minds they might think such obnoxiousness benefits their political agenda.

The Democrat Party surrender to the Prog-Lib-Commie agenda, aided and abetted by totalitarian-minded Tech Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google who are attacking and curtailing Free Speech, will not end well on November 6.

Here at The Forgotten Street, we easily see a pickup of up to six or seven seats in the U.S. Senate by the GOP, as well as Republicans maintaining control of the House of Representatives.

Should that prove to be the case, President Trump will be well positioned to carry out the rest of his election promises and agenda, and cruise to a landslide re-election in 2020.

The only obstacle in his way will be if The Deep State carries out its intention to remove him from power by any means necessary.  We all must pray daily for his safety and that of all who serve him.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors to circle November 6 as the day we can finally crush the Stalinist Democrat push to totally transform America into a socialist nightmare.

September was another stellar month for readership.  Our foreign visitors came from such locations as:  The European Union, Red China, Germany, The Czech Republic, The Russian Federation, Canada, Poland, Argentina, Romania, The United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, India, Indonesia, The British Indian Ocean Territory, The Seychelles, Belarus, The Ukraine, The United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Croatia, Japan and Luxembourg.

The Deep State continues its malevolent treachery. We must find ways to root it out of our government and globalist financial institutions like the Federal Reserve.  For more background on the history of the Deep State and its previous plots to eliminate those fighting global and domestic communism, be sure to check out J.C.’s groundbreaking book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

As the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy nears in November, J.C. Hawkins is available for media interviews and speaking engagements to provide his unique perspective on that event and the critical premise researchers have missed about the underlying motivations of the perpetrators.

He can be reached at:

God bless you all for your interest and readership!  May God bless our beloved United States as well.


September 14, 2018

Climate Change Crazies Shift Into Full “Wacko” Mode

As Hurricane Florence slammed into the Carolinas’ coast and drove inland, the totally predictable Climate Change Crazies came out of their asylums to spread their junk science and disinformation.

Leading the charge was the Deep State propaganda organ, the Washington Post, which is trying to convince people that somehow President Donald Trump is responsible for the deadly storm.

The scientific geniuses behind the Climate Change/Global Warming Hoax want us to believe that thousands of years of history and storms documented well before humans began industrialization should just be ignored.  Forget those Ice Ages and warming trends that Mother Nature has inflicted upon Earth since the Book of Genesis.

“What we’re witnessing now with Hurricane Florence is all Donald Trump’s fault!”  That’s the hysterical mantra the Elite Traitor Media was trying sell the American public.  The climate change crazies want us to believe that somehow withdrawing from the absurd Paris accord on climate change has had a direct impact on our weather.

The Paris accord was a “feel good” exercise for progressives that would prove as effective in reducing carbon dioxide levels as trying to urinate up a rope.

They’re still trying to push the phony narrative that the lengthy recovery in Puerto Rico from last year’s hurricanes was due to an inadequate federal response led by President Trump.

Conveniently overlooked is the fact that the Puerto Rican government has had decades of corruption and failure to maintain vital infrastructure such as the electrical grid, sewer systems and highways.

Add to that inept and crooked political leadership like that of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz that resulted in vital supplies being diverted from distribution at critical moments in order to create the nonsensical narrative that President Trump was failing to lead a proper recovery effort.

Ms. Cruz is currently under investigation for corruption by the FBI because of her pathetic and sorry actions during the crisis. Her grandstanding and constant bashing of President Trump simply covered up her gross ineptitude.

President Trump signed a $36.5 billion aid package for the stricken island, but somehow the commonwealth’s government has failed to put it to good use.

On top of that, The Elite Traitor Media and Democrats are promoting a bogus Harvard study that blames the deaths of thousands of Puerto Ricans on President Trump and his alleged inadequate response to Hurricane Maria.

The estimate of more than 4,600 deaths was based on a survey of households and extrapolated on suspect premises.  That total is more than 70 times the actual body count made by the Puerto Rican government. 

Just more junk science from the Left to support the ongoing climate change hoax and attack President Trump.  The president was 100% correct to refute the study and its phony conclusions.

Unfortunately, two prominent Republicans running for office in Florida got suckered into criticizing the president for challenging the study.  Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis disgraced themselves as guys you wouldn’t want to share a foxhole with. With alleged allies like them, who needs enemies? They were totally gullible and all too eager to pander to the media.

Prior to Florence making landfall in North Carolina near Wrightsville Beach, the media went into full hype mode, issuing dire forecasts of  “the deadliest storm ever,” speculating on a possible Category 5 hurricane. 

The storm lost some of its power before reaching the Carolina coast, and landed as a Category 1 storm.  Since then, it’s been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. Nonetheless, it’s created a significant storm surge, high winds and torrential rain, as can be expected with most hurricanes, while knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of citizens and leading to a few deaths so far. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teams pre-positioned before the storm have swung into action to rescue stranded people in harm’s way and have supplies on hand to aid in recovery efforts.

FEMA has created a “Hurricane Florence Rumor Control” page on its website to debunk false information being spread in the media to make the government effort look ineffective. 

President Trump and his administration have a continuous uphill battle to combat a hostile media and social media giants spewing Fake News at an alarming rate.  Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, recognize we have to choose our information sources carefully and keep a saltshaker handy to provide the “grains of salt” needed to process what’s out there.

Leading the Fake News parade right now is Bob Woodward’s newest book, Fear: Trump in the White House, which extends his streak of so-called “insider” books relying on anonymous sources and a healthy dose of made up sources as well as outright lies.

Since his early days as a reporter at the Washington Post, Woodward has been a reliable foot soldier for the Deep State in advancing its agenda of disinformation and psy-ops.  His background in the intelligence world opened the door for him to be the go-to guy to spread misinformation to undermine legitimately elected presidents.

His Watergate work facilitated the coup against Richard Nixon and now positions him as a key player in the coup attempt underway against Donald Trump.

Fueling the attempted coup are such false narratives as the climate change hoax, the bogus Russia collusion investigation and questioning of President Trump’s mental stability.

Looming in the Deep State’s arsenal, should these narratives continue to fail, is the most frightening of all: “executive action” to eliminate Donald Trump.

History is replete with real examples of the Deep State’s capability for the ultimate treachery.  They can be found in J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Let’s all pray for the safety of President Trump, key figures in his administration and their families!

Thanks for reading!  Prayers are needed for the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Florence.  Also, please consider donations to The Salvation Army to help in the recovery effort.

In our last column recounting the serious misdeeds of the late Senator John McCain, we neglected to note his role in promoting the phony Russian dossier that besmirched President Trump.  That action was one of the most despicable ever.

Readership of The Forgotten Street continues to grow.  We appreciate your word of mouth to let friends, neighbors and family know about a news source that sets the record straight and promotes America’s finest values.

J.C. is available for media interviews, speaking engagements and writing projects.  Please contact him at:

God bless you all.  May God provide blessings and His tender mercies for those affected by Hurricane Florence.


August 16, 2018

The Press Clearly Is The Enemy Of The People!

With its highly coordinated campaign to undermine the administration of President Donald Trump and severely damage his presidency, the Elite Traitor Media (ETM) has conclusively demonstrated it really is The Enemy of the People with its unrelenting barrage of Fake News.

Having spent the past two years promoting the Russia collusion hoax, the press now is engaged in a real collusion of its own with today’s editorial barrage against President Trump by more than 300 newspapers.

What these ink-stained wretches fail to take into account are a few simple facts:

  • Like it or not, Donald John Trump is the duly elected and sworn in President of the United States;
  • Donald Trump is the only president we have, and will be, God willing, for the rest of his term at least through January 20, 2021;
  • A relentless campaign to damage his ability to govern threatens the national security of the United States during a time when our country faces serious adversaries in Russia, Red China, Iran and North Korea, just to name a few;
  • Smearing him and his family with such calumnies as “racist, fascist, dictatorial, etc.” are grossly false and unfair, showing a bias that renders the so-called “free press” a thoroughly subjugated agent of The Deep State unworthy of our respect.

Numerous studies have shown the nature of the coverage of the Trump presidency is virtually totally negative, with no recognition of the positive impact his policies have had on the economy and our national defense.

Despite the coordinated effort to sabotage President Trump’s ability to staff and run an effective government, as he was elected to do, his approval rating stays around 50%, which is almost miraculous.

If the news media were truly objective, and adhering to the alleged principles of fairness they claim to honor, that approval rating would likely be setting all-time records for popularity.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, get on our knees every night to thank God we finally have a president who truly loves America again.

Meanwhile, disgraceful Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo show their total disdain, hatred and contempt for traditional American values.  Mrs. Clinton reveals her truly vile personality by saluting an 11-year old girl who kneels during the Pledge of Allegiance in school, telling her to “keep up the good work.”

The New York governor has completely stepped in a cow pie of his own making by averring that America was “never great”.  Even his liberal audience was horrified by that remark, realizing it further brands the Democrat Party as hopelessly anti-American.

Not satisfied with their editorial collusion today, the ETM are in high dudgeon over the fact that President Trump has revoked the security clearance for former CIA Director John Brennan, whose relentless personal attacks against the president border on outright sedition.

These media whiners are trying to spin the falsehood that such action denies Brennan his First Amendment free speech rights.  What a steaming load of steer manure!

Mr. Brennan remains free to say whatever he chooses about the president, no matter how unhinged, ludicrous or treasonous it may be.  He doesn’t need access to the nation’s most sensitive secrets to do that.

Because most of the media have never served in the military, or held a high government position, they don’t comprehend that all security clearances are based on a “need to know.”  Even having a security clearance doesn’t give you immediate access to whatever information you want.  There are processes in place to allow access only when authorized or needed.

The increasingly senile Andrea Mitchell of NBC went so far as to claim revocation of Brennan’s security clearance amounts to “obstruction of justice” on President Trump’s part.  ?????  She’s way past her past due date in terms of being an objective, effective journalist.  She’s become a national joke.

We’d love to see what MSNBC budgets internally for fainting couches to accommodate Chris Matthews, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough when they get the vapors over the latest Trump tweet or action.

It’s totally amusing, yet disgusting, to see the media fawning over Omarosa and her ridiculous attacks on President Trump, his family and the White House staff.

Her credibility is somewhere below that of Kim Jung-Un, with the only proviso is that he’s more likeable.  She keeps finding more ways to put herself in legal jeopardy, with her penchant for taping private conversations and breaking nondisclosure agreements.  Hopefully, someday we’ll see her spending time where she belongs, in a federal prison and not in American living rooms on our televisions.

As upset as media figures are over President Trump’s accusations of Fake News, they need only look in the mirror to see why more and more everyday Americans are tuning out their alleged news programs and cancelling their newspaper subscriptions.

The unparalleled and unrelenting campaign against President Trump and his policies makes it perfectly clear that media objectivity has become a total myth.  The media have allowed themselves to become the propaganda arm of The Deep State and, by doing so, the true Enemy of the American People.

Thanks for reading! We want to note that J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy reveals the origins of the Deep State and Fake News, beginning in the aftermath of World War II and continuing into the Cold War era.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions, it can be found on

Find out what readers in America, Canada, The United Kingdom and Europe are discovering in this fresh look at recent history.

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements regarding Betrayal at Bethesda.  New research and leads from interested readers are making the case for a sequel that promises to be equally as compelling and surprising.  He can be reached at:

On a somber note, today marks the passing of the unrivalled Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, and 41 years ago, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  Life has not quite been the same without the King, who set the ultimate standard as the single greatest entertainer of all time.

God bless all our followers who want an unvarnished opinion on the day’s events and insight into how our culture and society are being continually undermined by those who hate America, especially the Prog-Lib-Commies in the media.

August 7, 2018

Facebook Has Become A True Fount Of Evil In Our World

Facebook has dropped all pretense that it provides a platform to connect people from every point of view.  It’s abundantly clear its aim is to become Big Brother and control every aspect of its users lives while selling their data to the highest bidder.

Now comes news (Wall Street Journal) that Facebook is in cahoots with major banks to try to access banking information (your accounts and transactions) in order to allegedly “offer new services.”

Horsefeathers.  It has nothing to do with providing new services.  It’s all about gaining more control over users and finding a new revenue stream to make up for the recent drop in stock value.

What’s more worrisome is the nagging thought that Facebook is really a stalking horse for The Deep State to shut down political opinion that doesn't conform to its wishes and to target Deep State opponents for information that can be used against them.

While allowing Stalinist hatemongers like Antifa to have free rein on its pages, it shuts down a Republican candidate for Congress who had the gall to call to mind the excesses of the communist regime in Cambodia, which led to her relatives to seek a new home in America.

The Facebook vendetta against Alex Jones and InfoWars, which was joined by the other Big Brother operatives (Google/Youtube, Apple, Spotify), is the tip of the iceberg in the drive to eliminate all political thought that doesn’t conform to the Stalinist ideology of the Hard Left infecting the globalists who want a One World New World Order. 

Twitter already suspended The Forgotten Street months ago for daring to criticize foul-mouthed loon Chelsea Handler.  Handler and her ilk can drop all the F-bombs they want and insinuate that President Trump should be eliminated by whatever means necessary.  But Heaven forbid she be criticized.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a Deep State bootlicker who’ll do what he’s told by his puppet masters.  That’s what the campaign to eliminate conservative voices from Twitter is all about.  The irony is that if it wasn’t for President Trump’s tweets, Twitter would cease to exist.

What drives Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Big Tech CEOs is world-class arrogance and total disdain for users who’ve made them mega-wealthy.

It’s with great pride I note The Forgotten Street never got on board the Facebook train.  There was always something almost creepy about it that put us off from the start.

Now that it’s so apparent your personal information is in no way protected, and in many ways abused, it surprises me more people haven’t given up their Facebook addiction.

What Facebook has done to InfoWars is to take the lead in a full-scale, frontal assault on The First Amendment.  These Deep Staters want to totally control the flow of information and, more importantly, the content.  Those of us who truly believe in Free Speech can see where this slippery slope leads.

The issue boils down to this:  our society should encourage and permit the free flow of ideas in a public discourse marked by mutual respect to let the other side present its case and let the public judge which side to take.  Silencing one side to slant the debate in your favor doesn’t mean your side has won.  It only means you’ve behaved fascistically.

Facebook makes it clear that Prog-Lib-Commies will always be able to spread their hateful messages against President Trump, conservatives, Israel and white people in general without any fear of retribution.

Innocent Americans who joined Facebook to share family news and photos, and reconnect with old friends and classmates, have merely become fodder to bankroll a mammoth scam to sell personal information without their knowledge or permission.

That, my friends, is simply evil.


On another note:  summer is here, it’s hot in most places, and the Climate Change Nuts are in full voice.  The Apocalyptic Chorus is hitting all the high notes. 

No doubt some in the Elite Traitor Media will utter the ultimate signature nonsense:  “The science is settled.”

Baloney.  If “the science is settled,” then it’s not science.  It’s steer manure.  The very nature of science is that it’s never settled.  That’s why we keep doing research and universities keep producing more scientists.

These global warming lunatics have absolutely no explanation for previous hot weather cycles that affected Earth prior to the discovery of fossil fuels.  News flash:  one thing most real scientists can agree on is this:  the Sun controls much of our weather and is responsible for most of our heat waves. Just like the Moon affects our tides in the ocean. Duh.

In the climate change arena, here’s about all that is “settled.”  Humans need oxygen to survive.  Plants and trees produce oxygen.  Plants and trees need carbon dioxide to survive.  Humans through their various activities provide some of that carbon dioxide, but not all of it.

Aggressively reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will simply result in less vegetation and more areas in the world where life-sustaining crops won’t be grown.  But then, that’s every racist Leftist’s dream:  fewer people, especially those in the Third World.

Thanks for reading!  It’s tempting to read a lot into the results of special elections, but that overlooks how much can change between now and November.  Nonetheless, the Democrats have retired to their fainting couches to recuperate from seeing Trump win again in Ohio as his endorsed candidate holds the seat for the Congressional 12th District.

Meanwhile, the Paul Manafort trial is turning into a real Feces Folly for the prosecution, which is being bitch slapped by the presiding judge, and sabotaged by their star witness being revealed as totally lacking in credibility.

Readership of The Forgotten Street continues to grow and remain at its best level in its almost 12-year history.  Our July visitors from abroad came from the following locations:  Red China; The European Union; Germany; The Czech Republic; The Russian Federation; Thailand; The Catalan Community; New Zealand; The United Kingdom; Brazil; Japan; Poland; Denmark; India: The British Indian Ocean Territory; Italy; The Seychelles; Norway; Romania; The Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Australia; Benin; Switzerland; and Spain.

Sales continue to progress for J.C.’s revealing look at Cold War history:  Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

J.C. is available for media interviews and speaking engagements regarding Betrayal at Bethesda.  New research and leads from interested readers are making the case for a sequel that promises to be equally as compelling and surprising.  He can be reached at:

God bless all of you for your interest and caring about the sorry state of affairs in our troubled world today!


July 20, 2018

Is The Deep State Laying the Groundwork for “Executive Action” Against President Trump?

As the Never Trumpers, The Deep State and The Elite Traitor Media ramp up their hateful rhetoric against President Donald Trump, they are creating a dangerous climate much like what President John F. Kennedy faced before his fateful visit to Dallas in November 1963.

The Triumvirate of Treason (John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey) are not to be outdone in their hyperbole, which borders on the edge of lunacy.

Their media acolytes such as Joe Scarborough, Shepherd Smith, Wolf Blitzer, Brian Stelter and Anderson Cooper are playing their roles as Deep State stooges perfectly.

What should be of greatest concern is the likelihood The Deep State is plotting a number of nefarious scenarios to remove Donald Trump from the presidency.

I fear that somewhere on a farm in northern Virginia, a cadre of “lone nut gunmen” are being trained for “executive action” against the President of the United States.  Little could they know their ultimate role may be that of “patsies.”

Other less lethal options include using the Mueller Russia collusion hoax as a bogus pretext for impeachment, or getting Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet to turn against the president and invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office because of mental instability.  Not bloody likely!

That’s why the most extreme measure of all is so frightening.  It becomes the last card for desperate men to play.  We saw it play out against JFK in spades.

Those not buying into my concern will cite the professionalism and bravery of the United States Secret Service.  Unfortunately, agents at the time came up short in Dallas in 1963 and protecting President Ronald Reagan in 1981.  In both cases, agents broke with protocol in their protective formations around the president, leaving the two leaders in precarious, exposed situations.

Meanwhile, the master media manipulators are filling the public airwaves and print media with outrageous suggestions that President Trump is a dupe of Russian President Vladimir Putin and involved in treasonous activity to weaken relationships with allies around the world.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For the first time in recent memory, the United States government has a coherent foreign policy that puts America First for the true benefit of the American people.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are incredibly thankful President Trump is demanding our alleged partners in NATO and Europe begin footing the bill for their defense instead of letting us underwrite their nanny states with our billions and the blood of our military men and women.

His initiative to engage in meaningful dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin makes perfect sense.  No one in their right mind could object to the leaders of the two largest nuclear powers in the world finding a basis to avoid a costly and dangerous Cold War II.

Unfortunately for President Trump, backstabbers in the Republican Party are siding with The Deep State against him.

Globalist lackeys like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan and others are engaged in despicable conduct that feeds the poisonous rhetoric putting the life of the president in mortal danger.

Only Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has the courage to stand up and defend President Trump from his GOP detractors.  Unlike them, Paul shows a serious understanding of the global issues at stake.  That could be one reason why he also is in danger, given the two attacks against him in the past year.

On the Far Left fringe, (meaning the Democrat Party leadership, Hollywood, academia and what was once called the mainstream media), disgusting images are surfacing showing violence against President Trump.

We saw this same type of propaganda used against President Kennedy by those eager to undermine public confidence in his leadership.  We now witness an ongoing Deep State campaign to besmirch JFK’s legacy and memory in a desperate maneuver to keep the remaining CIA files regarding his assassination hidden.

By sensationalizing President Kennedy’s personal foibles, and tearing down his character, The Deep State hopes the public will lose its desire to finally learn the truth about the assassination.  Meanwhile, those fighting to keep the files from public release will keep pushing their “national security” ruse.

Unhappily, we’ve seen this movie before.  J.C.’s groundbreaking book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy raises the curtain on the origins of what we consider the modern Deep State and Fake News.

As President Trump challenges the conventional wisdom on foreign policy, international trade, immigration, government regulation and fiscal accountability, he shows how the prevailing attitudes weakened the United States and created global instability.

For that reason alone, The Deep State considers him a dangerous threat to their established order, much like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were.  We know how the globalists responded to them.

Good people of faith on The Forgotten Street are shaken by the hateful madness that’s invaded the public arena and made informed, courteous political discourse nearly impossible.

We must pray for President Trump’s personal safety because The Deep State cabal has become capable of the ultimate treachery.  Truly evil people are working feverishly behind the scenes to end his presidency by whatever means it takes.

