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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

The Buzz About Town . . .

Walking down Main Street, this is what folks are talking about in towns across the U.S.A.   Good Americans, who have been betrayed by the Uniparty and the Deep State in Washington D.C., have a lot on their minds and are crying out for new leadership. Thankfully, on November 8, 2016, their voices were heard loud and clear!

October 16, 2019

Day of GOP Infamy As Spineless, Weasel Republicans Join the Democrat Majority to Rebuke Our President on Syria

As we get ready to enter the 2020 election year, today we got a glimpse of GOP turncoats who give Speaker Nancy Pelosi a super majority in the House of Representatives.

Those of us who think President Donald Trump can’t be impeached in the House got a serious wake-up call – the Republican leadership all cut and ran on the president to knife him in the back on his decision to pull back American troops from the Syrian debacle.

At least now we have a snapshot to help us decide how to marshal our resources for the 2020 election.

129 Republicans voted in support of the resolution introduced by Uber-Commie Representative Eliot Engel of New York to oppose the President’s decision regarding Syria.

Leading the treachery were such alleged GOP stalwarts as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Mike McCaul, Liz Cheney and others.  Now we know the rotten bastards to target for primary and other opposition in 2020.  These stooges of The Deep State are beneath contempt.

In the GOP Hall of Infamy, they join the Republican delegation that met with President Richard Nixon to tell him to resign:  Senator Barry Goldwater, Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott; and House Minority Leader John Rhodes, all treasonous garbage.

President Donald Trump has finally shown the courage to stand up for the American people and say, “enough is enough.”  We have seen far too many of our young men and woman killed and maimed in pointless overseas adventures in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria.

No American soldiers should be put in harm’s way without a clear strategy and objective, a congressional Declaration of War, and the overwhelming support of the American public.  A stated goal of a clear, swift and convincing victory should be laid before the American people.

Those of us on The Forgotten Street, Main Street USA, know we are truly blessed to finally have a president who’s looking out for us and who feels the pain we feel when the coffins of our heroes are unloaded from military planes.

For those of us in northeast Florida, it was especially galling to see our newly-elected Congressman Michael Waltz knife the president in the back.  Obviously we should have supported Fred Costello instead.

At least Jacksonville Congressman John Rutherford stood up for what was right.

The warmongering Neocons (money-grubbing whores to a man) still call the shots in the GOP, which means we must withhold further financial and electoral support in order to stop the senseless waste of blood and treasure in the Middle East and elsewhere.

For 2020, any funds you have available for political contributions should go directly to President Trump’s re-election campaign, and not to the Republic National Committee or local Republican committees. 

No Republican in recent memory has done as much to revitalize the Republican Party as Donald Trump. This is the thanks he gets.  All the rallies and campaigning he’s done this year have resulted in an impressive string of GOP wins in special and off-year elections.

Today’s disgraceful action by the House GOP just underscores how filthy and disgusting the DC Swamp truly is.  Once these representatives hit town, they are co-opted and corrupted by the power and money thrown their way.

Donald John Trump represents our very last chance to save our democratic republic.  Those who stand with him are true American patriots.  Those who abandon and undercut him are the true scum of the earth.

Thanks for reading!  The crooked impeachment circus rumbles on as the Elite Traitor Media plays the calliope.  Soviet-style secret show trials are their hallmark and their everlasting shame.

We are well past time for Attorney General William Barr to clean house in the hopelessly corrupt and crooked Department of Justice.  As the day of reckoning for the perpetrators of the attempted coup against President Trump drags on, we become more concerned that our republic may be entering its very last days.

The Deep State’s ongoing treason just deepens, as it builds on decades of treachery and deceit.

You may learn more about The Deep State’s fundamental evil in J.C. Hawkins landmark book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy, which can be found in paperback and Kindle versions on

The book is enjoying record sales on four continents: North America; South America; Europe; and Australia.  J. C. is available for speaking engagements and media interviews regarding Betrayal at Bethesda. He’s currently researching an updated version.

Lately he’s uncovered more American patriot leaders who were targeted for elimination by The Deep State.  These names are quite familiar and will be shocking to members of The Forgotten Street.  This work entails its own risk.  Within the last month, J.C has received ominous warnings, but he forges ahead fearlessly.

If you have information that might aid his research and help defeat the Deep State, please contact him by email. He may be reached at:

The Forgotten Street is designed to provide insight on news events you won’t find elsewhere.  It’s based on an historical perspective that adds an element of context seriously lacking in traditional media.

God bless our followers here in the USA and close to 30 countries globally.  Your support and interest makes this effort truly rewarding.