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Saturday, September 21st, 2019

The Buzz About Town . . .

Walking down Main Street, this is what folks are talking about in towns across the U.S.A.   Good Americans, who have been betrayed by the Uniparty and the Deep State in Washington D.C., have a lot on their minds and are crying out for new leadership. Thankfully, on November 8, 2016, their voices were heard loud and clear!

September 10, 2019

The Democrats’ Fossil Fuel Follies

As the Democrat presidential contenders get more invested in The Climate Change Hoax, they cross over into the province of sheer lunacy.

They believe they can better appeal to the Democrat base by vowing to eliminate fossil fuels and rely solely on renewable energy.  Part and parcel of this madness is foregoing the use of nuclear energy as well, even though it supplies about 20% of America’s energy needs.

Persisting in their foolishness, they fail to recognize the Democrat base has totally become the Lunatic Fringe of American politics.  Aiding and abetting them in this craziness is the Elite Traitor Media that keeps pushing false narratives about the horrors of fossil fuels.  Their insistence that carbon dioxide is a pollutant is the most brazen lie of all.

Feeling very threatened by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, even Joe Biden (the alleged more centrist candidate) has fallen into this trap.

Warren specifies she will ban hydraulic fracking, which has led to a revolutionary breakthrough making the United States completely energy independent, as well as the leading producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

Fracking has created an economic boom in Pennsylvania and other states, creating many thousands of jobs and enriching landowners through land leases.  Next door neighbor New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been too stupid to realize the Empire State could enjoy similar prosperity and stem the out-migration of New Yorkers who tire of living with high taxes and poor job prospects.  He continues his preening virtue signaling by refusing to allow fracking.

Maybe Chris Cuomo isn’t the stupid brother after all.

What the Democrats fail to comprehend is the successful drilling of the first oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, on August 28, 1859 was one of the most significant events in human history.

The discovery of oil and the development of its uses in a host of industries totally revolutionized the world and hastened the industrialization that made the United States a world power.

Related to the discovery of oil also was the ability to recover natural gas and use it as a clean burning fuel.  Simply put, the use of fossil fuels led to global prosperity unmatched in human history.

Billions of people today enjoy a standard of living worldwide that could only have been dreamed of even a hundred years ago.  Now, the Democrats want all that to end?

The elimination of fossil fuels as the primary energy source for our economy would lead to an unparalleled economic disaster.  There’s simply no way wind and solar energy can even approach taking up the slack.  In addition, advances in science and engineering have made it much more possible to use fossil fuels in a cleaner manner.

Our research indicates the jobs of at least 80 million Americans depend upon daily use of fossil fuels.  Imagine 80 million people unemployed because left-wing kooks have gotten their way because of The Climate Change Hoax.

This estimate is extremely conservative, with further study needed to evaluate the worst possible and most likely consequences.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, recognize the critical role fossil fuels play in making our lives so much easier and pleasurable.  Among the industries that would be decimated by their elimination are the following:

Manufacturing; Automotive; Agriculture; Construction; Chemicals; Plastics; Transportation; Leisure & Hospitality; Mining; Utilities.

That’s not to mention the number of service businesses supplying or reliant on those industries that would be adversely affected. Couple that with the Leftist desire to ban the internal combustion engine and you have a world in which we won’t live as well or as free as the Flintstones.

Those of us in Florida who just waited out Hurricane Dorian will have to scrap our generators if the Democrats get their way.  Kind of hard to run a generator without fossil fuels.

The Republican National Committee and the Trump Re-Election Campaign should start working right away on a series of ads about “The Democrat Fossil Fuel Follies.”

Using existing footage and their own words against them will be incredibly effective in creating an indelible image in voters’ minds that Democrats have become completely unhinged by the Climate Change Hoax.

The Green New Deal, with its astronomical price tag, is a surefire way to destroy The United States, as well as make Russia and Red China the dominant economic powers in the world.

That’s the real game plan after all.  The true collusion with Russia is by environmentalists who are watermelons:  green on the outside, red on the inside.

Knocking the USA out of the number one energy production spot stands to benefit Russia immeasurably.  Now we can turn the tables, and holler  “Russia, Russia, Russia,” at the climate change hucksters and frauds.

Thanks for reading!  John Bolton is out the door as National Security Adviser. He’s now claiming he resigned and that President Trump is not telling the truth about the departure.  This unnecessary attack by Bolton looks petty and reveals what some suspected for quite a while:  Bolton has an enormous ego and is a Neocon, Never Trumper who was disruptive in terms of following the president’s agenda.

There’s nothing new about this kind of Deep State subterfuge.  General Alexander Haig appeared to be an agent of the shadow cabal in both the Nixon and Reagan administrations. A Henry Kissinger protégé, Haig helped force Nixon to resign and made power grabs during his tenure with the Reagan administration.

If the back and forth continues over the nature of the departure (resigned versus fired), then we can assume Bolton was a tool of The Deep State all along.

August was yet another record month for visitors to The Forgotten Street.  We experienced a 19% increase over July, which was our previous monthly high ever. 

Included in the August statistics were a record number of foreign locations following our commentary.  Our readers hail from such locations as:  The European Union; Tokelau; Red China; The Czech Republic; The United Kingdom; Germany; The Russian Federation; Brazil; Italy; India; Tajikistan; Argentina; Australia; Finland; The British Indian Ocean Territory; Mexico; Romania; Portugal; Spain, Hungary; Moldova; Poland; Turkey; Vietnam; South Africa; Taiwan; Canada; Belarus; and Japan.

You can learn more about the sinister workings of The Deep State in J.C.’s book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, which can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

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Tomorrow marks 18 years since the horror of September 11 in New York City, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Nothing sums up the way we all should feel than the essay written by J.C.’s wife five years after the terrorist attack.  It’s always found in the Featured Articles on The Forgotten Street

God bless you all for your support.  May we always remember the airline crews, passengers and first responders who lost their lives that day, as well as those left behind with broken hearts.  And may we always fight the global treachery plotted by evil, satanic Islamic terrorists.