Thanks for reading!  You can gain greater insight into the history of political machinations that resulted in the deaths of patriotic leaders in the past and how that history sets the stage for what we’re witnessing today.

Betrayal at Bethesda is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Today marks 25 years since the death of White House Counsel Vince Foster.  His death was ruled a suicide, but researchers including me have seriously considered the purported facts of the case and found them severely lacking.

Foster’s murder marks a signal event in the history of The Deep State’s treachery.  The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has reignited interest in the matter, given the judge’s role in the controversial official findings.

God bless all our followers on The Forgotten Street!

June 10, 2018

The Deep State Further Revealed As It Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head

The ongoing public discussion regarding the so-called Deep State and Fake News rests in some measure on an assumption that these are new phenomena. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Deep State has existed for virtually all of our lifetimes, and Fake News has been its stock and trade to manipulate public opinion while advancing its hidden agenda.

In a modern day definition, former Republican congressional aide Mike Lofgren, (who coined the term “The Deep State”) described it as “a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United Sates without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.”

Certainly, the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States has turned that definition on its head because of his ability to support the consent of the governed by keeping his many electoral promises.

That is precisely why The Deep State is working so surreptitiously and energetically to stage a political coup against President Trump in order to thwart his policy shifts that are putting America and Americans first. Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are ever grateful we have a champion for our interests in the White House.  We stand with him in fighting The Deep State and revealing Fake News for the scam it is.

The Witch Hunt by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the tip of the spear in that effort to unseat President Trump.  Aiding and abetting him are the president’s political opponents in the Uniparty and the Deep State stooges in the Elite Traitor Media.

J.C.’s recent book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy (available on in paperback and Kindle versions) provides insight into how The Deep State has been omnipresent since the aftermath of World War II.

Prominent conservative writer and veteran journalist Wes Vernon (with more than three decades of experience in the inner workings of Washington D.C.) has written a new review of Betrayal at Bethesda, that provides a unique perspective on the book’s central messages.

In this century, as our nation appears on the verge of a (mostly, so far) non-shooting civil war brought about by cultural battles and an attempt to overthrow a sitting president, Americans wonder: How did we get into this mess?  It’s axiomatic that one of the best ways to find one’s way out of a bad predicament is to understand how we got there in the first place.  Herewith comes an information-loaded analysis titled Betrayal at Bethesda.”

Vernon brings to his work a storehouse of personal knowledge garnered in his 25 years working for CBS Radio Stations News Service (not part of CBS News).  His coverage of the White House, Capitol Hill and various Federal agencies earned him a stellar reputation as a fair and probing journalist.  More recently, he has written for Newsmax and now, writes a column for the Renew America website:

His June 7 review further notes:

The Hawkins book is not the first to probe honestly the death of Defense Secretary Forrestal.  But the tremendous service this newer volume provides is its addition of mountains of new research and badly needed updating and reinforcement of historical truth that survives decades of repeated false hopes and powerfully motivated attempts to keep his history buried forever.”

The full review can be found here:

Meanwhile, more is coming to light regarding the current treachery of The Deep State.  An indictment for leaking classified information against the former security chief for the Senate Intelligence Committee details how The Deep State is colluding with the Elite Traitor Media to generate Fake News to undermine a legitimate presidency.

One of the out-front leaders of the anti-Trump cabal is former CIA director John Brennan, who made what appears to be an outright threat against President Trump’s life in a Twitter tweet this Sunday morning:

To allies & friends: Be patient, Mr. Trump is a temporary aberration. The America you once knew will return.”

The not-so-hidden translation appears to be:  “Sit tight.  One way or the other, we will get rid of Mr. Trump.  Even if it means Executive Action.”

A more seditious public figure than Mr. Brennan will be hard to find.  However, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper and John McCain may give him a run for his money.

Meanwhile, radio hosts across America continue to focus on the machinations of The Deep State.  This week, The Schiffer Report program continues its focus and examination.  The show airs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 to 1 p.m. on WHKW 1220 AM in Cleveland.  Leading conservative Paul Schiffer hosts the show.

Schiffer’s new program is live-streamed and can be heard over the Internet by going to  Once on the site, hit the Listen Live button. Then, hit the forward button that appears on the Cleveland skyline photo.  It’s recommended to tune in a little prior to the opening of The Schiffer Report at 12:30 p.m. in order to hear all of the commentary. You will find the Jay Sekulow broadcast on right before Paul and co-host Vicky Dolinsky.

On Monday, Paul will discuss his 2015 political thriller, The Strangling Vine: The Perestrelka End Game.  This fast-paced novel mixes espionage exploits with voluminous historical fact to take the reader inside the struggle against global communism.  The book is readily available on

The Tuesday and Wednesday programs will feature best-selling author Jerome Corsi discussing his new blockbuster, Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump.  Be sure to tune in and get the real scoop on the plot against our president.

Fellow patriots, stay vigilant and keep praying for the success and safety of President Trump, as well as the resounding defeat of The Deep State, which feeds off the deception of global communism to divide our country and undermine our institutions.

Thanks for reading!  We are indeed grateful for the support of prominent conservatives such as Wes Vernon, Cliff Kincaid, Denise Simon and Paul Schiffer.  Together, along with so many proud Americans on The Forgotten Street, we’re forming a new vanguard against the onslaught of global communists and the anti-American globalists of The Deep State.

God bless you each and every one!

June 3, 2018

J.C. Takes To The Airwaves To Tackle The Deep State

Concerned by the ongoing attempted Deep State coup against President Donald Trump, J.C. Hawkins, founder of The Forgotten Street, has taken to the airwaves to warn Americans about the seditious efforts to undermine a legitimate presidency.

Aiding in that effort are radio hosts who share his concerns and want to reach more Americans with the truth.

On May 24, Denise Simon hosted J.C. on her program, The Denise Simon Experience, on Talk America Radio.  Simon is a well-known policy expert, whose website, provides a wealth of information on national security, defense and general political topics.

She describes herself as the following: “A senior research analyst for foreign and domestic policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.”

In addition to her own blog, Denise is a frequent contributor to Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal blog.  A native New Zealander, Loudon is known worldwide for his staunch anti-communism and fierce commitment to liberty and freedom.

Below is a link to J.C.’s appearance on The Denise Simon Experience.  He comes on at about the 55-minute mark of the two-hour program and the segment runs for about 24 minutes:

J.C.’s next radio appearance occurs Tuesday, June 5, when he will be featured on The Schiffer Report on WKHW, 1220 AM in the Cleveland area.  WHKW features Christian and conservative programming.

Next week marks the return of noted conservative Paul Schiffer to hosting a radio program.  A native of Canton, Ohio, Schiffer is well known for his outspoken support of Christianity and his strong anti-communist stance.  He will be broadcasting on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the 12:30 to 1 p.m. time slot.

Schiffer worked with John O’Neill of Swift Boat Veterans For Truth and author Jerome Corsi to bring to light charges against presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004.  At that time, The Schiffer Report highlighted Kerry’s false claims about his service with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam and his outrageous smearing of his fellow sailors and soldiers in Vietnam.

Schiffer’s new program is live-streamed and can be heard over the Internet by going to  Once on the site, hit the Listen Live button. Then, hit the forward button that appears on the Cleveland skyline photo.  It’s recommended to tune in a little prior to the opening of The Schiffer Report at 12:30 p.m. in order to hear all of J.C.’s commentary. You will find the Jay Sekulow broadcast on right before Paul Schiffer.

The entire half-hour is devoted to a discussion of J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  As part of the program, J.C. will comment on the origins of The Deep State and Fake News in the aftermath of World War II, as well as the threats they pose today to the presidency of Donald Trump.

As more comes to light regarding the burgeoning “Spygate” scandal, it’s obvious a cabal of traitors within The Deep State are trampling on the U.S. Constitution in their bid to carry out a bloodless coup in America.

Because their efforts to date have met with failure, the danger increases that President Trump’s personal safety will become more at risk.  The totally deranged cabal leaders (John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Robert Mueller) are proving they’re capable of virtually anything to achieve their twisted, anti-American agenda.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, must keep President Trump, his family and his administration in our daily prayers.  We also must speak up and speak out to let The Deep State know it will never succeed as long as American patriots are vigilant.

Thanks for reading!  Our challenges remain great, but our perseverance and faith will carry the day.

For those interested in J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy, and John F. Kennedy, you can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on

We thank our loyal followers here at home and our overseas visitors in May from the following locations:  Tokelau; Germany; The Czech Republic; The European Union; New Zealand; The Russian Federation; Japan; Poland; France; Italy; India; The Netherlands; Brazil; The United Kingdom; Bulgaria; Red China; Tajikistan; Belarus; Switzerland; Hungary; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Turkey; and Chile.

God bless you each and every one!

May 2, 2018

Deep State Coup Attempt Against Trump Mirrors The Successful Watergate Playbook Versus Nixon

Those of us around during the unseating of Richard Nixon from the presidency after his landslide re-election are getting a strong sense of déjà vu all over again.

All of the same elements are coming into play: an intelligence community fearful of an outsider it can’t control; Democrats licking their wounds over a sound defeat they can’t accept; a left-wing Elite Traitor Media totally on board with its puppet masters in the Deep State.

The outrageous and even un-constitutional conduct of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are clearly aimed at provoking President Donald Trump into a confrontation in which their possible firings will light a brushfire similar to what Richard Nixon did in the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre.”

Fortunately for the Deep Staters, they’re once again dealing with weak-kneed Republican leaders in Congress who would sell out their party’s president in a heartbeat.

The attempted coup is banking on its orchestrated Fake News to once again turn public opinion against a sitting president.  The avalanche of leaks and made-up anonymous sources since Donald Trump took the oath of office just underscores the duplicity and treachery rampant in our nation’s capital and media outlets.

During the Watergate scandal, the Washington Post duped the country with its phony “Deep Throat” stories. Interestingly, the identity of the anonymous source wasn’t revealed until the story could be linked to former FBI agent Mark Felt, who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s and unable to substantiate or deny the revelation.

Just as it had during Operation Mockingbird (a CIA program that enlisted prominent journalists as agency shills), the Deep State relied on co-opted newsmen like Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward, both of whom had intelligence community backgrounds.

President Trump doesn’t appear to be falling for all the bait being put out by the coup promoters.  In the meantime, his public approval rating is moving up.  Public opinion doesn’t appear to be shifting downward in light of Fake News and endless bashing by Prog-Lib-Commies who can’t hide their contempt for the everyday Americans who live on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

Our president is a fighter who won’t knuckle under to the Deep State.  He has accomplished a great deal already in his presidency and has much more of his agenda to get done.

On North Korea, he figured out that relying on the foreign policy establishment and the alleged experts wouldn’t improve the situation.  By getting Kim Jong-un to agree to a face-to-face meeting, he’s already gotten the Korean peninsula closer to a peaceful resolution than the past 12 presidents, the State Department striped-pants crowd, and the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, who all failed miserably.

Because he had the good sense and guts to ignore the “experts,” President Ronald Reagan’s call in Berlin for Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” became a truly great foreign policy achievement.  President Trump is showing the same leadership and fortitude.

Mueller’s pathetic threat to subpoena President Trump just shows his willingness to disrupt the important business of the nation to satisfy his Deep State masters, who have no commitment to furthering the National Interest.  He’s a traitor of the highest magnitude, just like his fellow coup comrades, Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper and Comey.

Thanks for reading!  A few parting thoughts on other topics:  The murder of toddler Alfie Evans by the British National Health Service should horrify and appall civilized people everywhere.

Today marks the 61st anniversary of the death of a great American patriot, Senator Joseph McCarthy.  J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy reveals the truth behind his death and how his murder was covered up.  The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The U.S. Review of Books has a featured review of Betrayal at Bethesda this month.  It can be found here:

May is National Stroke Awareness Month.  It’s well worth your time to get more educated on strokes, how they can occur, and how to handle them.  To get valuable information from the National Stroke Association, please check out

In April, we were visited by foreign readers in the following locations:  The European Union, The Czech Republic, Germany, The Russian Federation, Japan, The Netherlands, Brazil, The United Kingdom, The Ukraine, Red China, Turkey, Italy, Tajikistan, The British Indian Ocean Territory, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Serbia, The Seychelles, Switzerland, Israel, Albania, Argentina and The Dominican Republic.

Thank you, and God bless all our friends on The Forgotten Street!

February 25, 2018

Trump’s Non-Partisan Presidency Baffles Progressives

The election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States on November 8, 2016, sent shockwaves across the global political landscape.

Now, more than a year later, this remarkable accomplishment has given way to a new revelation:  for the first time in our lifetime, the United States has a truly non-partisan president. 

Donald Trump is redefining the presidency because he’s not an ideologue or a fierce partisan.  Instead, he is a staunch advocate for the interests of the American people first and foremost.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are truly thankful we have such a champion for our heritage and values in the White House.

The partisans on the Hard Left immediately went after him as soon as he was elected to portray him as a “racist” and the second coming of Adolph Hitler.  This foolish attempt has left the Prog-Lib-Commies and their megaphones in the Elite Traitor Media looking totally unhinged and not connected to the new political reality ushered in by President Trump.

The first year of the Trump presidency was an absolute triumph, despite the sabotage of John McCain to derail health care reform.  The major tax cut and tax reform bill is taking hold, with more Americans are seeing the positive results in their wallets and more Americans working than ever in our history.

The man the Left tried so hard to depict as a madman has built an image as a leader who clearly reaches out to others to build consensus.

As a result, the president’s popularity ratings are higher than those of Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency.  One can only imagine how much higher President Trump’s popularity ranking would be without the non-stop barrage of hatred from the media, Democrats and progressive dupes in academia and entertainment.

President Trump has displayed extraordinary political skill and judgment by showing his willingness to work with Democrats to solve the DACA dilemma, and to create a real program to promote gun safety and protect school children.

In response, the left-wingers in the dying Democrat party are working overtime to scuttle any progress on DACA in order to have an issue to exploit in the 2018 mid-term elections.  By doing so, they’ve revealed they don’t give a damn about illegal immigrants.  They just want to keep using them as pawns in their crass political games.

The unrelenting attacks on the National Rifle Association in the wake of school shootings further demonstrate the moral bankruptcy of the Democrats.  Their failure is compounded by paying lip service to the president’s call for better mental health resources to identify those who need help and to provide it to them.

The NRA has done more to educate citizens about gun safety and to encourage responsible use of firearms than the federal, state and local governments combined.

None of the mass shootings carried out in the United States have been by an NRA member.

The Democrats also are flummoxed by the reception President Trump has received from world leaders in his travels abroad.  Recent polling indicates the standing of the USA globally is improving as leaders recognize they have a partner they can work with in President Trump.

His strong support for the Israel and the decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has prompted other countries to follow suit or consider doing so.

The late night alleged comedians, as well as the other entertainers and sports figures who continually bash President Trump, show they’re more and more out of touch with mainstream Americans on The Forgotten Street.  They mistake their niche audiences for the broad group of Americans who are more readily accepting the non-partisan in the White House working diligently to unite the country around shared values.

Donald Trump understands the role that leadership plays in getting results.  His business experience gives him the skills to bring people together to accomplish a defined mission and get real results.

All the Democrats seem to comprehend is to hurl invective and roadblock real progress on the issues that face America.  Despite the shameful cheerleading of the media, they will fail as the president keeps demonstrating strong results in his quest to Make America Great Again.

Thanks for reading!  It’s been a busy month on a lot of fronts.  We appreciate the support of all our followers.

Our January visitors from abroad include folks from 57 countries.  Here are the most frequent 25:  Tokelau; Germany; The Russian Federation; The Czech Republic; The European Union; India; Belgium; Australia; Brazil; Red China; France; Croatia; Italy; Serbia; Argentina; Canada; Poland; Thailand; Turkey; Switzerland; Hungary; Bulgaria; Japan; Lithuania; and Romania.  God bless you all, here at home and around the world.

We also appreciate the growing global audience for J.C.’s book.  Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy by J.C. Hawkins can be found on in paperback and Kindle versions:

We continue to get feedback from readers who have new information to share with us about the events at Bethesda.  Stay tuned for more.

January 23, 2018

First Year Of Trump Presidency A Stellar Triumph

Having passed the first anniversary of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, a little reflection is in order.

The GOP Never Trumpers, Democrats and The Elite Traitor Media scoffed at the idea of the business mogul running the U.S. government effectively.  Dire predictions of impending disaster flowed from the mouths, microphones and pens of those “nattering nabobs of negativism.”  (Tip of the hat to William Safire for that amazing phrase).

To at-first reluctant Republican congressional leaders, President Trump made it clear he was going to push them hard for action in order to Make America Great Again.

The results are frankly stunning.  The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 in December further ignited an already booming economy that was underway thanks to President Trump’s actions to cut onerous and needless regulations, inspire business and consumer confidence, spur a soaring stock market, and promote historic foreign investment in the United States again.

The Act was signed into law by President Trump on December 22, 2017, a very welcome Christmas present for the American people.

Given the historic nature of the tax cuts and reform to the tax code, American companies are rewarding their employees with cash bonuses and stock options, thanks to repatriating money held overseas to avoid the confiscatory taxes on foreign profits returned to the United States and enjoying the benefit of a major corporate tax cut.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced the tech giant will inject $350 billion into the American economy, due to the new tax law and the sharply reduced tax on repatriated funds.  The plan calls for creation of a second headquarters and hiring 20,000 new employees.  Just consider the spinoff effect Apple’s bold initiative with have on suppliers and communities in which it invests.

Tucked away in the law also was the repeal of the individual mandate of Obamacare that penalized people for not buying the Affordable Care Act’s ludicrous insurance policies that mandated unnecessary, expensive coverage and set insanely high deductibles to discourage use of the health care system.

Now, thanks to a President Trump executive order, consumers will be able to buy health care policies that better suit their particular needs and insurance companies will be able to sell them across state lines.  People all across The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are cheering loudly.

The impact of the Trump presidency on the American economy has led to these incredible results:

         The stock market at an all-time high, setting new records almost every day;

         Adding many billions into everyday people’s retirement funds; 

         The Dow Jones average increasing more than 30 percent since inauguration;

         The lowest unemployment rate since 2000;

         Creation of millions of new jobs;

         Small business confidence at an all-time high;

         The unemployment rate for black Americans the lowest ever.

Never one to downplay his achievements, even the president admits the economy has rebounded more than he anticipated. 

Making more than a dozen foreign trips to engage world leaders in his first year, President Trump has encouraged record investment in the United States again.  Combined with the repatriated profits of American companies now flowing back to our country, the Trump presidency has spurred more than $1 trillion (Yes, ONE TRILLION with a T!) in new investment that will lead to millions of new jobs. 

By returning the United States to a leadership position of the world stage, President Trump has asserted his America First doctrine while encouraging other leaders to stand up for their nations as well.  No more leading from behind!  Once again, America is respected globally.

Long gone is the impotence of the Obama presidency in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.  ISIS, which was created with the incompetence and even assistance of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, has seen its caliphate destroyed and its ranks thinned to almost nothing, with just single actors or small bands of followers attacking Western countries and cities.

By changing the stupid rules of engagement set by the Obama Pentagon, and unleashing the U.S. military to do what it does best, Donald Trump has virtually eradicated ISIS while strengthening allies in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

The Trump administration makes crystal clear its staunch support for Israel. In doing so, it’s initiated a new tactic to bring the Palestinians to their senses in terms of creating a realistic chance for peace in the Middle East.

By moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, President Trump stared down the recalcitrant Palestinians and told them point blank to end their sinister drive to eliminate Israel 

There are many more accomplishments of the first year of the Trump presidency, but it’s time to shift gears and warn about the seditious efforts underway by left-wing Democrats, globalists and the Deep State to undermine the president and block further success.

What’s good for the USA is anathema to the Deep State and its leftist cabal.  We now are seeing evidence that rogue officials in the U.S. government may try to physically harm the president.  We must be vigilant to root out the traitors in our government and shut down the bogus, seditious Mueller investigation.

The one issue that helped propel Donald Trump to the presidency was his vow to get illegal immigration under control and secure the borders of the United States.  Democrats quake in fear they will lose the influx of illegal immigrants needed to hold onto power by subsidizing them with government programs 

The dirty Democrat secret they work so hard to conceal is they’ve adopted illegals as their new clientele. Essentially, they’ve told inner city black Americans to buzz off.  In addition, they’ve signaled to Mexican drug cartels they have no interest in building a wall to interdict the lethal flow of drugs and crime into the United States.

This new Democrat racism is grounded in the party’s history of slavery and its need to maintain a permanent underclass whose votes can be bought with government goodies.

