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Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Heard On The Street . . .

Walking down Main Street, this is what folks are talking about in towns across the U.S.A.   Good Americans, who have been betrayed by the Uniparty and the Deep State in Washington D.C., have a lot on their minds and are crying out for new leadership. Thankfully, on November 8, 2016, their voices were heard loud and clear!

September 22, 2018

Just The Facts, Ma’am, Just The Facts

As a young newspaper reporter, I was schooled in the basics of journalism by a tough city editor who tolerated no deviation from his standards.  Thank you, Henry Young.

One of those we adhered to was the well-known “5W” elements of story telling:  Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Having grown up with the early days of television, those of us coming of age on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, were fascinated by the first great police show, Dragnet.  This series about the workings of the Los Angeles Police Department featured detective Joe Friday, memorably played by series creator and star, Jack Webb.

In his interviews with witnesses, he often uttered this signature line,

Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts” as he tried to cut to the chase.

In the current brouhaha over the nomination of District Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Democrats have pulled one of their more despicable stunts by using a California psychology professor to accuse the judge of attempted rape when he was a teenager.

The main problem with the story purported by Christine Blasey Ford is that it flies in the face of what we learned as journalists:  she can provide the Who and What, but offers no details on the When, Where and Why.  Of course, we all can speculate on the Why:  it’s because teenagers, both boys and girls, can be incredibly horny especially when drunk.

As a reporter, I couldn’t have written a story based on her account because she can’t tell us the basic facts about the alleged incident:  she provides no detail on where it supposedly occurred and doesn’t recall the exact date and time of an event she claims created mental anguish for her for decades. Even the year it happened is problematic for her.  Equally sketchy is her fogginess regarding her arrival and departure from the so-called party that included only a handful of people.  Sounds more like a hook-up than a party.

It’s a good thing Joe Friday hasn’t shown up to grill her.  I can imagine his frustration in trying to get to the root of things:  “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts!

Ms. Ford can offer no facts because her story is most likely made up, and amounts to a steaming pile of steer manure designed to smear and permanently stain a qualified judge.

Unlike the fawning Elite Traitor Media, I call the lady in question Ms. Ford, not Dr. Ford, for one simple reason:  she is not a medical doctor, she is Christine Blasey Ford, Ph.D.  So she does not deserve to be called Dr. Ford.  Calling her such is another gross error my city editor would never tolerate.

Despite her protestations, she is totally unwilling to testify under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Chairman Charles Grassley has bent over backward to delay the committee vote and prolong the process to accommodate her outrageous demands, which are clearly intended only to delay action on the nomination.

One of the most outrageous demands is that she testify after Judge Kavanaugh.  This flies in the face of the spirit of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution:  Someone accused has the right to confront his or her accuser.  No, this isn’t a criminal proceeding, where that pillar of the Bill of Rights is unshakable.  But, c’mon, this is getting beyond the point of absurd and ridiculous.

If Chairman Grassley knuckles under to let her testimony come after that of Kavanaugh, then we will know for sure that the GOP no longer should merit our support or respect.

Happily, we think that scenario is most unlikely because it’s all too obvious that Ford has absolutely no intention of ever wanting to testify.

Just in time to distract attention from this three-ring circus comes the New York Times story about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein raising the possibility of wearing a wire in his conversations with President Donald Trump in order to gather information to help him convince cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump.

The most pertinent question at this point is: How in the world is Washington D.C. ever going to remove the stench from the accumulating piles of steer manure and lies being spread around by the Elite Traitor Media?

Of course, Rosenstein has denied the story.  What else is he supposed to do?  The lame excuse offered by media apologists is that he was only joking.  What exactly is funny in talking about a coup d’etat against our government?

The Times’ real purpose was to somehow goad President Trump into firing Rosenstein just to create more noise and chaos.  He doesn’t appear to be taking the bait.

The Democrats, Elite Traitor Media, Prog-Lib-Commies, Never Trumpers and Globalists have pulled out every stop to bring down President Trump and they’re failing miserably. The economy is booming.  It’s beyond question it’s the best ever in our lifetimes, no matter how damn old you are.

Donald Trump has redefined trade to create a system that makes more sense and promotes more prosperity worldwide.  Even the Red Chinese have started to knuckle under on tariffs.  There will be no trade war, because President Trump holds all the cards and the commies in China don’t know whether to crap or go blind, to use an old expression learned growing up in Pittsburgh.

President Trump is not only Making America Great Again.  He’s going to smash the New World Order pimped by the Bush family and Clintons while he brings sanity to international trade.

Thanks for reading!  It’s time for all patriots to come to the aid of their country and accept the slings and arrows that come their way from the fading globalist One Worlders and Never Trumpers who are getting beaten like a rented mule.

The machinations of the globalists and Deep State are detailed in J.C.’s groundbreaking best-seller, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F.Kennedy, available in paperback and Kindle versions of

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God bless you all, here and abroad.