By trying the same tired government shutdown from their worn out playbook, Democrats essentially told Americans that their doctrine is Illegals First, not America First.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimated President Trump’s deal-making ability and how his direct line to voters through social media has crushed the Elite Traitor Media megaphone for Democrats.  The Fake News purveyors may have permanently lost their credibility with the American people.

For a full compendium of the accomplishments from the first year of the Trump administration, go to World Net Daily to find the most current update: 

Ignore the November date that shows at the top of the article.  The article has been updated to include accomplishments through January 2018.

Safe to say Donald Trump has achieved more in his first year as president than Obama, George W. Bush and Clinton each did in eight years. 

Most impressive, President Trump has firmly kept his campaign promises, a rarity for any previous American politician.  His travels around the United States speaking to audiences of everyday citizens demonstrates conclusively he has not, and never will, forget the people on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

His terrific response to Hurricane Harvey showed his management skills at their finest.

Which leads us to a very pressing question:  Is there more rock left on Mount Rushmore to add The Donald? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for reading!  Watching the Democrats, GOP turncoats like John McCain and Jeff Flake, and the Trump haters in the media flail around like lobsters in a boiling pot has become one of our favorite forms of entertainment 

December was another banner month for foreign visitors to The Forgotten Street.  The following 26 locations represent only 50 percent of where our visitors hail from:  The Czech Republic, The Russian Federation, Canada, The European Union, Brazil, Germany, Australia, Serbia, India, Thailand, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Argentina, Greece, Romania, Pakistan, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Cambodia, The Netherlands, South Africa and Brunei.

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A number of you have asked if J.C. is working on a sequel to his new book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.

It’s available in paperback and Kindle versions on

So far, Amazon has three reviews posted by readers, all Five Star!

Since the book was published, J.C. has had several people come forward with previously hidden information that bolsters his main thesis in the book 

Is a sequel in the works?  We’ll keep you posted.

November 21, 2017

54 Years Later, The JFK Assassination Mystery Deepens

Almost a month after the deadline for the release of withheld government files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the National Archives continues to release batches of documents that in no way satisfy the requirements of the 1992 law requiring their disclosure.

Tomorrow marks the 54th anniversary of that awful moment in Dallas, Texas, when the 35th President of the United States was so brutally murdered in broad daylight in front of hundreds of citizens.

Since that traumatic day, the controversy over the Federal government’s official report on the assassination has only grown as more treachery is discovered.

The Warren Commission concluded that President Kennedy was assassinated by a “lone nut gunman,” ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.  Given his prior defection to the Soviet Union for a period of time, Oswald has been portrayed as an unstable, uneducated, disgruntled loser.

But researchers have demolished that depiction as mere fiction.

How does someone like that become highly fluent in Russian? Why would the U.S Marines assign Oswald to a top-secret base in Japan with the latest radar and surveillance capability?

Equally flawed are the forensics around the JFK murder.  The centerpiece of the Warren Commission report is the “single bullet theory,” in which it was postulated that both President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were wounded by the same bullet.

That preposterous idea was based on the Commission’s outright lie regarding the wound in the president’s back. It was reported to be more than five inches higher than its actual location in order to line up with the wound in JFK’s throat.

Commission member Gerald Ford was the proponent of that deception. The bullet was said to enter JFK’s back, exit through his throat and then make a turn to hit Connally.  The report then claimed that a virtually pristine bullet found in the hospital was the “magic bullet” that defied the laws of gravity and lost none of it substance while passing through two bodies, striking muscle and bones.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, continue to be appalled at the sheer arrogance and dishonesty displayed by the Warren Commission in trying to foist such a ridiculous scenario on the American public in order to explain the murder of our president.

J.C.’s new book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, demolishes the Warren Commission for its most egregious sin: ignoring and covering up the actual wounds suffered by President Kennedy by accepting a falsified autopsy report from the pathologists at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

The wounds witnessed by doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, along with Secret Service agents and the president’s personal physician, do not match what the autopsy report depicts.

The report also ignores what was seen at Bethesda by naval corpsman who moved the body, as well as medical personnel and FBI agents at the autopsy.  In addition, the embalmer at the funeral home who prepared the president’s body for burial noted the discrepancies too.

Betrayal at Bethesda is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

The paperback version is also available at Barnes &

Get Betrayal at Bethesda at B & N

In addition, signed copies are available in the shop at Stone Cold Truth:

As the withheld files trickle out from the National Archives, it’s increasingly clear that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has something to hide.  Since its inception, the CIA has been the heart of The Deep State that operates as a “government within a government” with little or no oversight.

Still hidden from public view are files related to five key people at the CIA, as noted by Jeff Morley on   They include: 

  • The ever-mysterious James Jesus Angleton, chief of counterintelligence;
  • Birch O’Neal, who worked for Angleton running the Special Investigations Group and monitoring the movements of Lee Harvey Oswald well before the assassination;
  • David Phillips, chief of Cuba operations in Mexico City;
  • Ann Goodpasture, the senior woman agent in Mexico City, and;
  • George Joannides, a psychological warfare operations officer in Miami and New Orleans, who handled an anti-Castro Cuban group that had confrontations with Oswald in New Orleans.

All five are deceased, and therefore not exposed to any danger or even potential prosecution for what they may have known or covered up regarding President Kennedy’s murder.

And so, instead of the truth of the assassination becoming clearer, the mystery deepens.

Thanks for reading!  Tomorrow is a day for reflection on how America was robbed of what could have been a brighter future on November 22, 1963.  It’s also a day of prayer for the safety and success of President Donald J. Trump, who confronts the forces of The Deep State at his peril.

On the eve of another Thanksgiving, let us all give thanks to Almighty God for His many blessings upon us and our beloved country.  We also give thanks for our wonderful families as we cherish our times together in celebration.

November 13, 2017

America’s Survival Warns Of Ongoing Obama Power Grab

Last Friday, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) revealed how Barack Obama plans to continue his Marxist revolution in America.  The non-partisan, non-profit organization held its Russia-gate Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where participants from across the nation came to hear an impressive roster of speakers.

A leader in the fight against international Marxism, global Jihad and the United Nations globalist agenda, ASI backs its work with in-depth research by independent investigators from all walks of life.

ASI President Cliff Kincaid led off the meeting with a strong presentation outlining the real Russia collusion issue:  how President Barack Hussein Obama steadfastly pursued an anti-American agenda during his presidency that helped advance Russian interests.

Heading the list of dire accomplishments was of course pursuing the flawed nuclear deal with Iran and facilitating the sale of Uranium One assets to Russian front companies. Other lowlights of the Obama presidency includes waging a illegal war in Libya, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood against our Arab allies, turning a blind eye to Red Chinese cyber warfare, and using the Internal Revenue Service to punish and inhibit conservative organizations and individuals.

Kincaid focused his spotlight on the fact Obama was mentored during his youth in Hawaii by noted communist Frank Marshall Davis, who became more of a father figure to Obama.  Davis was not just a U.S. Communist Party member, but one of its leading agents.

A former FBI agent told Kincaid that Obama’s association with Davis, along with serious drug use, would have made it impossible for Obama to pass the CARL test the FBI used to screen individuals suspected of anti-American activity.

The CARL test consists of analyzing:  Character; Associates; Reputation; and Loyalty.  Given Obama’s performance as president, he certainly couldn’t pass the CARL test today.

ASI’s leader had much more to say about a range of topics, noting the links among globalists like George Soros and Obama’s Organizing for Action front group, as well as their push for drug legalization.

The ASI conference was videotaped. The content should be available soon on the organization’s website:

Next on the agenda was Los Angeles area filmmaker Joel Gilbert, whose 2012 documentary, “Dreams From My Real Father,” makes the strong case that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s real father, not the alleged Kenya goat herder Barack Obama, Sr., as touted so often during Obama’s run for the presidency.

Gilbert bases his claims on in-depth research and interviews with Obama’s Hawaiian friends from his youth, who said the Kenyan father story was a complete hoax to cover up the paternity of Frank Marshall Davis.

The filmmaker also focused on the many pro-Russian policies of Obama’s first term, and on the infamous private exchange with then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev caught on an open microphone at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea.

Pressed on the issue of missile defense in Eastern Europe, Obama almost plaintively told Medvedev “This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility”

Medvedev responded, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin].”

In the exchange, Obama came off almost like a worried little boy seeking approval from a parent.

Gilbert ticked off the many concessions Obama made to Putin, including cancelling missile defense in Eastern Europe, reducing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, adopting the weak policy of “leading from behind,” watching Russia annex Crimea, seeing the Russians establish a military base in Syria, and reaching a nuclear deal with Iran that bolstered Russia’s influence in the Middle East.

He concluded by noting that the Hard Left’s call for “resistance” to the Trump administration is actually “a call to violence.”

Next up was noted author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, the New Zealander who’s become one of the world’s leading advocates for liberty.  His strong anti-communist leanings have made him one of the foremost experts on the global penetration of Marxists and communists into government, academia, religion and cultural arenas.

In a rousing address, Loudon moved the audience with his warning of the left’s plan to take the concept of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and create a new American majority fusing communists, progressive whites, minorities, Islamists and illegal immigrants.

The goal of its backers is to destroy Judeo-Christian values, isolate conservatives and disrupt the Trump presidency to see that the Trump “Make America Great Again” agenda is prevented from taking hold.

Loudon minced no words in portraying this effort as an attempted communist coup.  He warned, “If the light of liberty goes out here, it goes out everywhere.”

Placing these events in a more global context was Michigan lawyer Constance Cumbey, who discussed the unrelenting drive of globalists like George Soros to create an atheistic system of global governance, using the New Age movement to advance the cause of a global civil society.

Cumbey traced the globalist effort’s roots back to the Theosophical Society, formed in 1875 to promote a universal brotherhood of man not based on race, culture, religion or any of the traditional ties that bind people together.  Its followers had and still have a great interest in the occult and the New Age movements we’ve seen evolve in modern times.

She devoted a good deal of her presentation discussing the mysterious   role of Spanish socialist Dr. Javier Solana in a number of globalist enterprises, becoming at one point the Secretary-General of the North American Treaty Alliance (NATO), where he single-handedly ordered the bombing of Serbian forces and civilians in Yugoslavia, and totally controlled military operations there while President Bill Clinton was strangely hands off and deferential.

Solana remains on the globalist stage as an alleged scholar at the Brookings Institution, a haven for globalist one-worlders.

Wrapping up the highly informative and stimulating program was Georgia conservative activist Dr. Tina Trent, who unveiled the globalists behind the worldwide push for drug legalization.

She focused particular attention on the efforts of George Soros and others to fund drug legalization, promote the emptying of drug offenders from prison, and even create heroin injection centers run by government.  She noted the success in gaining legalization for both medical marijuana and open marijuana usage in general provides a foundation for the ultimate legalization of psychedelic drugs.

Dr. Trent accused scientists who advocate for psychedelic drug use of having an almost quasi-religious approach to their work, with the goal of transforming human consciousness. 

Her fear is if the wrong people gain control of the movement and of government, the use of psychedelics may one day not be optional, but mandatory, in order to control populations.

ASI is busy editing the conference videotape, with the goal of having the speakers’ presentations available not only on its website, but on its USA Survival YouTube channel, and as programming for the 65,000 subscribers to its Roku channel that reaches 60 countries.

The wealth of information available from America’s Survival is a real service to patriots everywhere concerned about the in-roads being made on freedom worldwide.

As a non-profit organization, ASI relies on its donors and supporters for financial help to fund its in-depth research and conferences like the one this past Friday.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are fortunate to have educational resources like this available to keep us informed of the challenges that lie ahead in fighting the forces of communism, global Jihad and the one-worlders’ drive for global governance.

Thanks for reading!  This week J.C. was also busy promoting his new book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.  The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on

A fortunate break was an interview with the incomparable Roger Stone on The War Room Show on Infowars late Thursday afternoon.  The interchange with Roger with stimulating, and a great opportunity to share revealing insights found in J.C.’s fresh look at Cold War history.

The interview is the second segment in the five o’clock hour, after you get past the first part showing snowflakes screaming at the sky to unseat President Trump:

J.C.’s book also was featured in an article on Roger’s website, Stone Cold Truth.

As the lead-in to the article, Roger put his unique perspective on the impact of the book: “This is one of the most important books ever written …”

That kind of praise, coming from a political strategist and author the stature of Roger, is deeply appreciated.

Signed copies of the book are available exclusively in the Stone Cold Truth shop.

God bless all our visitors to The Forgotten Street!


October 22, 2017

Trump Does Right Thing, Allows Access to Hidden JFK Files

Just four days away from an October 26 deadline to release long-hidden government files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, President Donald Trump has indicated he has no plans to block the release.

News reports indicate that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has asked the president to intercede and stop the release of some of the more than 3,600 files that have been sequestered in The National Archives.

Could the CIA be concerned that the files will reveal they knew a lot about Oswald well in advance of November 22, 1963?  What if CIA officials knew about a plot but did nothing to stop it?  Could rogue CIA operatives been involved with Oswald?

As the most transparent president ever (beyond question), President Trump has steadfastly advocated the “people’s right to know,” much to the chagrin of DC elites and denizens of the Deep State.

Speculation is rampant as to what might be revealed in the files, which will take researchers a considerable amount of time to examine.  Fortunately, there exists a veritable army of JFK researchers who’ve been actively seeking the truth about the assassination since it happened on November 22, 1963.

Among those researchers is your humble correspondent.  My new book details the many problems with the autopsy performed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on the evening of November 22, just after the dead president’s body was flown back from Dallas.

Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, by J.C. Hawkins is available in paperback and kindle versions on

At the heart of the autopsy issue is the fact that the wounds seen on President Kennedy’s body by Secret Service agents, doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, and autopsy technicians and FBI agents in Bethesda are not accurately reflected in the official report of the Warren Commission.

Compounding the problem is that many of these key witnesses were never called before the Warren Commission to testify.  Also excluded from testimony was Admiral George Burkley, the president’s personal physician, who was present at the hospital in Dallas as well as the autopsy in Bethesda.  Burkley signed the death certificate, but remained strangely silent about the events of that dreadful day for the rest of his life.  He died in 1991.

While much of the speculation regarding the withheld files focuses on a mysterious trip alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald took to Mexico City prior to the assassination, there also is the possibility that photographs and other reports from the autopsy itself were hidden away never to be shared with the Warren Commission or made public in any way.

One glaring discrepancy from the official autopsy is a purported photograph of the deceased president’s brain, which shows an almost intact organ.

The head shot clearly seen on the Zapruder film of the assassination shows significant brain matter being blown away from the president’s head.  Medical personnel in Dallas and members of the autopsy team all reported that very little of the brain remained by the time the body entered the Bethesda morgue.

For more detail, read Betrayal at Bethesda and also review some of the many books regarding the assassination that are included in the book’s bibliography.

Again, President Trump deserves rich praise for taking on the Deep State and boldly asserting his prerogative to make the hidden records public. 

It no doubt will take some time to fully appreciate what can be learned from the document release.  But the ability of American citizens on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to review the material and decide for themselves is a major step forward in government transparency.

Thanks for reading!  J.C. is gratified by the early response to Betrayal at Bethesda, which deals not only with the JFK assassination, but the clearly suspicious deaths of two other great American patriots at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda in a span of eight years.

Former Defense Secretary James Forrestal and U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy didn’t deserve the fates they suffered.  Nor did their good friend John F. Kennedy.

Got a comment?  Contact J.C. at 

September 29, 2017

President Must Allow Release of JFK Documents For The Truth To Be Known

Since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, millions of Americans have clamored for the federal government to find out and disclose the truth behind this heinous crime.

From the early days when the Warren Commission assembled to investigate the crime, it’s been readily apparent to many observers that the Commission was working to release a report that would confirm a pre-determined narrative, regardless of the facts.

Over the many years since, a virtual army of researchers has worked to gain access to long-hidden government documents that might shed more light on the events of November 22, 1963.  These documents include those with names and other information redacted, as well as nearly 3,600 withheld-in-full documents.

A subsequent investigation by a special House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations determined in 1978 President Kennedy’s death was likely the result of a conspiracy. 

Over a decade later, Congress passed and President George H. W. Bush signed the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992 that called for the release of the more than 3,000 documents being kept secret in the National Archives.  It set a 25-year deadline for the information to become public.

These documents must be released by October 26, 2017 unless President Donald Trump exercises his authority to withhold the information.  This could happen if the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) convince him that release of the information would have a damaging effect on national security, law enforcement, military operations or foreign relations.

Enough is enough.  The American people deserve to finally know the truth about the Kennedy assassination.  Any possible conspirators are likely long dead or close to dying.  President Trump must allow release of the documents before or on October 26 for the truth to become known.

J.C. Hawkins’ new book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, clearly makes the case for a conspiracy, given the nature of the president’s wounds that were hidden or ignored by the Warren Commission because of a falsified autopsy.

First published in paperback on September 20, Betrayal at Bethesda became available in a Kindle version yesterday.  Here is a link to the book’s page on

Clicking on the book title of either version will take you to a more detailed page for that version.

Amazon has added a feature “Look Inside” to give potential readers and buyers a chance to review excerpts from the book to get the true flavor of the text.

Previous columns on The Forgotten Street have provided additional information as well on the table of contents and surprising facts found in the book.

In addition to putting information regarding the JFK assassination in a new context, Betrayal at Bethesda also challenges the conventional wisdom regarding the untimely deaths of James Forrestal and Joseph McCarthy at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.

It also explores the personal connections among Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy, the absolute American vanguard in the fight against global communism.  Clearly more research is needed in each man’s death to get to the truth about what really happened. 

Many are speculating about what information remains undisclosed in the hidden JFK files at the Archives.  The possibilities are endless.  They range from additional reports and photographs related to the autopsy at Bethesda to possible links between alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA and FBI. 

The most explosive possibility would be confirmation that members of the CIA, FBI and Secret Service knew about the JFK assassination plot in advance and did little or nothing to stop it.

President Trump:  Do the right thing.  Allow the document release to move forward on October 26.

Thanks for reading!  Initial responses to Betrayal at Bethesda are very encouraging.  Clearly the subject has prompted renewed interest in The Forgotten Street.  This month we’ve reached followers in almost 50 countries (a new record), and experienced our highest stats in more than a year.

J.C. greatly appreciates those who find this website helpful in understanding the political currents in the U.S. today.  The controversy surrounding the NFL players showing disrespect for the flag and national anthem reflects the patriotism being awakened by President Trump, who often talks about the “forgotten men and women” we’ve been writing about for more than a decade.

September 24, 2017

Surprising Facts Found in Betrayal at Bethesda

The research for Betrayal at Bethesda was wide-ranging. It unearthed a number of surprising facts.  Some of this information had come to light in one fashion or another, but when aggregated in a new context, it took on much greater meaning.

Consider these few Surprising Facts from Betrayal at Bethesda:

  1. When James Forrestal was admitted to the National Naval Medical Center, his doctors severely limited his visitors.  Forrestal was denied the right to see his priest. Yet, one of his permitted visitors was Texas congressman Lyndon B. Johnson, whom Forrestal didn’t like. What purpose did LBJ’s only visit serve?
  2. As part of his treatment by attending psychiatrist George Raines, Forrestal was administered sodium amytal during his first week at Bethesda.  Sodium amytal is now known as amobarbital, which given intravenously, is called “the truth serum.”  What information might his doctors have been trying to obtain?
  3. Forrestal fell to his death the night before he was scheduled to be discharged. His brother Henry was en route to take him for further recuperation in the countryside.
  4. Some reports have surfaced that Joe McCarthy and Jack Kennedy first got acquainted in the Solomon Islands during their service in World War II.  One account has Joe riding with Jack in PT 59, the replacement for PT 109.
  5. Joe McCarthy was so well liked by the Kennedy family that Jack’s sister Eunice was a bridesmaid in the wedding party when Joe married Jean Kerr.  Both Jack and Bobby Kennedy were in attendance at the September 29, 1953, ceremony at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington D.C.
  6. Among McCarthy’s targets for investigation in the Central Intelligence Agency were leading figures, some of whom have been identified by various researchers as possible CIA conspirators in the assassination of President Kennedy.
  7. The July 30, 1954, speech given by Republican senator Ralph Flanders of Vermont urging Joe McCarthy’s censure was written by members of the National Committee for an Effective Congress, a left-wing organization founded by Eleanor Roosevelt.
  8. Two FBI agents present at Bethesda, who helped move the bronze casket into the morgue, and later witnessed the autopsy, were not invited to testify before the Warren Commission.  Their official reports from the autopsy visually depicted wounds that didn’t support the “single bullet theory” that was the linchpin for attributing the assassination to alleged lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. Their reports clearly suggested multiple shooters.

These facts are just the tip of an iceberg that’s been floating beneath the historical record surface for decades.  They’re a mere sample of the machinations of what we now call the Deep State that enveloped James Forrestal, Joe McCarthy and Jack Kennedy in their betrayal at Bethesda.

Here again is the link to the book’s page in the History section of

There’s much for followers of The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to learn in Betrayal at Bethesda.  Hopefully, it will inspire others to join in the effort to dig deeper into the historical record. Consider what’s noted in the book’s Preface:

“This book presents a theory regarding the truth behind these events at Bethesda and how vital information related to them was hidden for more than a half century. 

My theory builds on the heroic efforts of many researchers who’ve uncovered various elements of this troubling history. The bibliography provides a list of the books and authors examined during the course of my research.

For the first time, I provide a synthesized analysis to fill gaps that have existed for decades.  Looking at these events with a critical eye led me to see the many puzzle pieces that now fit together into a new look at our Cold War history.

Critics will demand hard proof of the assertions in this book, which is not intended as an historical document. My purpose is to establish a theory I believe serious historians must scrutinize and analyze. 

I offer a fair analysis of proven facts in each instance while acknowledging additional research is needed for definitive confirmation. This daunting task is simply beyond the capability of one man.  I urge others to join in.”

History belongs not just to the winners. It belongs to all who value their heritage and want the historical record to be as complete and accurate as possible so future generations can learn and be inspired.

Thanks for reading!  On a completely unrelated topic, the National Football League seems intent on committing hari-kari.  Its gross disrespect for so much of its fan base and for the President of The United States proves the NFL no longer warrants or deserves our attention and support.

Employers have every right and the obligation to mandate that uniformed employees in the course of their duties adhere to a standard of behavior that doesn’t tarnish the image of the business or insult potential customers.  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys appears to be the only owner who gets it, and the only one who truly reveres America.

It’s ludicrous that the NFL will fine players for their free expression in the end zone after great plays, but then dismiss the obnoxious sideline antics prior to the National Anthem as the players’ right to free expression.  Let’s face it. The NFL is a politically oriented organization that’s thumbing its nose at America to pacify left-wing activists.

September 22, 2017

Betrayal at Bethesda Table of Contents

We know some of you on The Forgotten Street might be wondering what’s featured in our new book, Betrayal at Bethesda.  Let’s preview part of the Table of Contents, which gives insight into the revelations contained in the book.

Preface:  A Fresh Look At American History

Chapter 1: Three Men – James V. Forrestal Mentors Joseph R. McCarthy and John F.   Kennedy

Chapter 2:  Why Did A Great Patriot, James Forrestal, Have To Die So Tragically?

Chapter 3:  The McCarthy-Kennedy Connection

Chapter 4:  McCarthy’s Despair Over Forrestal’s Death & JFK’s Continued Forrestal Connection

Chapter 5:  A Routine Illness Claims Joe McCarthy’s Life?

Chapter 6:  Was Joe McCarthy Assassinated, By Whom And Why?

Chapter 7:  How McCarthy’s Death Influenced JFK’s Fate

Chapter 8: JFK Autopsy Masks The True Wounds Witnessed By Many

Chapter 9:  How Were JFK’s Wounds Altered Or Hidden?

Chapter 10:  Bethesda Events Profoundly Changed American History

Afterward:  Our Cause Lives On, Fighting The Deep State and The Forces Of Evil

Appendix A:  Communists and Sympathizers in U.S. Government (Self-Professed or Revealed Later by Venona Intercepts, FBI, and KGB)  

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September 21, 2017

Betrayal at Bethesda, A Fresh Look at American History

The Forgotten Street is pleased to announce publication of a groundbreaking history of the Cold War era.

Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy.

The product of seven+ years of research by J.C. Hawkins, Betrayal at Bethesda challenges the conventional wisdom regarding three great American patriots who were the vanguard in the fight against global communism.  His investigation builds on significant discoveries by other independent researchers into this controversial period in American history.

Within a span of 14 years, these leaders died untimely deaths, and their dead bodies wound up in the same location:  the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Forrestal, McCarthy and Kennedy shared a common background that helped forge a strong bond between them, leading to their undeserved fates.  They were Irish-Catholic Americans raised in patriotic families.  They valued hard work, honored military service and embraced traditional American values, values cherished by those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

Because of their close friendship and unswerving devotion to revealing communist infiltration of government and key American institutions, the strong probability exists there was nothing random about their intertwined fates.

These events of the late 1940’s through the early 1960’s clearly illuminate the emergence of the Deep State that afflicts America today.

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Although Betrayal at Bethesda is completed and published, J.C. is continuing his research into this era of history. His next project already is identified.  Your support for this initial book will aid greatly in producing a new volume.

Thanks for reading The Forgotten Street, and know your support for Betrayal at Bethesda will be gratefully appreciated.  God bless you all!


August 26, 2017

Left’s Assault On History Is Anti-American And Wrong

As the Lunatic Left and its willing accomplices in the Elite Traitor Media continue their assault to obliterate and rewrite history, it’s an appropriate time to call them out for the anti-Americans they are.

What the monument destroyers are doing is revealing their Communist mentality.  When the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsars and took over Russia, they instituted a process in which they tried to cancel the past.

Communists push the concept that there is only one way to think and act.  Anything to the contrary is deemed offensive and a crime against the state.  So what we are witnessing today with the Hard Left is full-blown Communism in the phony guise of fighting fascism.

Frankly, fascism was just another form of Communism in that it was totalitarian in nature too.

Now we have modern-day Bolsheviks in the guise of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Democrat Party who want to remove memorials to the Confederacy and denigrate our Founding Fathers because some of them were slaveowners.

Curiously enough, we’ll never hear them condemn Islam, which of all the ideologies in the world did more to propagate slavery than anything else.  It continues to this day, but people like me will be accused of Islamophobia for calling it out.

After the carnage of the Civil War, leaders from both the Union and the Confederacy saw the need to bind up the wounds and create a more perfect Union.  Foremost among them was Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general so hated by the illiterate and ignorant jerks who want to tear down any memorials to him.

Ladies and gentlemen, those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are in a fight to save what’s left of the United States of America.  We’re seeing an array of traitors, both Democrat and Republican, doing all they can to delegitimize and tear down the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

In 2016, we had a fair and legitimate election to select our president.  According to the established process and rules, Donald Trump overwhelmingly was elected President of the United States through the electoral vote process.

Since then, the traitors in the Democrat and Republicans parties, as well as the Deep State embedded in the government, have done all they can to try to undermine Trump’s presidency.

News Flash:  It ain’t gonna work.  There are too many of us who’ve expressed our outrage at the mess in Washington and demanded serious change that only Donald Trump can deliver.

Sadly, we have a Republican party so infested with turncoats that it won’t back its president, who won back the White House after eight years of the horrific presidency of Barack Obama.

We have a Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader doing all they can to thwart the Trump agenda.  This is a form of treason not seen in this observer’s lifetime since the coups against President Kennedy and President Nixon.

For those who want monuments taken down, there’s a process.  It’s called democracy, not mob rule.  For changes to be made, the appropriate institutions and general public must have a voice in how it’s done.  To do otherwise is to follow the example of the Bolsheviks, the Soviets, the Nazis, the Taliban and ISIS.

In America, we don’t do “mob rule.”  That’s only for third world countries and savages.

Thanks for reading.  J.C. has been busy finishing up a major book project.  We’ll provide more details shortly.  Hoping for a mid-September launch of a real blockbuster.

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July 12, 2017

Trump Charts New Course For West, Globalist Heads Explode

When President Donald Trump stepped to the podium In Warsaw on July 6, after a moving introduction by our amazing First Lady, Melania Trump, he stepped into the pages of history, delivering one of the greatest speeches ever given by an American president on foreign soil.

What made his address so moving and impactful is that President Trump charted a new course for the West and assumed the mantle of the true leader of the Western world.

The president challenged the world and globalists everywhere to step back and consider the impact Western civilization has had on improving life throughout history.

In his speech, he posed the most pressing issue of our time, perhaps of our lifetime:

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.  Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost?  Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders?  Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?” 

As a backdrop for his question, he cited the sterling example of Poland, and how its people have persevered through centuries of torment and conquest to emerge a free, strong nation once again.

He stressed the critical importance of faith in God, strong families and strong shared cultural values.  In the most eloquent defense of the West since Winston Churchill, our president said the following:

The world has never known anything like our community of nations. 

We write symphonies.  We pursue innovation.  We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers.

We reward brilliance.  We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God.  We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression.    

We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success.  We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives.  And we debate everything.  We challenge everything.  We seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves.  

And above all, we value the dignity of every human life, protect the rights of every person, and share the hope of every soul to live in freedom.  That is who we are.  Those are the priceless ties that bind us together as nations, as allies, and as a civilization.

He gave the speech knowing much of the European globalist community and the unhinged progressive left in America would hate it.  But, he gave it knowing there is a worldwide hunger for the leadership he offered.

The Poles who heard it responded enthusiastically, chanting “Donald Trump, Donald Trump” and “USA.USA.”

The speech not only challenged the secularists in Europe but radical Islam as well. President Trump set down a marker to say he will be a staunch defender of Western civilization at a time when appeasers and weaklings would let it fall under the thumb of Marxism and Islam.

Donald Trump is not only set on Making America Great Again.  He’s charted a new course for the West to ensure the greatest civilization in human history continues to lead people across the world to new heights of hope, prosperity and fulfillment.  We are truly blessed to have his leadership and love of humanity.  Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know we are forgotten no more!

Thanks for reading!  Globalist forces, led by ex-Nazi George Soros and unhinged leftists, are mobilized to thwart Donald Trump at every turn.  It’s time for patriots to rally, support our President, and urge Republicans to fulfill their campaign promises to get America back on the right track.

The Elite Traitor Media is out in full force to smear and undermine our President.  Those of us with blogs and other means to counter their demonic message must bring a new sense of urgency to our mission.

We send grateful thanks to our foreign visitors in June.  They come from:  The Russian Federation, Germany, The Czech Republic, The European Union, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Argentina, The Netherlands, The Ukraine, India, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, The United Arab Emirates, France, Romania, Thailand, Belgium, Brunei, Malaysia, Portugal, Uruguay, Switzerland and Sweden.  That marks a new monthly record for The Forgotten Street!

God bless you all!


March 2, 2017

Trump Calls For Hope And Unity, Dems Plot Treason

In his first appearance before a Joint Session of Congress as President, Donald Trump delivered one of the truly great speeches in presidential history.

Last Tuesday evening, many Americans got their first look at President Trump as Commander-in-Chief, interacting with the legislative branch of government.

Those expecting the Donald Trump of the campaign trail instead saw a man who’s assumed the mantle of leadership and who wears it well.  He displayed his heartfelt commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and bringing the nation together as one.

Early in his address, he offered this inspiring message:

Each American generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice in an unbroken chain all the way down to the present.  That torch is now in our hands.  And we will use it to light up the world.  I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart.  

“A new chapter of American Greatness is now beginning.  A new national pride is sweeping across our nation.  And a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp.

“What we are witnessing today is the renewal of the American spirit.  Our allies will find that America is once again ready to lead.  All the nations of the world -- friend or foe -- will find that America is strong, America is proud, and America is free.”

Of course, he discussed the vital issue of immigration reform that served as a bedrock for his bid for the Presidency:

“At the same time, my administration has answered the pleas of the American people for immigration enforcement and border security. By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone.  We want all Americans to succeed, but that can't happen in an environment of lawless chaos.  We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders.”

In a surprise moment, President Trump defined what he sees as the civil rights issue of our times:

“But to achieve this future, we must enrich the mind and the souls of every American child.  Education is the civil rights issue of our time.  I am calling upon members of both parties to pass an education bill that funds school choice for disadvantaged youth, including millions of African American and Latino children.  These families should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school that is right for them.  

“Every American child should be able to grow up in a safe community, to attend a great school, and to have access to a high-paying job.  But to create this future, we must work with, not against -- not against -- the men and women of law enforcement.  We must build bridges of cooperation and trust -- not drive the wedge of disunity and, really, it's what it is, division.  It's pure, unadulterated division.  We have to unify.”

In the most moving part of his address, President Trump paid tribute to fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owens who died on an anti-terrorism mission in Yemen.  Looking at Owens widow Carryn, who was seated in the Gallery with Ryan’s family and Trump family members, he reaffirmed that the raid yielded vital intelligence against terrorism, contrary to fake news reports that termed the mission a failure.

Across America on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, viewers got a lump in their throats as the President said, “Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity.”

Then moving to foreign policy, President Trump affirmed a shift toward greater engagement in the world:

“To those allies who wonder what kind of a friend America will be, look no further than the heroes who wear our uniform.  Our foreign policy calls for a direct, robust and meaningful engagement with the world.  It is American leadership based on vital security interests that we share with our allies all across the globe.

“America is willing to find new friends, and to forge new partnerships, where shared interests align.  We want harmony and stability, not war and conflict.  We want peace, wherever peace can be found.

“America is friends today with former enemies.  Some of our closest allies, decades ago, fought on the opposite side of these terrible, terrible wars.  This history should give us all faith in the possibilities for a better world.  Hopefully, the 250th year for America will see a world that is more peaceful, more just, and more free.”

By noting that the country’s 250th anniversary of its founding is on the horizon, the President sounded this optimistic note:

“Imagine the wonders our country could know in America's 250th year.  

“Think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.  Cures to the illnesses that have always plagued us are not too much to hope.  American footprints on distant worlds are not too big a dream.  Millions lifted from welfare to work is not too much to expect.  And streets where mothers are safe from fear, schools where children learn in peace, and jobs where Americans prosper and grow are not too much to ask.”  

Moving to his closing, President Trump really hit his stride, delivering a message that our country has desperately needed for far too long:

“When we have all of this, we will have made America greater than ever before -- for all Americans.  This is our vision.  This is our mission.  But we can only get there together.  We are one people, with one destiny.  We all bleed the same blood.  We all salute the same great American flag.  And we all are made by the same God.

“When we fulfill this vision, when we celebrate our 250 years of glorious freedom, we will look back on tonight as when this new chapter of American Greatness began.  The time for small thinking is over.  The time for trivial fights is behind us.  We just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts, the bravery to express the hopes that stir our souls, and the confidence to turn those hopes and those dreams into action.

“From now on, America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears; inspired by the future, not bound by the failures of the past; and guided by our vision, not blinded by our doubts.  

“I am asking all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit.  I am asking all members of Congress to join me in dreaming big, and bold, and daring things for our country.  I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize this moment.  Believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe, once more, in America.”

As a writer who’s made a good living writing speeches, I have to say the Presidential Address last Tuesday night was a masterpiece, delivered masterfully in a setting that only added to its soaring patriotism and inspiration.

Only the most cynical and unpatriotic Americans could not find something to embrace in President Trump’s debut performance before the Congress and a large television audience around the world.

Reaching out to Democrats to engage in these critical issues, President Trump sounded a conciliatory note that’s been met with bitterness and derision from the Party of Sore Losers.

The manufacturing of fake news is back in full swing, with the absurd allegations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and calls for his resignation.  By talking to the Russian Ambassador, then-Senator Sessions was simply doing his job as a ranking Senator on the Foreign Relations Committee.

With disruption and sabotage, the Democrat game plan is to undermine the Trump Administration. It’s plain that the hyper-partisan Democrat leadership is rejecting any calls for national unity and is moving ahead full bore in committing outright treason.

President Trump needs to stick to his game plan, fulfill his campaign promises and showcase how his optimistic leadership can unify our country and Make American Great Again!

Thanks for reading!  The Democrats reaffirmed their position as racists today when only six of their members voted to confirm Dr. Benjamin Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  There are simply no good reasons to vote against him except pure partisanship and racism

We thank our foreign visitors in February who came from these locations:  The European Union, Germany, The Czech Republic, The Russian Federation, Montenegro, The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Argentina, Moldova, Hungary, India, Poland, The Netherlands, Canada, The Seychelles, Turkey, Red China, France and Albania.

God bless you all!  And may Almighty God protect our President from all the evil forces allied against him.


February 21, 2017

Efforts To Undermine President Trump Are Pure Treason

A month after Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, there is a concerted effort by an unholy alliance of treasonous Americans to destroy his presidency before it can get off the ground.

Needless to say, The Elite Traitor Media are a key part of that alliance as they continue to promote “fake news” about Russian links with President Trump and characterize his immigration pause as a “ban on Muslims.”

There are even those who are irresponsibly talking about the possibility of impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment because they question the President’s mental state.

Since Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton on November 8, we’ve seen evidence of a new mental disorder called Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The President looks perfectly sane in comparison.

Taking advantage of this seditious climate is former President Barack Obama, who is creating a “shadow government” behind the scenes and training an army of community organizers to disrupt the government any way it can.

Simply put, Barack Hussein Obama is a lying traitor, who shows complete disrespect for the Presidency and contempt for the American tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

Helping to fuel these efforts with his billions is Nazi collaborator and international gangster George Soros, who’s bankrolled riots in American cities to sow discord and foment rebellion.

President Trump should immediately ask French or Russian authorities to formally request extradition of Soros so he can be held to account for the crimes in those countries for which warrants have been issued.

Democrats are up to their eyeballs in this treason through their obstruction of Cabinet nominees.  Here we are a month into the Trump Presidency and he has not been able to fully form his Administration because of this obstruction and the spineless acquiescence of the Republican leadership in Congress.

Despite the constant inflamed rhetoric against President Trump in the media and by politicians such as legendary turncoat John McCain, the Trump approval rating is above 50% because the American people appreciate there’s finally someone in the Oval Office who gives a damn about them and wants them to enjoy prosperity and law and order again.

The Elite Traitor Media got their butts handed to them in the recent press conference and still are clutching their pearls, whimpering.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, get down on our knees at night to thank Almighty God we finally have a President who’s heard our voices and is addressing our many concerns about the future of this beloved country.

In his rally in Melbourne, Florida this past weekend, President Trump delivered a terrific message of optimism and strength.  First Lady Melania Trump opened the event with The Lord’s Prayer, which of course made Prog-Lib-Commie heads explode.

What his opponents fail to comprehend is that Donald Trump has changed the Presidency, perhaps forever.  Long ago the public had gotten fed up with predictable talking points and sound bites.  Now we get vintage Trump, straight from the heart.

By combining his massive campaign rallies with his groundbreaking use of social media, President Trump has opened a direct dialogue with the American people.  He no longer has to rely on the news media.

The DC thumb suckers can whine all they want about Twitter and the President’s use of that platform at any hour to get his message out.  What he’s creating is a way for the public to truly understand his thoughts in the most transparent way possible.  Pure genius!

The DC establishment, particularly the Never Trump bedwetters, hates anyone who doesn’t do things exactly the way they want or think it should be done.  They desire a level of predictability that they will never see from Donald Trump.

Thanks for reading!  There are rallies coming up on February 27 to support the President.  Look for the closest one in your area and show the world He Is My President.


January 23, 2017

With Great Inaugural Speech, President Trump Hits the Ground Running

Having had time to reflect on the magnificent Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, I can only state with the firmest of conviction:  No President in my memory has hit the ground running in such an impressive fashion.

All of the Inaugural events from: the Wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery; the Welcome Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial; the Inauguration ceremony; the following Parade; and the National Prayer Service were staged with the highest levels of class and dignity.

At a time when our nation traditionally comes together to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power following a fair and free election, a number of Democrats, the Elite Traitor Media and hardcore Leftists assumed the role of skunks at a garden party.

Their boorishness and lack of patriotism simply is irrelevant.  Our new President and Vice President have already swung into action to fulfill their campaign promises to the American people, not just those who voted for them. 

President Trump delivered the Inaugural Address in his trademark forceful and genuine style.  This is a man who clearly believes wholeheartedly in what he says.  He is a man of higher commitment and purpose who entered the national stage at a time when he was desperately needed.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, believe our prayers for new patriotic leadership have finally been answered.

Here are parts of the Address I found incredibly inspiring and moving:

“January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation once again.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer

“But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge; and the crime and gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

“We are one nation and their pain is our pain.  Their dreams are our dreams.  And their success will be our success.  We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.  The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans.

“We assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital, and in every hall of power.  From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.  From this day forward, it’s going to be only America First, America First.

“At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.  When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

“The time for empty talk is over.  Now arrives the hour of action.

“And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the wind-swept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty creator.

“So to all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words.  You will never be ignored again.

“Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams will define our American destiny.  And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.”

The usual suspects tagged this Address as “dark” and not “uplifting.”  They could not be more wrong.  It was the finest Inaugural Address since those of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

President Trump (God, I love writing that!) reached out to all those who’ve been left behind in an era when globalist elites have enriched themselves beyond all measure.  Even Jesse Jackson was moved to salute the new Commander-in-Chief for specifically addressing the problems in our inner cities.

By talking about “American carnage,” the President is setting down markers for the gangs and drug dealers who’ve ravaged cities like Chicago (as well as small towns across America trying to cope with an alarming spike in drug overdoses) to let them know true justice is on the way.

For far too long, government at all levels has watched this decay and destruction with total impotence.  To their everlasting shame, former President Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel totally let down the citizens of their hometown with their gross inaction.

Mr. Obama deserves special disdain for his abominable use of presidential power to reduce the sentences of drug dealers and put them back out on the streets to do what they do best:  sell poison to our young people to ruin more lives and erase more potential.

Useful idiots like Chris Matthews and Lindsey Graham commented negatively on the “America First” reference.  Matthews tried to play the Hitler card by insinuating that President Trump was referring to an anti-war movement of the same name that opposed American entry into World War II.

Propagandists for President Franklin Roosevelt successfully branded the America First movement as supportive of Adolph Hitler.  In truth, Charles Lindbergh and other movement leaders were opposed to entry into another European war so soon after World War I, in which many American lives were lost and an enormous debt incurred, a debt European allies never repaid as they had pledged.  Lindbergh also had serious reservations about the status of our military to take on another big war.

Senator Graham says he just doesn’t understand what is meant by “America First.”  President Trump’s explanation of its meaning is self-evident. Those who try to read between the lines like Matthews and Graham are simply hyper-partisans with no shame.

The Inauguration was absolutely terrific. President Trump is moving ahead with his determination to Make America Great Again.  Let’s all support him against the onslaught of anti-American sentiment expressed by those who want to cling to the socialist status quo.

Thanks for reading.  President Trump is pushing to get better trade agreements for America, encourage American companies to create more jobs and bring jobs back home, and begin removing funding of Planned Parenthood’s genocidal practice of abortion overseas.

No question our greatest days are on the near horizon.


December 27, 2016

Do Obama And Kerry Embrace Hitler’s Middle East Vision?

Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz put it best regarding President Barack Obama and the United States’ abstention on the recent anti-Israel United Nations resolution:

“I didn’t know ‘I have Israel’s back’ meant I’m going to STAB them in it.”

The resolution declares the settlements illegal, ignoring Israel’s right to build housing for citizens anywhere within its borders.  Just because the Palestinians dispute those borders, it doesn’t mean the UN should accept that assertion over Israel’s rightful objection.

By absolving the Palestinians of any blame in the stalemate over a peaceful agreement, and putting the onus on Israel for building more settlements, Obama and the United Nations make it clear they embrace the anti-Semitic values of Adolf Hitler.

Their insistence on a two-state solution to solve the Palestinian-Israeli disagreement over the right to co-exist peacefully is essentially a demand that Israel commit suicide.

Numerous times over the past six decades, the Palestinians have been offered the opportunity to settle their differences peacefully by simply agreeing to Israel’s right to exist as a free, democratic state.

The Palestinians and Arab world in general have turned up their noses at such suggestions and have not abandoned their stated desire to “wipe Israel off the map.”  These savages continue to state that Jews are descended from “apes and pigs.”

To his eternal credit, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes  it clear that he will not sacrifice his country’s existence and right to a peaceful home in the Middle East in order to satisfy the outrageous demands of the “International Community” ballyhooed by the Elite Traitor Media.

This “International Community” talks about Israel and “occupied lands” that it insists belong to the Palestinians.  These halfwits overlook the fact that when Israel won the Six-Day War against Arab aggression, it rightfully gained access to and dominion over the land in question.  That’s what happens when aggressors lose wars.

In the search for peace with the Palestinians after that, Israel ceded back land in Gaza to the Palestinians as a good faith gesture.  Of course, it didn’t result in any progress, because all the Palestinians want is the extermination of the Jewish race, like their former allies, the Nazis of Adolf Hitler. 

What most people today do not know is that during World War II, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, spent considerable time in Berlin conferring with the Nazis about how he might assist them in the Middle East in exchange for their support for a Palestinian state.

While there, he met with Adolf Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler.  It is alleged he participated with Hitler’s top military in planning for the gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp.  Schematic plans for the camp were later discovered in the apartment in which Husseini stayed in Berlin.

Near the war’s end, he took refuge in France for about a year while Great Britain tried to extradite him as a war criminal for his collaboration with the Nazis.  The French refused.

This history lesson is pertinent because al-Husseini’s cousin was Yasser Arafat, who led the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and terrorized Israelis.  Arafat looked up to al-Husseini as his mentor.

Today it is Barack Obama and John Kerry who terrorize Israelis by branding them as “occupiers.”  It’s very obvious that a two-state solution would involve Israel giving up more territory that currently serves as a security buffer against such terror organizations as Hamas and Hezbollah.

What’s particularly appalling about the current situation is the rapid rise of anti-Semitism worldwide and the creation of the BDS movement to attack Israel in many different ways.  The BDS calls for countries and individuals to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel in order to pressure an imposed solution to the Palestinian question.

Israel stands as the only democratic country in the Middle East, one where Jews, Arabs and Christians live peacefully and serve in the Knesset, the country’s parliament.  It is a critical ally for the United States, offering a much-needed military presence to protect the Mediterranean Sea from becoming the province of Iran and other hostile Arab nations.

The fact that the BDS movement has gained traction on American and European university campuses, along with Free Palestine organizations, speaks to the damage the Obama Administration has done by undermining Israel at every opportunity.  It’s beyond shameful that our universities have become havens for the worst kind of anti-Semites anywhere.

There’s great concern that prior to leaving the Presidency, Mr. Obama will push another United Nations resolution that would have that organization formally recognize a Palestinian state.

Such a move would represent Barack Obama and John Kerry formally embracing the longtime vision Adolf Hitler had for the Middle East.

If that should occur, President-Elect Trump should immediately renounce it and advocate withdrawal of the United States as a member of the United Nations. 

Once taking office, President Trump should seek to have the United Nations move from New York City.  His first leverage could come with the immediate cessation of any further United States funds being provided to the UN.

Other actions he could take include moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which he has pledged to do.  In addition, he should extend an invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu for a state visit to Washington as soon as possible to renew our ties with a valued ally and begin to repair the gross damage done by President Obama.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, cherish our Jewish brethren in Israel and eagerly look forward to a renewed partnership that will pave the way for the Arab world to finally concede the right of Israel to exist in peace.

The perfidy and treachery displayed by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Ambassador Samantha Power have shamed our country beyond measure.  Somewhere in Hell, Adolf Hitler is smiling.

Thanks for reading.  Here’s hoping you all enjoyed a Blessed Christmas.  We look forward to the New Year and the advent of a Trump Administration that will begin to get our country and the world back on the right track.



December 9, 2016

Donald Trump: “The Natural” of Politics

With his overwhelming victory in the 2016 Presidential election, Donald J. Trump has earned a reputation as “The Natural” of American politics.

Like Roy Hobbs taking the world of baseball by storm in Bernard Malamud’s classic novel, Donald Trump reached the highest office in the land in his initial try at elected office.  He proved a true “natural” at quickly adapting to the world of politics and rapidly building a remarkable campaign team while using resources wisely.

What propelled Trump’s phenomenal run was his incredible intelligence, his uncanny ability to read his audiences, his masterful natural skill at using mass communications to reach voters, and his obvious love of country and the American people.

To his credit, our President-Elect comprehended the plight of everyday Americans and the failure of both major political parties to address the real concerns of the people while catering to special and wealthy interests.

Donald Trump recognized The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, was craving new leadership that genuinely cared about them.  The forgotten men and women of America have seen their wealth and opportunities erode as politicians squandered their taxes and sacrificed jobs in pursuit of globalist schemes and needless wars.

As he continues his “Thank You” tour of states that gave him the momentum to win the presidency, President-Elect Trump is reaffirming his commitment to move America in a different and better direction.  His First 100-day plan is brilliant in its scope. We can take heart that he and Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence will execute it superbly.

That’s not to say they won’t face significant obstacles from a defeated and decimated Democrat Party, as well as from New World Order obstructionists within the GOP.

But all signs point to him forming a stellar team for his Cabinet, calling on the best minds in the worlds of business, finance, the military and politics.

For the Democrats, they will confront President Trump at their peril.  Barack Obama’s feckless eight-year rule has left his party on life support.  His sorry political legacy has seen the Democrat Party become a regional party, no longer national in scope.

Since Obama took office in 2009, Democrats have lost 9 Senate seats, 63 House seats, 11 governorships and 900+ seats in State legislatures.  They are left with a geriatric bench, bereft of younger talent that has the energy and appeal to provide a real alternative to Donald Trump and a rejuvenated Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton has proven to be an ungracious and duplicitous loser while President Obama has lied about his willingness to assist in a smooth transition.  He had the audacity to counsel members of the military yesterday to speak out against the new President and to question his authority. 

This outrageous advice simply demonstrates that he still has no comprehension that the President is Commander-in-Chief of the military and its members are duty-bound to follow lawful orders.  His remarks reveal a totally inappropriate course to follow.  In doing so, he is either seditious or just plain stupid.

No matter.  The military will embrace their new Commander-in-Chief, knowing he will upgrade their resources and commit them to a strategy to build Peace Through Strength.

Donald Trump, “The Natural,” turned modern politics on its head through his skillful combination of using mass and social media to supplement his barnstorming across the country to hold massive rallies and demonstrate his incredible knack at retail politics.  At each rally, he connected with his audiences and found time to shake hands, sign autographs and give each attendee the sense that he was talking directly to them.

Much to the dismay of the Elite Traitor Media, Trump set the daily news agenda through carefully timed remarks, effective debates and circumventing the media to connect with millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter daily.

This combination of using the most modern methods of reaching voters with the old-style barnstorming gave Mr. Trump the ability to create an actual movement of voters motivated by his message to Make America Great Again.

He completely out-maneuvered and out-flanked the hapless Hillary Clinton, who again demonstrated her total ineptitude as a candidate as well as how tone-deaf she and her fellow Prog-Lib-Commies were regarding the real concerns of everyday Americans.  Compounding this failure was her inability to hide her genuine scorn for those of us  deplorables on The Forgotten Street, which is forgotten no more.

The Trump-Clinton race was a mismatch from the beginning, regardless of her so-called fundraising advantage, the cheerleading from the sycophant Elite Traitor Media, and the complete failure of alleged expert pundits to understand the dynamics driving the election.

The Natural just kept hitting home run after home run with his audiences. He’ll swing a huge bat in taking on those who continue to underestimate his God-given ability to motivate and lead.

Thanks for reading!  We apologize for a recent absence of columns.  The holiday season starts getting really busy.

We want to thank our foreign visitors in November from such diverse locations as: Germany, Australia, The Czech Republic, Brazil, The European Union, Italy, New Zealand, The Ukraine, The Russian Federation, Taiwan, Mexico, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Singapore, Libya, Sweden, Tokelau, Canada, Japan, Pakistan and Poland.  Looks like Red China is blocking us.

God bless all our visitors to The Forgotten Street!

November 26, 2016

Castro Enters Hell’s Pantheon

Finally, Fidel Castro has shuffled off his mortal coil and entered Satan’s Pantheon in Hell.  He takes his rightful place alongside such tyrants as Hitler, Stalin and Mao.  The evil Cuban dictator turned his island nation into a living Hell for millions, but fooled Western Prog-Lib-Commies with propaganda that turned them into slobbering idiots.

The recent turn in American foreign policy by President Barack Obama to establish ties to the Cuban dictatorship will one day go down as one of the more disgraceful actions ever taken by a U.S. President.  Just as disturbing is the knowledge that American corporations, eager to enter Cuba again, are salivating with greed while knowing everyday Cubans will not reap the benefits of the increased trade.

By sanctioning Castro’s continued iron grip on his people, Mr. Obama revealed himself as an unquestioning product of Far Left Academia that touted Castro’s universal health care and educational system as proof of his fine leadership.

What these fools have totally overlooked is the emerging evidence that points more and more to the fact that Fidel Castro played a significant role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

We’ll have more on that subject in our new book that’s entering the final stages and looking toward publication in early 2017.

Among the truly troubling reactions to Castro’s death was the news that Pope Francis expressed personal “sentiments of grief.”  It is perfectly fine for a Pope to pray for all who die, but to the Catholic faithful it's simply unacceptable to mourn Castro.  It just shows the Pope is a product of his Jesuit background.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are sickened by the Elite Traitor Media who’ve slobbered over Castro and his sick henchman Che Guevara over the past six decades.  Equally disturbing are the dopey students in the West who walk around in t-shirts with Che’s picture on them.

What these uneducated dupes fail to comprehend is that Che was a murderous psychopath who personally executed countless black Cubans and gays. 

Cuba is a country comprised of descendants of indigenous natives, Spanish settlers and African slaves.  The European heritage Cubans longed ruled the island, imported the slaves and always regarded them as second-class people.  Among the racist Europeans were the Castros who overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista, who was partially black. Guevara was an Argentine who came from a privileged background before becoming a Marxist revolutionary.

One day a picture of Malia Obama in a Che t-shirt appeared on the Internet.  My immediate thought was that her Hitler t-shirt must have been in the wash.

The Prog-Lib-Commie useful idiots will mourn the passing of Castro, failing to understand that he went to his grave as one of the wealthiest world leaders after his rape and pillaging of Cuba.  His brother Raul and the ruling class around him will continue to live like royalty while average Cubans try to eke out a miserable living.

Death is eternal, so now Fidel Castro will reap the results of the evil seeds he sowed.

Thanks for reading!  November marks the 10-year anniversary of The Forgotten Street.  We’ve tried to shed light on the world around us and hopefully inspire readers to support our Constitution, embrace traditional American values, and work for a return to a moral society that turns to God in times of need.

November 20, 2016

Sore Loser Left Refuses To Accept Election Results

Toward the end of the tumultuous 2016 Presidential Election, in the final debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump created a major stir when he would not definitively commit to immediately accepting the outcome of the election.

In a monumental failure, moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News did not pose the same question to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.  Clearly he was hoping to stir up a controversy that the Clinton court stenographers in the Elite Traitor Media would run with.

It wound up blowing over as Mrs. Clinton continued to botch her campaign.  Now, 12 days after the election, the Prog-Lib-Commie Left is in an absolute meltdown, refusing to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

President Barack Obama and Mrs. Clinton made very perfunctory remarks on November 9 to congratulate Mr. Trump. They’ve followed up with further comments and actions that demonstrate those speeches were wholly insincere. Mr. Obama’s negative comments about his successor while traveling abroad are beyond despicable and beneath his office.

Now we have a concerted effort bankrolled by international gangster and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to foment unrest in American cities and to intimidate presidential electors into changing the landslide he earned in the Electoral College vote (306-232).  This is not legitimate grassroots protesting.  It’s paid insurrection that is jeopardizing public safety and destroying private property.

The intimidation includes constant harassment and death threats against designated Trump electors in a number of states.  We’ve not heard one word of condemnation from the current President of the United States or Mrs. Clinton, which means they tacitly support the would-be coup underway.

The idiocy of this effort is demonstrated by the fact that the lack of a clear winner in the Electoral College vote would send the election to the Republican-dominated House of Representatives for a vote.  No question how that would turn out.

Meanwhile, the Elite Traitor Media keeps trying to find fault with anything President-Elect Trump does, be it the pace of the transition effort or him taking his wife and family to dinner without a press pool tagging along.

The truth of the matter is that President-Elect Trump is moving swiftly and decisively to form the Trump Administration.  Already his choices are receiving unfriendly fire from the Left, much of it unsubstantiated charges of racism, which is about the only thing the Left knows how to do.  Just as we believed during the campaign, Donald Trump is assembling an All-Star team of the very best people to run his Administration.

The attack on Attorney General-designee Jeff Sessions is particularly dishonest.  By trying to dig up things that may have been said 30 years or more ago, the Elite Traitor Media and political hacks like Harry Reid overlook the real Sessions record.  These are the same people who disregarded the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leadership of former Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd. Mrs. Clinton lauded Senator Byrd as her mentor, even after he called poor white people in West Virginia “white niggers” in an interview on 60 Minutes.

In contrast, as a federal attorney working for the Justice Department in Alabama, Jeff Sessions carried out the orders needed to successfully complete the desegregation of Alabama public schools.  He also destroyed the KKK in Alabama.  He prosecuted the son of its leader in a death penalty murder case, and saw to it that the execution was carried out.  In addition, the KKK was hit with a fine that bankrupted the organization, leading to its demise.

Good luck playing the lame race card, Democrats, because everyday Americans who live on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, are totally thrilled we will have an Attorney General who respects and will uphold the rule of law once again.

As events unfold, it’s clear the Republican Party is uniting once again under President-Elect Trump’s strong leadership.  His amazing campaign resulted in the GOP becoming the absolute dominant party from the national level to the statehouse level, and even down to the local level.

Part of that success relates in large measure to the Trump campaign’s stunning ability to maximize the impact of social media.  Between Facebook and Twitter, Donald Trump now has 25 million followers that he can communicate with directly, bypassing the hostile filter of the Elite Traitor Media as they try to undermine his Administration.

After listening to the sickening piety of the Clinton campaign and media criticize candidate Trump for not saying he would unhesitatingly   accept the election results, the same hypocrites are now doing all they can to weaken our democratic process and disrespect the majority of American voters who made it clear they wanted Donald Trump in the White House.

The unhinged Left pushes the lame talking point that Hillary Clinton won the public vote.  They overlook the fact that the 50 states have yet to certify their results and provide a final total.  They also overlook the fact that North Carolina is dealing with a contested gubernatorial election tainted by charges of voter fraud.

In addition, there are projections that perhaps as many as 3 million illegal immigrants unlawfully voted in the election.  If that is the case, and we assume that the bulk of that vote when to Mrs. Clinton, then it’s clear that Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the popular vote as well as the Electoral College vote if you subtract 3 million votes from her total.

The United States deserves better than having a host of sore losers complaining about an election that was carried out fairly and in which a decisive winner was the result.

The Prog-Lib-Commies will keep up their treasonous efforts, but America has spoken.  Now it’s well past time to grow up, get over it and give the Trump Administration the opportunity it earned to Make America Great Again.

Thanks for reading!  As we all get ready to share a Thanksgiving with family and friends, those of us on The Forgotten Street get on our knees to thank Almighty God for all His blessings. We pray He will keep our new President-Elect and Vice President-Elect and their families safe, and give them the strength and wisdom needed to effectively lead our beloved country.

If that makes us American Nationalists, so be it. We’ll wear that label proudly.  We love our country and thank God that we were born Americans.


November 7, 2016

Now, It’s Your Time For Choosing

On October 27, 1964, a prerecorded speech by well-known actor Ronald Reagan was televised on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Called “A Time For Choosing,” the speech was an absolute sensation, generating $1 million in contributions to the Goldwater campaign.

In his challenge to conservatives and other voters to rally around Goldwater, Reagan effectively painted a picture of the nation at a crossroads and in need of a decisive choice in favor of a new path for American politics.

Nonetheless, we know that Goldwater went on to a resounding defeat by incumbent President Lyndon Johnson.  But the speech catapulted Reagan onto the national stage as an important political figure.  He then went on to two terms as California Governor and then President of the United States.

Tomorrow, November 8, 2016, is Your Time For Choosing.  The choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump couldn’t be any starker.  It’s a choice between the corrupt status quo of the Washington Uniparty and a new American future that seeks prosperity for all Americans.  Hillary Clinton is the leftist tool of globalists like George Soros, Wall Street and the Big Banks who are crushing the American Middle Class.

Donald Trump is truly our last best hope to save the United States from a future of permanent stagnation, national insecurity in the face of radical Islamic terrorism, a deteriorating military, racial discord, further cultural rot and runaway illegal immigration that will change America into a third-world country overrun with drugs and gangs.

What Donald Trump and Mike Pence offer the United States is leadership that will bring taxes down and grow the economy.  Our military strength will be rebuilt and we’ll regain international respect as a true world leader.  No more will America get bogged down in endless Middle Eastern wars.

Trump and Pence understand the need for controlled immigration that will keep radical Islamists out of our country and stem the flow of drugs across the Mexican border.  They also know that unfair free trade deals must be replaced by fair trade agreements that protect American workers and communities.

Finally, the GOP ticket will forge a new path to true energy independence and put an end to the insanity of political correctness warping our social order.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence offer the leadership that those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, have been crying out for, ever since Ronald Reagan left the White House.

The respective campaigns of the two major candidates could not be more dissimilar.  Hillary Clinton has waged the politics of personal destruction against Mr. Trump with outlandish lies and claims about his character.  She offers no fresh thinking on solutions to America’s pressing issues, just a continuation of failed Obama economic policies and the abomination called Obamacare.

Donald Trump has taken his case directly to the people, barnstorming across America and holding rallies with many thousands of supporters in cities and towns that have never seen such political excitement before.

The brilliance of the Trump campaign has been its ability to merge the large rallies with nonstop broad media coverage and a social media outreach that’s gained millions of supporters on such outlets as Facebook and Twitter.  His social media presence dwarfs the pathetic Clinton effort.

In contrast, low-energy Hillary has made limited campaign appearances and generally produced small, tepid crowds, even when using alleged entertainers like filth merchants Jay-Z and Beyonce.

She’s spent countless days off the campaign trail, allegedly for debate preparation.  But it’s far more likely her shaky health status and what appears to be a drinking problem has made such reclusiveness necessary.

Early on in the campaign Trump dubbed Mrs. Clinton as “Crooked Hillary,” a moniker that’s stuck and caused crowds at Trump rallies to chant “Lock Her Up!”  There’s no need to go into the multitude of scandals in which Hillary finds herself enmeshed.  Suffice to say, the insecure email server, Clinton Foundation pay for play corruption, the theft of relief funds from Haiti, and the betrayal of the Americans who died needlessly in Benghazi will not go away after tomorrow’s election, whatever the outcome.

Early voting has taken place in a number of states, and the turnout is significant.  For those of you who still have to vote tomorrow, this is now Your Time For Choosing.  The choice is clear, the stakes are higher than ever, and America’s fate hangs in the balance.

Step up and do the right thing to Make America Strong, Proud and Great Again! Vote Trump/Pence!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your part in creating a political movement unlike any seen in our lifetime.  The Trump Train is barreling down the track and headed for an historic victory tomorrow.

We want to thank our foreign visitors in October from such places as: Germany, The Ukraine, The European Union, Brazil, The Russian Federation, The Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, New Zealand, Portugal, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Switzerland, The British Indian Ocean Territory, Japan, Tokelau, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark and India.

October 26, 2016

A New Axis of Evil Emerges in America

During this presidential election season, we’ve seen a new Axis of Evil emerge, one that is the biggest threat American democracy has ever faced.  It’s primarily a domestic cancer growing in our political system.

As the DC/Big Money Establishment throws everything it’s got to stop the rise of Donald Trump’s America First movement, it shows how desperate it is to hold on to power and prevent an honest election from being held.

Here are the components of this sinister American Axis of Evil:

Progressives who fervently believe the ends justify the means as preached by their guru, Saul Alinsky.  These are the people I’ve dubbed the Prog/Lib/Commies, who wage war on American values, our religions, innocent babies and our right to self-defense.  In some cases, they resort to outright violence like the riot in Chicago.

The so-called Mainstream Media, who have dropped any pretense of objectivity and thoroughly rejected basic tenets of fair, unbiased reporting.  These partisan propagandists are what I call the Elite Traitor Media.

Large corporations and financial institutions have corrupted the political process through their huge financial contributions to the DC/Political Establishment of both major parties, all in the service of purchasing influence on government policy to the detriment of everyday Americans and the Middle Class.  This crowd represents Big Money, which fears real competition and seeks government-approved favoritism in the finest traditions of Fascism. Hillary Clinton is their complete puppet.

Academia has become so ideologically slanted that the educational system is now an indoctrination process that favors a ruling class seeking to stifle dissent and honest debate of critical issues.  Let’s label these partisan ideologues Intellectual Stalinists, who insist on politically correct thinking that forces everyone to be of the same mindset and punishes free thinkers.

GOP Turncoats who pledged to support the party’s nominee and then reneged on their word.  These candidates and their supporters were beaten fair and square by Donald Trump.  But they’ve decided to reject the will of the record number of Republicans who voted for Mr. Trump.  So they’re sulking about losing their influence and stature. This sad fact reveals the Never Trumpers for the sorry traitors they are.

There you have the new American Axis of Evil that is destroying the very fabric of our society and turning the Middle Class into a shrinking strata with less and less control over the people who rule them so callously:

         Prog/Lib/Commies>Elite Traitor Media>

         Big Money>Intellectual Stalinists>GOP Turncoats

Here are prime examples of the Axis of Evil members:

Prog/Lib/Commies:  The Clintons, the Obamas, John Kerry, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Podesta, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Black Lives Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center

Elite Traitor MediaNew York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, Megyn Kelly, Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, Shepherd Smith, Bill Kristol, Dana Perino, Juan Williams, Rich Lowry

Big Money:  George Soros, Warren Buffett, Goldman Sachs, all leading hedge funds, all major banks, Chamber of Commerce, General Electric, Facebook, Google, Apple, General Motors, Ford, global pharmaceutical companies, national insurers

Intellectual Stalinists:  Staff and faculty at most major universities, public school Common Core proponents

GOP Turncoats: Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Evan McMullin, Colin Powell

One of the hallmarks of the new American Axis of Evil has been to avoid any serious discussion of the issues that affect American voters.  The Clinton Campaign and its enablers in the Axis have engaged in sleazy, unfounded accusations about Donald Trump and women as a distraction from Hillary Clinton’s criminal conduct on a number of fronts.

An adjunct of the Axis are leading government agencies that have been politicized to the point where they can no longer be trusted to carry out their duties legitimately:  The IRS, FBI, The Department of Justice, The Department of Defense, The State Department and Veterans Affairs.

The Elite Traitor Media has maintained a steady narrative of Mr. Trump being an unserious candidate with no policy substance.  That may be the single biggest lie of the entire election campaign.

Donald Trump has unveiled a wide range of policy proposals on the critical issues of the day throughout the election.  Most recently, in a remarkable speech in Gettysburg, he introduced his Contract With The American Voter.

This new Contract is simply the finest proposal ever offered by a presidential candidate in my lifetime, which spans six decades. Here are the essential ingredients of what Donald Trump proposes to accomplish in his first 100 days in office:

The Contract is bold and ambitious in its scope.   It challenges Americans to rise above the cheap distractions offered by the American Axis of Evil and come together to create a new American future that will benefit everyone and Make America Great Again.

For those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, this new Contract gives us hope that the American Axis of Evil can be soundly defeated and hopefully destroyed.

Do your part and vote right now if your state permits early voting or if you have an absentee ballot.  I did my part yesterday and encourage all of you to ignore the bogus polling pushed by the Elite Traitor Media.

Finally, turn off the national news networks.  Fox News has joined the progressive propaganda club run by ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/NBC.  Rely on social media and websites you can trust to provide factual, unbiased information. Forget these wannabe court stenographers for Hillary Clinton.

Thank God for the work of Project Veritas and Wikileaks in revealing the depths of the treachery being carried out by the American Axis of Evil.

Time grows short so recognize the Axis malevolent workings and reject its drive to transform the United States into something we all will abhor and decry.

Thanks for reading.  The choices and decisions we make now can mean no more of the status quo, which the Queen of the Status Quo Hillary Clinton epitomizes. If the present system remains in place, it will destroy our economy and culture.  It also will leave us totally vulnerable to Radical Islamic Terrorism.

October 20, 2016

DONALD TRUMP:  The Candidate We’ve Longed For

Over the past few elections, we’ve heard conservatives lament the need for a “real” conservative, while GOP Rinos whine about wanting a candidate who can attract working class Democrats and Independents.

The Donald Trump I saw in last night’s final debate gave the most impressive defense of the Second Amendment and the staunchest support for pro-life justices of any candidate in my memory.

It’s obvious from polling, and more importantly from the many thousands who’ve turned out for his rallies nationwide, that Donald Trump is THE candidate we’ve longed for.

What more do you people want from the man?  He’s working hard to restore patriotism and makes it clear that American interests will always come first in his policies, globalism be damned!

The closeted One Worlders in the Republican Party have acquiesced far too often to Democrats. They share the blame for the rotten mess globalism has caused in the worldwide economy and American foreign policy.

Donald Trump offers American voters their very last opportunity to save American exceptionalism and keep America’s sons and daughters from dying needlessly to prop up corrupt Muslim regimes throughout the Middle East.

He also has articulated a mature foreign policy approach toward Russia that will tone down the needless war drums President Obama and Hillary Clinton are pounding.

The charges that the Russians are behind the hacked Clinton and DNC emails that Wikileaks has released make a good sound bite, but neither the President or Mrs. Clinton have produced one shred of evidence.

Last night Hillary touted that 17 national security agencies agree Russia is trying to influence our election.  First of all, I had no idea we lived in such a police state.  And, if those 17 agencies have not been able to prevent or stop such hacking, then they’re doing a remarkably crappy job.

The odds are just as likely that the leaked emails are the result of DNC and Clinton insiders who’ve become disgusted with the corruption in which they find themselves enmeshed.  No doubt Seth Rich met his demise because of his determination to put an end to the lawlessness around him.

Chris Wallace actually asked some tough questions of both candidates, but he let Hillary slide on a few while interrupting Mr. Trump on many occasions.

DC insiders all got a case of the vapors when Donald Trump would not commit to accepting the results of the election two and a half weeks before the election.  It seems perfectly reasonable for him to withhold judgment, and it also plays strategically to let the Democrats know his team will be on alert to spot any Election Day shenanigans. 

Oddly, Mr. Wallace did not pose the same question to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was busy making a mess of her debate time, with her blatant lie that the Clinton Foundation gives 90% of its donations to charitable initiatives.  The real answer, as filed on the Foundation tax return, is 5.7% actually goes to help charities.

Trump scored major points by noting how much Haitians hate the Clintons for their duplicity in raising funds off the tragic earthquake that devastated the island nation.  What has happened to $200 million that was supposed to be used to build a hospital that still doesn’t exist?

While she keeps harping on Mr. Trump to release his income tax returns, she’s not challenged on hers.  She and Mr. Clinton took a deduction of about $1.5 million in charitable donations.  The only problem is that $1 million of it went to the Clinton Foundation.

That’s one hell of a scam when you can get a tax break by giving money to yourself.

Another shocking lie was her claim that partial birth abortions are needed to save the life of the mother, and that a woman must be able to make that choice.  In reality, about 13, 000 babies were murdered through partial birth abortion last year. 

Are we to believe that 13,000 women got to full term and then found themselves in jeopardy?  If so, then we have rampant medical malpractice underway if that many women have their pregnancies so poorly monitored and managed by their doctors.  Sorry, that strains credulity.

The Elite Traitor Media have spent much of the last year avoiding serious coverage of Mrs. Clinton’s gross mismanagement of her State Department emails and the threat it posed to national security.

We got one more glance at how cavalierly Hillary handles national security information when she blurted out that there is a four-minute response time in which nuclear weapons can be launched on presidential orders.

Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Clinton.  Vladimir Putin has to be pulling for you to win so he can dominate the world thanks to your incompetence and lack of respect for our national security.

When she is willing to provide such information in a cheap and dangerous attempt to win a few votes, you can see what Hillary Clinton is all about.  Frankly, it’s pretty damn ugly and disturbing.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, have no illusions about how destructive another Clinton presidency will be to our economic and national security, not to mention the nation’s morals.

She’s trying to cross the finish line in a blizzard of platitudes, talking about bringing people together.  Will that include all of us Deplorables, Catholics, Jews, Basement Dwellers, Law Enforcement and Border Security?  Given her burning hatred for all of the above, not bloody likely.

Sorry, Hillary, we have our candidates. We’re coming out in droves to put Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the White House, so together, we all can Make America Great Again!

Thanks for reading.  You can jump on the Trump Train at

October 11, 2016

Hillary’s Deceit, Murder & War Crimes in Libya

The Elite Traitor Media are doing the best they can to keep a lid on what really happened at Benghazi and what a total debacle the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddhafi was.

Of central importance is this question:  What right did the United States have to force violent regime change in a country that had become an ally in the War on Terror?  The answer is simple – our country has no right to promote regime change.  It’s not up to us to determine who gets to rule other countries.

That, in and of itself, shows the international criminality of the Obama Administration in following the disastrous counsel of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As jihadist rebels revolted against the Libyan government and the country fell into a civil war, there was an opportunity to end the bloodshed.  What has remained hidden for far too long is the fact that behind the scenes negotiations with Colonel Gaddhafi by representatives of the United States State Department had resulted in an agreement under which an immediate cease fire would take hold and Gaddhafi would agree to national elections to allow formation of a democratically elected government.

Central to the negotiations was a leading Christian preacher, Dr. Kilari Anand Paul from India, who has a reputation as an international peace ambassador and now is an American citizen.  Colonel Gaddhafi had invited Dr. Paul to Libya to work with the U.S. delegation led by retired general Wesley Clark.

The deal was all but sealed when Secretary Clinton rejected it.  As a result, the most stable and prosperous nation in Africa continued with a bloody civil war that led to the death of hundreds of thousands and the murder of Gaddhafi.

Clinton was exultant and exuberant at the turn of events, even crowing in a television interview about Gaddhafi’s death:  “We came, we saw, he died!”

What kind of sick mind would veto a peace deal that could have salvaged an ally for the United States and led to creation of a democratic government, not to mention save hundreds of thousands of lives?

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, do not want such an unstable individual in charge of our government. No one knows the real reason for Clinton’s disastrous decision, other than the fact that Gaddhafi supported Barack Obama over Mrs. Clinton and his family declined to support Hillary’s 2008 presidential bid or give shakedown money to the Clinton Foundation.

After the fall of Gaddhafi, Muslim nations opened their wallets and flooded the Foundation with donations.  They could see how amoral and bloodthirsty the Clintons are.

Libya now is an international basket case, overrun by jihadist militants and ISIS.  It’s become a staging ground for Radical Islamic Terrorism worldwide.

Now here comes the real bombshell:  According to Dr. Paul, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was deeply involved in the peace negotiations that ultimately failed.

Despite Stevens’ hundreds of pleas for security improvements, Hillary Clinton ignored him.  Because he was in a position to some day reveal the truth about what happened before the situation spiraled out of control, he represented an enormous threat to Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

Stevens also was well aware that the U.S. Government had been shipping arms to jihadist rebels for use against Gaddhafi, weapons that were being passed along to other Islamist terrorist groups, including ISIS, throughout Syria and the Middle East.

We all know what happens to people who pose a threat to the Clintons. It becomes more and more apparent that the attack on the Benghazi diplomatic mission was in reality a “hit” on Ambassador Stevens.

Hillary shamefully tried to blame the Benghazi attack on a video when she knew full well what really happened.  And, we know that our military in the region could have responded, and wanted to respond, but were told to stand down.

The Obama Administration tried the lame excuse that the rescue forces could not have gotten there in time.  How did they know how long the siege would last?  It lasted long enough for reinforcements to have gotten there to save some of those who died, if not Ambassador Stevens, who was clearly the target of the attack.

Dr. Paul’s account of the peace negotiations is confirmed by former U.S. Congressman and civil rights leader Walter Fauntroy. He was in Libya at the time of the negotiations during the civil war.

Fauntroy claims that he saw Danish and French special forces killing Libyan civilians and rebel fighters in order to blame the atrocities on the Gaddhafi government.

Upon his return, Fauntroy basically disappeared for five years out of fear he would be assassinated for what he knew about the war crimes. Paul fears for his life as well.  He was gone on record with the following:

“Any fifth grader would have insisted Clinton’s ‘regime’ change’ at any cost was absurd in the absence of a succession plan and troops on the ground, essentially handing the very strategic territory and its assets over to whoever wanted them most, which not surprisingly turned out to be Islamic terrorists,“ he asserts.  “The entire world is paying a high price for her stupidity and horrific decision by further radicalizing the Middle East.”

Commenting on the war crimes that occurred, Dr. Paul said, “The image of the bodies of women and precious children piled high in the streets of Tripoli will haunt me forever – not to mention the millions of others who lost their homes and lives, becoming part of the massive wave of displaced immigrants seeking asylum.”

As America approaches the most significant presidential vote in many generations, it’s incumbent for the truth to come out, and Hillary Clinton’s mental imbalance and horrible war crimes be acknowledged for all to see.

Thanks for reading!  Please spread this word as far as you can.  We can’t have a warmonger in the White House who will crush anyone who gets in the way of her misguided policies.  Time to get abroad the Trump Train if you haven’t already:

We greatly appreciate our foreign visitors in September from such locations as:  The Ukraine, Germany, The European Union, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, The British Indian Ocean Territory, The Russian Federation, Singapore, Belgium, Indonesia, Estonia, Finland, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Libya, Tajikistan, Poland, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Canada, Red China, Lithuania and The Seychelles, our highest total yet.

July 22, 2016

Forgotten No More, Thanks to Trump

As he accepted the Republican nomination for President last night, Donald Trump articulated a new message that will resonate across America, to the isolated corners of The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.

This is where hard-working Americans have been overlooked and scorned by the bicoastal progressive elites and the corrupt Uniparty that has rigged our political system and wrecked the American Dream.

The billionaire businessman laid out a vision of an inclusive America in which the underprivileged will actually have a champion determined to improve their lives and promote greater prosperity.

These excerpts from Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech particularly caught my attention:

“My message is that things have to change – and they have to change right now.

“Every day I wake up determined to deliver a better life for the people all across this nation that have been ignored, neglected and abandoned.

“I have visited the laid-off factory workers, and the communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade.

“These are the forgotten men and women of our country. People who work hard but no longer have a voice.


“I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good.

“I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.

“When innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws – or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash – I am not able to look the other way.”

He then moved to a powerful closing with this inspirational message:

“I have had a truly great life in business.

“But now, my sole and exclusive mission is to go to work for our country – to go to work for you.

“It’s time to deliver a victory for the American people.
But to do that, we must break free from the petty politics of the past.

America is a nation of believers, dreamers, and strivers that is being led by a group of censors, critics, and cynics.

“Remember: all of the people telling you that you can’t have the country you want, are the same people telling you that I wouldn’t be standing here tonight.

“No longer can we rely on those same people in the media, and politics, who will say anything to keep a rigged system in place.

Instead, we must choose to Believe In America.

“History is watching us now. It’s waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion, and if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong.”

Amen to that!  The Trump call to action reminds me of another courageous voice that cut through the clutter of progressive nonsense decades ago – that of Ronald W. Reagan.

The Reagan Revolution brought hope and needed change to America.  Now it is Donald Trump’s opportunity to restore our greatness.  And it’s our opportunity to get aboard the Trump Train as it crosses this nation carrying a new message of renewed belief in the American Dream for everyone.

Just overnight the Trump campaign has raised more than $4 million online from small donors, many of whom live on The Forgotten Street.  You can join in by going to the campaign website at:

For almost a decade, I’ve been writing about The Forgotten Street, hoping to encourage people to fight the evils of progressivism that have created a permanent underclass in our cities and hollowed out small towns across America as the globalists who’ve rigged the system steal our jobs and ruin our educational system.

No greater example of this treachery exists than the Obama/Clinton War on Coal, which has devastated coal-producing communities and deprived Americans of reliable jobs providing a critical domestic energy source. 

This deceit has happened simply to enrich the New Robber Barons – the Clinton/Gore cronies who have ripped off the system to fund their phony energy schemes through their climate change hoax.

Already we’ve seen the undeniable proof that both solar and wind energy will never be self-sustaining, and will only exist through government subsidy.

Donald Trump knows the true path to energy independence and prosperity for all our citizens lies in using our God-given natural resources wisely and in an environmentally responsible way.  What little economic progress that’s been made during the Obama Administration can only be attributed to the fracking of natural gas from shale in parts of the country that now have a chance for real economic recovery.

Last night, we got a meaningful vision of real hope and change.  Let’s embrace the vision voiced by a real leader and patriot, whose love of country has motivated him to give up the extraordinary career and organization he’s built to now serve his fellow Americans.

There’s a new mood on The Forgotten Street.  We know Donald Trump has our back and our best interests at heart.  That, in and of itself, is a major step toward a brighter future.

The challenges ahead will be formidable because those who oppose Donald Trump want to maintain a crooked status quo that has benefited far too few people.  This select elite is amoral and will stop at nothing to cling to their power.

So we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump and Mike Pence as they lead us to victory in November.  And, we have to pray to Almighty God for their protection and safekeeping.

The Forgotten Street has truly awakened. It and we are ready for business once again.  God bless Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their families as they sacrifice so much to give us the leadership we deserve. 

Thanks for reading.  Stand up for America and stand up for Trump/Pence 2016.  Let’s get ready to win again! 

America First, Last and Always!  Nationalism beats Globalism every day.  Let’s send the New World Order crowd packing.





November 2, 2014

Nine Years and Counting

Today marks the beginning of the ninth year of The Forgotten Street.  We started with the hope of awakening Americans to the relentless assault on traditional American values by the alleged progressives, a civilized name for communists.

As we begin our ninth year of trying to combat the treacherous lies perpetrated by so many of our alleged leaders and the Elite Traitor Media, aided and abetted by the fifth column in academia, Protestant churches and social organizations, we are committed to redoubling our efforts to reclaim the heart of America to traditional values and what made America great.

Our attempt to progress has been impeded by serious illness, which through the grace of God we have overcome despite all odds, and the necessity of making a living as opposed to becoming a ward øf the State, which all too many Americans seem willing to do.

Well, I have some very bad news for the Progressive secularists and atheists who are hell bent on destroying the America we love so dearly. You are going to fail miserably because I have assembled a chronology of treachery and evil that will totally decimate 20th Century history as you know it.

Some of the biggest names in history from both political parties will be revealed for the traitors they are and how they have facilitated the demise of the American Dream.

This effort has not gone unnoticed in an era when there is no privacy and all computers can be hacked.  Hack away, because the truth is going to be revealed whether they like it of not.

I will not be dissuaded, even though I’ve had two attempts øn my life to date.  The non-computerized records are available and will be accessible to those who want to carry the fight.

It’s a fight to which I am totally committed, and have every expectation of success, God willing.  The gloves are off and the truth is coming.

That’s The View from the Bridge.  So buckle up your seat belts for 2015.   We have a rough road ahead.  Jack Hawkins







November 22, 2013

Fifty Years Later, The Shock Remains

November 22, 1963, was a day that marked the lives of many Americans still alive today.  Even 50 years after the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy, I still feel the shock and sadness that hit that day, leaving a nation bewildered, one that would never be the same.

Our President had been killed. 

As a high school sophomore in social studies class on that fateful Friday, I sat numb with my classmates as the principal came over the loudspeaker to announce that the President had been shot in Dallas.

Soon the radio reports played over the loudspeaker.  When the news came that the President had died, we all bowed our heads in disbelief. 

Today I still have the indelible image of our beloved teacher, who also served as the basketball coach, with tears streaming from his eyes.  To see this man’s man, a role model we all wanted to follow, in such agony and sadness was more than we could take.

The principal came back on to let us know that school was dismissed and we could go home.  Home was the place to be that day, to find comfort from parents and some degree of sanity in a world gone mad.

What followed were days glued to the television watching the solemn events and state funeral, and then watching in more disbelief as Jack Ruby murdered Lee Harvey Oswald before our very eyes.

What made it all seem so unreal was that I had seen President Kennedy a little over a year before on October 12, 1962.  He was the first President I’d ever seen in person as his motorcade passed along the Ohio River Boulevard on its way to Pittsburgh from a speech he'd given to steelworkers in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Even at a distance looking across the highway as he sped by, it was a thrill to see him waving to the people lined up along the route.

JFK was gone from our lives, but he would cross my path in other ways as years went on.

In the mid 1970’s, my wife and I moved to Washington D.C. area as I got a job as assistant information director with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  My wife later got a job just a few blocks away so we could meet for lunch.

We spent some of those lunch times at Noon Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, where President Kennedy’s funeral Mass had been held.  Right off the altar is a marker on the spot where his casket was placed.

My boss at NWF was a retired newsman named Chuck Roberts, who had been the White House Correspondent for Newsweek during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations.

Chuck was in Dallas on November 22, 1963, with the press pool covering JFK’s trip.  As fate would have it, he was selected along with Merriman Smith of United Press International (UPI) to be in the cabin on Air Force One to witness Lyndon Johnson taking the oath of office as the new President.

So whenever I see that photo from the ceremony I see Chuck in the doorway looking on.  I think of him fondly, appreciating the time he spent telling tales from his Newsweek days, and how his editing made me a better writer.

Having lived in Alexandria, Virginia, many years later, I recall often driving over the Memorial Bridge on the way home after an event in the District, and seeing JFK’s eternal flame burning on the hillside above Arlington Cemetery.

Some may disagree about JFK’s effectiveness as President, but there can be no denying his staunch patriotism, his burning love of his country, his incredible courage in the face of global challenges and personal illness, and his constant desire to appeal to the better angels in all of us.

His Inaugural Address was beyond magnificent, and today we should take to heart the challenge he issued to the American people:

“Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”

He would be broken-hearted to see how far America has degenerated into a socialist society that scorns the work ethic.

Controversy remains about the assassination, and the Warren Commission Report.  I will limit my comments to this:

The Warren Report is beyond preposterous. The Commission was given a premise to work with:  Lone nut gunman.  They shoehorned testimony and evidence to make it all fit into a neat package.

Unfortunately, the physical evidence is overpowering that President Kennedy was gunned down by multiple shooters in a crossfire.  Who and why remain the issues, but the pieces of the puzzle are all there waiting to be put together.

There remain those who continue to assassinate President Kennedy’s character, hoping people will no longer care about him, his legacy and what he meant to our country.  That way, the pressure to solve the puzzle will subside as more of us who were so strongly affected die off.

It’s a puzzle I believe can, and will, be solved in the near future. I fully intend to play a part in that solution.

That’s the View from the Bridge today.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a rare individual who rekindled the American spirit and challenged us to be better people.  May God always have mercy on his soul.

August 25, 2013

The Abject Failure Named Hillary Clinton

While Democrat partisans giddily tout Hillary Rodham Clinton as the putative Democrat nominee for President in 2016, one undeniable fact stands out:

Hillary’s public life is a monument to incompetence and failure that should easily disqualify her for the Presidency.

When you look at the record, you can’t help but be struck by her ineptitude.  Is she the best the Democrats can field?  Why is it that the Democrat Party is so devoid of younger, up-and-coming leaders?  Where are the Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal of the Democrats?

Instead, you have the Geritol brigade in charge:  Hillary and Vice President Joe Biden are the only viable candidates at this point, and the Democrats are led in Congress by Harry Reid, a charlatan of the first order, and Nancy Pelosi, the Aunt Bethany of American politics.  Among this crew, Mr. Biden stands head and shoulders above them, which tells you how dire the Democrat plight really is.

But back to the stunningly incompetent Ms. Clinton.

She certainly has assembled a strong resume that would look good on a college application.  But truth be told, her stature today is owed directly to the fact that she married William Jefferson Clinton and rode his coattails as hard as possible.

Consider these stumbles along her road well-traveled:

  • Getting neck deep in the Whitewater land scandal in Arkansas, but escaping prosecution because of political influence;

  • As a partner at the Rose law firm in Little Rock, trying to hide billing records that would show questionable practices;

  • Watching the cover-up and whitewash of the mysterious death of White House counsel and close family friend, Vince Foster;

  • Presiding over the failed effort to pass health care reform in 1994 while alienating everyone who tried to deal with her constructively, including leading insurance executives whom she cursed out in meetings;

  • Taking the vaunted Clinton electoral machine to a humiliating defeat by Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential primaries, demonstrating her lack of executive ability to run a campaign that should have been a cakewalk;

  • Failing miserably to reset relations with Russia as her first initiative as Secretary of State, and then being outflanked at every turn by Vladimir Putin;

  • Presiding over the disastrous Middle East policy that resulted in the overthrow of stable regimes in Egypt and Libya that worked with the United States to combat terrorism, and watching those nations descend into chaos;

  • Trying to blame the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens at Benghazi on an obscure video, and then repeating the bald-faced lie in front of the coffins of Stevens and his three other murdered colleagues;

  • Denying her ineptitude in ignoring the repeated requests from Stevens and others for enhanced security measures;

  • Continuing her world tour on taxpayer dollars while Syria erupted in civil war and she advocated arming rebels that include Al Qaeda.

This is the record of a purported candidate for President?  How nuts is that?  The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, knows she is no friend of liberty and freedom.  She is simply an elitist with contempt for those of us who love our country and our God.

In reply, I’m sure Ms. Clinton would shriek, “At this point, what difference does it make?”  In her lust for power, she already has latched onto race baiting and the phony voter ID issue as a way to further polarize Americans, not an auspicious start to her campaign for higher office.

It makes a big difference.  The United States of America should not be a country that rewards failure and incompetence of this magnitude with the highest office in the land.

That’s the View from the Bridge tonight.  The elites continue to slobber over Hillary and kiss her ring, but she already demonstrated in 2008 that she is eminently beatable.

Our best wishes to our foreign visitors in July from such nations as:  The Ukraine, Red China, Germany, The Czech Republic, The United Kingdom, Australia, The Russian Federation, The Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Vietnam, Denmark, Greece, India, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, France and Switzerland.

Father’s Day, 2013

Take Time to Honor the True Father

Father’s Day is America’s annual observance to honor Dads, prompting a wave of sentimental memories and a rush of income for Hallmark.  It’s all well and good, but today I’d like to offer another perspective on Father’s Day.

Today, as well as every day, is a time to remember Our Father Who Art in Heaven.

The gift of life and the natural freedoms bestowed by Our Creator are memorialized by America’s Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Founders followed up with the creation of the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights.

The Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights further defends the liberty discussed in the Declaration:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.”

On this Father’s Day, our unalienable rights are under assault by a bipartisan coalition of statists who only want to make an oppressive Federal bureaucracy larger and more intrusive.

The NSA snooping and the IRS intimidation of innocent Americans are a contemptible affront to the will and intent of the Founding Fathers.

As an avid reader and seeker of wisdom from the King James version of the Holy Bible, I came across this passage in Proverbs Six that rings especially true in light of current events:

“These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination under him:

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

Does that passage call anyone in particular to mind?  It certainly reminds us of the recent perfidy around the events in Benghazi, the deliberate attacks on Roman Catholics in the Affordable Care Act, the IRS persecution of conservative donors and the Tea Party, the arrogance of public officials who think they are above the law and those who show no regard whatsoever for the Constitution.

On this Father’s Day, take Our Father’s words to heart about the seven things He sees as evil and abominable.  We face perilous times as the Middle East edges closer to all-out war and rogue states continue to arm with nuclear weapons.  Our economy remains in shambles as millions give up on the hope of ever finding work, and the President ignores Congress while committing American arms and lives to insurgents worse than those they would replace.

It’s time for good people on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to stand strong against the evil around us and to defend our endangered freedoms from a government that wants total control of our lives at the expense of our privacy and liberty.

Like the moronic Kabuki dance that the TSA conducts at airports daily, the NSA collection of emails and phone calls will not stop events like the Boston Marathon bombing.  Human intelligence, gathered on those most likely to do us harm, is the best line of defense against jihadism.

That’s the View From the Bridge today.  The benefits that the Internet have provided contain the seeds of destruction for our Republic.  Our strongest defense rests with our Father who hears our prayers.  We need Him more than ever.

May 29, 2013

The Second Assassination of JFK


Today marks the 96th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, a visionary leader whose life was cut short by traitors.

Those of us who can remember where we were on the early afternoon of November 22, 1963, remember it as a seminal event in our lives.  Now, almost 50 years later, we are outraged that the treasonous lies of the ridiculous Warren Commission Report on his death have obscured the truth and led to the continued assassination of JFK, whose character continues to be impugned by Prog-Lib-Commie traitors.

Recent news reports focus on JFK’s character flaws, such as his infidelity, but also continue scurrilous lies that academic frauds who call themselves historians have failed to correct.

One of the most severe criticisms of the Kennedy presidency is the Bay of Pigs operation against the Castro regime in Cuba.  For decades, JFK has been taken to task to calling off critical air strikes against Castro’s air force.

It’s all a damn lie that can be easily proven.  President Kennedy issued orders at 1:45 p.m. to release B-26 bombers in Nicaragua to carry out a dawn air strike to destroy Castro’s T-33 jets. 

That order was countermanded by National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy, without President Kennedy’s knowledge at 9:30 p.m.  He called General Charles Cabell and directed that he cancel the air strike.  The bombers never took off and the anti-Castro invader brigade was left to die on the beach.  JFK took the blame for this operational failure, and it may have played a role in his death.

Bundy was never held accountable for his treasonous actions, and as time will no doubt show, his treachery later revealed its evil hand in the murder of a beloved President.

John Kennedy was a war hero in World War II, a committed patriot and staunch anti-Communist.  This earned him the enmity of a growing wing of Prog-Lib-Commies in the Democrat Party who tried to deny him the presidential nomination in 1960 but failed.

As the youngest President ever elected, JFK electrified the nation with his youth, charisma and vision.  His call to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade of the 1960s unleashed the greatest period of scientific advancement in human history.

His courage in staring down the Soviet Union in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and then reaching out a peaceful hand to Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev launched a true opportunity to reshape the Cold War.

But the events in Dallas in November 1963 washed all that away.  Since then we have been treated to a steady drumbeat of character assassination of JFK with salacious exaggerations about his personal life.

Why?  Simple.  JFK was the last Democrat to embrace national security, fiscal responsibility and American exceptionalism.  If he were alive today, he’d probably be a Republican.  He was an extraordinary leader whose love of country was unchallenged, whose commitment to public service was unmatched and whose promise for the future was snuffed out by traitors within the American government.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill John F. Kennedy.  That can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.  And, we are the poorer for not demanding the truth.

JFK was the first President I saw live as his motorcade traveled the Ohio River Boulevard through my native Sewickley, Pennsylvania on his way to Pittsburgh.  It was a day I will never forget, just as I will never forget, or forgive, November 22, 1963.

That’s the View from the Bridge tonight.  Your humble correspondent has much more to discuss on this topic.  It is making many people uncomfortable.

April 6, 2013

Prayers For A Beloved Uncle

I humbly ask all of my friends on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, to pray for a much beloved uncle who is on his deathbed.

He has lived a very full and interesting life, but now he is plagued by a series of ailments destroying his once hardy body.  Compounding the problem are financial woes caused by greedy family members and a major disagreement among his caregivers over the proper course of treatment.

Among the illnesses Unc suffers is a parasitic infection that cannot be contained as it spreads through his body and attacks vital organs.  The doctors argue over whether or not the parasites have invaded from the outside or whether once benign internal parasites have now become a malignant curse.

The doctors advocating a medically progressive approach made the monumental blunder of thinking they could introduce parasites to his system that would attack the parasites infecting Unc and turn his condition around.

How wrong they were!  He now has double the infection eating him alive.  Their progressive nostrums have proven nearly fatal and virtually destroyed his finances.

As this dire situation unfolds, Unc also is plagued by uncaring family members who have looted his once considerable wealth and devastated his financial condition to the point of his now being bankrupt.

The entire situation is a true tragedy.  My uncle was once renowned for his generosity and willingness to help others, both neighbors and virtual strangers.  He is a profoundly religious man whose heart is broken by the secular progressivism that has eroded traditional values and made those who share his outlook the objects of hatred and scorn by much of society.

Younger members of the medical staff, the residents and even interns, offer other treatment solutions to reinforce my Uncle’s one strong constitution.  They keep getting rebuffed by the older docs who think Unc’s constitution is not strong enough for him to rally and survive.

We’ve reached the point where prayer may be our only hope.  So again, I humbly ask your prayers and support for a truly beloved Uncle whose life has been a shining example for all to see.  With your support, we can make a medical miracle happen.

In your prayers, please remember my Uncle.  His name is Sam.

That’s the View from the Bridge today.  How I wish old Doc Reagan was around to help us.  He always offered the right prescription when we needed it.


January 25, 2013

The Black Holocaust Continues Unabated

Today in Washington D.C., more than a half million (500,000+) concerned Americans marched in the Annual March For Life rally.

If you are a devotee of the Elite Traitor Commie Media, you would never know that.  Since the abominable Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision 40 years ago, pro-life Americans have descended upon our nation’s capital to encourage lawmakers to take steps to protect the unborn.

The media is so far in the tank to promote Black Genocide, which is what abortion is all about, that the Associated Press has issued guidelines to not refer to those who oppose Roe v. Wade as pro-life, but as opponents of the Court decision.

That tells you all you need to know about how worthless and despicable the Associated Press is as an alleged news organization.

Americans need to know and face the truth:  those who support unlimited abortion rights are racists of the first order:  today more than 35 percent of abortions are black babies, even though only 13.6 percent of the overall population are black.

That means out of the 55 million babies who have been slaughtered since the Roe v. Wade decision, more than 20 million have been black, which equals almost half of the current population of black Americans and more than three times the Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

My God, America, how long can we let Satan continue this atrocity!

Abortion was the brainchild of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, whose original goal was to eliminate the Negro population and those with developmental disabilities or what she called “mental defectives.”

Margaret Sanger, who Hillary Clinton cites as one of her heroes, was the single most evil American who ever lived.  Her twisted and sick ideas on eugenics are what inspired Adolf Hitler to kill the Jews in the Holocaust.

Margaret Sanger was Satan’s ultimate whore, and her disgusting and perverted legacy guides Planned Parenthood today in eradicating the black population in America.

Abortion is the ultimate form of racism, and those who support it, are champions of Satanism, either knowingly or unwittingly.  It is the single greatest abomination against God, who gave us the precious gift of life to promulgate and protect.

As we have said so many times before on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, abortion is the defining moral stain on America, much worse than slavery.

Tonight, with the heaviest of hearts for the many millions of innocents slaughtered, that’s the View from the Bridge tonight.

December 30, 2012

TFS Book of the Year a Real Mindblower

As more American, British and Soviet archives from the Cold War era open up, researchers can define more clearly the true history of the run-up to World War II, its prosecution and aftermath.

Noted Cold War experts M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein have released what The Forgotten Street names as its Book of the Year for 2012:  Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government.

Evans and Romerstein thoroughly document how Soviet agents penetrated the U.S. government during the 1930’s, gaining positions of influence that allowed them to shape American policies that favored the interests of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union.

What is especially shocking about these revelations is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt turned a blind eye to the infiltration because of his desire to win Stalin’s favor for a post-war creation of the United Nations.

We’ve all seen how well that has worked out.  The U.N. may be the single greatest threat to American sovereignty in history.

The authors don’t shrink from naming names of the infamous Stalinist henchmen who put Soviet interests ahead of the best policies for the USA.  Of course, the treasonous Alger Hiss is among the core cadre of subversives.

Others in the top echelon include FDR’s right-hand man, Harry Hopkins, White House aide Lauchlin Currie and Assistant Treasury Secretary Harry Dexter White.  Each played a critical role in shaping policies that FDR embraced to the world’s detriment. 

Much of the research relies on the Venona decrypts compiled by the U.S. Army Signal Corps during the 1940’s.  Venona was the code name given to the operation that intercepted encrypted messages between Soviet intelligence officials in the KGB and GRU (Soviet Army intelligence) and their agents in America. 

This material was not made public until 1995, and researchers continue to plow through the many thousands of messages to learn more.  Romerstein, who once headed the Office to Counter Soviet Disinformation at the U.S. Information Agency from 1983 to 1989, has blazed the trail in uncovering the depth of the treachery from within our government.

The book focuses intently on the Big Three meetings among Stalin, Winston Churchill and FDR at Teheran and Yalta.  It is abundantly clear that FDR was in failing health and much of the decision-making fell to trusted aides like Hopkins and Hiss, who in fact were working to advance the Stalinist agenda.

Evans and Romerstein make it clear that the penetration continued in the Truman Administration upon Roosevelt’s death, as many of the subversives remained in their government positions.  We are talking about hundreds of individuals placed in critical positions throughout U.S. agencies.

Also revealed is more about the proposed plan by U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau to destroy Germany’s industrial capability after the war and turn that nation into an agrarian society that likely would have been unable to feed itself.  With the traitor White’s encouragement, Morgenthau embraced a plan that would have made him a war criminal.

There is so much more in Stalin’s Secret Agents that is highly disturbing, given the tendency of the Prog-Lib-Commies who run our major institutions to keep turning a blind eye to the most shameful period of betrayal in American history.

What really comes through loud and clear is that Senator Joseph McCarthy, painted as the most hated man in recent history by the alleged conventional wisdom, is being vindicated through real scholarship that proves he was 100 percent right in his crusade to expose the Communist infiltration and penetration of the American government.

There is much more truth to surface about Joseph McCarthy, a great patriot who tried to change American policy for the better, as well as the evil forces that thwarted and destroyed him.  It will be revealed in the year ahead.

Run, don’t walk, to get your copy of a history that reads like a thriller:  Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of the Roosevelt Government.  It was published by Threshold Books of Simon and Schuster.  Start the New Year off right by learning the real history that has been covered up far too long.

That’s the View from the Bridge tonight.  Happy New Year everyone!  It’s up to us to make it that way.

Thanksgiving Day, 2012

The Wisdom of George Washington Endures

The United States began its observance of Thanksgiving under the leadership of our first and greatest President, George Washington.  Consider these words from the first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789:

“Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to ‘recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.’

“Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation…”

The opening words of his proclamation prove conclusively that the Founders were religious people who believed our rights come naturally from God and are inalienable.

Now, we on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, find ourselves, 223 years later, fighting the secularists who want to eradicate God from the public square, community events and our schools.  Clearly a nation founded on a strong belief in God must do all it can to keep the religious nature of Thanksgiving alive by openly and publicly giving thanks for the many blessings that have come upon the United States of America.

The bigoted, extreme atheists who want to deny us our rights need to be fought tooth and nail until they are consigned to the Hell they deserve,

As we gather today with family, friends and neighbors, let us have a firm resolve to count our many blessings and remember those who are far from home defending the freedoms we are trying so hard to preserve for their benefit upon their return from dangerous parts of the world. 

Let us also pray for the victims of Hurricane Sandy who have lost their homes and those who are still without power, heat or any trace of meaningful assistance from a Federal government that seems more intent on photos ops than action.

Another observance today

As we gather for Thanksgiving, those of us who remember where we were 49 years ago today have never forgotten the shock and horror of November 22, 1963:  the brutal assassination of our President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The murder was carefully planned and executed with military-like precision. And, the truth was whitewashed by the Warren Commission, whose conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy has been proven ludicrous.

As we near the 50th anniversary of this atrocity, we must resolve that the truth shall be uncovered and those who committed this heinous crime against America should be held accountable in the historical record.  Given the passage of time, those responsible no doubt are burning in Hell.

We must remember President Kennedy as a great patriot, a true war hero, a man whose love for our country was limitless, a leader who appealed to our better angels and reminded us to “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

If only our fellow citizens would take those words to heart today.  Shamefully, his own Democrat party doesn’t.

His courage in handling the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 was incredible, and his call to land men on the moon moved our nation to an era of unparalleled scientific achievement.

The most extreme of the Prog-Lib-Commies keep up their barrage of character assassination with sordid tales of President Kennedy’s personal life, some likely true, others grossly exaggerated to tarnish him so there will be no demand for the truth of his death.

Today I give thanks for the good JFK did for our country and his call for Americans to serve their fellow citizens and keep America a shining beacon of freedom.

Finally, it’s only fitting to recall the Thanksgiving words of our second greatest President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, from his first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1981:

“Let us recommit ourselves to that devotion to God and family that has played such an important role in making this a great Nation, and which will be needed as a source of strength if we are to remain a great people.”

From The Forgotten Street, “Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you all with His merciful Bounty and everlasting Grace!”


August 27, 2012

Where Is the Next Neil Armstrong?

The death of Neil Armstrong this week leaves a void of true American heroes who represent the very best of American exceptionalism.

The humble Ohioan had the most daunting mission ever undertaken in human history.  He met the challenge with courage and grace.  To his credit, he never sought to capitalize on it in ways that would bring shame to him or his country.

The death of Neil Armstrong struck a particular chord with me.  It comes at a time when The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, is suffering from the incompetence of an American government and the two major political parties in the run-up to a national election. What is lacking is the vision and commitment to make sure America leads the world in critical arenas.

When Neil Armstrong stepped off the lunar module onto the surface of the moon, it was an event that galvanized America’s spirit and pride.  Like those who watched breathlessly on television, I was awestruck by the incredible achievement it represented.

The lunar landing was the ultimate tribute to the greatness and vision of President John F. Kennedy, who in a joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961, first threw down the challenge to make sure America would be the first to land on the moon.

As the nation moved forward on the exciting project, he traveled to Rice University in Houston on September 9, 1962, to further explain the rationale for the lunar project and to rally a nation to the cause.

President Kennedy’s speech, “We Choose to Go to the Moon,” is simply one of the greatest speeches ever given by an American president.  He summed up the vision and patriotism that motivated his presidency before he was murdered by traitors who threw their lot in with our deepest enemies.  Get ready, America, I have the truth coming.

At Rice on that blistering hot September day, President Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and to the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”

He continued, “Well, space is there, and we’re going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there.  And, therefore, as we set sail we ask God’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.”

Contrast that vision with the limp-wristed, defeatist hand-wringing we hear from the White House today.

John Kennedy did not live to see man step on the moon.  But so many of his fellow citizens did, including my beloved octogenarian grandmother, Mary Hankinson Hawkins, who was born on a rice plantation in South Carolina in the 1880’s before the invention of electricity, the radio, the airplane, the automobile and television.  She was more awestruck than any of us.

Richard Nixon was President of the United States when Neil Armstrong took his epic step, saying,  “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

President Nixon placed a phone call from the Oval Office in the White House to astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in the lunar module sitting in the Sea on Tranquility on the surface of the moon.

Here is what he said:

“Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at the White House.  And this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made.  I just can’t tell you how proud we all are of what you …for every American, this has to be the proudest day of our lives.  And for the people all over the world, I am sure they, too, join with Americans, in recognizing what a feat this is.  Because of what you have done, the heavens have become a part of man’s world. As you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility, it inspires us to double our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to earth.  For one priceless moment, in the whole history of man, all the people on earth are truly one.  One in their pride in what you have done.  And one in our prayers, that you will return safely to earth.”

In his typical humility, Neil Armstrong responded to President Nixon, “Thank you, Mr. President.  It’s a great honor and privilege for us to be here representing not only the United States but men of peace of all nations.  And with interest and a curiosity and a vision for the future.  It’s a honor for us to be able to participate here today.”

I watched the story unfold as a Midshipman on a training cruise in the Atlantic Ocean on the aircraft carrier, USS Independence.  Along with my shipmates, my heart swelled with pride and gratitude.  Unfortunately, I did not pursue a naval career because of the political turbulence of the time.  On that cruise, I did take part in one of the most amazing missions in modern history that remains classified to this day.

Today let us celebrate the life and example of Neil Armstrong as the ultimate product of The Forgotten Street, Main Street, USA.  I pray all of us who share those values are mentoring today’s youth from which will come our new Neil Armstrong.

May God embrace our beloved hero and patriot in His loving arms for a life well lived and a job well done.

Thanks for reading!  Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American!  As a boy, I was thrilled by the space program and all it represented.  It is a shame that Barack Obama and the Congress have abdicated the mission embraced by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

Independence Day, 2012

Why America’s Exceptionalism Matters

This year Independence Day marks a very bittersweet moment in America’s life as a nation.  At a time when Americans of all beliefs should be on their knees thanking Our Creator for inspiring our Founding Fathers, our nation faces perhaps its greatest peril in our 236-year history as a free nation.

The federal government is financially and morally bankrupt under the leadership of lying frauds, our economy has entered a true depression, far too many Americans have given up hope of ever working again, an equally large number of Americans have allowed themselves to become wards of the state, our culture has devolved into a sordid mess and major businesses as well as financial institutions are being systematically looted by a new class of corporate thieves who make the robber barons of the past look philanthropic.

Today is a day for Americans to re-read The Declaration of Independence that the 13 British colonies passed in 1776.  The words still inspire and point the way forward for an America desperately in need of rediscovering its roots.  Take time to take this to heart:

“When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Today we have a political system with two major political parties that have, in fact, degenerated into one large party of the Washington ruling class, all committed to an ever-enlarging central government.

After a successful revolution and freedom from Great Britain, the Founders created a federalist system in which the thirteen states would operate as sovereign entities, surrendering only very limited powers to the national government.  In the Declaration, the signers described the states this way:

“… as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.  And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Consider the caliber, character and courage of the men who signed this Declaration, knowing they would become marked men who could lose everything.  They are among the most exceptional leaders in human history.  I deeply resent how the progressive government school system untruthfully derides them as slave-owning white men.  We will never see leaders of their stature again.

Contrast them with the clueless mediocrities infesting and destroying our government now.  The government has no operating budget, it continues to outspend its revenues at an astonishing pace and it places more mandates and burdens on states that jeopardize their solvency.

The DC elite have given up all pretense of representing the people, thumbing their noses at the concept of “the consent of the governed” by passing monstrosities like the Affordable Care Act, which a majority of Americans want to go away before the IRS becomes an even more intrusive factor in our daily lives.

The Fourth of July has traditionally been a festive occasion for The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA.  Local parades, exciting fireworks displays, neighborhood cookouts and time at the beach or pool make it a great holiday that should help remind us of how exceptional our Founders were in creating a country that has been a shining beacon for freedom throughout the world and the single greatest force for good in human history.

History is full of great challenges that test the character of nations and peoples.  Our test is now.  Those of us on The Forgotten Street, who still feel a lump in our throats when we hear the Star-Spangled Banner, and whose hearts beat with pride when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, must answer the clarion call to reclaim the heart of America, to reaffirm our traditional values and to eradicate the cancer of progressivism that is destroying America.

Thanks for reading! Always remember, it is a great day to be an American as long as we stand up for America’s exceptionalism.

Ronald Reagan Quote of the Day:  “The real American idea is not that every man shall be on a level with every other, but that every man shall have the liberty without hindrance to be what God made him.  The office of government is not to confer happiness but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.”




December 8, 2011

Obama’s No Socialist. He’s a Peronist.


Critics of President Barack Obama have gone too far in trying to paint him as a socialist. Truth be told, he is no socialist, but he is a Peronist, which is much more dangerous for the United States of America.

Obama is clearly fascistic in his political orientation.  For far too long, the Prog-Lib-Commies have tried to associate fascism with far right politics, as in “right-wing Nazis.”

But the facts are otherwise.  The Nazis in Germany were not “right-wing.” They were National Socialists.  So fascism is aligned with statism and the concentration of power in a strong central government.

Barack Obama most closely resembles Juan Peron in Argentina.  Although he came from a military background, Peron was a populist who tried to pit the masses against the establishment.  He aligned himself with the labor unions, he nationalized major industries and he espoused anti-clericalism.  Is that striking a familiar chord?

Much like Hugo Chavez in today’s Venezuela, whom Obama has publicly embraced as “mi amigo,” Juan Peron nationalized the broadcasting system, centralized unions under his control and persecuted opposing politicians and journalists.

In contrast, Obama has co-opted the Elite Traitor Media into serving as his court stenographers, relied on unions to intimidate opponents and demonized those who oppose him.

Mr. Obama has expressed his admiration for authoritarian regimes like Red China, and clearly he chafes under the traditional freedoms of the American republic.

Peronism was built on a cult of personality, which the Lyin’ King has tried to emulate.  His embrace of the Occupy Wall Street movement shows his desire to try a populist approach to sway public opinion and win re-election.

In that sense, Barack Obama is trying to become the Kingfish, another Huey Long who inflames the masses with populist rhetoric, even at the expense of dangerously undermining the republic and abandoning the principle that the President of the United States is the representative of all the people, even those who did not vote for him.

Obama’s desire for a state-directed, regulated economy represents the height of fascism and Peronism.  He wants state enterprise to control what was once private enterprise.  His recent speech in Kansas displayed his complete disdain and contempt for the private enterprise system that made the United States the leading nation in the world.

As we get closer to the primary and caucus season, when GOP votes begin to have true meaning, we must consider which candidate can provide the most compelling alternative to the would-be Peron in the White House.

Thanks for reading!  Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American and to repudiate the nascent fascism that Obama and the Democrats represent!

Ronald Reagan Centennial Quote of the Day:

"I am convinced that today the majority of Americans wants what those first Americans wanted.  A better life for themselves and their children; a minimum of government authority.  Very simply they want to be left alone in peace and safety to take care of the family by earning an honest dollar and putting away some savings."   July 6, 1976



September 11, 2011



Not a Tragedy, A Savage Atrocity


Looking back 10 years on the events of September 11, 2001, I cannot accept calling the terrorist attacks on our nation a “tragedy’ or “tragic events.”  They were savage atrocities committed by sub-humans consumed by evil.

Labeling 9/11 a tragedy diminishes the sheer evil and ruthless premeditation that went into these crimes of war.  Unfortunately there are people who believe that somehow America brought this mindless murder on itself, racist demagogues like Rev. Jeremiah Wright who crowed about “America’s chickens coming home to roost.”

We have far too many of the Prog-Lib-Comm crowd who blame America first and want to see the United States taken down a notch or two.  But we sure as hell shouldn’t behave like victims and apologize for wanting to defend ourselves from the savages in the world around us.

We also have a politically correct knucklehead like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has desecrated the 10-year observance at Ground Zero by excluding clergy and the city’s firefighters.  Does he believe that Americans want to shun God and ignore the 343 brave first responders who gave their lives in the service of their fellow citizens?  He is a disgrace and thoroughly despicable human being.

For me this day brings a flood of memories, some all too painful and searing.  Living in Alexandria, Virginia at the time, I was alerted to the unfolding events by a phone call at my office in Maryland from my wife, who had been called by our daughter.

While on the phone that morning, she heard a loud explosion.  It was American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon.  We subsequently learned that one of her coworkers and a very dear friend of ours was on that flight.  She called me to tell me the sad news.  I immediately broke down and finally left to come home and be with her.

No one tells the story of the impact of September 11 better than my wife did on the fifth anniversary in this special article on The Forgotten Street, Proud To Be American.  Read it and absorb all that she says. No one ever said it better.

What ordinarily was a 45-minute ride turned into a four-hour journey as the greater Washington area was thrown into chaos, not knowing if more aircraft were on their way to carry out another deadly mission.

My usual route on the George Washington Parkway, which would take me past the CIA and the Pentagon, was blocked at the entrance by a U.S. Army armored personnel vehicle, flanked by soldiers with machine guns.

I meandered my way through local roads in northern Virginia until I finally got on a road that took me within view of the still burning Pentagon.  Overwhelmed, knowing our dear friend M.J. along with other passengers and crew had met a horrible demise there, I somehow steered my way through wracking sobs to get home.

When I parked in front of our townhouse in Old Town and stepped out of the car, the burning smell from the Pentagon assaulted me.  That night, as we held each other in bed, not knowing what coming days would bring, we heard the sound of fighter jets patrolling the skies overhead. The Combat Air Patrol (CAP) would last for several weeks, bringing us a reassuring sound overhead, yet one that reminded us of the horror that happened on September 11.

Now ten years later we still deal with the fallout from September 11, as brave men and women in uniform risk their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq trying to root out and defeat crazed Islamists who want to subjugate those who don’t share their twisted beliefs.

We also face committed terrorists within our borders seeking to carry out murderous acts to undermine our society.  Through superior intelligence and eternal vigilance we hope to defeat them.  But only through constant prayer, firm belief in American ideals and unshaken faith in God can we succeed.

Finally, no remembrance of September 11 would be complete without a note of deep gratitude and thanks for the courageous leadership of President George W. Bush in bringing our nation together in a time of overpowering grief and setting our government on a course that would keep us secure since.  He was the rock and inspiration we needed.

He still fills that needed role.  His speech in Shanksville at the dedication of the Flight 93 Memorial was magnificent, one of the greatest speeches ever given by an American President.

Thanks for reading!  Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American and today is a day to again pray for the souls of the innocent who lost their lives ten years ago and those who have since given their lives to prevent such a day from happening again.


Let’s remember this wisdom from President John F. Kennedy:  “There can be only one possible defense policy for the United States.  It can be expressed in one word -- the word is first.  I do not mean first when, I don’t mean first if, I mean first, period.”


Well said by a great American whom the Prog-Lib-Comms continue to assassinate.



June 5, 2011



“There is Purpose and Worth to Each and Every Life”


Seven years ago today came the sad but not unexpected news that Ronald Wilson Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease had ended.  With his passing came the comforting realization that one of history’s giants had gone to his well-earned reward in the loving arms of Almighty God.


As more time passes since President Reagan left the land he so dearly loved, his legacy continues to grow as one of our country’s greatest Presidents and a political leader whose vision could restore our troubled land once again.

Ronald Reagan was, and today remains, my political hero.  His greatness is exceeded by only one other American, George Washington, the Father of our Country.  Ronald Reagan came out of America’s heartland, what I call The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA. 

He truly lived the American dream, rising from humble roots to become a beloved Hollywood star, a courageous union leader who fought Communism, a leading figure in television and finally the political leader who restored conservative values and led the world to triumph in the Cold War, first as Governor of California and then as our 40th President.

In doing so, he breathed new life into the Republican Party and brought a generation of conservative leaders and voters into American politics.

At the time of his death, my wife and I were living in the Washington D.C. area.  We fulfilled a promise we’d made to pay tribute to Ronald Reagan at the time of his death.  You can read my remembrance of that time in a special article, June 5, 2004.  It still brings tears to my eyes as I recall one of the most remarkable days in my life.

Those of us who cherished Ronald Reagan and all he stood for can help build his legacy and ensure that new generations of Americans learn of his vision for our country.  You can do that by supporting Young America’s Foundation (, the non-profit organization that saved the Reagan Ranch, Rancho del Cielo, located in the Santa Ynez mountains near Santa Barbara.  The Foundation sponsors educational conferences for high school and college students. It brings speakers to college campuses to help students learn about conservative values in what is often a hostile environment for those ideas.

My wife Dottie and I have been fortunate in our life to support Young America’s Foundation and enjoy visits to Rancho del Cielo.  We’ve been more fortunate to share 40 years of marriage, which we celebrate today.  Through triumph and near-tragedies, we’ve endured because of our shared values and love for each other, and our desire to do what is right. Clearly on June 5, 1971, I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Here is a shot of Dottie and me at the Freedom Wall at the Reagan Ranch.

We urge you to also visit and support The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library ( in Simi Valley, California, where a museum houses an incredible display of memorabilia from President Reagan’s life, including the Air Force One airplane he flew in as President.  The Library is also where President Reagan is buried, with these inspirational words on his final resting place: “I know in my heart that man is good, what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life.”

Today we honor the purpose and worth in Ronald Reagan’s life and thank Almighty God for sharing The Gipper with us.

Thanks for reading!  Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American, and a greater day to carry on the Reagan Revolution.  As we head into a presidential election in 2012, I urge the Republican Party to launch a new Reagan Revolution with leadership that can use the Reagan model to rebuild and restore our United States.

We also thank our foreign visitors in May from the following countries:  the Russian Federation, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, China, Hungary, the Seychelles, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.

Ronald Reagan Centennial Quote of the Day (talking about his beloved “Shining City Upon a Hill” in his Farewell Address to the nation on January 11, 1989):



“We’ve done our part. And as I walk off into the city streets, a final word to the men and women of the Reagan Revolution, the men and women across America who for eight years did the work that brought America back.  My friends: We did it.  We weren’t just marking time.  We made a difference.  We made the City stronger, we made the City freer, and we left her in good hands.  All in all, not bad, not bad at all.”

November 1, 2010

The Forgotten Street’s Humble Beginning

Four years ago today, this humble scribe decided the time had come to stand up and speak up for America.  That determination led to the creation of The Forgotten Street.

Since then, we’ve seen Americans from all walks of life, from all parts of this great land, do the same.  The Tea Party movement that is sweeping the country and ready to unleash a tidal wave of disapproval against Washington tomorrow at the ballot box was always out there on Main Street, USA, just waiting to rise up and be heard.

To commemorate the launch of The Forgotten Street, I think it most fitting to reflect on our initial credo, as first published on November 1, 2006:

How America’s Political, Media and Academic Elites Are Selling Out Main Street.  For far too many Americans, it seems we have lost control over our lives to a swollen federal government and self-appointed elites who want to impose on us their beliefs and their morals.

From out-of-control federal spending to attacks on traditional marriage, from runaway lawsuit abuse to persecution of people of faith, we see daily events that shake our confidence in the American system.

Behind it all is the political, media and academic elites’ total disdain and contempt for what I call The Forgotten Street - Main Street USA.

These elites show more concern for the opinions of K Street, the Arab Street and the Champs-Elysees.  They view us as boorish and stupid, unsophisticated, because we love our country, its religious heritage and its ideals.  Like other elites in the past and present, they seek to control and manipulate people for their own gain and power while restricting individual freedom.

These are people who distrust our military and are quick to blame America for our troubles in the world.  People who insist on securing their financial futures by robbing us of ours.  People who believe God has no place in public discourse.  People who glorify drug use, promiscuous sex and abuse of women in their media and music.

The Hollywood that created movie classics that celebrated our country, our freedom and our optimism has been replaced by cynics who present a warped view of America that tears us down in the eyes of the world and promotes bizarre conspiracy theories.

These elites control so many of our institutions -- our mainstream media, much of our government and judicial system, our schools and universities, our churches, big business and the entertainment industry.

So what can we on The Forgotten Street do to reclaim the heart of America and restore pride in our country and its rich traditions?  To begin with, we have to stand up and speak up.  We have to be heard.  We have to be prepared to endure public scorn as we fight to uphold our values and our beliefs.

The moral equivalency promoted by the elites is just plain wrong.  America is the greatest force for good in the world, the most noble and generous nation in human history.  It’s time we all embrace that idea as our foundation moving forward.  And, it’s time we tell the elites that we are fed up with their inability to understand that simple premise.

These words and the beliefs behind them ring as true today as they did four years ago.  What they foreshadowed was the creeping socialism that has reached an apex under President Obama, who epitomizes the elites first discussed here.  But within the sense of frustration of that first edition of The Forgotten Street was the underlying optimism about the inherent goodness of the American people and their ability to rise to meet the challenges that threaten our republic.

We see such a time right now. We pray tomorrow’s election results will hopefully turn America in a better direction to help restore our way of life on The Forgotten Street -- Main Street USA.

 Field with Mountains behind

Thanks for reading!  Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American!  God bless my loyal readers both past and present.  I cherish those who have shared this journey with me and I appreciate the interest of those in more than 30 countries around the globe.  


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